MH - S01 E14

May 19th, 2019
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  1. [22:03] <Avaline> "So... nice wood."
  2. [22:06] <Tina_Wagner> "Just like a demon to miss a date."
  3. [22:08] <Darkling> "Maybe we need to lure it out somehow?"
  4. [22:09] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy grumbles for a while, occasionally swinging the branch around. "Like baiting a trap? Figures."
  5. [22:11] <Darkling> "What could we use?"
  6. [22:11] <Tina_Wagner> "You'd think a nice big living tree in a place with tons of dead and decaying things would be enough."
  7. [22:12] <Avaline> "Maybe if someone seemed especially vulnerable?
  8. [22:13] <Darkling> "We might just seem small and insignificant to it. It is taking over a whole forest."
  9. [22:13] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Maybe a car?"
  10. [22:19] <Tina_Wagner> "If we could only get it to think that the forest was coming back.."
  11. [22:19] <Darkling> "How would we get a car here?"
  12. [22:19] <Billy_Blackfeather> "They got that bulldozer here."
  13. [22:21] <Darkling> "But it could plow its way here, I think a car might get stuck."
  14. [22:22] <Avaline> "I probabyl shouldn't be trusted with a bulldozer."
  15. [22:23] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmmmf."
  16. [22:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Could steal a bulldozer," Billy mutters.
  17. [22:32] <Darkling> "A bulldozer could get here at least, but where are we going to steal one? Not like there's more just laying around."
  18. [22:32] <@Mr_Rage> "What about equipment lost before? That happen?"
  19. [22:33] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Dunno, but I know where to find a bulldozer." Billy hopped to her feet, looking around one last time.
  20. [22:41] <Darkling> "Well, shoulda kept my mouth shut..."
  21. [22:41] <Billy_Blackfeather> "It'll be great."
  22. [22:45] <Darkling> Elisa looks to the others to see what they think/
  23. [22:53] <Tina_Wagner> "Where are you getting this bulldozer from?"
  24. [22:56] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Uh...a place."
  25. [22:59] <Tina_Wagner> She sighed. "Well, I think I know where they keep the keys, at least I remember from last bring your daughter to work day."
  26. [23:00] <Darkling> "You're okay with this?"
  27. [23:01] <Tina_Wagner> "I promised Billy I'd help her no matter what. If this is the best way we can figure out, then I have to be okay with it."
  28. [23:02] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi sighs, hands to her hips.
  29. [23:02] <Billy_Blackfeather> "What's with that?"
  30. [23:02] <@Mr_Rage> "Feel like we spinning our wheels."
  31. [23:03] <Billy_Blackfeather> "How so? Fucker won't come out so we bait it out and kill it."
  32. [23:04] <@Mr_Rage> "Yes, but not like we know any of the rules."
  33. [23:04] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Stab it a lot works on most things." Billy frowns.
  34. [23:05] <Tina_Wagner> "Yeah but are demons like most things?"
  35. [23:05] <Billy_Blackfeather> "It had organs."
  36. [23:06] <Darkling> "It's still magical, or something."
  37. [23:06] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl shrugs. "I not saying there any places to know rules. Just so long we know we guessing, and act according."
  38. [23:06] <@Mr_Rage> "Like, say, cheaper option first."
  39. [23:11] <Darkling> "Cheaper?"
  40. [23:11] <Billy_Blackfeather> "What? I don't even..." She growled, a hand reaching up to hold her head. "We came out here ready to kill this thing and now everyone is on Elisa's side?"
  41. [23:12] <Tina_Wagner> "Relax. We're on your side Billy. We want this thing dead as much as you."
  42. [23:12] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi shakes her head. "Why use bulldozer when planting new seeds cheaper, easier?" The Japanese girl gestures towards the leaves above. "Just trying to snub it, right?"
  43. [23:14] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Snub...snub it? We have a fucking spear now! I want to stab it in all those squishy organs and kill it!"
