Seven Deadly Sins

Nov 4th, 2012
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  1. Look, look into my eyes
  2. See the reflection, your soul
  3. in its most naked form
  4. Drink it in, see what your flaw is
  5. For all souls have them
  6. and what flaws I have seen!
  8. Some fools cannot look away, so great is their want for more
  9. Ah! If only they could see the flaw, the thing they desperately seek, driving them in their need
  10. For their need sends them to the ends of the earth
  11. And even then they are not
  12. satisfied
  14. But that is not the worst
  15. For I have seen, love twisted
  16. into something wicked
  17. Such tales!
  18. They're not fit to see the light of day
  19. And those men, they seek to
  20. charm, to tempt
  21. So that they may, once they have had their fill, dump me by the wayside like so many other innocents before
  23. For other men it is a triumph to get out of bed,
  24. those are the men feeding off of other's labor
  25. I will not waste time on them, for they do enough wasting for all of us
  27. So you ask, what drives a man to kill?
  28. What a lovely flaw this is, letting you have power, while really ruling you
  29. It will devour you from the inside out, leaving you no better then a rabid dog
  30. These men have tried to destroy me, so afraid of the truth, so confident in
  31. what is not a gift, but a curse
  33. And then there are those who want what is mine
  34. They cannot see the good in themselves and such
  35. They constantly want what others have
  36. I do not wish to stare into their eyes for all there is in them is doubt
  38. There are those who simply sit
  39. and eat, such is their need
  40. They spill drink on their shirt and do not care-why should they?
  41. They need to keep eating...
  43. So then I turn to you for the seventh
  44. Your sin so good in moderation
  45. is held in you in great excess
  46. For you, constantly believing you are better
  47. That will lead to your undoing
  48. And indeed you came here because you believed you had no flaw
  50. And now well you sit and rage, ask the question that is dying to escape your lips:
  51. What is my flaw?
  52. You see I have all and yet none, for I am their mother and indeed it is I who have birthed them:
  53. The three triplets; Sloth, Gluttony, and Greed
  54. Envy and Pride, Siamese twins attached at the hip
  55. Lust so frequently courting women, even his sister, just as the gods of Olympus courted each other so he courted Wrath
  56. And when he ran off with another girl, Wrath sent all of hell after him
  58. And so they are my children and such is my gift and my curse
  60. Goodbye and say hello to my son for me...
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