Amazon Wedding (one-shot)

Nov 18th, 2015
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  1. My world was turned upside down in an instant. One moment I was ambling along in the rainforest, minding my own business, peering up into the canopy above to find some of those butterflies I was there to see, and the second I felt myself walk into a brush, heard a rope tighten, and was suspended in a net far above the forest floor. Monkeys screamed and hooted as if to mock me, birds took flight - and as a final insult, I saw the most rare of all tropical butterflied flutter away just below my nose.
  3. I must have hung for an hour or two, at times futilely struggling, at times resigned to my fate. Someone would have to check the trap sooner or later, I though, I should just hope to survive until then. And, I suppose, hope that man was not the prey the surprise was meant for. The sun was still high up in the sky when she arrived. I didn't hear or see her approach, she simply materialized out of the greenery, tall, brown, and tattooed from head to toe.
  5. She yelled something unintelligible at me as I hung helpless above her. A ragged "Hello" was the only reply I could muster. She laughed at me as she tugged on the rope that fastened me to a nearby tree. Her arm tensed, muscle bulging under a layer of fat, and she pulled me a good ell up with seemingly no effort. She bounced me up and down a few times as if to weigh me and finally undid the knot. I was gently allowed to descend to the forest floor, but still contained in the net.
  9. The way to the village had been uneventful - I was slung over her shoulder, still in the net, and had no choice but to have the wind knocked out of me by her shoulder with every pace. Had my journey been even slightly more comfortable, I might have been aroused by the large buttocks and wide hips swinging in front of my face, but her treatment was less than gentle. I lost myself in a haze of ragged breaths and swinging hips for however long she carried me.
  11. I snapped back to reality as I was thrown back across her shoulder like a ragdoll - I hadn't even noticed us arrive at a village. She crouched slightly to duck under the door frame with me in her arms. The interior was dark and spartan - a bamboo hut on a small mound with a mattress-like pile of quite large leaves. I was lowered onto them, still in the net, and finally faced my captress from up close as she knelt onto the earthen floor and took my head into her lap.
  13. The young woman was dark - tattoos in a bloody, rusty red spiraled around her milky-brown skin, coiling around her shoulders and chin. Her hair was impeccably straight, accentuating her delicate features like a picture frame as it fell behind her back and onto her quite large bust. It was barely hidden behind a thin, crude tabby weave in bold red, yellow and black. Her dress hung from her shoulders to just below her hips, hanging free and flapping slightly in the breeze.
  17. Finally I felt her fumble with the net - freedom at last, I thought. Instead, she leant over my face and thrust both her hands through the loose netting. Pendulous breasts hung just above my head, itself resting against massive thighs, as she fumbled confusedly with the belt and buttons on my trousers. Finally she pulled my penis loose, pulling it through a hole in the net. I was already hard from the sight and touch of her body, and her thoroughly-tattooed hands wrapped around my shaft with just a little too much force for comfort.
  19. Her breasts filled my vision, but I imagine the wetness on my head was her spit. She massaged it all over me, letting her slender fingers and palms run all over along the spit-slickened shaft. I moaned in pleasure, awkward as her touch was - the low-hanging fruit above me mesmerized me, and I found myself far more aroused than I had any reason to be. It was as if her warm, suffocating touch all over my body was a sweet drug flowing into my consciousness.
  21. It wasn't long before I gasped and shook my hips on the edge of orgasm. As I thrust my hips into her palms, all pressure suddenly disappeared. She straightened her back and barely managed to peer at my face from behind her massive breasts. She seemed flustered, yet excited. Her bust heaved with her heavy breath as I twitched on the mattress, desperately trying to hump the air to get another touch of her hands. She whispered something to me with a barely-controlled, trembling voice, and stroked my cheek with her spit-covered hand. It was disgusting, but yet somehow reassuring.
  28. Dawn cracked with me still in her lap, mentally begging for release as she retreated from my penis for what must have been the hundredth time. The woman trembled almost as much as I did, again peering at my face with her flushed cheeks. She had not paused even during the darkest night - my torment at her hands had been endless. During the endless hours her handling of me had become more and more adept. If anything, the more nuanced and practiced pumping made the experience even more torturous.
  30. She fell to her back, holding me by the shoulders to keep me from humping the bed, in exhaustion. Her breath grew slow, as if she was about to fall asleep. I imagined sidling my way up to her, turning myself around and pushing my about-to-burst dick right between her hard-yet-soft, massive thighs. I could feel powerful muscles ripple underneath a layer of fat every time she shifted her weight below my head. I felt her grasp weaken, when suddenly a horn sounded outside.
  32. She sprung to action, throwing my head off her legs and kneeling to pick me up with a drowsy face and clumsy movements. She almost bashed my head into the bamboo wall as she rushed outside, where fires burned around a central mound. What seemed like the entire village had gathered, men, women, children... A little girl looked me in the eye as my captress stood at the base of the mound, and immediately scrambled behind her mother.
