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  2. [13:09:16] ThiccAssBoiiii: should not talk with this dude tbh
  3. [13:09:27] Krytocon☆彡: Bruh
  4. [13:09:29] Krytocon☆彡: idc
  5. [13:09:43] ThiccAssBoiiii: i mean
  6. [13:09:53] ThiccAssBoiiii: i can show you what he pmd me
  7. [13:09:58] Krytocon☆彡: I’m friends with him
  8. [13:10:03] ThiccAssBoiiii: oof
  9. [13:10:23] ThiccAssBoiiii: fck...ok then i dont wanna break that friendship
  10. [13:10:33] Krytocon☆彡: Why do you think it would
  11. [13:11:18] ThiccAssBoiiii: dude do you think i would pm ou if it was just a joke or some
  12. [13:11:41] Krytocon☆彡: Probably since in my experience people on here overreact to nothing
  13. [13:12:04] ThiccAssBoiiii: not me, but its ok we dont know each other^^
  14. [13:12:50] Krytocon☆彡: True
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