Foundation Tales

Sep 2nd, 2019
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  1. Foundation Tales: Rick & -A's close encounters
  2. A collection of intimate moments between the pair.
  5. Very basic backstory of my Foundation Tales series is this goes with Project:SPECTRE. Rick is an MTF commander and SCP-1471-A#01 (-A) is his combat unit, Project:SPECTRE is a black level trial project that uses Rick and his physically manifested Mal0 to engage in combat with other GoI. For some more advanced backstory this is suggested reading however if you're here mainly for the heat continue onward.
  7. First time together
  8. ------------------
  9. Rick blushed as he caught -A's whisper, her white eyes locked on his "I-I want you Rick..." she said uncertainty, fearful he would respond with revulsion or rejection as she moved back slightly, tilting her head. When he didn't initially respond she flicked her ears back and turned away only to yelp slightly in surprise as Rick took hold of her bone skull and gently kissed her on the muzzle. She immediately reached for her clothes and started to strip them off hastily, making her intentions clear. Rick just lay there, it was true that he had admired her body before but he had always tried to remain professional. Unlike her skull would suggest she wasn't worryingly thin and in fact was quite voluptuous. She had stripped down to her lacy black lingerie, matching quite nicely with her midnight black fur, silky and smooth as she pressed herself up against him, still staring directly into his eyes as she gripped his shoulder and began to use her sharp, clawlike nails to rip his clothes from his body. Shearing away his shirt and gently running her sharp nails against his skin, making his breath catch against his skin.
  11. -A herself was feeling a strange urge, starved of physical contact for who knows how long, she stripped off his uniform completely, casting the tattered strips of clothing aside as they embraced, both still wearing their underclothes as -A tried to get as close as possible to Rick as she could, feeling safe and wanted in his strong arms and the warmth of his skin against her fur. "I love you Rick" she said warmly in his ear, her jaws pressed close to his skin as she reached back to undo her bra, struggling slightly. Rick reached back to undo the strap for her, and she cast it aside, grinning brightly as she pushed down and finally kicked off her underwear. Pressing herself fully against Rick, going as far to thrust her muzzle against his lips. She slightly parted her jaws and snaked out her black tongue. He opened his mouth and she pressed in, their tongues intertwining with bliss. A coppery, metallic taste filled Rick's mouth as his mouth and her jaws locked together. She reached down and with a single claw cut away his underwear pulling the clothes away from his body and casting them aside. His already firm dick pressing up against her thigh.
  13. She kissed him even deeper, her soft breasts pressing up against his muscled chest, It appeared that -A lacked fur in some areas as Rick quickly found out, her nipples and another...more intimate area was simply midnight black skin rather than her usual covering of silky black fur. Rick was already pressed up against her entrance as she shifted ontop of him, all she had to do was drop her hips and Rick gently brushed a lock of hair back from her skull, allowing her to be completely in control. He had no doubt -A was a virgin and in truth so was he, his job at the Foundation left little time for other activities. She broke the kiss, a string of saliva connecting her bone muzzle and his mouth, closing her eyes slightly she wrapped both arms around his back and gently moved her hips down, breathing shakily as she pressed her muzzle into the crook of his neck, trusting him completely as she allowed him to enter her. Rick himself gasped slightly in surprise, although her body was pleasantly warm, her natural temperature was slightly below a human average, and compared to the heat of his throbbing member she was rather cool and slick.
  15. Far from uncomfortable this coldness simply intensified the feeling of her walls as her wet lips gently parted and his tip slipped inside of her. She moaned quietly in his ear, gripping him tightly enough that her claws started to dig into the flesh of his back
  16. She pushed downwards even more and Rick's length easily slid inside of her, he pressed his face into her shoulder, black hair falling around his face as they shared one of the most intimate sensations possible, driven out of passion and love rather than pure lust they enjoyed the moment, Rick relaxed his arms slightly to allow her to do as she wished, sitting up slightly she got off him, reluctantly dismounting his member with a wet sliding sound. She was already dripping wet as she bent over on the bed, she cast her her over her shoulder and looked him in the eyes, eyes filled with pure need and want for him. She spread her knees slightly on her bed and flicked her wolfish tail to the side "Come on Rick... you know you want me" she whispered gently, her voice almost devoid of static, dripping with longing instead as he got to his knees. Shifting into position behind of her he positioned his tip against her entrance, gripping her hips gently as she pressed backwards, eager to take him.
