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Oran Mini - Exciting Session, Everyone Stays Awake

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  1. [15:09:38] <Canute> The tower is, as always, just a tower. Though it's hard to see inside and hard to hear inside, it isn't OBVIOUSLY HAUNTED anymore.
  2. [15:10:47] * Nephene is pushing a cart over to said tower, with the requested bed loaded on to it.
  3. [15:12:32] <Nephene> It's a bit of a walk, but she doesn't seem to have too much trouble hauling things around. With a sigh, she knocks on the front door.
  4. [15:13:17] <Canute> Thump thump stunble and it SWINGS open. "Yes? Oh! The bed! Wonderful, wonderful."
  5. [15:13:30] <Nephene> ".....hi?"
  6. [15:13:56] <Nephene> No introductions, no small talk, just straight to business. "I don't think my brother ever gave me your name."
  7. [15:13:59] <Canute> "Have we--no, we haven't met before... Well then."
  8. [15:14:52] <Canute> "He... didn't? How odd of him." He stretches a hand out. "Canute! Canute Alphaeus. Your brother is an interesting man, I must say."
  9. [15:15:43] <Nephene> "He is! He can be a little silly at times, though." She shakes Canute's hand. "Nephene. I run the Lazing Slaking Inn and Bar back in town."
  10. [15:16:13] <Canute> "Silly indeed. Now this shouldn't be MUCH trouble to haul up... Is it just us or did you bring any assistants?"
  11. [15:16:55] <Nephene> "Just us. Had to disassemble the frame, though." She picks up the mattress, seemingly not putting too much effort into it.
  12. [15:17:08] <Nephene> The bulk seems to bother her much more than the weight.
  13. [15:17:21] <Canute> "Mmm... No consequence, then, I'll grab the rest."
  14. [15:17:35] * Canute fumbles a little with the various parts but it's pretty clear he CAN carry things.
  15. [15:19:00] <Nephene> She only puts down the mattress long enough to slide it through the doorway. "Where do you want this?"
  16. [15:19:31] <Canute> "Upstairs, there's a pretty obvious place already set next to a nightstand."
  17. [15:21:02] <DamienLunas> (bluh why didn't you guys ping me :B)
  18. [15:21:04] <Nephene> "Mmm. Might be a little tricky, then."
  19. [15:21:17] <Nephene> ( Sorry. D: Barkeep can catch up, though! )
  20. [15:21:23] <DamienLunas> (and I did give you his name)
  21. [15:21:56] <Canute> "Well, the stairs aren't THAT much of an obstacle."
  22. [15:23:11] * Canute fumbles a little more oh god is he going to drop it
  23. [15:23:16] <Nephene> "Careful!"
  24. [15:23:36] <Canute> "Y-yes, I think I have it!"
  25. [15:24:42] * Canute WHOMP oh god tiring. "Maybe... maybe a little assistance with the piano part. Don't worry about putting it together, I'll do that on my own time, just a little break first."
  26. [15:26:24] * Canute scrambles over to a chair. "So! How long have you been in this place? I'm rather surprised at how welcoming everything is."
  27. [15:26:45] <Nephene> "I've lived in Oran Valley all my life, actually."
  28. [15:26:56] * Nephene takes the mattress upstairs.
  29. [15:28:11] <Canute> "It's funny really, I haven't actually met anyone who hasn't been here forever... Was it always so self-contained? Am I the only newcomer in years?"
  30. [15:29:11] <Nephene> "Well, no, actually! We've had a few newcomers."
  31. [15:29:17] <Nephene> "Henry, Flynn, Raven...."
  32. [15:29:31] <Canute> "...The guard? Hm."
  33. [15:30:53] * Canute stretches a little in his seat. "What do you think, then, is the place growing? Will we be seeing buildings of stone rather than wood in a decade?"
  34. [15:32:47] <Nephene> "I hope so. The fact that everyone wants to establish a business of some sort is a good sign."
  35. [15:33:00] * Nephene sets the mattress down.
  36. [15:33:38] <Canute> "Ah, but that's more necessity than... well. Take a seat, by the way, rest. Either way, I find it interesting, as in a sense I did come here to get away from it all."
