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Dec 12th, 2016
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  1. 「義: Integrity」
  3. Username: fyo-mo
  5. Name: Moon Eunsol - 문 은솔
  7. Nickname/s: Eunnie
  9. Persona:
  10. Quiet and smart person that's only open to people she's comfortable with.
  12. Birthdate: December 8
  14. 「礼: Respect」
  16. Ethnicity: Half Filipino, Half Korean
  18. Hometown: Manila, Philippines
  20. Childhood background:
  21. Born in a small town near Manila, Philippines, Moon Eunsol was put in to a family with a mother, a father, and two older brothers. Her mother is Filipino, and her father is Korean. She lived in the Philippines with her parents and brothers—Daeyoung and Dahyun—until she was 10. Eunsol's father owned a company with his family in Korea, so they moved there so that her father could do his job, which was fixing air conditioners. She continued living normally after moving, and adapted to the South Korean culture and language. She made a small group of friends, maintained her grades, and lived a smooth life in Korea.
  23. Personality:
  24. Eunsol is a lazy perfectionist that cares too much about what people think, prefers being and working alone, and is sensitive to nature. Eunsol likes to think she's wise and knows everything about the world around her and the person she is, but really, she's just too much of a deep thinker. That is why she feels self conscious and insecure most of the time; the constant thoughts of people judging her haunt her, so she becomes humiliated and shuts her mouth so no one can judge. It's also the reason why she becomes quiet and shy when around new or older people. Only with friends and family can Eunsol reveal her true colors, which are being sarcastic, childish, weird, and being prone to goofing around. Yet even then she would still care about what her friends and family think about her. Heck, she doesn't even know if she's being herself around herself. Wow.
  26. Habits:
  27. - Hides hands within sleeves when nervous
  28. - Voice becomes higher when nervous
  29. - Licks lips 24/7 because they're always chapped
  31. 「名誉: Honor」
  33. Strengths:
  34. - School
  35. - Wit
  36. - Giving advice and wisdom
  39. - Sightseeing
  40. - Hiking
  41. - Memes
  42. - Manga
  43. - R&B and jazz music and artists, with the occasional rap music
  44. - Puns
  46. Weaknesses:
  47. - Public speaking
  48. - Talking with new people
  49. - Interviews
  50. - Making new friends or connections
  51. - Anything that involves social interaction with unfamiliar people, honestly
  53. Dislikes:
  54. - Curse words
  55. - Alcohol and drugs
  56. - Bad sense of humor
  57. - Interacting by herself
  58. - Being judged
  60. Hobbies:
  61. - Singing
  62. - Drawing
  64. 「仁: Compassion」
  66. Love interest: Jun
  68. Back up love interest: Mingyu
  70. Face claim: Gfriend's Yerin (gif suggestion: the one where she's holding up chopsticks to her eyes and she has a crying face or whatever lol idk)
  72. Back up face claim: Lovelyz's Kei
  74. 「忠義: Loyalty」
  76. How he acts around you:
  77. Open up a thesaurus, find the word 'flustered', and all those words will describe how Jun becomes when around Eunsol. If he's holding something, he'll drop it. If he's doing something, he'll drop that, too, and become a mess. Otherwise, he's quiet and tries not to be too obvious.
  79. Love interest personality:
  80. Like Eunsol, he thinks way too much. Jun is shy and insecure, not wanting to mess up or make a fool of himself. He wants to goof around, but he doesn't want to offend anyone. So Jun places a chain around his mouth, locking it up and throwing the key, making himself seem like he's antisocial, when he really just doesn't want to be humiliated.
  82. Requested scenes:
  83. - Eunsol is a very sarcastic person that likes to jokingly be cliche, so she could write "ayo waddup - M.E.S" on a piece of paper and leave it on her desk in one of the classes, expecting a message back, and getting the idea after finding the note in her locker. Jun could find the paper, recognize the initials, and reply a "hello." Thus initiating an anonymous connection between eachother. (Yeah, idk if that's good or nah. I didn't know what to do so I based it off a real event in my life lol.)
  85. 「勇: Courage」
  87. How you act around him:
  88. Because Jun is quiet towards her, Eunsol is quiet towards him, too. She's not one to lead a conversation, and they don't pass by eachother or interact much anyways. Eunsol only shares eye contact with him, greets him, or talks about schoolwork with him. She only jokes around with Jun if her friends are near her and joking around, too. That's pretty much it.
  90. Pick up line suggestion:
  91. - Is your butt made out of water? Because it's TUBIG (tubig means water in Tagalog)
  93. Role models:
  94. - Mother
  95. - Oldest brother, Daeyoung
  97. Trivia:
  98. - She lives in a musical, sarcastic, and wise family. Her personality derives from the people she lives with, basically.
  99. - Though Eunsol's hobbies are singing and drawing, she doesn't like showing either talents off, since she's very self conscious about everything. So she sings in the shower or just quietly, and secretly draws when no one is looking.
  100. - Eunsol can speak Tagalog, English, and Korean. Tagalog was her first language, then she learned English in school, and Korean in Korea, of course. Yeah.
  102. 「誠: Honesty」
  104. Password: infires
  106. Message for me: Hey hey hey youre not familiar with me but I am familiar with you and your works. Ive been following the stuffs happening in this apply fic for awhile, but i was a little too shy to actually apply but noW I AM SO WHOOP WHOOP. I hope I filled everything out right. Also I love Jun to the extent where its unhealthy. Okay, peace, see ya on the flip side.
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