  44. [23:14] <Tina_Wagner> "Your right! It's like...Making the forest take it back! That would definitely make it come out!"
  45. [23:18] <@Mr_Rage> "It be simple enough. Find fruit, seeds, nuts."
  46. [23:19] <Darkling> "That'd be a lot easier, and a lot more legal, to do."
  47. [23:22] <Avaline> "It's got an appeal to it."
  48. [23:22] <Billy_Blackfeather> "You're telling me to wait for plants to fucking grow, is that it?" She was clearly annoyed. A growl started in her chest but quickly because something deeper and more animal that a normal person could muster. It ended up turning into a short coughing fit.
  49. [23:22] <Billy_Blackfeather> than*
  50. [23:23] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi shakes her head. "Unlikely. If this thing as hungry as it act, it won't wait that long."
  51. [23:24] <Darkling> "Maybe we can do both."
  52. [23:25] <Avaline> "Why not?"
  53. [23:25] <Darkling> She looks a little worried at Billy. "That way we cover everything."
  54. [23:26] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Hrrrn. Seeds sound like a stupid idea. We can try fruit or some shit but if it doesn't work I'm stealing a bulldozer."
  55. [23:28] <Tina_Wagner> "I guess that settles that. Me and Billy will grab the bulldozer and you guys can go get seeds and fruit and stuff."
  56. [23:30] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl taps her phone. "Keep ready; not in the mood to fight it if it show up while you gone."
  57. [23:30] <Avaline> "Alright."
  58. [23:31] <Darkling> "And don't get caught!"
  59. [23:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Just get the damn fruit we'll worry about the bulldozer if that doesn't work. Alright? Geez." She gripped her new spear tightly. "I'm going home. Stay away from the woods tomorrow."
  60. [23:32] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi exhales, running fingers through her hair.
  61. [20:28] <Darkling> It took several hours, but Elisa, Izumi and Avaline finally made it back where they had split up. The tree had grown a fair bit since they had left, and the grass that had sprouted around it had spread to cover almsot all of the ground on the mound they planted it on in the midst of the bog.
  62. [20:28] <Darkling> Elisa set down the bags she was carrying. "I don't see Billy or Tina back yet."
  63. [20:32] <Avaline> "They'll turn up. Just a matter of waiting. I hope Tina didn't stop to slap Billy with a trout or anything..."
  64. [20:34] <Billy_Blackfeather> There is no roaring engine, no great rumbling as heavy machinery approaches. Only a glum looking Billy carrying her new spear with Tina in tow.
  65. [20:35] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi's head turns, an idle smile on her features.
  66. [20:36] <Tina_Wagner> The smile is reflected on Tina's own face, but at least she walks behind Billy so the other girl can't see it.
  67. [20:38] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Got yours at least?" Billy grunts at them, eyeing Izumi, Elisa and Avaline.
  68. [20:38] <Darkling> "Yeah. What happened?"
  69. [20:38] <Avaline> "... what? No farmy death machine?" Avaline looks disappointed.
  70. [20:41] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy gave a heavy sigh, looking away. "Didn't wanna piss off the spirits. Don't need to be cursed even worse."
  71. [20:41] <@Mr_Rage> "Make sense. Very restrained~"
  72. [20:43] <Darkling> "Guess we will make do!"
  73. [20:45] <Billy_Blackfeather> "So what did you bring?"
  74. [20:46] <Darkling> She goes about startign to pull the contents of their bags around the tree. Apples, oranges, bananas, a watermellon, fresh flowers...
  75. [20:47] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy grabs an apple and takes a bite, chewing thoughtfully as she looked around.
  76. [20:48] <Tina_Wagner> "So...We bury them?"
  77. [20:49] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Probably gotta leave 'em out."
  78. [20:49] <Darkling> "Maybe make a nice display of them?"
  79. [20:51] <Avaline> "Looks delicious." Avaline sighs as she eyes the fruit.
