Worshipping - Blue Angel

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  1. [2019-06-13 11:19] Blue Angel: Morning.~
  2. [2019-06-13 11:44] Brooke Tiamat: [eicon]brookelips[/eicon]
  3. [2019-06-13 11:44] Blue Angel: Mnnh.~
  4. [2019-06-13 11:44] Blue Angel: Such a gorgeous [color=purple]Goddess.~[/color]
  5. [2019-06-13 11:45] Brooke Tiamat: Give your Goddess some more praise.
  6. [2019-06-13 11:46] Brooke Tiamat: I expect a lavish paragraph. It's the least I should expect after that truly disappointing squirming performance.
  7. [2019-06-13 11:49] Blue Angel: My sweet, benevolent [color=purple]Goddess[/color] is nothing less than the true epitome of predators. Her body, her size, her performance and her attitude all culminate into the simply irresistable physical form we see here. I'm but a pathetic little pony that deserves no love from such a high, omnipotent being and yet she is so humble as to accept me and my body as an offering her as her [color=white]cockfood.[/color] Every time I see that purple and black skin, I shiver and squeak with delight in imagining what awfully wonderful things might be done to me in the time to come. My [color=purple]Goddess[/color] knows, truly, how to get any prey squirming... This one especially.
  8. [2019-06-13 11:49] Blue Angel: [sub]And if I hadn't cum when you started cheating, mmnngh.[/sub]
  9. [2019-06-13 11:50] Blue Angel: [sub]Just, you are the absolute hottest.~ Gnnngh.[/sub]
  10. [2019-06-13 11:51] Brooke Tiamat: Tell me what you're worth to your Goddess.
  11. [2019-06-13 11:51] Brooke Tiamat: Another paragraph will do.
  12. [2019-06-13 11:54] Blue Angel: Mnnf. I am worth [color=red]nohting[/color] to my [color=purple]Goddess[/color]. I am just another replacable preyslut. There is nothing unique or interesting about me, unlike my amazing [color=purple]Goddess[/color]. My existence is pointless and through the grace of my wonderful [color=purple]Goddess[/color], it has been given purpose: To be nothing but [color=white]cum, cockfood, ballsnot, babybatter.[/color] My body can finally be used for something appropriate, befitting my useless nature. I can be given a use, only through being [color=red]devoured[/color] by my [b][color=purple]Goddess[/color][/b].
  13. [2019-06-13 12:10] Brooke Tiamat: You are a worthless slut. Your entire life, every choice you made, every child you birthed, was meaningless. If you had any sense at all you would have crawled down a fat leaking shaft years ago, and become a slippery load of nutsludge while you were still young and cute. Your indecisiveness did lead to one good thing, which was making an absolutely massive waste of cum for my balls to splatter. I will give you a small praise for that choice.
  14. [2019-06-13 12:10] Brooke Tiamat: You are just another orgasm and there will be many more like you. Probably cuter ones. And down the line, when I'm painting a wall with the most recent young sack slut, someone will say, "My goodness, I can't believe you creamed that pony girl like that." And I'll reply, "Who?"
  15. [2019-06-13 12:11] Brooke Tiamat: [sub]Now say slosh slosh.[/sub]
  16. [2019-06-13 12:11] Blue Angel: [b][color=white]*~SLOSH! SLOSH!!!~*[/color][/b]
  17. [2019-06-13 12:12] Blue Angel: [b][color=white]*~GLOOOOORP!~*[/color][/b]
  18. [2019-06-13 12:14] *Brooke Tiamat  digs her sharp claws into that thick black sack flesh, sluicing around the viscous sludge inside.
  19. [2019-06-13 12:14] Brooke Tiamat: [i]"Good stain."[/i]
  20. [2019-06-13 12:14] Blue Angel: [b][color=white]*~GURGLE!~*[/color][/b]
  21. [2019-06-13 12:15] Blue Angel: [sub]You're so fucking intoxicating, I can't stand it.~[/sub]
  22. [2019-06-13 12:16] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+4 = 5
  23. [2019-06-13 12:18] Blue Angel: [sub]Nngghh... F- fuuuck.~[/sub]
  24. [2019-06-13 12:19] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 2+1 = 3
  25. [2019-06-13 12:19] Brooke Tiamat rolls 1d4+1d4: 1+1 = 2
  26. [2019-06-13 12:19] Brooke Tiamat: [i]Ha![/i]
  27. [2019-06-13 12:19] Blue Angel: Mnnh, not today. Fate's on my side.~
  28. [2019-06-13 12:20] Brooke Tiamat: 4 really is your lucky number.~
  29. [2019-06-13 12:20] Blue Angel: Mmf, must be.~
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