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Transcript of Enigma Hood Interview W/ Gei

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  1. The following is a supplement to a post devoted to celebrity hacking, #TheFappening ring, and The Daily Capper predator ring, which can be found here:
  2. https://italkyoubored.wordpress.com/2015/03/06/irving-wallaces-the-fan-club-the-fappening/
  4. Transcript of "Amanda Todd: Interview with Kody Maxson's Ex Gf 1 Year Later", interview with Geissell Morall by Enigma Hood.
  6. Recording battery runs out before the end of conversation.
  8. Video can be found on youtube:
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeETrjoL0CQ
  11. EH=Enigma Hood, G=Gei [Geissell Morall]
  13. G: Hello?
  15. EH: Hey. Can you hear me okay?
  17. G: Eh...a bit.
  19. EH: How about now?
  21. G: Yeah. You sound fine.
  23. EH: Uh...s'alright. It's good. Good good. So, uh, I dunno, do you...is there anything you want to say before I start?
  25. G: Not really, no.
  27. EH: Okay, I guess, the first thing I want to ask is...well, obviously we're talking about Kody, uh...how do you feel about Kody, now? I mean, it's been, what, about a year since the last time we talked?
  29. G: Uh...personally, how do I feel about Kody?
  31. EH: Yeah.
  33. G: I really don't...I dunno, I feel like he's just a person, uh, if he did what he did, then you know, I really don't know. So I can't judge him. I can't say anything. I don't know for sure. Uh, I don't really feel anything for Kody, as to like...I don't know, it's...we don't really talk anymore.
  35. EH: When was the last time that you talked to him?
  37. G: Uh...a few months ago. He deleted me on Facebook, and I was like, "What's up with that?" Uh...he was like...I dunno, we just didn't talk anymore, so what's the point of having me on, so at that point, I was like, "Oh, well, okay." I see where that is going. So, it's like we don't really care for each other, so...the relationship isn't there. There's no friendship or anything.
  39. EH: But I guess after, um, after the interview that we did...uh, you guys were still friends for a few months?
  41. G: Yeah, yeah. We were, we talked here and there. But nothing else really. I dunno, it was mostly...when we talked, we talked just about that subject. And ended up going back to that subject.
  43. EH: About Amanda Todd or the interview?
  45. G: In general. We were talking about how he was getting threats and messages...and how a lot of things happened to me afterwards. After that interview, a whole bunch of things happened. And...we just started engaging kindof like our experience with the whole, after the interview and what...
  47. EH: So what kind of things happened after?
  49. G: Well...soon after the video and...I guess about, less than a week later, there was a guy named Philip Rose, whom I'm sure you know...
  51. EH: Yeah.
  53. G: He came along and he started to legitimately start to stalk me under multiple accounts on Facebook, on Youtube, and multiple people started commenting on my Youtube. Which my email blew up. I was at school and I was checking my email, and all I saw was comment after comment after comment after comment, saying really bad things. That's what ended up for me to delete my Youtube account...the FBI, the FBI was involved during the whole process, and they found out about that...my Youtube got out and they were harassing me on Youtube. So they were either going to a) take, like confiscate it, like change my password, but keep it up, or b) I decided to delete it before they could get the password. And, I was...I really didn't like them in my business, but I had no choice. They took away my computer, they took away a bunch of things, that were personal to me...
  55. EH: So, the FBI actually took away all of your stuff...why did they do that?
  57. G: Because they wanted to know if there was more. They thought that I wasn't telling the absolute truth, in my...when they interviewed me. And I said, "I am telling the truth," and they wanted to know if I had exchanged any uh...pictures, intimate pictures of myself...and I said, "No, I didn't," and I don't think it was the FBI at that point, it was another woman who spoke to me...I think it was something with Child Protective Services, or something, she...in my face, told me she didn't believe me, that there was more going on, that I was lying her, telling her that I didn't send pictures when in fact I did...well, you guys took my computer, my phone, my facebook, my youtube...I'm sure if something like that happened, you'd know.
  59. EH: So...the one thing that I probably wasn't clear about when we first talked...how old were you...back then when we first talked?