  37. [15:34:50] <Nephene> "From what?"
  38. [15:35:41] <Canute> "Cities, you see, are cold, cold places. Very hard to work with, if you don't shoot straight to the top and get a hold on it you can easily get trampled on."
  39. [15:36:56] <Nephene> "Henry said something similar."
  40. [15:37:21] <Canute> "Henry? Refresh my memory... oh, the trinket man. Hm."
  41. [15:39:31] <Canute> "I wonder, then, if the quietness... in as much as this place is really a 'quiet country village' will be kept. Either way! I'm feeling quite a bit better, shall we get started on the other end of the deal?"
  42. [15:39:53] <Nephene> "What about the frame? Will you handle it?"
  43. [15:40:08] <Canute> "I can assemble it just fine, no worries."
  44. [15:40:31] * Canute springs up. "It's in the basement--which, by the way, is not my fault. The previous owner had rather... odd taste."
  45. [15:42:05] <Nephene> "Oh?" She heads downstairs.
  46. [15:43:00] <Canute> And once they're both there, the reason for that is very, very clear. Who had the idea to turn a dungeon into a tacky lounge? The red carpet looks if anything very silly considering the walls are still rock.
  47. [15:43:32] <Nephene> "......"
  48. [15:43:54] <Canute> "Yes. Exactly."
  49. [15:44:02] <Canute> "I have no idea either."
  50. [15:45:05] * Canute opens up a red ball. "Regardless, we'll need a little help for this one..."
  51. [15:45:39] <Canute> <Understood.> The weird human-shaped thing gets under the piano.
  52. [15:46:03] * Canute goes over to the back end. "You take the front, alright? This shouldn't be hard..."
  53. [15:46:18] <Nephene> "Oh, um...."
  54. [15:46:18] <Nephene> "Sure."
  55. [15:46:34] <Canute> "One, two..."
  56. [15:46:40] * Nephene lifts the front end of the piano. "It might need some maintenance, though. Cleaning, tuning....."
  57. [15:46:40] <Canute> "LIFT!"
  58. [15:47:16] <Canute> It IS surprisingly easy. Holy shit where did that pokemon get so strong. "Do you have anyone that works on pianos in town?"
  59. [15:47:46] <Nephene> "I....don't know of any, actually."
  60. [15:47:58] <Nephene> "Easy on the stairs, though....."
  61. [15:48:20] <Nephene> "I'm not so sure if Balth is any good at maintaining instruments."
  62. [15:48:29] * Canute frowns as they wobble it up and over. "Where would you ask, then, some sort of... public board? Being as you own the bar I imagine most everyone would..."
  63. [15:48:52] <Canute> "...What, the kid with the strange accent?"
  64. [15:50:00] <Nephene> "Maybe Arawn can? It's a-" -- she briefly gives the piano a stronger grip as it hits an unexpected bump - "-stretch, though."
  65. [15:51:21] <Canute> "Who? This place has so many people to meet, I have no clue where to start."
  66. [15:51:36] <Nephene> "He works for the blacksmith."
  67. [15:52:08] * Nephene continues running through the list of people in her head.
  68. [15:52:39] <Nephene> "At worst, we might have to look up how to fix this up at the library."
  69. [15:52:42] <Canute> "Almost there, then... I may spend some time in town."
  70. [15:52:56] <Nephene> "You should! It's full of great people."
  71. [15:53:18] <Canute> "If you say so. Almost to the door, watch your step!"
  72. [15:54:03] * Nephene slows down as she reaches the top step, and slowly inches the front of the piano through. "So what do you plan to do here?"
  73. [15:54:59] <Canute> "Well, as you may have noted by the shelves of chemicals and such and the workbench right here in the entry, I've been making my way as an apothecary... But really, it's just a job, not as if it's my LIFE or anything."
  74. [15:57:20] <Nephene> "Mmm. We could definitely use one."
  75. [15:57:47] <Canute> "You think? I heard the only medic around uses one of those army tools, what happens when people get sick?"
