Dragonfly Girl

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  1. >Meet a dragonfly girl in her larval stage
  2. >Hang out with her often since she seems lonely at times
  3. >Scares other kids with her pincer
  4. >One day when she molts
  5. >She turns into a full grown
  6. >Wings stiff and strong enough to chop trees down
  7. >Her tail a long, segmented appendage with a mini pincer on the end, each segment shining like gems
  8. >When going with her to school she started to act arrogant, cocky even
  9. >She started to get into brawls and got her own gang to boss around
  10. >Until one day she gets beat down, hard by some senior blue dragon
  11. >"All that talk and you can only put up this much of a fight? I guess you really are more of a 'fly' than a 'dragon'."
  12. >Later that night she's knocking at your door
  13. >"Hey Anon, it's me"
  14. >She sits on your couch and starts watching old sitcoms while eating a tub of pina colada flavored icecream
  15. >You lay down right next to her
  16. >She wraps your tail to bring you closer
  18. -----
  20. Dragonfly gril cont.
  22. >Fuck it might as well make her feel better, that way she doesn't look so, pathetic
  23. >"Well, what did you expect, going around, acting like you own the whole shebang"
  24. >She doesn't answer back, instead she opts to tense her jaw, bending the spoon in her mouth
  25. >"That Blue Dragon is the daughter of a military family, going up against her was simply foolhardy
  26. >She still doesn't answer back, her eyes form a hard stare while her tail squeezes against your sides
  27. >"And even if you did win, chances are her or her friends would've kicked your shit in. Speaking of which I didn't see any of them standing up for you when you got trashed."
  28. >That's when she snapped
  29. >She placed the tub of ice cream on the floor
  30. >Looked into your eyes
  31. >And then started to pummel you
  32. >Or at least tried
  33. >"Shut the fuck up Anon!"
  34. >She yelled as she went for your neck and torso, with you slipping out of her tail and jabs without letting up your rant
  35. >"See what I mean? When you can't argue back you just start getting punch happy. That's not how it works in the real world. Out there you simply get arrested and put in the slammer. And once your ass is in jail, who's going to remember you? No one that's who."
  36. >"Shut your goddamned mouth!"
  37. >She goes for her famed uppercut
  38. >Too bad you've seen it one too many times
  39. >You make a feint, allowing her to think she's won
  40. >Then you ducked, pulling her tail, slamming her into the ground
  41. >You pin her in such a way that she can't avoid seeing your face
  42. >"Get off me, get off me get off me!"
  43. >"No! You're going to listen to what I have to say."
  44. >You take a deep sigh
  45. >"C'mon Megan, you're better than this. Remember those days when we watched the adults sparring, and you said to me you wanted to be like them? And I said I wanted to as well? What happened to that?"
  46. >After taking a few needed breaths you got off her, and let her out
  47. >Later you heard that she disbanded her gang
  48. >But now she can't seem to look you in the eye anymore
  50. -----
  52. Dragonfly Gril: Giving Aid
  54. >It's been a few days since you vented your thoughts to Megan
  55. >She avoided looking straight at you, but to be fair, so were you
  56. >You really didn't think your actions through
  57. >And now it's getting hard to not remember how soft she felt under your grip
  58. >But never mind that, you have a flyer for a club
  59. >A good one that's going to help her out
  60. >You spot her in the courtyard, feeding pidgeons breadcrumbs
  61. >Her bulky, ash grey sweater lightly covered in bread dust
  62. >Taking each step lightly you walk up to her in silence
  63. >Even with her good senses, she could not notice you
  64. >Or maybe she's too mopey to care
  65. >You decide to strike up a conversation
  66. >"Hey Megs, have I got a job for you. It's an application for a club, The Brass Bells Club. They're known for helping people out by volunteering and hosting charity drives, and I was wondering if you'd be interested."
  67. >She's silent
  68. >Oh not this again
  69. >"It's considered extra credit, and looks good on your resume so..."
  70. >She started walking away
  71. >Reflexively you grabbed her hand
  72. >"Wait!"
  73. >"Ahh!"
  74. >She screamed, looking at you like you were some sort of monster
  75. >"J-just get away from me."
  76. >She said before flying home as fast as her wings could carry her
  77. >Fuck, you overdone it
  78. >Well you're still going to the event anyways
  79. >This one involves building a playground for children.
  80. >Your task is to build the monkey bars
  81. >As you were drilling and hammering along with everyone else you hear a familiar voice
  82. >"Okay, I guess I can do that"
  83. >It's Megan, and she's buzzig towards you
  84. >She helps your group out, offering snacks and carting supplies
  85. >But when working she seemed to avoid you
  86. >By the time the park was finished you were exhausted, and so was she
  87. >You both started to have snacks
  88. >This time, you're not going to scare her away
  89. >You look at your food, and keep your distance
  90. >Your voice calm, and not too forceful
  91. >"Thanks for coming. Really, you were a great help."
  92. >..."Thanks."
