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  1. halo lexi uwu you gotta sec?
  3. lexLast Sunday at 9:26 PM
  4. whats upo
  5. sorry
  6. i was out all day
  8. AkiLast Sunday at 9:27 PM
  9. LMAO you're good im just glad you were havin fun i saw the snaps n stuff
  10. just like ab last night tho
  11. i get if stuff comes up and it's urgent and ya gotta dip and all that, and i dont think i have the right to feel like this but i was just a lil bit hurt that you kinda left without an explanation ya know?
  12. it's all chill now n stuff but if ya do gotta run like that just gimme a lil heads up next time if ya can
  14. lexLast Sunday at 9:29 PM
  15. uh
  16. i let you know as soon as i had to
  18. AkiLast Sunday at 9:30 PM
  19. oip8useafasd no no i know it was just like
  21. lexLast Sunday at 9:30 PM
  22. i understand that it sucks becausue we had
  23. planned
  24. to hang out
  25. and i get that, you have a right to be upset
  26. and i do apologize for leaving so abruptly
  28. AkiLast Sunday at 9:30 PM
  29. it wasn't even that it's just that like you just kinda hit me with a "i gotta cut 2nite short" and that was it
  30. ya know?
  31. it's kinda like if you were hanging with a friend irl and just kinda being like "yo bro srry gotta run" and headin out ya know?
  33. lexLast Sunday at 9:32 PM
  34. I mean
  35. have you never done that before?
  36. i get you wanting an explanation, and something came up
  37. but
  38. I am a pretty private person, and you know this by now Im sure?
  39. my friend called me, and i had to go
  41. AkiLast Sunday at 9:33 PM
  42. yeah i understand that
  44. lexLast Sunday at 9:33 PM
  45. attend to that.
  46. as for anything else,
  47. no, I can't tell you.
  48. out of respect
  49. for my friend, and my friendship with that person
  50. i am sorry still
  52. AkiLast Sunday at 9:34 PM
  53. of course, and i really do respect that, and i wasn't expecting like a full on story just like a "yo sorry, my friend needs me right now so i gotta go"
  54. ya know?
  56. lexLast Sunday at 9:35 PM
  57. Ok. I will do better next time,
  59. AkiLast Sunday at 9:35 PM
  60. i don't wanna give you the wrong impression right now i was never expecting a full on like detailed thing ya know
  61. and please don't feel bad or be mad at me and stuff, like it was just how i was feeling and i just wanted to say smth
  63. lexLast Sunday at 9:36 PM
  64. im not mad or anything
  65. i appreciate you telling me
  66. thank you
  68. AkiLast Sunday at 9:36 PM
  69. and i really do appreciate you taking the time to even address this to me like
  70. you don't even have to listen to this
  72. lexLast Sunday at 9:37 PM
  73. well of course
  74. if you have an issue id like to help fix it
  75. and this is certainly within reason
  77. AkiLast Sunday at 9:38 PM
  78. it wasn't a big deal either so don't stress over it okay? i'm kinda a lil booby sometimes like that
  80. lexLast Sunday at 9:38 PM
  81. thank you for bringing it up
  83. AkiLast Sunday at 9:39 PM
  84. no, thank you for listening lex (:
  85. did your day go okay today?
  86. and hey, there's still a lil surprise for you on ow, and i really did have fun yesterday i hope you know, i appreciate that you did take some of your time out of your day to hang (:
  87. and i'll be here if you need anything
  89. lexLast Sunday at 9:42 PM
  90. its been alright
  91. i actuallyt have to go
  92. i started having an episode as soon a s i got home
  93. so i cant really hold a conversation casually right now
  94. sorery
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