Den Items

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  1. -Walk-In Closet (Default Colour)
  2. -Teacher's Desk (Default Colour)
  3. -Coat Of Arms
  4. -Stone Column
  5. -Square Stone Planter
  6. -Fancy Wood and Silver Dresser
  7. -Wood and Silver Chest
  8. -Wood and Silver Table
  9. -Wood and Silver Jewelry Box
  10. -Wood Chair
  11. -Wood Couch
  12. -Stone Oven
  13. -Stack of Books (6 gray, 2 brown, 8 gray, 4 gray)
  14. -Stack of Shelves (Default Colour)
  15. -Small Corner Shelf (Default Colour)
  16. -Large Corner Shelf (Default Colour)
  17. -Wide Shelf (Default Colour)
  18. -Tall Shelf (Default Colour)
  19. -Tiny Shelf (Default Colour)
  20. -Crystal Mira Statue
  21. -Waterfall Sprinkler
  22. -Hanging Vines
  23. -Watermelons
  24. -Pumpkins
  25. -Strawberries
  26. -Vegetable Baskets (Squash, Broccoli, Onion, Eggplant, Potato, Tomato,Lettuce, Carrot)
  27. -Fruit Baskets (Orange, Watermelon, Lemon, Grape, Strawberry, Apple, Banana, Pineapple)
  28. -Dandelion Patch
  29. Lawn Sprinkler
  30. -Phantom Tree
  31. -Phantom Rose Bush
  32. -Jamaaliday Planter
  33. -Small Painted Pot
  34. -Skinny Painted Pot
  35. -Green Painted Pot
  36. -Red Painted Pot
  37. -Large Painted Pot
  38. -Rare Wood Fence
  39. -Bottle-nose Brigade Statue
  40. -Dolphin Statue
  41. -Ancient Pillar
  42. -Trial Wall Fountain
  43. -Cosmo's Stone Wall
  44. -Greeley's Library
  45. -Large Planter
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