  93. >It's a start you guess
  95. -----
  97. Dragonfly Gril: Volunteering Intensifies
  99. >Club Meeting's today
  100. >Mad Hatter Club leader is busy lecturing of different events to attend
  101. >Teach lolis to swim
  102. >Tutor shotas
  103. >Waiter
  104. >"And remember, I seek only to see that you all are able and willing to help others, as is our Club's motto"
  105. >The members, including you were hanging off her every word
  106. >"That being said, first come first serve."
  107. >In a flash all slots for nearly all events that week were taken
  108. >All except 'waiter'
  109. >Only two slots left
  110. >As you right your name down, you see Megan's chitin-plated hand
  111. >"Oh hey Anon, heheh. Funny to see you here"
  112. >The fuck did you hear her giggle?"
  113. >"There's a spot left for waiter, want to join me Megs?"
  114. >"Yeah yeah sure." she says, jotting her name down in chicken scratch
  115. >Hey, at least she's got her mood back a bit
  116. >You put on your suit, ready to go
  117. >The event was to have helpers serve the winning student baseball team
  118. >You look around, trying to see if you can spot a familiar face
  119. >It's Megan in a dress skirt?
  120. >Her white blouse clung to her body like a neatly done bed sheet
  121. >Her black skirt wrapped along her slender thighs
  122. >Her hair in a bun And even her tail has a white ribbon wrapped on the end
  123. >"Hey Anon, just wanted to say high, and I hope we can work hard together, for the team."
  124. >In your flustered state you stammer out a "y-yeah, totally for the team, go us"
  125. >The main course was a filet mignon with a side order of mashed potatoes and lightly salted baby spinach
  126. >"Enjoy your meal" you say with a smile
  127. >Megan was having fun talking to the patrons, chatting and laughing
  128. >Meanwhile the outfielder was using her hair to feel up your legs
  129. >Before desert time you took a break
  130. >And so did Megan
  131. >Dang, when did she wear lipstick
  132. >Dammit focus on the job
  133. >When the dinner was over you ate leftovers with her
  134. >"Anon, this is just the start" she grinned
  135. >"You're going to regret pinning me down, if you're like this now, I can't wait to see your face when I'm through with you."
  136. >"Pftt"
  137. >"What Anon?"
  138. >"Pftttha ha hahahahhahahahah!!!"
  139. >"Hey stop it already."
  140. >"Oh god hahahahahhahahah"
  141. >"I was being serious dammit!"
  142. >"Please, oh please, stop. Have mercyahahahaha!!!"
  143. >She was getting pouty again
  144. >"You, you"
  145. >"Me, me ehh. C'mon man, 'killing me with kindness'? Oh my stars it's like you became a grade schooler. Okay, you doll yourself up, try to get me off guard, which I admit you did. You go up, try to upstage me, go for something out of a romcom and then tell me your plan like your some Saturday morning cartoon villain? Oh the melodrama. Did you practice that line in front of a mirror or something?
  146. >"That's it Anon, you're asking for it"
  147. >"Go ahead Buzzy"
  148. >She tries to change it up, going for a leg sweep while positioning her tail to whip your spine should she miss
  149. >Too bad you got her by the head and neck
  150. >"Let go of me you faggoty fucktard!!!"
  151. >"Not a chance sweetheart"
  152. >With a twist of your body you pull her head to your chest
  153. >"Now, what do I do with a villain like you? So many choices"
  154. >You start to see the fear in her Green Blue eyes
  155. >"Oh I know, nuggies"
  156. >You vigorously rub her head like your hand was sand paper and her skull a rough block of wood
  157. >"Ow ow ow ow, quit it already"
  158. >She beats her wings and flails her tail like a mace, but to no avail
  159. >"Not until you say 'I'm sorry Anon for trying to spite you'"
  160. >"I'd rather choke"
  161. >"Your choice"
  162. >You start going for her belly, rubbing it slightly with a soft, feathery touch while holding her head with one arm and your chin
  163. >"Hah.. Ahnn.."
  164. >"You like that don't you Megs?"
  165. >"Nooo hnnn..."
  166. >"Oh hey, maybe if I go a little bit harder those people in the distance might hear."
  167. >"No no please."
  168. >"Hm?"
  169. >"I'm sorry, hng, Anon, for, hah, trying to spite, ahh, you."
  170. >"Good, I'm so glad we could see eye to eye. Here, let me guide you to your motor bike."
  171. >"I'll get you for this..."
  172. >"Sure sure, keep telling yourself that."