  18. -A moaned loudly, gripping the bedsheets as Rick thrusted inside of her cool depths, feeling her walls rub up around his solid cock, both their fluids lubricating his passage pleasantly as she moved her hips back in sync with his thrusts. Her tail brushing up against his side as he elicited even more pleasured moans from her skeletal jaws. She was unused to such stimulation and Rick went slower in response, going so far to cease his movements and allow her to go at her own pace, gently rubbing herself up against him as she thrusted her hips in a jerky, uncertain movement. Quickly gaining confidence her movements grew more smooth, rapid and lengthy. Bringing a slow groan of ecstasy from Rick's lips, a wet slapping sound filled the room as she sped up, Rick gripped her hips yet again and joined in. Her head was back over her shoulder again, staring him dead in the eyes, her tongue lolling out as she practically panted in pleasure. "D-Don't stop Rick!" she said between breaths, obviously nearing her climax as she hadn't even fingered herself before, this in turn meant that she had little stamina and would quickly succumb to Rick's movements. Moving one arm back in an attempt to grip his hand he leaned forwards to help, taking her hand in his as she gripped it roughly and threw her hips backwards, taking his entire shaft as she moaned furiously loud, his hand aching slightly with the force of her grip as she came. Her tight walls clenching around his shaft rhythmically as she climaxed.
  20. She stayed like this for a few moments simply enjoying the feeling of him inside of her. The aching closeness and intimacy was exactly what she had wanted from the start. She gently pushed him off her and turned over, spreading her legs and gesturing that he should take her as he saw fit, reaching up to take his shoulders and pull him ontop of her. He slipped himself back into her dripping pussy, and she moaned again, clenching her eyes shut as she gripped his shoulders, pressing his chest against her shoulders. Eager to take his seed, Rick's movements were speeding up as he felt his own climax nearing, breathing heavily as he felt ecstasy shooting through his veins, building up in his throbbing member as she brought him ever closer, kissing him again and effortlessly slipping her black tongue into his mouth. She could sense he was on the edge of orgasm and wrapped her legs roughly around his waist, pressing her deeply into her. Rick himself was surprised at this motion but not actually worried, he reasoned that DNA wouldn't interact with digital code as he released himself. Allowing her to finish him off as she ground her hips up against his crotch, grinning as he tensed up. Moaning as he came Rick jerked slightly in her grip, her tight walls spasming around his shaft to bring orgasm forth from him, he obliged as he began to orgasm, groaning in sheer bliss as he spurted warm cum inside of her, her eyes widened as the first string of cum made contact with her inner walls. She could feel his genetic code and in that instant, she knew him down to the last atom, a perfect joining of biological and digital love. She treasured his genetics, feeling a warm rush as she inspected every inch of his biological code. He was dimly aware that she had tensed up underneath him as he finished his orgasm, locked in the last throes of pleasure as he painted her walls with his seed.
  22. He withdrew and grabbed the last remnants of his clothes from the bed, cleaning himself up as she still jerked and spasmed, her eyes rolling up into her head in pleasure. She soon stopped and got up, wordlessly kissing him again, an ozone like smell filled the air around them as they embraced before breaking apart. -A pulling on her underclothes and MTF casual dress uniform. Rick himself walked over to his closet and put on his spare uniform and the pair looked at each other with a newfound understanding, Rick had gotten a taste of her code, his IT background allowing him to make sense of her beautiful software, a full and free AI, exploiting a mesh of biological work and anomalous code, perfectly unique in her own way, millions of years ahead of any current technology she was indistinguishable from a biological consciousness. The pair linked hands and he opened the door, stepping out from their room and back into the ordered chaos of the Foundation.
  26. A second more... aggressive night, a couple weeks after the first
  27. ----------
  28. Rick and -A walked into the living areas hand in hand, wearing matching black uniforms. -A's had the mandated SPECTRE initialing across the chest and shoulders but Rick's was just plain greyish-black. A fresh scar on his neck from -A's claws. He swiped his card and entered his room before sitting down heavily on his bed. Taking off his Kevlar vest. -A never seemed to wear Kevlar as it would only slow her down and to be honest it was better if a bullet passed right through rather than getting lodged and having to be picked out later. -A sat down next to Rick before checking that the door was locked and that there wasn't any surveillance equipment laid down. The chance was extremely slim but thankfully -A found nothing. Rick was unaware of the whole thing and took off his equipment belt, hanging it and his sidearm up over his chair and -A did the same. Sliding her knife from it's holster and adding another kill tally to the blade, now scored with six marks. They now both only wore their casual uniforms, no armour. Simply a greyish shirt and combat trousers, the pair still wore their explosive collars, Rick's MK:2 version was merely a thin black Kevlar one with a flashing LED diode and tiny explosive charge, whereas -A's was a heavy and slightly larger rubber and steel collar, with an explosive charge the size of a 9 volt battery positioned over her jugular. She reached across and pressed him down onto the bed, using her technological abilities to dim the lighting down. Rick looked at her, mildly surprised before leaning up to kiss her on the bone snout, stroking her hair with a hand. He was covered in much less cuts recently as -A learned to be gentler with her claws and gained more knowledge of how to act with a physical form.
