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Crook4Money May 19th, 2017 (edited) 64 Never
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  1. Donation Goal - $200, Destiny 2 on release [24hr Stream] - Ends August 1, 2017
  3. I've never had the opportunity on twitch to stream a new release and I honestly don't care about any new releases these days anyways as it is unless the game can actually last as I don't have a disposable income or really an income at all in some cases.
  5. When I started streaming on twitch it was around the time gta v was already months old and I didn't start streaming the game consistently till around the time heists came out. At this time the 360 was near the end of it's life cycle. That was the closest I've ever got to streaming a new release.
  7. A couple months ago I purchased an Xbox One since my friend was trying to help me obtain enough money to purchase one for months. I knew I would never reach the goal of building a new pc and aside from helping pay bills I really didn't "need" to purchase anything with the money I had at the time as I already purchased the bare necessities I needed to do anything I want streaming wise that people would care enough about to watch.
  9. As the first paragraph states I've never been allowed the ability to stream a new release. So what I'll be doing from now till August 1st is putting up a donation goal of $200 to do a 24hr stream of Destiny 2 on release date. I know people follow me for SA so I'm trying to tack on a bonus with the 24hr stream and hopefully you guys can get on board with that. GTA streams won't vanish so don't think supporting this will actively be pushing you away as this is just an opportunity for me to grow as a streamer and build my community.
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