  174. -----
  176. Cats Edition
  178. >Twice
  179. >Twice you acted out
  180. >Twice you seemed to enjoy making her feel hot and bothered
  181. >But not today
  182. >The Mad Hatter Club Leader wants you two for some god forsaken reason to work together on an assignment
  183. >This time you'll be helping an elderly Dormouse with her stray cat problem
  184. >You understand it, you have experience in this field
  185. >Megs doesn't, but whatever
  186. >The Dormouse is a kind, elderly women
  187. >Before the two of you could even begin, you both were regaled tales of her experiences as an amateur mattress designer
  188. >And her encounters with customers
  189. >Her many, many encounters
  190. >But at the very least she was a good storyteller, you'll give her that much
  191. >About an hour has passed and you two were very willing to work now
  192. >She points you both to the backyard
  193. >It's a jungle
  194. >You can't describe it any other way than a mass of overgrown trees and plants, with plastic crates and miscellaneous tools and junk everywhere
  195. >Okay, time to bring out the big guns
  196. >Traps
  197. >Nets
  198. >Bait
  199. >Neutering tools
  200. >By the time you're done, there will not be a single virile stray for miles
  201. >Like clockwork you wrangle cat after cat, spaying them like with machine like efficiency
  202. >Thank you Club Leader for the Chesire-tier traps
  203. >But you couldn't catch a single female mother
  204. >Unlike the male ones who seem to never get their heads about their libido
  205. >They're a little craftier, and meaner too
  206. >Speaking of mean, you haven't seen Megan
  207. >You decide to look for her
  208. >And lo and behold, she has a mother cat on her lap, with the kittens piled around Megan's thighs
  209. >And another mother cat with her litter to her left and another to her right
  210. >You'd congratulate her
  211. >If it weren't for her smug ass grin
  212. >"I guess it's my win"
  213. >"Shut up and help me cart them to the car"
  214. >"Sh, don't be so loud, you brutish man"
  215. >"Why I ought ta"
  216. >"Don't hurt me" she says while picking up a kitten with an 'M' on its head "I don't want to deal with the big, scary man, save me Megan"
  217. >"...Fuck it"
  218. >You just give up
  219. >Your loss, might as well take it like a man
  220. >Before you can leave with your quarry the elderly Dormouse wanted to serve the two of you something
  221. >It's a desert bowl
  222. >Filled with jelly, light syrup, lychee berries and jackfruit pieces
  223. >Strangely when eaten made you feel calm and relaxed.
  224. >Even Megan was quietly enjoying her meal
  225. >"Do you like it?"
  226. >"Yeah, it's quite mild yet surprisingly pleasant" you both say
  227. >Did you just copy what she just said?
  228. >"I'm so glad."
  229. >When you both were finished with your deserts you cleaned, said your good byes and went on your separate ways
  230. >Back at home your Ushi-Oni sister was playing with her friends while your folks are out
  231. >Engage pleasantries.exe
  232. >"Hey everyone, would any of you care for some tea and snacks?"
  233. >Your sister is looking at you like you just told everyone that she's scared of roaches
  234. >"Uh no, we're good"
  235. >"Okay then, have fun with your artwork project"
  236. >"Kay"
  237. >Since it's a Friday night, might as well start enjoying yourself
  238. >Dried Mangos to the left
  239. >Lotus Seed drink to your right
  240. >And a whole marathon's worth of MGCI:SVU in front of you
  241. >Time to laugh at the convoluted ways a shota offs a full grown MG
  242. >By the time you got to the episode with a pyromaniac Shirohebi loli, you hear someone at the door
  243. >"I'll get it" says your sister
  244. >"Oh hi Megan"
  245. >Suddenly the world went quiet
  246. >No, no no no
  247. >She is not going to kill your night, eat your drinks and gulp your food
  248. >"Sup" says Megan, her dress attire a used Tee and slacks
  249. >"Why are you here?" You say in a strained voice
  250. >"What, can't a gal hang out with her bestest friend in the whole wide world?"
  251. >"No."
  252. >"Too bad, but seriously though I have something to tell you, in private maybe."
  253. >"Wear protection please, and close the door too."
  254. >You were staring daggers at your sister, and her giggling friends
  255. >You honestly considered slashing her canvas
  256. >But chances are she could call it post modern and it represents the fragility of shattered beauty or some shit
  257. >As you walk to your room, you're unconsciously tensing your hands and limbs, ready at any provocation
  258. >You're not getting mind-broken tonight
  259. >Megan sits on your bed cross legged
  260. >And you're on your chair
  261. >She makes the first move
  262. >"So Anon, I've been thinking, since I know you well enough, I'd like to make a proposal"
  263. >"No"
  264. >"Nonono, when you see this, you'll definitely say yes."
  265. >Like a magician, she pulls out that orange kitten with an 'M' on its forehead
  266. >"Tadaaa"
  267. >You brain just shut down, and it's silently rebooting
  268. >"Huh?"
  269. >"Abbey meet Anon, Anon Abbey. Abbey shake."
  270. >And like a trained mutt the kitten extended a paw
  271. >And like a trained monkey you shook it
  272. >"Now Abbey is more than just a cat, she's going to be a symbol"
  273. >"Of what exactly"
  274. >"A commitment"
  275. >You at this point just get up in a fighting stance
  276. >"Not with you silly, a personal one."
  277. >Now's she made you into a fool
  278. >"I swear on Abbey's fur and paws that I, Megan Estelle, with you as my witness, to improve on all endeavors both academically and personally"
  279. >"That's it? Nothing else? No trick?"
  280. >"Nope. Do you want there to be a trick?"
  281. >"I guess not?"
  282. >"Great, now can you help me take care of her like say my place."
  283. >Whatever smile you faked turned upside down
  284. >"Did you just use a pet to get in my pants?"
  285. >"No I had Abbey help me to ask you to help take care of her. Would you say no to this face."
  286. >She gestured with the kitten staring at you with big, wet eyes, while she was making the same face
  287. >You know she knows you like animals
  288. >You know she knows that fluff is your kryptonite
  289. >But she's so cute, the cat not her
  290. >"Fine."
