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  1. I'm reporting this rule violation on behalf of us, the victims of these hackers.
  3. It all starts with initial fights less than a week ago:
  6. This evidence is to support the link between several members to the Capetti hacker, known as AntonioCasella
  8. A few days ago we gave evidence to a moderator that banned 4 people:
  9. AntonioCasella (Exploiting)
  10. MarcoBuratti (Coinciding with an Exploiter)
  11. WilliamDiCaprio (Coinciding with an Exploiter)
  12. UngratefulSatan (Coinciding with an Exploiter)
  13. using this evidence:
  14. As you can see, AntonioCasella was employing Speed hacks on his taxi, and used TP and attempted to use flinging hacks. He was banned for this few days after, but not before the Capetti's engaged us in combat in WP around 3 days ago. Here members of our group get killed off-screen accusing the Capetti's of aimbotting, but that's just guessing because of their past actions, it might not seem like enough evidence but at the time it seemed they were using some form of ESP to see our hiding spot while they advanced looking straight onto our hiding characters, in this attack were:
  15. AntonioCasella (known and banned hacker)
  16. WilliamDiCaprio (known and banned coincider)
  17. EufrasioCapetti, who has not yet been banned. (Yet should be according to this evidence.)
  19. EufrasioCapetti is the undeniably proof that the hackers and coinciders are members of the Capetti Mafia, we don't know their full name exactly but it might be "Longshore Mafia"
  21. AntonioCasella and his friends have admitted to him being just an alt, which means the hacker still roams alongside the Capetti gang, with them abetting Casella. Looking into his account, he's friends with familiar faces, and faces that aren't familiar, but names that sound suspiciously similar.
  22. Among his friends are proven Capetti's:
  23. MarcoBuratti (Banned Coincider)
  24. WilliamDiCaprio (Banned Coincider)
  25. PeterCasella (Not banned or seen ingame coinciding, but shares the same last name as hacker. Has admitted to AntonioCasella being ingame son, and that it's just an alt.)
  26. FrankCapetti (Was in the same game as AntonioCasella and other banned accomplices, proof shown earlier)
  27. Godly_Stukov (Is a member of various Capetti gangs, see investigation in Steel City Crews below)
  29. Reading into PeterCasella, he only started activity on the mayflower discord days after AntonioCasella was banned.
  30. After Peter initiated with me, he admits to knowing about Antonio's banning, and confesses that he's an alt, but maintains that his fresh new account isn't at all related other than Antonio being his roleplay son, and friend.
  34. Boasts that we didn't really get anyone banned but alts, meaning they know/are the banned hackers/coinciders.
  36. The ultimate proof that ties Casella with other capetti's and no doubt active hackers is that every single banned person, and link to banned people are all members of the Steel City Partnership:!/about , a group that sponsors several NHC gangs in the affiliate tab, all ties to Antonio are members of some of these groups
  37. Foster St. Crew had FrankCapetti as leader:!/about
  38. Parkhill Avenue has EufrasioCapetti as a Soldier and Godly_Stukov as Associate:
  40. MarcoBuratti is a Lieutenant in Midtown:
  43. More evidence linking more Capetti's to hackers is this following photo taken today by capetti's:
  45. Includes TedescoBavarese, Captain of Midtown Crew
  47. AntonioCasella is a member of the south philly crew:!/about
  49. Their ringleaders, which at this point are no doubt sponsoring hacker activity in their crews, are PaulieCapetti and NinoPecora, with their underboss being FrankCapetti, who was on the same server abetting active hackers despite not being on the scene.
  52. and
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