SCP server Rules

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=blue>server information</color></align></size=40></b>
  4. <b><size=15><align="center"><color=red>Description</color></align></size=40></b>
  5. This is an SCP: Secret Laboratory server for those looking to play the game with fun. We expect everyone who joins this server to treat others fairly and with respect. Please see the server rules below <b><u>before joining</u></b> and if there are any questions regarding our rules or if you experience an issue with the server or another player on the server, please read the disclaimer and then contact one of our staff team members (see staff team below). All that aside- Welcome to the server and we look forward to gaming with you!
  7. <b><size=15><align="center"><color=green>staff team</color></align></size=40></b>
  8. Owner: Thegameinwolf(discord: Thegameinwolf#9775)
  9. Admin: Gansey Blue(discord: *Jay*#1475)
  10. Moderator level 2: konrad(discord: Konrad#4419)
  11. Moderator level 1: MikeOfSiberia(discord: MikeOfSiberia#4756)
  13. note: if no moderator of administrator is available please and you need to report someone then make sure you record down the persons name and send it to a administrator and moderator ASAP.
  15.   <b><u>Disclaimer-</u></b> <b><u>Please only</u></b> contact the owner or Administrator in an event of <b><u>an actual issue</b></u>. a developer or the server owner should be contacted if a fault in the server occurs, If you have an issue with a moderator a Administrator or level 3 moderator should be contacted. if there is a dispute between players or rules 1-12 are violated please contact an Moderator.
  18. <b><size=15><align="center">Rules</align></size=40></b>
  19. 1.  No hacking or system tempering.
  20. 2.  No cyber bullying.
  21. 3.  No impersonating server staff.
  22. 4.  No sexual harassment or excessive/overly sexual jokes  
  23. 5.  No excessively vulgar language.
  24. 6.  Be nice.
  25. 7.  Listen to server staff.
  26. 8.  No ear raping.
  27. 9.  No team killing.
  28. 10. Use common sense.
  29. 11. No intercom spamming.
  30. 12. No camping longer then 30 seconds
  31. 12. Server staff have the final say!
  33. <b><u>Note:</u></b>Three or more strikes (violations of the listed rules) <b><u> can and will</u></b> lead to being put into a sit, being kicked or being banned from the server depending on the rule you brake and the amount of times you break a rule!
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