Gym Night - Quest #34 - Jeanine

Mar 26th, 2014
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  1. So that happened. You just made out with Kat. You've never done that with a girl before. It's never been something you've seriously thought about.
  3. Especially with Kat of all people. There was no way you could back down from something Kat was willing to do. You couldn't back down from a dare though. Besides, that had to do something to Vance to get him to see you in a sexual light.
  5. Robin grabs Kat and leads her away. You hear her say something that sounds like "Times ten," but that can't be right. Look at Robin's tiny body. You're so damn jealous. She's like a doll. You'd trade with her any day. Or even Kat for that matter. She can still move around without your back problems, but she still has noticeable curves in all the right places. Lucky.
  7. There's one other body you want too. You look to Vance. You know you still have turned on expression, and you want him to see it.
  9. His head rolls from side to side. "Hey, you can go on ahead with them. I'm going to hang out here for a bit."
  11. You run your hands through your hair and walk over to him. The ballpit slows you down, but that's good. It's one of the few times you're happy something is making your chest jiggle. You put a finger on his big chest and lean against him. You leg brushes against his raging erection, but you both pretend not to notice. It's like a warm steel pole. "I think they want some alone time. Truth or dare, Vance?"
  13. He laughs like a drunk kid at the thought of Robin and Kat running off to be alone. "Truth," he manages. He's swaying a bit, even in the ballpit. You start walking over to the slide so you can both lie down.
  15. This is it. Your heart is pounding. "Ever had a crush on a friend?" You're both still in the ball pit, standing by the exit of one of the slides. You put one hand on his chest and another around his neck. Slowly, with hot, bated breath, you pull your mouth close to his.
  17. He lets out a boyish giggle again. He's nervous. His voice is slurred. "You got me. I admit it. I had a small crush on Kat before."
  19. Vance you stupid asshole! You push him hard onto the slide. He has no balance and hits it with a loud whomp. Stupid fucking damnit crap! You're mostly mad at yourself. You saw that when you had an aura reading with him. You know that he got over it, but it still stings. "This is a dumb game." You cross your arms.
  21. He rubs his head. "Ow." Uh oh, he really looks out of it. Maybe you pushed him too hard. You crawl over him and check out his eyes. "Follow my fingers." You let them go left and right, and his eyes follow without a problem. Just to be safe, you close your eyes and concentrate, trying to read his aura to see if anything looks off. Finally, you're satisfied and just lay down besides him. You're still mad though. "I'm thirsty."
  23. Vance stirs. "Hmm? Oh yeah, there's a fridge for stocking the machines. The code to get in is 3 12 1 9 5." You remember that from when you were kids and Vance's parents babysat you in the office. Claire would brag that the numbers spelt her name.
  25. You're still upset over him missing the hints. You get up and step on his chest as you walk over him. "I'll be back." You walk down the halls until you get to the familiar office. Something about the smell of it sparks a memory. You remember the time that you and Vance were playing house, and his mom made some sort of joke about you not pretending to get married first. Being kids, you took her seriously and set up a little wedding. Vance didn't want to do it at first. He said it was a stupid girl game and wanted to play Rangers instead, but you told him it'd mean you'd be together even as adults, so he agreed. You were both so young and innocent then. You got married right here in this office when his mom had gone to take care of something. There were stuffed animals, and you were married by a Mudkip doll that you pretended to voice. You reach into the same freezer as all those years ago. No way! They still carry these ice cream sandwiches you used as your wedding cake.
  27. That has to be a sign. You can tip toe around things with Vance anymore. You're terrified of being hurt again, but you just have to take a leap. You grab two ice cream sandwiches and a can of soda and start heading back. You feel a new sense of energy.
  29. This time on your way back, you hear Kat and Robin's voices from the showers. Wow. If you weren't so motivated to go see Vance right now, you'd probably follow the noises. Good for them, they sound...happy.
  31. What the hell is Robin doing to Kat? That's getting really loud. As you're just about back, you close one of the hallway doors to muffle the sounds. That's better. You don't need that distracting from your talk with Vance.
  33. You climb up the slide and crawl down while balancing the three cold treats on your naked body. You almost forget you weren't wearing anything. Not that it matters right now, everyone has seen everyone else.
  35. You're just going to speak your mind. This feels right. "Vance! Remember that time we got pretend married when we were kids? You'll never guess what I found." You feel your heart race, but in a good way. Just as you reach him though, it sinks. That big dumb idiot is sleeping!
  37. You want to punch him in his stupid handsome face! You finally worked up the nerve to commit to telling him without having plausible deniability and he falls asleep!
  39. You'll show him. You'll cuddle with him naked and let him freak out in the morning. No, no. That's dumb and won't help anything. He looks cold. You have a better idea. You go to gather up his boxers and pants and with a lot of effort, put them mostly on him. You just drape his shirt over his chest, then put your own clothes back on. How does he still have a boner? You grab an ice cream sandwich and stuff a small bit down the front of his pants. Jerk.
  41. As you lay down beside him, you wonder how much either of you will remember tomorrow. You hope he doesn't get the wrong idea about you from making out with Kat. You hope Kat doesn't either.
  43. You sigh and wrap his arm around you. At least there's this. Tomorrow will go better.
  45. The next morning is difficult. You wake up and put your hand in something creamy. As you come to, you see the other ice cream sandwich and can drink spilled all over the slide. Gross. Your head is pounding too. At least you’re dressed. As you move, you notice something is very wrong. Where is your bra?
  47. You just catch Sneasel taunting you before he takes off down the hall. Son of a bitch.
  49. You sigh. You wish it was last night again.
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