  291. >"Wonderful."
  292. >"For the cat. I ain't trusting you with taking care of a cat's needs and wants."
  293. >"If you say so."
  295. -----
  297. Dragonfly Gril: Temple
  299. >Between homework and club duties you now take a detour to her apartment
  300. >It hasn't changed one bit
  301. >You do the basic things, making sure the kitten is trained, has her food well stocked, that sort of thing
  302. >Well Abbey seemed to like you for the most part
  303. >Judging by the way she wraps around your ankles
  304. >You can't really say that Megan is irresponsible, judging the amount of papers on her table
  305. >"Hey Anon, if you keep ogling Abbey we're going be late!"
  306. >You don't like being on the defense, it's not fun
  307. >You two take a bus to a Zipangu style temple
  308. >Before you could start snoozing from the monotonous buzz of public transportation you get pushed off your seat by Megan's tail
  309. >"C'mon sleepyhead, time to work"
  310. >You follow a Tengu shrine maiden to a giant ash urn, held up by three curved legs and all covered in a thick grey film
  311. >"Could you polish this?"
  312. >"Of course miss."
  313. >"That's music to my ears, here's the cleaning supplies, good luck."
  314. >While you applied a boatload of elbow grease to get even one section to a mirror shine, Megan was teaching kids how to make paper animals and windmills
  315. >She always had a way with kids
  316. >You finished it, just before the afternoon gave way to Orion and Ursa
  317. >Megs came to check up on your grimy mug
  318. >"Anon you look a bit dirty."
  319. >She brought out a nearby hand wipe and start to clean off your arms, neck and face
  320. >"You don't have to this, I'm not a kid."
  321. >"You're right, I don't have to, I want to. Oh, there seems to be something on your back."
  322. >Eh?
  323. >She scratches a part of your back
  324. >"There, got it."
  325. >"Oh, for a second I thought it was something bad."
  326. >"Wait they're another spot."
  327. >"Where?"
  328. >"Here."
  329. >And then she messed up your hair.
  330. >"Quit it."
  331. >"But it's so fun"
  332. >So you do it back to her
  333. >You didn't even notice that you're being watched
  334. >"Ahem" implored the Tengu
  335. >And now you're both embarrassed
  337. -----
  339. Dragon Gril: Beach and Meds
  341. >The weeks passed on similar variations of that day
  342. >Whatever animosity the two of you felt seemed to fade in the face of responsibility
  343. >In fact if someone told you that she would turn from a punchdrunk brawler to a cat-caring, volunteering goofus, you'd be wondering what he's smoking
  344. >One day when you were planting new palm trees for the local beach, you spot someone
  345. >Someone who you would mess up given the chance
  346. >That Chochin-Obake, hanging out with some shady people
  347. >You'd recognize those black square patterns anywhere
  348. >If it weren't for her, Megan would never start shit at a moment's notice
  349. >Typical parasite, clinging to whoever is in power
  350. >Her eyes lock onto yours, and you shiver with hate and fear, knowing that she could've easily turned you into another two-bit punk
  351. >And just in the nick of time your Mad Hatter club leader pulled you into a restaurant.
  352. >Before you could compose yourself she makes the first move
  353. >"Oh look at the time, it's lunch break. Would you like something to eat, my treat."
  354. >You ask if this is supposed to cause some misunderstanding
  355. >"No, just lunch with a hardworking contemporary. Speaking of which, Megan. I admit, when I first saw her in my club room I believed she would beat the members to a bloody pulp, but you seemed to turn her into a model citizen. I got the papers for everyone here, and she along with you are quite up there."
  356. >You look at the excel sheet, and she was right, both your names were at the top of the charts in consistent hour times
  357. >Quite a of the other members tend to drop out or miss a few events due to being in advanced classes and vocational training programs
  358. >Lucky for you and Megan, you're both too simple to be that busy, so you two had a bit more free time for other things
  359. >"Honestly, I have to thank you both personally once we're done for today."
  360. >Before she could start dining on her Mediterranean omelet you hear something outside
  361. >You run outside to see what the hell's going on
  362. >You push through the crowd to get a look
  363. >It's Megan locked in combat with some mean looking Hinezumi
  364. >It would be dazzling if it weren't for the fact someone might get hurt
  365. >The Hinezumi was going for one deadly blow after another
  366. >While Megan was trying to gouge out her opponent's legs with her tail pincer, hovering about, barely avoiding the flames that erupted from her adversary's limbs.
  367. >You used to spar, those kinds of fights have banter, a sense of fun
  368. >But in ones like these there are no words, just the shared intent to cause pain
  369. >Someone, anyone, just stop this
  370. >In a panic you try to seek help from the crowd
  371. >But are met with blank stares
  372. >Motherfucking bystander effect
  373. >"Like the show Anon?"
  374. >You spot the Chochin-Obake, having a candy bar
  375. >"You had a hand in this didn't you?"
  376. >"And what if I did? It's not like I did anything wrong."
