0xOmar Hacker Location Detected

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  1. 0xOmar is not Saudi, we've detected his IP address after his breach into our shopping website using a simple vulnerability in our CMS. I don't want to name our website here, it's just a Hebrew shopping website.
  3. We took our website down and started to trace his IP address, he's located in Dubai, UAE. We have a lot of proofs of it. We'll forward all proofs to the police. They'll take care of him.
  5. Just to let you know, he's a stupid, he can't even use a simple VPN to hide his IP, there is no VPN service in Dubai and we've found his direct IP address.
  7. I've contacted another shopping website who's hacked by same hacker, asked him to search his IP in their logs and they found his PHP shell in log files which has been access with same IP.
  9. My message to 0xOmar, wait for Mossad, he's coming, wait for a knock knock on your door, you'll see our power in detecting hackers.
  11. I was sure he's not Saudi and he's not part of Anonymous hacking movement, Anonymous also confirmed it. He also didn't mentioned anonymous in his other posts.
  13. Wait for us 0xOmar, wait for us... It's COOOOOMMMMMMIIIIINNNNNGGGGGG!
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