Juniper 7

May 13th, 2014
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  1. You shield your eyes from the sunlight steaming in through the window, groaning and rolling to face the other side of the bed. Your head really fucking hurts, and the sunlight filling the room doesn’t help one bit. Fuck you Celestia. You lie there for who knows how long, your eyes shut defiantly. You don’t care if it’s time to get up; it’s not time for this mare.
  3. You hear the door opening slowly, and you hear the sound of soft hoofsteps enter the room you’re in (which you still don’t know the location of). You crack open an eye to see Serene smiling over at you, flattening and folding up some sheets from the floor.
  5. “Rise and shine Juniper! Silver’s made eggs, you’d better get down there before they’re cold.” She says. Your only response is to clench your eyes shut once more, groaning out something along the lines of ‘Idunwanna.’ Your headache doesn’t take too kindly to the sound of her voice, and your ears fold down automatically to attempt to block out the noise.
  7. “Also Orchid’s downstairs, I understand you might want to have a few words with him.” She says that last bit with a mischievous grin on her face. Ugh, no. You sorted this out yesterday.
  9. “We’re just friends, Ri,” You grumble, “We agreed that when I went over to his place yesterday.”
  11. She gives you another grin, which you really don’t like the look of, before her horn lights up, causing a slightly distorted sound to fill the room. It sounds like the music from the party last night! From what you remember of it anyway. You look up at your horn. You had no idea this thing doubled as a tape recorder! You’ll have to learn that spell some time.
  13. You’re brought out of your internal dialogue by a voice from the recording.
  15. “Hey hot shtuff,” Your eyes widen. It’s an extremely drunken sounding you! You don’t remember this at all, so you listen on, “Why don’t we find a place for you to show me the ins and outs of my new body? Preferable the -ins-.” Your voice continues, trying to put on a seductive tone through the obvious slur.
  17. You’re frozen in place. What the… who did… huh? That can’t be you! Who the hell are you talking to?! The recording continues, and your stomach drops when you hear orchid’s voice reply, “Uhh… I umm…” he sounds pretty damn flustered.
  19. He’s interrupted by another voice, seemingly louder than the other two. “Alright alright. I think it’s time to get this one to bed. Is there a spare room where we can stay, Silver?” It’s Serene, which probably explains why it’s louder.
  21. “Yeah,” you hear Silver’s gruff voice reply, “Just up the stairs and to your right.”
  23. “Ok!” Serene confirms, “Alright little missy, time to go.” You hear her magic start up, seemingly urging your drunken self toward the stairs.
  25. “Noooooo-” You hear yourself whine before present time Serene cuts off the recording, a cheeky smirk on her face. You sit there in shock for what feels like an eternity. That can’t have been you. Sure you find Orchid… attractive… but you wouldn’t actually want to… argh! Your face feels like it’s on fire right now, and Serene’s giggling isn’t helping one bit.
  27. “Just friends my left flank!” she laughs, “Oh, but I shouldn’t tease. I’ll let you sort that whole thing out yourself, then it’s no holds barred!” Despite how proper Serene acts a lot of the time, the mare has a mischievous streak that only comes out around close friends.
  29. “Now come on, I’ll see you downstairs!” she says, before exiting the room, leaving you all alone once again. Your headache is still there, but you’re definitely awake now and you don’t think it’ll keep you from getting up. Plus you’re feeling really hungry and the idea of eggs is way too good to pass up right now.
  31. Still the idea of going downstairs knowing that everypony is aware of your antics last night doesn’t appeal to you in the slightest. Ugh, you might as well get it over with, you tell yourself as you slip out of bed, still not completely used to the transition from mattress to floor as a quadruped.
  33. Soon you find yourself at the top of the stairs. You can hear voices downstairs, causing you to pause. Oh screw it, they’re your friends, it’s not like they’re gonna mock you or anything. You make your way down the stairs and into the kitchen, feeling like you’ve been hit by a freight train. That’s the last time you drink that much in one night. It’s not your fault you didn’t know how much booze your body could handle.
  35. “Hiya June!” Harrier greets you, “Ready for a brand new day of awesome adventures?!”
  37. Ok she’s definitely mocking you. You give an annoyed grumble as your only reply, taking your place at the table on one of the sitting mats. It’s sorta set up like some kind of Japanese table with it being quite close to the floor, considering chairs are for the most part impractical for ponies. All your friends are already eating and making small talk. They all seem a bit worn out too, though nowhere near as much as you.
  39. You eat the breakfast Silver gives you in silence, taking no part in the morning chatter of your friends. You’re really not in the mood.
  41. No one’s made any mention of what you did last night, which you’re thankful for. You’re embarrassed enough just knowing that they were there to see it. Breakfast continues without much interesting happening, and everyone ends up going their separate ways. Your goodbye to Orchid is extremely awkward on both your parts, with neither of you being able to look each other in the eye. You’re actually glad Serene showed you that recording. It’d suck to have him acting all weird around you and not knowing why.
  43. You spend the rest of the day at home, practicing some essential relaxation magic that serene uses in preparation for your work tomorrow. Due to your recent lack of fingers you’re going to have to pick up the slack with your shiny new horn.
  45. Learning a new spell is kind of strange. There aren’t any verbal commands, or motions you have to make with your hooves or anything. It’s more about focusing on specific thought patterns, and flexing the muscle within your horn at just the right intensity. It’s hard to describe unless you’ve actually experienced it. It takes a while to get a spell right, but once you actually cast it you’ve pretty much got it down.
  47. You flop back on your bed, your horn feeling pretty worn out. You’ve been practicing for a few hours now and it’s really starting to get to you. You lie there and ponder what you want to do with yourself now. You would try some writing but you’d have to use magic to manipulate the pen, and you’re both tired, and unable to write with magic at all. You’ll have to ask Serene about that, maybe it’s just levitation and practice?
  49. Ugh, it’s all still weird to you, even after the week you’ve been a pony, things are still a bit strange. You’re getting more used to it every day, but you’ve still not completely wrapped your head around the fact that it’s happened.
  51. You kinda wish this whole ‘turning into a pony’ thing wasn’t so normal for where you are. It’d at least give you something to do most of the time, you think. Like imagine if you turned into a pony back on earth! Then you’d pretty much have all your time occupied.
  53. You hop off your bed, having realised that’s its past 15 o’clock and you haven’t had any dinner yet. You don’t seem to get as hungry now as you did when you were still human… and male. Which kind of sucks in your eyes. You thought it was just a stereotype that girls ate less to get them to be more skinny or something, but you guess with a smaller body comes a smaller stomach, and your body is really damn small.
  55. It’s still weird to know that if your parents were to meet you now, they’d see a magical unicorn pony girl the size of a large dog that speaks an alien language. That thought leaves a kinda sour taste in your mouth… you made yourself sad just now.
  57. You file thoughts of your former life away for now, focusing on the day you’ve got ahead of you. You’ve got no idea how work is going to be. But there’s only one way to find out.
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