Eggs Sunny Side Butt (Celestia/Anon) [Lewd]

Oct 13th, 2016
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  1. > Be Celestia, living with your new husband
  2. > It's only been a month after you married Anon, an incredible month in which you explored each other to the fullest
  3. > Sharing secrets and secret places, filling the nights and dozing through lazy mornings
  4. > You grin at some of the more interesting memories
  5. > Those hands~
  6. > You shake your head, and return to your little task
  7. > Making breakfast in bed for your cute husband
  8. > It may have been a few thousand years since you last had to cook for yourself, but it can't be that hard
  9. > The biscuits are baking in the oven as you start chopping peppers for the omelette
  10. > You hear footsteps down the stairs
  11. > Out of habit, you renew a certain cosmetic little glamour
  12. > Anon wanders over, dressed only in red boxers and black socks, rubbing at his sleepy eyes
  13. > So sexy, so cute
  14. > "Didn't know you could cook, Sunbeam. Smells tasty."
  15. > You resist the urge to smile, and lift your chin proudly
  16. "Although I am a mare, I still know my way around a kitchen. Now sit and wait for your food like a good little colt."
  17. > He grins, pulling up a stool across the counter from you
  18. > "Yes mistress, I'll watch in awe at your cooking prowess, and not because I'm worried about the food being burned."
  19. > Like a mature, sensible mare, you stick your tongue out at him
  20. > He chuckles, then leans his elbows on the counter
  21. > "Whatcha makin'?"
  22. > You glance at the hourglass over the oven
  23. > Just about done
  24. "Omelette and biscuits. Sound good, Green Bean?"
  25. > "Mmhmm."
  26. > You turn and open the oven, letting the heat wash over your body
  27. > The biscuits look pretty good, if you say so yourself
  28. > "Nice."
  29. > You glance over your shoulder
  30. > Anon is looking at -
  31. > You twitch your tail aside, then let it cover your marehood, smirking all the while
  32. > He licks his lips, his eyes filled with barely contained hunger
  33. > Hewantsthev.tapestry
  34. "Now now, we wouldn't want to ruin your appetite for breakfast, would we?"
  35. > You set baking sheet on the stone counter
  36. > While you are there, you set a skillet on a burner and get the flame going
  37. > After so many years as a monarch, you are finding the little domestic chores to be rather refreshing
  38. > A mere thought closes the oven door
  39. > You turn back to the cutting board and peel the skin off an onion with your magic
  40. > Anon stares at you fondly from across the cutting board
  41. > You see a twinkle in his eye, the fires of his lust banked for now
  42. > As you chop the vegetable you have a nagging feeling that you forgot about something
  43. > You glance around, but everything seems to be fine
  44. > You blink, your eyes beginning to sting
  45. > You back away from the cutting board, wings flared and ready to...
  46. > Anon looks at you with tears in his eyes
  47. > Your body shimmers oddly, your concentration shattered
  48. > "Why are you avoiding me?"
  49. "What? I'm not!"
  50. > You feel your own tears forming
  51. > You never like to see a stallion cry, but this is too sudden
  52. "Green Bean, tell me, what's wrong?"
  53. > He opens his mouth, then pauses
  54. > You wait, goodness knows you don't want to pressure an emotionally distraught stallion
  55. > "Sunflower, you do know cutting onions make people cry, right?"
  56. > Oh
  57. > You scowl at him and he grins
  58. > You love him and his whimsy, you do, but...
  59. "You scoundrel, it's been a millennia since I last cooked. And crying is playing dirty, dear."
  60. > He weaves his way around the counter, his hips shifting beguilingly
  61. > Ooh, and that bulge
  62. > That's right, come to Mama
  63. > "One other thing, babe."
  64. > He loops his arms loosely around your withers, gazing at you in wonder
  65. > "Have you always had those freckles?"
  66. > You instinctively try to back away, but his grip is too strong and he just ends up falling onto your tuft
  67. > You almost cast your glamour again, but the damage is done
  68. "...They're just sunspots."
  69. > Anon leans against you, his hands cupping your cheeks, his thumbs brushing over your cheekbones
  70. > "Celly. Tia. Sunbeambum. Babe. You have no idea how cute you look right now."
  71. > You scrunch a little
  72. "You don't have to force yourself, I know what I look like."
  73. > Anon gazes deep into your eyes, your skin prickling pleasantly as his fingers trace little constellations on your face
  74. > "Celestia Cake Solarina, if you won't believe my words, let me explain more simply."
  75. > He presses his pelvis up against you, the firm length of his stallionhood hot on your belly
  76. > Your breath hitches, and you dare to hope
  77. "You like my...freckles."
  78. > He bares his delectably sharp teeth, his fingers digging into your wing muscles
  79. > U-unf
  80. > "The one good thing about you hiding them is, "
  81. > His voice is low and growling, resonating exquisitely against you
  82. > "now I want to knock you up even harder."
  83. > Faust, you love this stallion
  84. > With a sweep of magic and a push from your haunches, you push him gently to the cold tile floor and press down on his squirming, firm body
  85. > You pin him with marely strength, exulting in his futile struggles for dominance
  86. "Silly Green Bean, I'm the mare here. But I'll accept every drop you have for me."
  87. > He relaxes underneath you, melting into your pressure, all save a very key part of him
  88. > "Fine, but next time I get to top."
  89. > Then he bites your neck, mingling pain, pleasure, and fear within you
  90. > You gasp and surge against him
  91. > It seems breakfast will just have to wait
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