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  1. {
  2.   "entrances":        {
  3.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Bazaar":                               "Castle Town Bazaar",
  4.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Bombchu Bowling":                      "Castle Town Bombchu Bowling",
  5.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Bombchu Shop":                         "Castle Town Bombchu Shop",
  6.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Man in Green House":                   "Castle Town Man in Green House",
  7.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Mask Shop":                            "Castle Town Mask Shop",
  8.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Potion Shop":                          "Castle Town Potion Shop",
  9.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Shooting Gallery":                     "Castle Town Shooting Gallery",
  10.     "Castle Town -> Castle Town Treasure Chest Game":                  "Castle Town Treasure Chest Game",
  11.     "Castle Town Entrance -> Castle Town Rupee Room":                  "Castle Town Rupee Room",
  12.     "Death Mountain Crater Lower -> Crater Fairy":                     "Crater Fairy",
  13.     "Death Mountain Summit -> Mountain Summit Fairy":                  "Mountain Summit Fairy",
  14.     "Desert Colossus -> Colossus Fairy":                               "Colossus Fairy",
  15.     "Ganons Castle Grounds -> Ganons Castle Fairy":                    "Ganons Castle Fairy",
  16.     "Gerudo Valley Far Side -> Carpenter Tent":                        "Carpenter Tent",
  17.     "Goron City -> Goron Shop":                                        "Goron Shop",
  18.     "Graveyard -> Dampes House":                                       "Dampes House",
  19.     "Hyrule Castle Grounds -> Hyrule Castle Fairy":                    "Hyrule Castle Fairy",
  20.     "Kakariko Village -> Carpenter Boss House":                        "Carpenter Boss House",
  21.     "Kakariko Village -> House of Skulltula":                          "House of Skulltula",
  22.     "Kakariko Village -> Impas House":                                 "Impas House",
  23.     "Kakariko Village -> Impas House Back":                            "Impas House Back",
  24.     "Kakariko Village -> Kakariko Bazaar":                             "Kakariko Bazaar",
  25.     "Kakariko Village -> Kakariko Shooting Gallery":                   "Kakariko Shooting Gallery",
  26.     "Kakariko Village -> Odd Medicine Building":                       "Odd Medicine Building",
  27.     "Kakariko Village -> Windmill":                                    "Windmill",
  28.     "Kokiri Forest -> House of Twins":                                 "House of Twins",
  29.     "Kokiri Forest -> Know It All House":                              "Know It All House",
  30.     "Kokiri Forest -> Kokiri Shop":                                    "Kokiri Shop",
  31.     "Kokiri Forest -> Links House":                                    "Links House",
  32.     "Kokiri Forest -> Mido House":                                     "Mido House",
  33.     "Kokiri Forest -> Saria House":                                    "Saria House",
  34.     "Lake Hylia -> Fishing Hole":                                      "Fishing Hole",
  35.     "Lake Hylia -> Lake Hylia Lab":                                    "Lake Hylia Lab",
  36.     "Lon Lon Ranch -> Ingo Barn":                                      "Ingo Barn",
  37.     "Lon Lon Ranch -> Lon Lon Corner Tower":                           "Lon Lon Corner Tower",
  38.     "Lon Lon Ranch -> Talon House":                                    "Talon House",
  39.     "Temple of Time Exterior -> Temple of Time":                       "Temple of Time",
  40.     "Zoras Domain -> Zora Shop":                                       "Zora Shop",
  41.     "Zoras Fountain -> Zoras Fountain Fairy":                          "Zoras Fountain Fairy"
  42.   }
  43. }
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