  377. >You tense your muscles, memories of how to break limbs well up like a geyser
  378. >"No need for a side show." she says, pointing to a rather bulky Kunoichi
  379. >"And what are you so mad for? Don't you like seeing her fight? You seemed to enjoy it when she has a good brawl, and she seemed to have a good time when I was around."
  380. >You can only glare, you didn't want others to get hurt
  381. >"Anyways, enough of lecturing me, shouldn't you help her out a little? Personally I enjoy crispy foods but not crispy women."
  382. >You don't even argue, you just run to the middle of the fight
  383. >Fuck, why are you doing something so stupid
  384. >Megan was holding her own, but soon she had her tail pulled, slamming her back into the ground
  385. >As the Hinezumi was about to deliver the finishing blow with a blazing fist
  386. >You tackle the crazed bitch
  387. >Immediately you felt the flames lick your skin like a demented demon
  388. >No time to play fair
  389. >You go for the low blow, straight to the groin
  390. >Followed by a snap kick to the back of her knees
  391. >And finish with a sock to back of the burning rat's skull
  392. >She goes down, but as soon as you try to help Megan the Hinezumi got right back up
  393. >She repaid you for that by blinding you with a flurry of punches, slipping past your defenses and clobbering your guts and ribs
  394. >Every blow combined with her flames felt like a burning lead weight
  395. >The Hinezumi pulls a right cross straight to your ear, leaving you in a daze before flooring you with a roundhouse kick
  396. >You felt something snap
  397. >As you were starting to pass out you heard the distinct crackle of lightning
  398. >You wake up in a hospital bed, wrapped in gauze like a mummy with a bouquet of flowers at your side
  399. >With your free arm you pull out a card with a "Get Well Soon" and signatures from a bunch of people
  400. >You started to regret that
  401. >It hurts to move
  402. >When the doctors came in they told you everything you needed to hear
  403. >"Fractured rib, several concussions, internal bleeding and many burns of the first degree"
  404. >Fortunately since you didn't have prolonged contact with the Hinezumi's flames you weren't going to have a scar
  405. >Unfortunately you're going to have to stay for a few weeks
  406. >You ask where Megan is
  407. >They tell you that she's in another room
  408. >Your parents and sister show up later that evening, joking how you should've been able to take her on
  409. >Just trying to make it seem less bad
  410. >And you joke right back
  411. >Your club leader meets you, saying sorry for what happened and filled you in on what happened after
  412. >Apparently the Blue Dragon, the one who kicked off Megan's change back to normal was in the neighborhood, and when she saw what happened she swooped right in to stop the fight
  413. >Naturally being an MG, Megan was quicker to recover, even though she has to wear a brace for her wings and tail for a bit
  414. >A few days after waking up in a patient's room Megan went to see you
  416. >And she has Abbey cradled in her arms
  417. >"Hi Anon, my mom dropped Abbey off, she's waiting in my room. How are you feeling?"
  418. >"I feel like a drugged up mannequin"
  419. >"Anyways, thank you Anon. When I got pulled to the ground I blacked out. And everyone I talked to said that if you didn't come into buy time I might've..."
  420. >"Don't say it. If it didn't happen it's not something worth worrying about."
  421. >While you said that Abbey made herself comfy between your arm and bed sheets
  422. >"Still."
  423. >She said before leaning close to your face
  424. >"I feel like I should do at least this."
  425. >Then she smooched you, hard on the cheek
  426. >You were astonished, and blushing
  427. >Your face was as red as a tomato
  428. >The fact that you could hear her soft breath on your ear didn't help
  429. >You two just stared at each other, unsure of what to do next
  430. >Then her phone rang
  431. >You stared
  432. >"Heheh don't worry, this one works in hospitals without disrupting equipment. It's my mom. I have to go."
  433. >You had the idea of protesting that statement
  434. >"Don't worry, I'll come every day, to give you homework, and Abbey, and stuff." she said in a nervous tone
  435. >"Oh, okay"
  436. >You guess being stuck here might not be so bad
  438. -----
  440. Dragonfly Gril: Hospital Stay Edition
  442. >Along with visits from Megan which were a pleasant respite from the monotony of hospital life
  443. >You had not so pleasant talks with local authorities
  444. >Questions ranging from date of birth to who started the fights and accusations of long term brain damage
  445. >You tell the same story over and over, that you tried to stop it the only way you knew, and didn't know how it started other than that the Hinezumi spontaneously went after Megan during your group's lunch break.
  446. >And that person who caused it somehow
  447. >Your Ushi Oni sister even paid you a visit whenever she could, giving you sketches and doodles to decorate your temporary abode
  448. >You mellow out after a while, even though you couldn't really help out people
  449. >It's a vacation, albeit a pricy one, and you're going to take advantage of it
  450. >And then you had a new visitor
  451. >It's the Blue Dragon
  452. >Her azure scales shone brilliantly in the light
  453. >Her gait exactly what you would think someone from a disciplined background would have
  454. >You ask why she's here
  455. >"I wanted to see the man who took on a Hinezumi with nothing but his fists."
  456. >"So, what do you want to know?"
  457. >"The person who you helped. Yes. Megan, is that correct? I distinctly remember her tearing my paper and goading me to pull up fisticuffs. Tell me, why did you help her out? Did something in her change between then and now?"
