Blue LWA TAS notes from getting 255.

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  1. be on right side of unk dungeon warp
  2. have 5 items in inventory with 5th as escape rope x255 and 6th as escape rope x255 (shifted down when 2nd missingno poke ball is thrown)
  3. toss all items until only escape ropes are in the inventory
  4. toss 210 from escape rope x255 to get 45
  5. dry underflow
  6. possibly reset wMaxMenuItem (saves time as []j.s are hidden when doing first swap)
  7. swap 1st escape rope with 2nd []j. below cancel
  8. swap []j. x0 below escape rope with tm43
  9. swap options with old amber (maybe loses 6 frames compared to ether)
  10. toss 1 master ball from warping
  11. swap full restore x77 with tmtrainer item in north connection
  12. swap []j. x255 with moon stone x10
  13. toss 1 from []j. x255
  14. swap hm03 with 4 8 4 8
  15. swap master ball x4 in real warps with d408 (25 items from tm30, $73 at wListScrollOffset)
  16. toss []j. x1 from d41b (9 items from master ball, $7c at wListScrollOffset)
  17. wrap-around inventory
  18. toss 2 from third cancel
  19. warp to pewter (exit unk dungeon)
  21. swap escape rope x255 with tmtrainer item in text pointer
  22. toss 12 from escape rope x255 to get 243
  23. swap connections town map with id town map
  24. swap ultra ball x65 (mapid) with BLUE x183
  25. swap master ball x190 with town map
  26. swap master ball x190 with cascadebadge
  27. swap hm03s together
  28. take 5 steps up, 5 steps right, 11 steps up, 2 steps left (below metal thing)
  29. start farming
  30. walk right and up on first box change, then enjoy turnframes
  32. After catching Oddish, toss 4 from Master Balls
  33. After catching Squirtle, toss 3
  34. After catching Magnemite, toss 1
  35. After catching Ponyta, toss 4
  36. After catching Goldeen toss 1 and change box
  37. After catching Alakazam toss 1
  38. After catching Haunter toss 1
  39. After catching Electrode toss 1
  40. After catching Kingler toss 1
  41. After catching Muk toss 2
  42. After catching Mewtwo change box
  43. After catching Golduck toss 1
  44. After catching Caterpie toss 2
  45. After catching Dodrio toss 1
  46. After catching Machop change box
  47. After catching Sandshrew toss 2
  48. After catching Dratini toss 2
  49. After catching Vulpix toss 3 and change box
  50. After catching Meowth toss 1
  51. After catching Doduo toss 3
  52. After catching Farfetch’d toss 3
  53. After catching Mankey toss 1
  54. After catching Electabuzz toss 1
  55. After catching Magmar toss 1
  56. After catching Golem change box
  57. After catching Growlithe toss 2
  58. After catching Staryu change box
  59. After catching Nidoking change box
  60. After catching Kangaskhan deposit all but Ditto
  61. walk down 2
  62. select TM40 x198
  63. scroll up until guard spec x82 is in view, then press select on town map
  64. toss 80 from TM40 x198 to get 118
  65. swap parlyz heal x0 with HM05
  66. walk up
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