  76. [16:00:30] <Nephene> "Well, that's where you come in now, isn't it?"
  77. [16:00:40] <Canute> "...Practical."
  78. [16:01:33] * Nephene smiles. "I think we'll get along just fine."
  79. [16:01:43] <Canute> "Alright, Reminder, we're putting it on top of the cart now, float it a bit and get above so you aren't crushed."
  80. [16:02:25] <Nephene> "Got it."
  81. [16:02:52] <Canute> The red THING zips right around. "One, two..."
  82. [16:03:20] * Canute does NOT manage to drop it on his foot! hooray!
  83. [16:05:16] * Nephene slowly sets the piano down on top of the cart.
  84. [16:06:13] * Canute closes and locks the door. "Now! You go first, I actually have very little idea where the town is, let alone the bar. Only had to go in once."
  85. [16:07:20] <Nephene> "Well, the town's not -that- far from here, and the Slaking is right in the town square."
  86. [16:10:11] <Canute> "Still, go ahead, I'd like to memorize everything."
  87. [16:10:23] <Canute> "As I said, I'll be spending some time in there."
  88. [16:17:14] <Canute> "You go ahead, I'll push behind you. You did, after all, drag it all the way here."
  89. [16:19:52] <Nephene> "Just north of here, really. Rather clear road."
  90. [16:20:37] <Nephene> "We'll have to pass by the edge of the Alizarin Forest, so it's a -bit- of a scenic route."
  91. [16:20:46] <Canute> "Well!"
  92. [16:21:00] <Canute> "Long as there aren't any bugs."
  93. [16:21:25] <Nephene> "Shouldn't be."
  94. [16:22:50] <Nephene> "Is there anything you want to know, though?"
  95. [16:23:14] <Canute> "Not quite sure. Just tell me everything you think I need to know!"
  96. [16:23:43] <Nephene> "Oh, dear. Well, maybe we can start with what's available."
  97. [16:24:05] <Nephene> "Besides the inn and bar, we have a smithy run by Saar Fyron and Arawn...."
  98. [16:24:16] <Nephene> "Raven as the town guard....technically captain."
  99. [16:24:37] <Nephene> "Henry has a shop set up for clothing, trinkets and photography."
  100. [16:25:02] <Canute> "That's... quite some variety. ALL of those things?"
  101. [16:25:20] <Nephene> "Yep! He's really nice, and very passionate about his work."
  102. [16:25:39] <Nephene> "Also -very- willing to put himself in harm's way for the perfect shot. It gets worrying at times."
  103. [16:26:21] <Nephene> "Submission's our carpenter. Extremely competent with woodwork."
  104. [16:26:28] <Nephene> "His sister, Maka, is the librarian in town."
  105. [16:27:10] <Canute> "She has a brother?"
  106. [16:27:19] <Nephene> "Flynn runs the restaurant, Cress is the medic, and his sister Joanna runs the Pokemon daycare and adoption service."
  107. [16:27:26] <Canute> "Interesting..."
  108. [16:28:00] <Nephene> "You might have already met Balthazar. Very smart, but gets into very dangerous work with his experiments."
  109. [16:28:44] <Nephene> "Lorelei just moved here, and is a baker. And a Baker, I guess," she notes, suddenly realizing the pun.
  110. [16:29:14] <Nephene> "Lisa's the fortune teller here."
  111. [16:29:31] <Nephene> "Jack does odd jobs, but is trying to establish a Pokemon gym here."
  112. [16:29:55] <Nephene> "Iona....is strange, but very well-meaning. She has a treasure-hunting service."
  113. [16:30:22] <Nephene> "Clarity fishes. Very excitable."
  114. [16:30:46] * Canute shudders a little at that last one.
  115. [16:31:26] <Nephene> "Alex runs a farm at the edge of town....Nike's sort of our go-to adventurer. Works with Arawn quite a bit, and she's -very- good at what she does."
  116. [16:31:54] <Nephene> "Terri....is a lumberjack, I think. Not terribly smart, but means well."
  117. [16:32:09] <Nephene> "Ricki helps out at the farm, if I remember correctly."