  61. G: I'm actually going to be sixteen in a month...
  63. EH: Okay. So, even back then...you were...
  65. G: When we first started, I was late fourteen.
  67. EH: Okay, okay.
  69. G: So...
  71. EH: So, that's why they were...they were, they thought you and Kody had some kind of relationship.
  73. G: Right, they said that we had a sexual, romantic relationship...which, it was very much, the sexual part, was very one-sided. And, I guess, they thought, since Kody could manipulate someone else to do that, that he could manipulate me to do that.
  75. EH: When you say one-sided, what do you mean? One sided on whose side?
  77. G: Well, I was fourteen at the time...so, clearly I...and younger, when I spoke to him, so...clearly, it couldn't have been me instigating any type of sexual conversation.
  79. EH: Did Kody initiate any sexual conversation?
  81. G: Not like...how do I put it...it was very, it was very...teasing, in a joking way. It was never too serious, or something that made me uncomfortable. If I ever told Kody, "I don't feel comfortable," he would be fine with that. He would respect that I wasn't comfortable with whatever you were talking about. (Unintelligible.)
  83. EH: Did he ever ask for any nude photos or anything like that?
  85. G: Ummmm...I barely, I...I don't remember for nude photos, but I do remember for...compromising photos.
  87. EH: Like photos of you in a bikini or something like that?
  89. G: Something like that. But...I don't remember any nude photos being requested. Never.
  91. EH: How old was Kody back in those days?
  93. G: Ummm...when we first started talking, I think he was about late sixteen, early seventeen. He's not thirty two.
  95. EH: Right.
  97. G: Uh, I did request to see his ID and all that stuff.
  99. EH: So you guys never met, right?
  101. G: No.
  103. EH: Okay. So he was still in high school when you first met...and how old were you, okay, so he was sixteen and then how old would you be, at that time?
  105. G: Uuuuuuh, I was about thirteen, twelve, late twelve.
  107. EH: Okay.
  109. G: Yeah. But we knew each other when I was that age...we didn't have any sort of relationship until it was sortof, late, or mid-thirteen, about that age.
  111. EH: Mmmhmm. I see. So...you had a relationship of some kind at some point, then it just turned into a friendship, and...
  113. G: It was really on and off. Kody is a very...he's...he goes on and off on things. Really. One minute Kody will be the nicest, sweetest, kindest person, he'll give all your attention to you, and the next minute he'll disappear like he was never there, and then he'll come back at other times saying, well, this and this happened...or I'm sorry, or something like that. But we'd always...I'd either run back to him, or he'd run back to me, it was very...toxic, it was. Like, we'd fight and it would be just really horrible.
  115. EH: Right. So, uh, did you guys have a fight about what was going on with the, you know, the interview and then the FBI stuff...
  117. G: Uuuuuuh, we never fought about that, we never had fights after that. What happened was that Kody, Kody needed...why I kept talking to Kody at that time, was Kody needed someone.
  119. EH: Right.
  121. G: He was in desperate need of someone. And that's why a lot of people, they continue to follow the whole story after the interview, they were well, she's being, she's obviously being blackmailed blahblahblah...no (laughs). I wasn't, it's just...I felt like he really needed someone, because...he was being pushed away by so many people.
  123. EH: Right.
  125. G: And nobody knows whether he did it or not.
  127. EH: Sure. Like even, I personally can speak for myself in this case, I never had anything against Kody Maxson. I had something against the guy who blackmailed Amanda Todd. And that was just what I was trying to find out at the time. Whether it was him or not. Like, you know, you know how I feel. Like, I still believe, based upon...
  129. G: Yeah, well...we didn't make our case when we spoke. We were very...well, first of all, we didn't even know you were going to put that up on youtube, so we didn't know what to say, first of all. I think if you would have told us that was going to go up on youtube, we would have been more prepared...
  131. EH: Sure.
  133. G: ...what to say. But since we didn't know, that we were going to be up on youtube...
  135. EH: Okay, so you're prepared now, so...how would you like, answer some of those questions, like...like how did Kody Maxson first meet Amanda Todd? That's what I wanna know.
  137. G: He met her...from what I know...off of some kind of on-line chat room. From what I know. And they didn't talk very much, apparently she...had some issue, and he tried to help her, and they spoke. That's when they started talking.
  139. EH: So Kody had an issue...
  141. G: Nonono, Amanda had an issue.
  143. EH: Amanda had an issue, and Kody tried to help.
  145. G: From what I know...I can't remember where I know this from (laughs) but I just know...
  147. EH: Sure sure.
  149. G: ...I forgot. But, then she...I don't know, he didn't ask for the pictures, she sent it on her own, which I...I have difficulties believing that. But...