  80. [20:52] * Billy_Blackfeather tosses her apple at Avaline. "Dunno what to do to draw it in really. Here." She picks up another stray fruit and chucks it out to be bait.
  81. [20:53] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi cracks open an apple, driving her heel into the soft top soil, and dropping a seed almost dismissively into the hole. "Like that, see? Have to find demon's territory though."
  82. [20:54] <Tina_Wagner> "The center of the decay maybe?"
  83. [20:54] <@Mr_Rage> "Hai."
  84. [20:55] <Darkling> "So we have to go further in?"
  85. [20:55] <Avaline> Avaline takes the apple, giving it a look. "Do gods of death enjoy used apples? Hmm..."
  86. [20:56] <Billy_Blackfeather> "If they don't they can give them back." Now carrying an armload of fruit the wolfgirl strikes out for the heart of the decay and pollution.
  87. [20:57] <Darkling> Elisa shoves what she can back into a bag and picks it and the flowers up. "Guess so." she chases after Billy.
  88. [21:00] * Tina_Wagner trudges off after the others, a watermelon cradled in her arms. "Man it stinks."
  89. [21:00] <Avaline> Avaline moves along with a nod, carrying the apple.
  90. [21:03] <Darkling> The girls trudge through the muck for what feels like at least another hour before Billy is waist deep in mud and fetid water. The further they went the worse the forest seemed to get. Dead trees were everywhere and the stench had to be comparable to working in a waste treatment facility.
  91. [21:04] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Three showers when I get home. At least. Eugh."
  92. [21:05] <Tina_Wagner> Tina wretches as she tries to breathe shallowly through her mouth.
  93. [21:05] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi seems immune to the gunk as usual, only getting attractively action-movie smudged, but she's cringing just as hard as everyone else. Even the kinkiest among them couldn't see much beauty in this place.
  94. [21:07] <Darkling> Elisa has pulled her shrit up over her nose. "I don't think a shower will be enough. I'll need to scrub with steel wool."
  95. [21:10] <Darkling> "Do you think this is far enough?"
  96. [21:13] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I don't want to know what it snells like if we go further."
  97. [21:13] <Darkling> And then Billy disappears under the muck.
  98. [21:14] <Tina_Wagner> "Billy!"
  99. [21:14] <@Mr_Rage> "--!"
  100. [21:14] <Darkling> Elisa drops her bag. "Billy!?"
  101. [21:15] <Avaline> "It's pretty nasty. Wish I could pull my lungs out so I didn't have to breathe this stuff." Avaline is entirely too cheerful.
  102. [21:16] <Billy_Blackfeather> Her head breaks the surface long enough to gasp, the swarthy girl struggling with something in the murky water. She can't even yell, too busy spitting out gunk. There were even fish bones caught in her hair. She has long enough to look at the girls before shes under again.
  103. [21:16] <@Mr_Rage> "Billy!" Izumi darts over, hands diving into the gunk.
  104. [21:17] <Avaline> Avaline trudges over as fast as she can to help.
  105. [21:17] <Tina_Wagner> The watermelon drops as Tina lunges in with the other girls to grab for Billy.
  106. [21:19] <Billy_Blackfeather> With the girls pulling Billy's up and out of the water easily, falling back against them. She coughs and sputters, bringing the tip of her spear out of the water. "It's here!"
  107. [21:19] <Darkling> The watermelon disappears under the surface of the water with a bloop.
  108. [21:20] <Tina_Wagner> "Where?"
  109. [21:20] <Billy_Blackfeather> She uses her arms to motion to the water. "In it, around us."
  110. [21:21] <@Mr_Rage> "Hff--of course. Have to draw it out." Izumi looks this way and that, setting her jaw tight.
  111. [21:22] <Darkling> Elisa starts splashing stuff away from her. "Ew, ew ew ew."
  112. [21:22] <Billy_Blackfeather> "We could try spear fishing. Drop an apple. When it takes it I'll stab in that area."