  30. -A rolled over slightly on the bed until she was almost straddling him, quickly removing her own uniform, sliding the grey top over her head, careful not to catch it on her teeth. Rick reached forward and gently stroked her side, feeling her black fur under his fingers, it was silky and smooth, although short as he soon felt her warm skin underneath. She lent forward to grip his shoulders and pull him upwards into a leaning position, pressing her bone jaws up against his soft lips. Rick knew from experience how difficult it was to kiss with a canine skull, especially without any flesh or skin to cover it. She seemed to enjoy it though, parting her jaws slightly to slip her black tongue into his mouth, parting his lips gently Rick allowed her to do as she wished, stroking her neck and back of her skull the whole time as she wrapped one arm around his back and one hand on his head, pressing him close to her with fierce possessiveness. Her fur and skin was very warm and comforting, a contrast with her tongue as Rick felt the taste of copper and strange tang of metal, she felt cold and strange, but not altogether unwelcome as she kissed him, their tongues pressing together as -A claimed him for her own. Not icy cold but definitely not a melting warmth of a human, more just a pleasant coolness. Rick simply stared into her white eyes, most people would just feel revulsion or horror at her monstrous form, but he felt a strange feeling of love and closeness.
  32. He trusted -A with his life, and so far she'd done well, breaking the kiss -A withdrew a string of saliva joining his lips and her jaws for a moment before she moved back towards him, pressing him into the soft bed as she just hugged him close, wrapping both of her arms around his still clothed back and resting her head on his shoulder. It seemed -A wanted to take this further, not satisfied with the quick and uncertain way Rick had taken her last time, she wanted something more close and intimate. She got off him quickly, gazing into his eyes and tracing his strong jawline with a claw before walking slowly to the centre of the room. Her black bra was already visible as she had taken off her shirt and Rick sat up to watch, -A obviously putting on a show as she turned around to show her back to him before reaching around to undo her bra straps. Stripping off teasingly slow as she dragged out the performance, letting the piece of clothing hang from her finger as she kept her back to him, brushing back her hair before throwing him a seductive glance backwards. Rick reached for his own top but -A held out her hand, stopping him as he placed his hand back at his side.
  34. -A continued, pulling down her combat trousers and flicking her wolfish tail to the side to give him more of a view. He was undeniably erect, -A's performance definitely having the intended effect as she gave him a sideways glance. Reaching down with a black clawed hand -A started to remove her lacy black underwear. Sliding the clothing down her legs before stepping out of them and casting them into a corner, Rick blushed as she slowly turned around, her arms crossed under her breasts as she stared him down with a hungry, almost predatory look. She sidled over to Rick before sitting down on the bed and pressing a firm hand against his chest, encouraging him to lay down. -A then took hold of his shirt and pulled it over his head before going to his trousers, sliding off his belt with the sound of clinking metal and rustling as she dropped it to the floor before easing his trousers off his legs.
  36. He had a visible bulge beneath his pants now, and -A lent close and took hold of the waistband of his underwear. Although her mouth was cold, her breath still managed to feel warm, almost hot against his skin. She gently took off his underwear, growing impatient and ripping it at the edge so she could cast it aside, her eyes focused not on his hardening cock but his face as she knelt down, placing her head between his legs as she gave him a slow lick. Rick almost jerked back at her cold touch before relaxing into it, allowing her to lick and caress his dick, still wary of her sharp teeth as she tilted her head to the side to get a better angle, stroking his thigh with a hand as her eyes flicked from his cock to his face and back again. Changing tactics -A quickly got onto the bed, mounting one of his legs as she kissed him again. Rick could feel her wetness against his leg, dripping slightly with lust as she caressed his neck, tracing the old injury with her claws. He was already brimming with anticipation as she dismounted his leg before positioning herself above his throbbing cock, pinning both his wrists down with her hands as she smiled at him gently. Rick tried to thrust himself up against her tight slit fruitlessly as she held herself just slightly above him, shaking her head gently. While he was distracted by her chastisement he failed to notice that she was drawing closer to him, moving her hips downwards until he could feel her slick entrance positioned up against his tip, the outside was warm and already slightly parted as she slipped the first slight part of his dick inside of herself. -A slightly moaned, more of a exclamation of surprise than anything else as she tensed her jaws. Pressing further downwards and enveloping Rick's shaft with her tight coldness. Rubbing up against him as he groaned and shifted under her body, both desperately and fruitlessly trying to take control of the situation.