  151. EH: Oh wait a minute, wait a minute. So she did send nude photographs of herself to Kody?
  153. G: From what I know. I don't remember exactly where...I can't remember who told me, I have a problem with really that. Not meaning to sound sketchy, but, from what I hear, there were nudes or something sent. But...Kody didn't send them. To anyone.
  155. EH: Okay, so you're saying that Kody got some nude Amanda Todd photos, but he didn't disseminate them on the internet.
  157. G: I don't remember if it was sent to someone else. Like someone else that was involved in the case, or if it was to Kody. I can't remember that part.
  159. EH: Well...how many other guys would be involved in this, though?
  161. G: Well, then there was a rumor saying that Viper was Kody, Kody was [Viper]...it's a mix-up, so that's where it really gets confusing. You don't know who's who, and who sent what.
  163. EH: Okay.
  165. G: I don't know if Kody sent it or not. In reality, I don't know. There is no proof that he didn't, and there's no proof that he did.
  167. EH: But the real revelation here is that he had those photos. That means he lied to me. He told me that he met her on youtube, and then I asked him if he had nude photographs of Amanda Todd, and he said no.
  169. G: See, that's where I don't know. That's where I really don't know, because...I was...I was told differently, so...
  171. EH: Did Kody tell you that?
  173. G: That's the part...I don't remember I read it, or if I heard it, or if I saw it...it was a...it was...when I ask Kody, "Did you do it? Did you have them? Did you...", uh, because believe me I was just on him as anybody else would be.
  175. EH: Oh yeah, of course.
  177. G: When everyone else was talking to him, I would ask him "Did you do it, did you do it, did you do it," and he denied it every single time...I said, "Kody, if you're lying to me...please let me know, no one's going to know." And he said "No, of course I didn't do it." And he's like, no I didn't. And he's being very...I felt he was being very sincere with me...but you could tell something else was bothering Kody. Kody's not the one to get really humble and quiet...and uh, when we spoke in private, he's very timid, and...it was, it was, it wasn't odd, but it was something that Kody wouldn't be.
  179. EH: So you think he was probably lying?
  181. G: No, I think he was hiding something from me. I don't think Kody...
  183. EH: What do you think he was hiding?
  185. G: I don't know...I don't know if he knows who did it, or...
  187. EH: See that's the thing, okay, see if he knew who did it, let's assume he was just talking to Amanda Todd, she gave him nude photos of herself,  which is, you know, okay. We'll put that aside for a second...if he knew who did it, why wouldn't he tell the authorities?
  189. G: Kody isn't the type of person to throw- welllll...no, he isn't really the person to throw someone under the bus, unless they've done something to him.
  191. EH: Even to protect himself? Because if he's able to ID someone else who really did it, then he's in the clear.
  193. G: Mmmhmmm.
  195. EH: And you know that the FBI would give him protection for that if he would testify against someone else.
  197. G: See that's the part that doesn't make sense to me...so I don't know what he was hiding, or whether it was the fact that everything was getting to him...he was very soft spoken when he spoke to me at times, and you know, at one point...he even asked me what he should do. He came to me for help, I'd always give him advice and what to do, and he asked me: "What should I do? When I get out of this whole problem situation, what do you think I should do?" And I said, "What do you mean?" and he said, "Who do you think I should talk to?" And I said: "About what?" He's like, really personal things that I can't tell anyone. And I said, "Well, go to a psychologist. Go tell them." He's like, but I don't know if that's a good idea, and I said, "Well, you need help, and you need someone to talk to, go talk to them." And I know that sounds like it's not important, but for Koday to say that, it's pretty serious...for Kody to say something like that. And, you know, I don't know if he did it or not, but for some reason it just, it doesn't sit...if I were to point fingers and I would be like, "Yeah, he did it," it just wouldn't sit right with me.