  113. [21:25] <Darkling> Elisa tosses an apple away from her and the other girls, then watches.
  114. [21:25] <Darkling> "Like that?"
  115. [21:26] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Exactly," Billy says, taking on a fighting stance.
  116. [21:27] <Darkling> It takes a moment, but the apple gets sucked down.
  117. [21:27] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy strikes with the spear!
  118. [21:28] <Darkling> It hits the muck with a splat, and it feels like maybe you hit something, but it isn't giving much resistance.
  119. [21:29] <Billy_Blackfeather> She yanks the spear back and goes for another piercing jab.
  120. [21:30] <Darkling> It splats into the bog again, and this time won't let you pull it out.
  121. [21:30] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Leggo ya blobby bastard!"
  122. [21:32] <Darkling> Nope. It tugs back, pulling Billy a foot towards it.
  123. [21:33] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi throws her hands around the werewolf's waist, pulling!
  124. [21:35] <Billy_Blackfeather> Those pillows on her shoulders are distracting but she isn't about to lose her new spear! "Pull!"
  125. [21:36] <Darkling> IT doesn, but in the wrong direction. You slide another foot deeper into the muck before stopping.
  126. [21:36] <Darkling> It does*
  127. [21:36] <@Mr_Rage> "Ngh! Help you three!"
  128. [21:37] <Darkling> Elisa starts to trudge over but stops. Billy and Izumi are slowly lifting out of the water into the air. A thick, tentacle like extremity lifting them along with the spear up.
  129. [21:38] <Tina_Wagner> Tina screams, watching the giant tentacle with horror.
  130. [21:38] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Crap! Hold on tight Izumi!" Billy doubles her grip on the spear, knuckles white.
  131. [21:39] <@Mr_Rage> Uh oh. Izumi squeezes, nails digging into Billy's skin.
  132. [21:40] <Darkling> It shakes them back and forth, albeit sluggishly, before it drops the spear and it's weilders back into the bog, then snakes its way back down itself.
  133. [21:40] <@Mr_Rage> "Wah!" Sploosh.
  134. [21:41] <Avaline> "Yeah... crap." Avaline mutters and goes for the spear.
  135. [21:42] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy surfaces with an arm around Izumi to support her. "H-huge! It's bigger than I thought!"
  136. [21:42] <Darkling> She nearly reaches it before a gush of water shoots up throwing her back a dozen feet.
  137. [21:42] <Avaline> "Eeeek!"
  138. [21:42] <Darkling> "!" Elisa turns and heads after Avaline.
  139. [21:42] <Billy_Blackfeather> Letting the Asian go Billy makes a rush for the spear.
  140. [21:44] * Tina_Wagner dives for Avaline with a shriek.
  141. [21:44] <Avaline> Avaline goes under, flailing in a panic.
  142. [21:44] <@Mr_Rage> "Ghf!"
  143. [21:45] <Darkling> As Avaline goes under she's pulled away from the girls and dragged forward and deeper down.
  144. [21:45] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy scoops up the spear and looks frantically for a target.
  145. [21:47] <Darkling> Then Elisa gets pulled, falling face first into the water and is dragged away too.
  146. [21:47] <Tina_Wagner> "Ava! Ava!?" Tina searches around in the muck.
  147. [21:47] <Avaline> Avaline flails around some more, eventually surfacing and coughing up muck.
  148. [21:48] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Shit!" Billy starts stabbing the spear into the water, looking for something to hit that isn'
  149. [21:48] <Billy_Blackfeather> t one of her friends.
  150. [21:49] <Darkling> Splorp. Splorp. Splat. She isn't hitting anything she can tell isn't just water and filth.
  151. [21:51] <Billy_Blackfeather> She looks to Izumi, "Ideas?"
  152. [21:51] <Darkling> The water otherwise, is perfectly still.
  153. [21:52] <@Mr_Rage> "Getting away from water good start; past that..." Izumi shrugs.