  458. >"Yeah, she uh, started volunteering and has done a good job cleaning up her act, why?"
  459. >"Curiosity. It appears to me that she wouldn't have done it without you, pray do tell."
  460. >You're not going to say 'hey I basically goaded Megan, pinned her into the ground and vented at her for a few minutes'
  461. >"It's nothing really, I just gave her a push in the right direction."
  462. >"I hope you're able to keep her on that right direction."
  463. >"What do you mean by that?"
  464. >"You seem like such a good individual, it would be a shame if she dragged you down with her should she fall."
  466. >'Don't worry, she won't."
  467. >"Then my fears are abated. Have a good evening."
  468. >"You too. I'd see you out, but my doctor says that's not a good idea."
  469. >"No worries."
  470. >When you got out you felt like a million bucks
  471. >Okay not really but anything is better than being stuck on meds all day.
  472. >Naturally your grades are suffering but none of the teachers are going to give you a hard time for it.
  473. >Most of them gave you more time for those assignments or even simply gave you full credit
  474. >That's nice of them
  475. >You still have to study for tests
  476. >You decide to study at Megan's place
  477. >At this point you can't really see her as anything else but a sweet girl with a rough side
  478. >Imagine your surprise when Megan was studying with the Blue Dragon you mean Heather
  479. >Of all people you didn't believe she would simply be this over her loss
  480. >"Oh hi Anon, Heather is teaching me chemistry, mind joining us?"
  481. >"No problem."
  482. >And somehow in that madness of questions, debates and arguments over moles, valence electrons and calculating gaseous compositions you all pass your chem tests with 'A's'
  483. >You're not going to complain
  484. >As your days slipped like sand in an hourglass you slowly began to readjust to being busy once more
  485. >In between hanging out with Heather and Megs on your off days, watching their heated debates on things like the best football team or which similar soaps were clearly superior
  487. -----
  489. Dragonfly Gril: Date Edition
  491. >You didn't really didn't have much of a reason, more of an impulse
  492. >You simply asked her on a date when you finished combing her cat, and she said yes
  493. >You tell your mom that you'll be out this Saturday
  494. >Naturally being the doting Ushi Oni that she is, she tends to pry a bit too often
  495. >"Who's the girl?"
  496. >"It's Megan mom, you know, the girl who I hang out with."
  497. >"The same girl who got you in bandages?"
  498. >Oh no, not this
  499. >"Eh don't worry kiddo. I'm not going to chew you or her out or anything. Just stay safe, okay? You don't want to worry your poor mother to death now, do you?"
  500. >Whenever she says that, she instinctively starts to hug you
  501. >Even though she's a head shorter than you, you can still feel the immense strength hidden in her relatively small body
  502. >"No mom, don't worry, I got it covered."
  503. >"Okay then Anon, here, have something."
  504. >She presents a small, pastry box.
  505. >"My personal treat, some things are better shared."
  506. >"Okay mom, see you later."
  507. >And before you drive off into the horizon
  508. >"Be home before eight, and don't forget to wear protection! I don't want grandkids just yet!"
  509. >Dammit mom
  510. >Go to the cultural plaza
  511. >One walk and you'll find at least half of the world's cuisines and boutiques
  512. >You spot Megan, wearing jeans and a mint green tee, sipping a boba smoothie
  513. >"Hi Anon, didn't see you there. Want a sip?" she says, offering her drink
  514. >You oblige, tasting taro and soft boba jelly
  515. >"It's pretty good, I have to admit"
  516. >"Why thank you Anon. Oh by the way, is there any place you'd like to go, I don't really know this place all too well."
  517. >"No problem. I think this thrift store looks pretty nice."
  518. >You both enter the thrift store which is filled to the brim with odd junk of all kinds, some you don't even have the words for.
  519. >You'd figure she'd be bored, but instead you found her bouncing around the higher levels, picking up new trinkets before following another new novelty
  520. >When she comes down she presents to you two swords and two hats.
  521. >Gesturing you to put up your blade and hat you follow her up a stairway
  522. >"Villain, you have foiled my plans long enough, have at you."
  523. >You reply "Me, a villain? For such an insult, taste my blade."
  524. >In mock parries you two dance across, swing your blades in make believe
  525. >"This blow will detain you nay sayer."
  526. >"After you fiend."
  527. >As you ready your strike Megan accidentaly struck someone with her fist mid swing
  528. >Turns out it was some two bit cutpurse
  529. >Although Megan didn't get any reward, the thank you was enough
  530. >You decide after that debacle to take Megan to the movies, her choice
  531. >It was some thriller where the Dollerganger waifu fakes her own death to frame her husband for cheating on her
  532. >By the end of the film you were legitimately freaked out by how manipulative and insane both of them were
  533. >And that the Doppelganger got away with it all
  534. >Meanwhile Megan was entranced like a child watching a toy commercial
  535. >She didn't even notice the act wrapping her tail around you
  536. >To ease your mind as you two chat about if the movie was discriminating against Shapeshifters you decide to tell her that you need a minute
  537. >In a rush you came back with the pastry box from your car
  538. >"What's in the box Anon?"
  539. >"I think it's a dessert."