  199. EH: What do you mean?
  201. G: It wouldn't feel like that...something that he would do.
  203. EH: Okay, okay. What about Peyton? You know who Peyton [is]...right?
  205. G: (laughs) Yeah, I know Peyton.
  207. EH: Okay.
  209. G: I know about her, I don't know her personally.
  211. EH: So what's the deal with her?
  213. G: (laughs) Oh god, I do not like her. She...she...is trying so hard...to get Kody in trouble. She...her and Kody had a...relationship. And she tried to paint Kody as this guy who was...monstrous. Like, he was horrible, he would make her do things...that she didn't want to do. Peyton, Peyton is a liar...she was just looking for attention...I did it for Kody. Everything I did wasn't for attention...and it's still not for attention. It's because I don't want people to think...the second...the first interview I did for Kody...the second one I'm doing it for myself. Because I don't want people to think I was blackmailed by Kody to do the interview or anything like that. But, the reason why she wanted to get attention, was all about her...and it was for the wrong reasons. And...I just don't like her. She didn't try to save Kody. She tried to put him down, make him look worse. And lie about it. She had no proof that he did any of that.
  215. EH: But then...why would she...okay, so she just did it for attention? But Peyton and Kody were they a couple, or anything like that?
  217. G: I believe so.
  219. EH: Okay.
  221. G: I believe so. From what I know Kody didn't want...Kody didn't want anything to do with her anymore, and out of spite, she did that.
  223. EH: Do you know the circumstance under which they broke up?
  225. G: No.
  227. EH: Okay.
  229. G: I don't...I think it's because she was messing around with too many other people.
  231. EH: Was this before or after Amanda Todd?
  233. G: This was before.
  235. EH: Okay.
  237. G: And um...I don't know Peyton and I would never want to speak to her...I just...when I read the things...and I saw a little clip of her interview, or whatever...with whomever...I was pissed. I was so mad. Because all the things she was saying about Kody...I mean, sure, he has his really bad moments. But...the way she was making him sound...was, it just wasn't Kody.
  239. EH: What about this baseball bat thing? Like, beating some guy up with a baseball bat, is that still...is that true?
  241. G: I don't know. To me, personally, I don't see anything that's crazy about that. I've had...
  243. EH: You don't think beating someone up with a baseball bat is crazy?
  245. G: First of all, I don't know for sure or not. So, I don't know...I just saw a picture of a baseball bat and I was like, oh God, and I got told a story about a baseball bat. So I was like, hmmmph, alright. But, I don't know if it's true or not.
  247. EH: I just bring it up because you say that you know Kody, he wouldn't do anything crazy like that. I don't know...it sounds like he's doing some crazy things.
  249. G: When I say crazy, I mean try to hurt someone in an emotional like way, where they get to that point...Kody would never want that for someone.
  251. EH: Right. So he did...but beating someone up, that's okay.
  253. G: Well...guys to me, it's different. Guys, well, for the motive that it was for I think it was silly, but...I don't know.
  255. EH: What was the motive?
  257. G: It was a grown man, and uh...I don't really know if it was true or not. I personally don't see Kody taking it that far. Not in the sense where he wouldn't do it, but I just don't see Kody doing that, like...I just thought it was a little fib to make him look tougher than he really was.
  259. EH: Hmmm. I see. So, Peyton...according to you, Peyton is a liar. So, as far as you're concerned, whatever she says is not credible.
  261. G: No.
  263. EH: And doesn't have any bearing on Kody Maxson.
  265. G: I mean, I wanna see where...everything she says is valid. Where it makes sense. Because there are screenshots of her talking to Kody, and some of her talking to some Viper guy, her talking to some other guy, there's all these screenshots...but where is...there's no...it just doesn't make sense to me, like...how she could say Kody did all these things, and then there being no proof.
  267. EH: Well, what did she say...?
  269. G: Well, from what I heard, from what I heard...I spoke to people that knew Peyton, I didn't speak to Peyton herself...but, you know, uh...that said Kody has her nudes, and sent them around, and she's been sending them to him even after Amanda Todd. To Kody, to get him in trouble. Um, cause his court case was coming up, and she was sending him things she shouldn't have been sending to get him in trouble.
  271. EH: So he did have a court case.
  273. G: That's what I heard. I don't know if it's true or not. But...someone else after...recently, we spoke yesterday, someone from Anonymous contacted me, which I found very odd...at first I didn't believe they were from Anonymous, but...they linked me to a lot of things, and I was like, alright. Well. You're pretty believable, so...I have a good sense of judgement on what's real and what's not, and they were like, yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah. And, "how do you feel about his court case?"  That's the only reason I know he has a court case. And I think it was in December. So, I don't know if it's on the twenty something? But I doubt it could be Christmas time...so, I think it already passed.