  154. [21:52] <Avaline> "Yeah.. I can get behind that."
  155. [21:54] * Tina_Wagner wades towards Ava. "We have to get out of here."
  156. [21:55] <Avaline> Avaline wades toward Tina, nodding. "The alternative idea I had was pretty bad, so yeah."
  157. [21:58] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I need to stay here to kill this thing and get Elisa. You three go."
  158. [22:00] <@Mr_Rage> "Won't be doing much killing if you drown. Need a plan."
  159. [22:04] <Avaline> "FIghting a big tentacle monster on its on terms is asking for it. Unless you've got a spear hidden in every orifice."
  160. [22:04] <Billy_Blackfeather> "And what if it won't leave the water?"
  161. [22:05] <@Mr_Rage> "Then we deal with that second."
  162. [22:08] <Billy_Blackfeather> "I'll be right behind you!" Billy turns and dives under the water.
  163. [22:12] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy resurfaces soon after, spitting. "Shit, can't see a thing down there. I hope she's okay."
  164. [22:13] <Darkling> The water starts to lower, sucking away towards the center of the pool they've been struggling in and raising up. A huge mass starts to form in front of them, basically a blob that isn't overly see through, and some chunky stuff floating inside of it.
  165. [22:14] <Tina_Wagner> "That's so gross."
  166. [22:15] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Guess we don't have to get out now..."
  167. [22:15] <Avaline> "I still don't see Elisa anywhere..."
  168. [22:15] <Darkling> It rises another few feet, towering over the girls, and Elisa floats into view inside it.
  169. [22:16] <Tina_Wagner> "Elisa!"
  170. [22:18] <Darkling> It shakes and wobbles and she falls out splashing into the water below.
  171. [22:18] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy tightens her grip on the spear, growling menacingly at the Demon of Reek.
  172. [22:20] <Darkling> Elisa just kinda floats there.
  173. [22:20] <Avaline> "Wow!" Avaline cautiously moves toward Elisa.
  174. [22:22] <Darkling> Tentacles start lifting up out of the water and the chunky shapes inside the form start to take shape and move into focus. There's a mass of eyes clustered together that are shifting around from girl to girl, what looks like it could be a stomach, and another thing that looks like a roadkill, but is pulsing steadily.
  175. [22:22] <Avaline> Avaline stops in her tracks.
  176. [22:23] <Tina_Wagner> "What do we do?"
  177. [22:24] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Get Elisa while I stab it to death. At least I won't drown now."
  178. [22:25] <Avaline> "Can do. I think."
  179. [22:27] <Tina_Wagner> "R-right."
  180. [22:32] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy flips the spear around and takes on a throwing stance, looking over the creatures blobby form for the best weak spot. "Gotta make this good," she says through clenched teeth.
  181. [22:33] <Billy_Blackfeather> "There!" She roars and, using every ounce of the strength, throws the spear! It was aimed right for the pulsing organ that looked like roadkill. Should be the heart, she hoped.
  182. [22:34] <Avaline> Meanwhile Avaline continues toward Elisa, a skeptical look on her face as she sees the spear go flying.
  183. [22:35] <Tina_Wagner> Tina moves with Ava grabbing the girl and putting her arms over their shoulders.
  184. [22:36] <Darkling> The spear slides into the mass of the creature, slowing down niticeably, but it keeps going and peirces the pulsing mass, sliding through to the other side.
  185. [22:37] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Ha!"
  186. [22:37] <Avaline> "Not sure that's good." She moves along with Elisa and Tina as quick as possible.
  187. [22:37] <Darkling> Elisa remains limp and unresponsive as she's pulled away.
  188. [22:39] <Darkling> The creature itself seems to have taken no notice of the spear passing through it's supposed organs. It's body shakesl ike jell-o and the tentacles begin to writhe.
  189. [22:41] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yes! Die you big piece of crap!"
  190. [22:43] <Avaline> "Maybe it's got a weak point?"
