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Bitquestion press release

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  1. New service for getting answers to hard problems online with rewards in cash
  3. Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  5. Web enthusiasts from around the world now have yet another way to interact on internet: paying in order to get information they need, or receiving a financial rewards for helping strangers. Using the latest technology in online payments, the new startup Bitquestion.com opens a space where anyone can post a question, together with a cash reward for anyone who can post the right answer.
  7. The service comes following the new wave of innovation on the internet, going beyond the simple collaborative management of information: it now also aggregates real financial value for information, and allows people to actively act upon their needs for expert help.
  9. In a non­distant future, we expect the internet to host digital spaces where people are able to fulfill each other's request for information in a proper information market. Bitquestion is a step in this direction.
  11. Some popular websites on the internet let people search for and ask questions. These sites, however, rely on the hope that some stranger will volunteer to help. In forums and other questions and answers sites, it's common to see hard questions get buried without a proper reply.
  13. Everyone has been on the place where you search endlessly for information on search engines, and asking on all types of forums, but in the end are unable to obtain the needed information. If the question is really relevant, Bitquestion is a solution, offering a market for information exange. The price to be paid for each question is defined by the asker, and should be proportional to question's relevance and value.
  15. Those who need a quick and efficient answer can throw it in the site and wait for answers, while getting other important stuff done. Experts can sign up to be notified about questions in their field of expertise, and get paid for helping others, while keeping up with their field.
  17. The service is powered via the Bitcoin platform, that allows international monetary transfers of any amount at almost zero cost. The founders believe that Bitcoin, a revolutionary peer­to­peer monetary system without any central point of control, is going to be the future for online transactions.
  19. The startup was founded by Ruhan Bidart and Wladston Viana, Brazilian programmers, Bitcoin enthusiasts and technology lovers.
  21. URL: http://www.Bitquestion.com
  23. Contact:
  24. email: contact@bitquestion.com
  25. Twitter - @bitquestion   http://twitter.com/bitquestion
  26. Ruhan Bidard - @ruhanbidart
  27. Wladston Viana - @wladston
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