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Dec 7th, 2019
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  1. 1. I agree you or her should contact the problem gamblers (PGF) and find out about their help options
  2. 2. See the citizens advice bureau, they have free budgeting services and can give further free advice on no asset procedure and other options like summary instalment order (which is to pay some of the debt back). They will know more about which options can best apply.
  3. 1. For no asset, you can’t take any more debt for 1 year and it stays on your credit for 5 years
  4. 2. There is one at St Lukes
  5. 3. You should help her to do some numbers on whether it makes sense to do a potential pay cut (by virtue of not working at the bank) & no asset (i.e. debt wiped); vs. staying in the bank at a higher pay rate but having to keep the loan. It likely will make sense to take a pay cut and not work at the bank if the loans are cleared
  6. 1. It might be good for her to have experience in multiple industries anyway so she doesn’t work in only banking her whole life
  7. 2. The job market should heat up with new employment opportunities in late January onwards
  8. 4. For the short term problem (2.5k overdrawn from multiple accounts) I understand she has 30 days. My advice is that you tell her that you and others are unavailable to help financially. Check in regularly and see if she has sorted it from some other source come 10 days away form the deadline, re asses at that point
  9. 5. Make it clear she is expected to pay back the money she owes to Jade and Semesi. Ideally she would sign an acknowledgement of debt?
  10. 1. Unfortunately I believe they would be respectively liable for that debt so for the most part you will just have to hope that she does
  11. 6. If she fails to pay her portion of the rent, she faces eviction
  12. 7. Unfortunately I think you have to understand that she is a problem gambler for the rest of your life. If you enter any financial relationships in future (now and for the rest of your life) you must ensure appropriate legal protections and agreements are in place (example using a trust & legal agreements for buying a house)
  13. 8. Important: related from the above: You guys need to disconnect your account, stop sharing accounts/cards etc, and use your own banking passwords ASAP
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