  540. >When you two peer into the box
  541. >What the fuck mom.gif
  542. >Homemade Pecan pie, a heat resistant shaker full of brown sugar, a note and a box of condoms
  543. >Megan read the note
  544. >"Dear Anon, just in case. -love Mom P.S. Girls like it when you call them pretty."
  545. >You can see Megan barely containing her laughter
  546. >Meanwhile you're flapping your mouth wordlessly at what you just heard
  547. >"Eh heh heh, well, uh, no use wasting this pie. Let's eat."
  548. >You try to stammer an apology in between laughing in shame
  549. >At least the pie was good
  550. >As you escort Megan to her motorcycle, she spins on her heels towards you
  551. >And gives you a goodbye kiss
  552. >Which you heartily return
  553. >The fact that her wings buzzed slightly, as if expressing excitement made it all the more pleasant
  554. >Then this happens
  555. >Snap
  556. >"My son's first kiss. I'd never thought I'd see the day when that happens"
  557. >It's your mom, with a camera and a bunch of bodies wrapped in silk
  558. >"Mom?!"
  559. >"Mrs. Mince?!"
  560. >"What are you doing here?!"
  561. >"Oh nothing, just making sure you are alright. Don't mind these, just some bad kids that needed discplining. They kept talking about your girlfriend, something about 'revenge'. Speaking of which, I'm Mrs. Mince, pleased to meet you Megan."
  562. >Megan is now beet red herself, even so she managed to calm herself enough to reply back
  563. >"Mom, thank you, really, but please. Next time, don't put 'that' in your gifts. Please?"
  564. >"Okay then, I just thought all the kids these days were as raunchy as ever. Even I had a few dozen or so-"
  565. >"Mom!"
  566. >"Kay kay, I'll stop embarrassing you, you big baby. Stay safe you too. See you at home."
  567. >You are so done for today
  569. -----
  571. Dragonfly Girl: Imouto in Trouble
  573. >Day has been quite normal
  574. >You've been having it easy
  575. >Your friends are out
  576. >Megan and Heather are on a 'girl's night out'
  577. >And your club head told you to relax
  578. >So you decided to do what many people do
  579. >Play Sudoku while doing laundry
  580. >Funny how despite your hundreds of games only now can you complete 'hard' puzzles without using annotations
  581. >Crooked triplets are still awful
  582. > '35', '34', '345', and their ilk are the making of Satan's fever dreams
  583. >When you got your laundry all dry and clean, you took your clothes to the living room
  584. >Your Ushi-Oni imouto is playing some platformer where a shota travels in Limbo
  585. >Your dad told her to help you with a pile of unfolded laundry
  586. >Your imouto took the time to make a joke, even though the look in her eyes screamed a return to her game
  587. >After that it could've been a typical day
  588. >Then your mom came home from work
  589. >And she has that look
  590. >The 'I told you a thousand times and still you don't listen' one
  591. >You wanted to leave and take your laundry, but your gut instinct told you that you'll get caught up if you don't mind your business
  592. >"I am tired of telling you this over and over again. Anon takes the time to make his bed every morning, even if we're late. And you seem to never want to. You had an entire weekend to clean, but instead you stay in your room on your laptop, in a room full of trash."
  593. >Damn it
  594. >Your imouto is listening with that annoyed look
  595. >"I can see that you don't want to listen to me. I have it enough from Anon, I don't need it from you. I'm tired from work every day and I still clean the house. Even your bathroom after you 'clean' it."
  596. >You didn't have any thoughts other than to fold your laundry, lest you get caught up
  597. >It's between her and mom, neither of them need your assistance
  598. >"Are you going to stay there like that? You're going to do something, right now."
  599. >And after your family went out for dinner
  600. >Sure was an awkward ride to and from the restaurant
  602. -----
  604. Dragonfly Girl: Fixing Grudges
  606. >You didn't want to think about your evening
  607. >Besides you have something more important to work around
  608. >Megan wanted to do something, but she didn't want to tell you specifically
  609. >"Meet me in the conference room"
  610. >Okay then
  611. >You enter the pristine room, an oval redwood table stands proud and dignified
  612. >You recognize a few faces, teachers and students
  613. >Then Megan entered the room, along with the principle, a Medusa of little notoriety other than her obsession with handmade trinkets
  614. >As the meeting starts, the principle starts the meeting with a short speech
  615. >"As you all know, Megan wasn't many would consider a model student. But that was before, this is now. Megan is a hard working individual who has spent countless days and nights to prove herself in the eyes of her peers teacher."
  616. >With every word she uttered you could see the contempt in some of the audiences' eyes, waiting for an opportunity to shout down the principle with one passionate retort
  617. >"Some have, despite this cannot seem to move one, and decide to cause unnecessary trouble. Starting fights, harassment, and minor acts of vandalism. I have brought you all here because you are involved in Megan's school life in some way. I know too well that you're all ready to state your claim and lay every word on me. That is why I made this conference, so we can all talk out our feelings, like adults should."
  618. >With a dejected sigh they resign to obeying the principal.
  619. >"Thank you for being so understanding. Let's take it, one person at a time."