  34. The horn rang again, blown, as I could now see, by an elderly man on the opposite side, and an ominous almost war-like drum began to ring in the distance. My captress began an exaggeratedly slow ascent, pausing after every step in tune with the drums. After what seemed like an eternity, my dick swinging erect in the wind as her breast pressed into my face, she stood at the top. I could finally see a freshly constructed mattress below us.
  38. She knelt down, letting me down on my knees as she continued to settle down. Finally she lay on her back on the mattress, and I on my knees in front of her. She looked me in the eye as she pulled the hem of her slip up above her navel. The flab on her stomach gleamed in the amber sun, sweaty in the hot jungle air. She blushed as she looked away, her legs spread before me. The villagers stood quiet as the grave as the drums slowed to almost a halt.
  40. It was an obvious trap. There was no way this was some sort of casual encounter. Still, after more than a dozen hours spent bullied by her touch, I could not have controlled myself even had I wanted. I let myself fall onto her - she gasped in pain as my chest slammed onto her gravity-flattened bust. She looked at me with an excited smile and pulled her hands to her hips. I felt her fingers guide me, and I thrust myself into her with a powerful slam...
  42. ...And began to ejaculate the instant I felt her hymen rip before me. The slopping wet fleshy walls caressed me like a heavenly vice along the entire length of my thrust even as I already worked to fill her up. I moaned and shuddered on top of her in mind-numbing orgasm after a sleepless night of desire without completion. She wrapped her arms around me in a gentle embrace as my consciousness faded. I pulled myself out of her with my final conscious though, and barely registered the villagers whoop like monkeys as a mixture of semen and blood slowly dribbled out of her while I drifted off to the world of dreams.
  48. I awoke without the net during what seemed like early afternoon, as the drums picked up again. I looked around me to see a feast about to begin - fire pits bellowed black smoke from already burnt fat as young men and women savaged roast boar carcasses with shining, black obsidian blades. I rolled off the sweaty mattress of a woman lying underneath me and sat up. She groaned and seemed to slowly rouse as the drums kept on beating. She pulled herself up without opening her eyes.
  50. Portion after portion was brought up to us. The young woman gobbled everything up in an instant - with that appetite it was no wonder she had grown so tall and powerful. Meats, fruits, beans and maize, anything that she was given went down her gullet, and a part of mine to boot. Finally she seemed to be satisfied, and the village again quieted down in excitement. The horn rang, and an old woman began to ever-so-slowly inch her way up to us with a small object in her hands.
  52. As she approached, I saw that she held a small bean, the shape of a heart, or maybe buttocks or testicles. I looked up to her tattooed face in confusion, only to see her roll her eyes. Without a word she rammed the bean between my lips. I looked to the young lady beside me, only to find her hands clutched together, fingers interlaced, her eyes closed and lips puckered at me. I had another premonition of danger, but instinctively leant to her and kissed her. She kissed me for a while, then puffed impatiently, and sucked the bean into her mouth.
  54. She stood, displayed the bean triumphantly on her tongue, and theatrically swallowed it as the villagers again whooped. I watched her spin to face me and kneel down. She held her long, straight hair to the side as she let her long, red tongue fall out of her delicate lips. Her slow descent, again swinging her massive bust in my face as her breathtaking hips and thighs settled down, had already grown erect, pulsating with my blood in the hot afternoon air.
  58. Finally her wet tongue grazed my frenulum just before her lips enveloped my whole head. I shuddered in pleasure as I felt her mouth descend upon me - lips, teeth, palate... Finally her lips struck my hips. I grabbed her head by her beautiful hair and stroked it as she pumped her head up and down on me. She worked slowly and carefully, almost awkwardly, as her slimy, unwashed tongue slid up and down my underside. I felt an orgasm draw close - the single-stroke bliss from the morning had not anywhere near cleared my backed-up store from the night before.
  60. Soon I began to twitch, thrusting my hips up into her face. She allowed me to take control, pumping myself up into her mouth as if irrumating her until my moans reached an almost screaming crescendo and I paused, balls deep in her mouth, to shoot it all out. She would not have that, however - she continued to pump at me as I continued to dribble semen into her mouth, until she had milked all that could possibly come out into her mouth.
  62. She pulled away, triumphant, and sat down on the mattress beside me, spreading her legs to the village at large. She allowed the semen to dribble into her palms, filling them with clear drool and white cum, without allowing any to spill. She leant back to display herself to her kin, brought her hands to her hips, and allowed the semen to flow onto her vagina. She began to finger herself, kneading the semen inside herself, and the village roared once more. The drums beat at a furious pace until she moaned and twitched in self-induced orgasm.
  64. As she lay on the mattress next to me, twitching, the village relaxed and began to chatter away with each other, barely paying any more attention to us two. She looked up at me with a contented face and raised her arms towards me. I allowed her to wrap her powerful arms around me and pull me down like a plush toy. She hummed happily as she kneaded my neck to her massive breasts and whispered that same, unintelligible yet now somehow familiar word into my ear. By now I had some idea what it might mean.
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