  275. EH: December of this year?
  277. G: Yeah. He had a court case. (Unintelligible.)
  279. EH: A court case with regard to the Amanda Todd thing, or something else?
  281. G: I...well, I don't know why they would bring it up. Unless it was for Amanda Todd. I think it would be about something with Amanda Todd.
  283. EH: Okay. And do you know what happened? Was he found guilty, or not guilty?
  285. G: Well, so far he hasn't been.
  287. EH: Oh, so the trial's still pending. It's still on-going.
  289. G: From what I hear, yeah.
  291. EH: Okay.
  293. G: I don't know what the court case is about...all I was told was, "How do you feel...about this court case?" And I said, "I didn't know he even had one." And they were like, okay. Soooo...that's it. I wasn't told what it was about, I didn't see any kind of paperwork for anything, because I usually check up with...things. Like, the court case? I would check if there's any paperwork going on. Because you can usually find it. But...no.
  295. EH: Right. Well, they're not going to find any evidence on him, because he would have destroyed it by now, right?
  297. G: Ummmm...no, when, I think when Kody got in trouble, or started to be a suspect or whatever, he got all his computers taken away. I'm almost sure.
  299. EH: But the news of Amanda Todd broke out, right? And they didn't know who was behind it, so as soon as...put yourself in his position. As soon as you heard that, what would you do? You know.
  301. G: (sighs) That's true. That raises a good point. He would have, I guess, deleted it.
  303. EH: Yeah. He would have made a mad scramble to get rid of any kind of evidence that might incriminate him.
  305. G: But...that's just to me, I thought of that. But I don't really like to overthink it. Because then I don't really want to start letting my mind...blind me. And not letting me see things as they really are. What they really are is: you don't know if Kody really did it or not.
  307. EH: So...tell me about some of the conversations that you had with Kody regarding the interview, the first one.
  309. G: Well, at first, when I told him I was...when I first checked your Youtube channel, I just wanted to see if you would...because you usually talk about things that you recently, like...talked about...getting done or whatever. And I wanted to see if you talked about it. So...I went and looked up your Youtube channel, and I saw that you made a video about it. And I told Kody, and he's like, I knew it, didn't I tell you? And he actually didn't tell me beforehand that you were going to record it. And I was like, oh, you were right. And uh...he was pretty mad about that. He was like, whatever. I didn't say anything that would be too crazy, and I was like, yeah. And uh, we just started reading the comments, and some of them were really funny. Um, because they made no sense. And we tried to find the best...we didn't want to get mad or upset over it, so...that's what happened. Um...we just tried to laugh about the comments, shrug it off, and just, things like that, he never really asked me how I felt about it, because he knew that I didn't really care, um...I started to care after all those messages but before that I didn't really mind.
  311. EH: What did, what did, at what point did Kody become really upset about the video?
  313. G: He became upset after it had happened...after about two weeks? A week later, one or two weeks later.
  315. EH: So what, what was he upset about?
  317. G: He was just upset...I mean, he was always upset, but Kody's really good at hiding how he feels. But he...it just got the best of him. And he felt like...he was just...like...he didn't know what to do anymore, or who to talk to. I knew he could talk to me, but at the same time, he was scared to talk to me because of Peyton. What she did. And, you know, he was just looking out for himself, his best interests, but he did tell me a lot.
  319. EH: One quick question...so you don't believe Peyton sent any nudes to him, do you?
  321. G: No. Not really.
  323. EH: But Amanda Todd sent nudes to him?
  325. G: I don't know. That's what I heard. But uh...I didn't know Amanda Todd, I never really got to see her actions, or hear about her, I just...this is, the only thing I know about her is that she killed herself over a picture that spread to her friends. That's the only thing I know about Amanda Todd. I don't know anything, any details about Amanda Todd. I don't know anybody connected with Amanda Todd. But...
  327. EH: So how do you feel about her suicide?
  329. G: Um...
  331. EH: Like now. Or at least now. When you first heard about it, that's different. How do you feel about it now. Because no one was arrested and punished in connection to that. To this day.