  620. >Every person involved talked, and talked and talked. About their feelings and thoughts
  621. >By the time it was all over, everyone was emotionally exhausted, but it felt a collective weight was relieved
  622. >As you drive Megan to her house, you decide to let her sleep a little bit
  623. >Honestly you couldn't stop being surprised at how she tries so hard every day
  624. >You do to, but she always seems to always have this sense of certainty, like the job will be done like how they'll always be a morning
  625. >Speaking of which you notice that the moon is near full
  626. >Thank goodness it isn't, you wouldn't be able to handle THAT on top of everything else today
  627. >"Well, here we are. Can you go from here?"
  628. >"Yeah, uhm. Could you help me, at least until we're inside."
  629. >Oh the poor thing, you couldn't say no
  630. >"Not a problem at all."
  631. >You help her up to her door and head inside with her
  632. >"Oh, my mom's out for today."
  633. >Oh, that's a bit strange
  634. >"Hey Anon..."
  635. >"Yes Megs."
  636. >"Could you, stay over, for tonight, it should be okay, it's not a full moon."
  637. >"I have no problem with that."
  638. >Why are you saying that? You had no idea
  639. >You're just doing what your gut says
  640. >Like taking a shower in her house
  641. >Or fixing a late night snack
  642. >Or sleeping on the couch when she's in her bed, her wings twitching slightly with every rising breath
  643. >When you woke up late in the morning, you were sweating like an Slav in a jungle
  644. >You check your pants to make sure you didn't try any funny business
  645. >You didn't, thank goodness
  646. >Megs is awake soon after you, with a look of lazy contentedness, absentmindedly making cereal while turning on the t.v.
  647. >Her hair was disheveled, like a soft lump of mid-length hair
  648. >Her black track suit wrapped around her body's curved, and was ridden up in places
  649. >You could see her waist line, milky calves and a bit of her chest
  650. >Eh it isn't much, you're kind of used of this sight from your relatives
  651. >She inches closer to you on the couch, still munching on sugary flakes
  652. >With her head on your side, she nudges you slightly
  653. >Without hesitation you started to scratch her head
  654. >In a way it's kind of nice, not having anything to do but spend time with your girlfriend
  655. >Oh shit
  656. >You still have to call your parents
  657. >They must be worried sick
  658. >You call your Mom, she was busy
  659. >You call your Dad, he was available
  660. >For the most part he's a little worried
  661. >Makes sense, he teaches a paternity class after all
  662. >After a bit of explaining that no, you didn't rail Megan against a wall while her tail grips your hips
  663. >And no Megan didn't blindfold you while slamming her sex, her wings buzzing madly to tell the world that you are hers and hers alone
  664. >You decide after a bit you should get back
  665. >Just because your mom was okay with you having sex doesn't mean she's okay with you being out on the days before a full moon
  666. >She wants you experienced, not having orgasms in a dark corner in a seedy town whose name she can't pronounce, or so she tells you
  667. >Then again, you weren't in a dark corner, it was well bright in this room
  668. >She wouldn't mind if you stayed a bit longer
  669. >So you instead went to spending the day with Megs in a lazy fashion, locking legs together as you both watch a marathon of a Blue Oni making super slime jelly illegally to pay for her daughter's health insurance
  670. >You kind of enjoy the feeling of her legs and the track fabric rubbing against your legs
  671. >And it was quite enjoyable to have a makeout session every now and then
  672. >But now you have to go
  673. >Just to keep everyone calm and that you are okay
  674. >With a pang of regret, you said goodbye
  675. >"See you later Anon" She replied as she stretched
  676. >Libido don't you dare come back this instant
  677. >With your mom's quick inspection, she deems you alright and tells you to help her lock up the house
  678. >It's a full moon and you know exactly what to do
  679. >Nothing special, just put codes and the heavy doors up
  680. >And strangely enough, in your room, with all the sounds of ecstasy of hedonistic pleasures ringing the town,  all you can think is "Should've stayed with Megan"
  682. Dragonfly Girl: Time to wrap things up
  685. >It's finally come to this
  686. >You've tried hard, all of your friends tried hard
  687. >And the top schools have taken notice of this
  688. >But that's not what's on your mind
  689. >Sure they like how you'll work like a plow horse
  690. >However you need to have this one little thing done
  691. >Megan and you have been going out casually for a while
  692. >And now you feel a little more ready for that thing
  693. >Sex
  694. >The thing that makes and breaks many a relationship
  695. >You decide to put your best foot forward
  696. >You take a long shower, put up your hair and your most comfortable clothes
  697. >When you were going to her place, you could smell the familiar scent of cinnamon
  698. >Well there's no use giving up now
  699. >And what comes after
  700. >You're not really sure, you're still kind of dazed in the afterglow
  701. >Megan is laying contently on your chest, twitching her wings slightly
  702. >"So Megs, I was thinking"
  703. >"Hmm"
  704. >"Would you fancy the idea of finding an apartment with me when we head off to university, just the two of us?"
  705. >You hold your breath in anticipation
  706. >"Yeah, sure why not."
  707. >It was scary, you thought, yet it'll be well worth it
  708. >You don't really know what's in store in the future, but as long as you have her by your side it won't be so bad
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