  118. [16:32:28] <Canute> "Yes. Helps."
  119. [16:32:54] <Canute> "...You're sure he doesn't bleed all over the crops?"
  120. [16:33:00] <Nephene> "Maurice, the merchant, is here occasionally when he's not travelling."
  121. [16:33:03] <Canute> "It just seems rather unsanitary. And dangerous for everyone involved."
  122. [16:33:05] <Nephene> "I....wouldn't know."
  123. [16:33:39] <Canute> "The merchant, though! Persuasive man, he managed to send me out with one of those strange charm things."
  124. [16:33:46] <Nephene> "There's also Mayor Day, Amonson-sensei...."
  125. [16:33:47] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  126. [16:34:08] <Nephene> "I think he was trying to sell one to me, too. Honestly, though, it seemed a little suspect...."
  127. [16:35:14] <Canute> "Not as if they explode or anything."
  128. [16:35:19] <Nephene> "I thought it was kind of weird. He wanted me to get one for my brother, even though he'd already visited the stall before me."
  129. [16:36:28] <Nephene> "There's a few others that lived here, but are out traveling."
  130. [16:36:32] <Nephene> "My parents, for one."
  131. [16:36:38] <Nephene> "Submission's parents, too."
  132. [16:40:29] <Canute> "I see... Well then, as it seems we're almost there, I'll go... er, look around for everything. Maybe get food. I'll be absolutely sure to go back and ask you if anything strange comes up!"
  133. [16:42:20] <Nephene> "Well, we serve food at the inn, if you're hungry."
  134. [16:42:27] <Canute> "Oh?"
  135. [16:42:35] <Canute> "I... hm. It's been long enough, so sure."
  136. [16:42:38] <Nephene> "It's not as good as Flynn's, I'll admit."
  137. [16:46:41] <Canute> "But his IS expensive. I actually got one of those special curry buns the first time, and... well, it WORKED, but."
  138. [16:47:07] <Nephene> "It's worth it, though."
  139. [16:47:13] <Nephene> "I stick with simpler fare."
  140. [16:52:04] <Canute> "Now! Where inside this place do you want this thing. Just... in the middle of the floor?"
  141. [16:55:10] <Nephene> "Hm. Needs to be visible, easy to access...."
  142. [16:55:24] <Nephene> "What makes for the best stage?"
  143. [16:55:39] <Canute> "Do you HAVE a stage?"
  144. [16:57:16] <Nephene> "Well, no....at least, not yet. So we'll have to improvise."
  145. [17:00:11] <Nephene> "Claud? Claud, you around?"
  146. [17:00:12] <Canute> "Wonderful."
  147. [17:00:42] <Barkeep> "Right here, Sis."
  148. [17:01:09] <Nephene> "Where do you think this should go? We don't exactly have a stage...."
  149. [17:01:11] * Barkeep waves from the Bar, letting Marcel take a breather for a bit after doing a lot of work for him yesterday. He has David sitting on the counter again patiently.
  150. [17:01:31] <Barkeep> "Do we really need a stage?"
  151. [17:02:08] <Nephene> "Well, I guess not. The question stands, though."
  152. [17:02:47] <Barkeep> "Sort of thought we could keep it by the stairs over there, sort of out of the way. It's not really going to be like much of a performance, just sort of ambiance, you know?"
  153. [17:03:24] <Nephene> "And it's not like we have a professional musician here....yeah, that sounds reasonable."
  154. [17:06:29] <Barkeep> "If we just sort of push those tables a bit that way... and angle that table that way... should be able to fit it in looking just right."
  155. [17:10:01] <Nephene> "Fair enough. Over there, then."
  156. [17:14:17] * Barkeep scoots some tables out of the way for neph and canute.
  157. [17:14:47] * Canute starts pushing!
  158. [17:15:35] * Nephene pulls!
  159. [17:16:22] <Barkeep> "Easy... right there, that looks good."
  160. [17:17:26] <Barkeep> "You two could probably use something to drink after all that heavy lifting, want me to fix you up something?"
  161. [17:17:36] <Canute> "I... don't drink all that much."