  333. G: I feel like...Amanda Todd did a lot of actions prior to meeting Kody. From articles, I don't know if they're true or not...that were wrong. And that isn't to justify the way people treated the way they treated her, but...her actions that led to...her wanting to kill herself...were wrong. And I think if...let's just look at it this way. If she didn't kill herself, if she was still alive today...and this was just a girl on the internet...posting about all the things she did...and talking about them, in explicit detail...what would people on the internet call that girl?
  335. EH: Are you asking me?
  337. G: Yeah. What would you think that people would call her?
  339. EH: If she did what?
  341. G: If she told...if she put herself out there, made a video or even if she didn't make a video...if you just knew Amanda Todd personally, and you knew all the actions that she's done...what would people call her?
  343. EH: Well...what actions did she do?
  345. G: Well, from what I know, she would send, she would send pictures to multiple people, she would uh, she would be with other people's boyfriends and blahblahblah, and there's even pictures, a picture of her on the internet, I saw one time with a bra and underwear. And she was sending that picture, someone let that out. So, I mean, people would of course call her, you know, a whore, slut, blahblahblah. But since she killed herself over someone who sent the pictures...all of a sudden she's not that. She's...she's...she was a normal girl. She was this and that. And it's like, I don't like it when people do that because...you know, damn well, if she didn't kill herself, the people would be like, that's what you get for sending pictures of yourself. You can't send nudes, blahblahblah. But since she killed herself over it, and made a video on youtube, all of a sudden, she's an angel for someone like that. It's...you can't forget what she did. It was still wrongful actions, just because you kill yourself over it doesn't justify it. And that's how people treated the situation. And that made me kind of upset, because it's like people forgot the reason she committed suicide.
  347. EH: But the reason she committed suicide...was because she was bullied.
  349. G: But why was she bullied?
  351. EH: Does it matter? I mean, it's...
  353. G: It does matter! It does matter. Why was she bullied? She was bullied because of that picture. And who sent the picture?
  355. EH: But...I mean, you...okay. I get what you're saying. I've heard it before. Do you think that bullying is ever justified?
  357. G: No, I don't think bullying is justified. But, I just want to say...if she was being bullied, as bad as it says she was, as the internet says she was, she could have a) deleted her facebook, b) started going to school far elsewhere, or she could have been homeschooled if she was bullied really that bad. And see, she could have done, she could have set herself away from all these people. But she didn't.
  359. EH: There were...yeah. There were a million things she could have done, instead of killing herself, I agree with you there. Of course. But, it's too late now. All we can do right now, is to concentrate on the circumstances under which she was, under which she did die. And we know that she was...
  361. G: I don't think, you know people might say that I'm crazy for thinking that way, and other rude comments, but I, personally, I believe, I think why she killed herself...and what was the reason she killed herself...it could have been prevented.
  363. EH: Well, let me ask you this. If a girl wears, you know, is dressed scantily clad, and she's at a bar, and someone rapes her...do you think she's partly to blame for that?
  365. G: No.
  367. EH: Okay, so why is this different?
  369. G: It's different because...this is a completely different scenario. First of all. She...Amanda Todd didn't ever meet Kody, she didn't know Kody, she didn't know Kody in a personal way, she didn't have anything to do with him. And she didn't...She, on purpose, from what I know, she did send them to Kody, let's put Kody or whomever...if she sent those pictures, knowing, that someone else was going to get some kind of sexual gratification out of it...she could easily have stopped that, couldn't she? Now if someone else is at the bar, and they dress that way, they have no idea that someone else is going to get sexually aroused or whatever out of it. Or find them attractive. You know, it's what they like to wear. No, Amanda Todd, on purpose, sent those pictures out for sexual gratification, it's completely different.
  371. EH: But the core idea is that the wrongdoing, the bullying, or whether it's rape...it's wrong on its own merits, right? You agree to that?
  373. G: It was wrong. It was wrong. But, to sit there...and I'm not saying you, I'm saying a lot of people...to sit there and say, "Well, she shouldn't have killed herself and if she did," well, all this stuff...and she's angel and blahblahblah and...to me, it makes no sense because these people are saying that Amanda Todd...
  375. EH: Yeah yeah, but let me ask this, or let me look at it from this perspective. Okay, let's assume that she did something wrong. Let's just assume that. And then, let's assume that Kody or someone got her nude photos and let's say, it was wrong for her to send that, let's just assume that. Does that mean...
  377. (battery runs out at this point)
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