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  1. Initial Question: Can i have something pricematched as a prime customer?
  2. 11:55 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Hi Wcdunn my name is Maria. I hope you are doing great today! I will be more than happy to help you with your price match!
  3. 11:55 PM(GMT) Wcdunn: Hi Maria, I am wondering if Amazon will pricematch Office Max
  4. 11:55 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Can you please confirm the order id?
  5. 11:55 PM(GMT) Wcdunn: I haven't actually ordered anything yet. Whether I order depends on whether this can be done. If it cant i will just buy from them
  6. 11:56 PM(GMT) Wcdunn: There is a 20% off coupon for Office Max's back to school sale that works on tablets, i can link it to you if you would like. I am wondering if I can use that on a Nexus 7 32g model.
  7. 11:57 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Definitely :) I will only need both links please, to the Office Max and Amazon link please.
  8. 11:57 PM(GMT) Wcdunn: Here is the link.
  9. This is the product on amazon.
  10. 11:58 PM(GMT) Wcdunn: actually, i link one from an affiliate. here is the correct amazon link
  11. 11:59 PM(GMT) Maria(CSA): I was just about to tell you that :) Well, you need to have in mind that the item is not currently in stock with us, and will take 2-4 weeks to be shipped. If that's okay with you, I can create the price match right away.
  12. 11:59 PM(GMT) Wcdunn: Yes that is fine
  13. I understand it is back ordered
  14. 12:00 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Great. So, let me know once you place the new order.
  15. 12:00 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: Okay. Thanks
  16. 12:04 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Let me know :)
  17. 12:04 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: Oh, do i need to place the order first?
  18. I've never done this before, im not sure how it is supposed to work.
  19. 12:05 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: It's fine if I do, just let me know.
  20. 12:05 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Oh don't worry! You just need to place the order for that item sold AND fulfilled by amazon, and I'll take care from there :)
  21. 12:05 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: Okay, give me a minute. Thanks
  22. 12:06 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: [redacted]
  23. Tha is my order number
  24. 12:08 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Thanks. Just a moment.
  25. 12:09 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Aubrey by the way do you happen to have the link to the tablet's price on office max? I am unable to locate it.
  26. 12:09 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: It is just a 20% off coupon. Here is the link.
  27. it works on a number of products
  28. 12:10 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Great. Just a moment :)
  29. 12:14 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Thank you for your patience, Aubrey. I have now edited the item's price. Can you please confirm this on Your Orders?
  30. 12:14 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: Yes, just a moment please.
  31. 12:15 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: I now see it as 215.20
  32. Thanks a ton for matching this!
  33. This is the reason I am a prime customer.
  34. Thanks Maria!
  35. 12:16 AM(GMT) Wcdunn: That's all I need today.
  36. 12:16 AM(GMT) Maria(CSA): Sure, my pleasure! Thank you for contacting Amazon. Hope you have a great evening. Please click on the "end chat" button to close this window.
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