  162. [17:17:51] <Nephene> "Huh? Oh....a Blood Cherrim Tonic would be nice."
  163. [17:19:37] <Barkeep> "You sure about that, Canute?"
  164. [17:19:50] <Canute> "I... yes?"
  165. [17:24:42] <Nephene> "Other than drinks, food, and a room, the Slaking also has a massage parlor."
  166. [17:25:09] <Canute> "Hm."
  167. [17:25:33] <Canute> "Well, I HAVE been moving quite a lot of furniture... How much is it?"
  168. [17:31:41] <Canute> "The massage, that is."
  169. [17:32:52] <Nephene> "First one's free."
  170. [17:33:06] <Canute> "Well then."
  171. [17:33:22] <Nephene> "200 after."
  172. [17:33:55] <Canute> "I'll keep note of that."
  173. [17:35:14] * Canute gets up and shuffles over to the room?
  174. [17:36:24] * Nephene walks into the parlor. "You can use that closet over there to change. Should be a set of clean towels there, too."
  175. [17:36:42] <Canute> "...Change? Into what?"
  176. [17:36:58] <Nephene> "Usually? Just the towel."
  177. [17:37:12] <Canute> "I... I see."
  178. [17:38:03] * Canute goes to get the towel on MUCH more awkwardly than he came in.
  179. [17:39:34] * Canute lays down, trying not to panic.
  180. [17:51:48] <Canute> (anyone? ARE YOU DEAD D:)
  181. [17:54:45] <BB> (They are.)
  182. [17:54:50] <BB> (And YOU killed them.)
  183. [17:59:24] <Paradox> Canute wakes up naked and covered in blood
  184. [17:59:39] <Paradox> His teeth feel really sharp and his mouth tastes like iron
  185. [18:00:43] <Paradox> (jk)
  186. [18:01:13] <Nephene> "Just...get comfortable, really."
  187. [18:01:18] <Canute> "Right."
  188. [18:01:18] <Plutonis> (Dox, can we do a mini later)
  189. [18:01:34] <Paradox> (I'm doing the fireworks later)
  190. [18:01:42] <Paradox> (when I feel less bluh)
  191. [18:01:47] * Nephene dips her fingers into the oil, and starts the massage by rubbing down Canute's shoulders.
  192. [18:02:26] * Canute is incredibly awkward oh god.
  193. [18:02:35] <Nephene> "Shhh. Relax."
  194. [18:05:49] * Nephene moves down to Canute's lower back, rubbing away any knots or sore muscles.
  195. [18:06:32] * Canute flinches a little. oh god he had no idea these muscles even existed.
  196. [18:08:05] <Nephene> She works outward, moving on to the arms, hands, and even the fingertips.
  197. [18:09:08] <Canute> "I've... never rightly even seen anyone that could DO any of this before."
  198. [18:09:53] <Nephene> Her fingers glide effortlessly back to where they started, loosening up the shoulder muscles once more. "To be honest, I didn't even know I could do this before. The massage business sort of started by accident."
  199. [18:10:13] <Canute> "How does this emerge accidentally?"
  200. [18:11:48] <Nephene> "A slight trick of martial arts, let's say."
  201. [18:12:16] <Canute> "I... I see. A wonder how many things there are that you can just stumble upon."
  202. [18:12:51] <Nephene> "Some knowledge of pressure points and a few botched practice sessions later, I decided to put this discovery to use."
  203. [18:15:04] <Canute> "Really amazing-- I have my hobbies, but nothing that can be put to use like THIS."
  204. [18:15:36] <Nephene> "Really? I'm sure you an do something like this as an apothecary."
  205. [18:15:39] <Nephene> *can
  206. [18:15:55] <Canute> "Something like--with my hands? No, and I wasn't talking about that. Just a job after all."
  207. [18:18:12] <Nephene> "Mmmm. Well, that should do it."
  208. [18:18:27] <Canute> "Right. Good. Very good."
  209. [18:21:19] * Canute scrambles up and off to get changed, he has no idea about anything anymore.
  210. [18:22:11] * Canute tries his best to look calm and professional when he goes back to the main room. D:
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