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  2.     spriden_pidm pidm,
  3.     spriden_id unum,
  4.     camp.goremal_email_address camp,
  5.     listagg(fnln.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) fnln,
  6.     listagg(pers.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) pers,
  7.     listagg(par.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) par,
  8.     listagg(apc.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) apc,
  9.     listagg(apc.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) recr,
  10.     listagg(alum.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) alum,
  11.     listagg(calb.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) calb,
  12.     listagg(other.goremal_email_address,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY spriden_pidm) other  
  13. FROM spriden
  14. LEFT JOIN goremal camp ON camp.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND camp.goremal_emal_code = 'CAMP'
  15. LEFT JOIN goremal fnln ON fnln.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND fnln.goremal_emal_code = 'FNLN' AND fnln.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  16. LEFT JOIN goremal pers ON pers.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND pers.goremal_emal_code = 'PERS' AND pers.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  17. LEFT JOIN goremal par ON par.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND par.goremal_emal_code IN ('PAR','PAR1','PAR2') AND par.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  18. LEFT JOIN goremal apc ON apc.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND apc.goremal_emal_code = 'APC' AND apc.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  19. LEFT JOIN goremal recr ON recr.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND recr.goremal_emal_code = 'RECR' AND recr.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  20. LEFT JOIN goremal alum ON alum.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND alum.goremal_emal_code = 'ALUM' AND alum.goremal_Status_ind = 'A'
  21. LEFT JOIN goremal calb ON calb.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND calb.goremal_emal_code = 'CALB' AND calb.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  22. LEFT JOIN goremal other ON other.goremal_pidm = spriden_pidm AND other.goremal_emal_code IN ('BUSI','PCOL','OTHR','EMRG','WEB','SOAR','EM') AND other.goremal_status_ind = 'A'
  23. WHERE spriden_change_ind IS NULL
  24. GROUP BY
  25. spriden_pidm, spriden_id,camp.goremal_email_address
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