  191. [22:45] <Tina_Wagner> "Like a video game?"
  192. [22:46] <Darkling> A tentacle shoots out hitting Tina square in the chest and throwing her back a few feet.
  193. [22:47] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy is in motion, running in hopes of making it to catch the flying forest spirit girl.
  194. [22:53] <Avaline> "Dammit! That's no way to treat a girl's chest!" Avaline yells as she works on hauling Elisa out of the water solo.
  195. [23:02] * Tina_Wagner flies backwards and lands with a thump in Billy's arms. "Thanks..." She says, looking up at the girl, her eyes rolling back in her head for a second as she faints.
  196. [23:02] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Not the time for fainting!"
  197. [23:04] <Darkling> Another tentacle lashes out, knocking Avaline and Elisa sprawling.
  198. [23:05] <Billy_Blackfeather> Is Izumi at least on her feet still?
  199. [23:05] <@Mr_Rage> Still there, but rather clearly out of her element. Her powers are for the bedroom, dammit!
  200. [23:06] <Avaline> Avaline mumbles something incoherently, staring at the sky for a while before she moves to a stand.
  201. [23:07] <Darkling> Then another tentacle comes lashing out for Billy and stops short, stuttering and splashing down into the water.
  202. [23:09] <Billy_Blackfeather> Slinging Tina over her shoulder she trudges toward Avaline and Elisa, growling a warning at the monster as she goes.
  203. [23:10] <@Mr_Rage> "A-ah?"
  204. [23:10] <Darkling> The creature shudders again and all the tentacles drop back into the water. The air fills with a hollow groan and the cluster of eyes bulge.
  205. [23:11] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Go!" Billy shouts, sparing a moment to look at Izumi. Soon she's taking Elisa and carrying her over the other shoulder. "C'mon Ava, we're outta here."
  206. [23:12] <Avaline> Avaline nods, moving along.
  207. [23:12] <Darkling> Inside it you can see the base of the spear still inside the pulsing organ you can assume is its heart. Tendrils, or roots even, have sprouted out from it and are making their way through the mass and latching onto any other floating chunks inside of it,.
  208. [23:17] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy does her best to make sure Izumi and Ava follow as she tries to put some distance between them and the monster. "At least it won't be hitting anyone else now. You two okay?"
  209. [23:18] <@Mr_Rage> Hup hup hup. "Never better!"
  210. [23:18] <Avaline> Avaline nods. "Running on adrenaline. Took a few whacks, but they'll get better."
  211. [23:19] <Billy_Blackfeather> Once safely out of reach she turned to watch.
  212. [23:19] <Darkling> Another shudder, and the whole creature explodes, a wave of foul water washing over the girls and knocking them all over.
  213. [23:19] <@Mr_Rage> "Wah!"
  214. [23:20] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Gross." She lays there looking mad at the sky, holding onto two sets of legs still.
  215. [23:21] <Avaline> "Tina, you have no idea how lucky you are being unconscious and unable to appreciate the badness of this."
  216. [23:22] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl picks herself up with a groan.
  217. [23:23] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sits up too, struggling a moment with a girl hanging over each shoulder.
  218. [23:23] <Darkling> Elisa coughs and sputters, coming to.
  219. [23:24] <@Mr_Rage> "Ghf... well... mission accomplished."
  220. [23:24] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Dunno how Gramps did this for so many years. Ugh."
  221. [23:27] <Darkling> "Wha... what happened?"
  222. [23:27] <@Mr_Rage> "We win. I think."
  223. [23:28] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Can't decide if I want a nap or a shower more." The strong girl stands with some work, both girls still on her shoulders.
  224. [23:29] <Darkling> "~oof."
  225. [23:32] <Billy_Blackfeather> "If you don't touch my stuff you can stay at my place. N-not for long though, I don't like company.:
  226. [23:39] <Darkling> "I just want out of this swamp.."
  227. [23:39] <@Mr_Rage> "Fufufu~"
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