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  1. Processor processor;
  2.             VideoCard videoCard;
  3.             if (users.Count(x => x.Name == args[1]) == 0) return $"Username: {args[0]} does not exist!";
  4.             User user = users.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Name == args[1]);
  5.             if (args[2] == "Low") processor = new LowPerformanceProcessor(args[3], int.Parse(args[4]), decimal.Parse(args[5]));
  6.             else if (args[2] == "High") processor = new HighPerformanceProcessor(args[3], int.Parse(args[4]), decimal.Parse(args[5]));
  7.             else return "Invalid type processor!";
  8.             if (args[6] == "Game") videoCard = new GameVideoCard(args[7], int.Parse(args[8]), int.Parse(args[9]), decimal.Parse(args[10]));
  9.             else if (args[6] == "Mine") videoCard = new MineVideoCard(args[7], int.Parse(args[8]), int.Parse(args[9]), decimal.Parse(args[10]));
  10.             else return "Invalid type video card!";
  11.             if (user.Money < processor.Price + videoCard.Price) return $"User: {args[0]} - insufficient funds!";
  12.             user.Computer=new Computer(processor, videoCard, int.Parse(args[11]));
  13.             return $"Successfully created computer for user: {args[1]}!";
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