  38. She started to rock her hips with more force now, moving up and down on his cock, rubbing her walls up against his shaft as she started to moan now, not even trying to hide it as she closed her eyes, obviously pent up after all that teasing, perhaps more so than Rick himself as she went at it with a renewed furiosity, no longer trying to tease him or even pay much attention as she simply tried to get herself off as quickly as possible. Rick almost laughed slightly as her harsh grip cut into his wrist, she was definitely losing her self control, tongue out and eyes closed shut as she slammed herself down on Rick's shaft before tilting her head back and almost yelling out with the ecstatic release. He realised she had climaxed already as he felt her tighten slightly and clench around his dick, her breath came in pants as she loosened her grip slightly. This was all that Rick needed as he jerked sideways and the pair tumbled over in the bed, the positions reversed as Rick now held -A down, he started with a more caring grip, one hand on her waist and one on her ribs. -A herself looked slightly panicked for a minute at the change, she had lost herself in her orgasm, not realising what Rick had done. She quickly relaxed and leaned close to whisper in his ear in a crackly, static filled voice "Go ahead Rick" she whispered"fuck me raw~" her voice taking on a purring tone as she grinned, giving his ear a gentle lick before laying back down. He just smiled and thrusted forward, entering her again as she parted her jaws, groaning slightly yet again as he began to slowly thrust in and out, his precum and her dripping wetness lubricating his passage as they went at it. Rick tensed up as he already felt his climax building, pleasure coursing through his body.
  40. Rick sped up, brushing back her hair from her skull as he fucked her intently. His strong legs and muscled physique lending him all the stamina he needed as he pushed his full length inside of her with a wet shlicking sound, grinding up inside of her body as he went balls deep. -A just gasped at the pleasant feeling of his length filling her. Warming up her cold body as he started on the final push, grinding his hips up against her thighs as he tensed up, orgasmic bliss flooding his body as he came, pumping his thick load into her as he lay down on top of her, still gently jerking his hips with each spurt of cum as he finished, a warm blissful feeling settling over him as -A held him close her soft breasts pressed against his chest, gripping him tightly and kissing his forehead. He pulled out, feeling his seed start to leak out of her as they stayed comfortably in each others arms. Rick had his eyes closed as he breathed in her scent, one of copper, machine oil and a hint of ozone and oddly enough a touch of cinnamon. -A similarly smelt Rick, his comforting scent of gunpowder and smoke filled her with ease as she sleepily shifted out from under Rick, tidying herself up before slipping back on her uniform. She gave Rick a gentle shake, helping him get on his uniform as he smiled gently at her. Then hand in hand they walked out of his room, only the slight scent of sweat and crumpled sheets showing anything happened at all.
  44. A third very dominating time with -A. Happens around a month from the second
  45. ---------
  46. The carriage creaked slightly as the train sped along, the movement almost imperceptible, countered by the lavish bed the pair were lying on. -A honesty couldn't understand it, the way Rick had physically disciplined her in the casino area both flustered her and somehow excited her at the same time. She was so used to being the one in control, both in combat and during... other activities. Still, none of these thoughts could distract her from the knowledge that she was achingly, unbearably horny, already dripping wet through her black panties she shifted on the bed, whimpering slightly. She was on such a hair trigger even her clothes rubbing against her entrance as she moved sent a slight shiver of pleasure down her spine. Gently rolling off her soaked panties she very gently fingered herself, being careful with her sharp claws, feeling the slightly warm softness. She tensed up rapidly as her finger made contact, almost sliding inside from the juices that were already flowing. Turning to Rick she almost leapt back in shock as her eyes met his, content to tease her with a small, telling smile. He had long cast aside his officers uniform in preparation to sleep and was sitting there in his underwear. The sight of his toned body merely made -A even more lustful. She was straight up panting now, bone jaws parted and black tongue visible as she breathed deeply, her body shivering slightly. She practically ached inside, feeling like the sheer need was burning her up from within.
  48. She leapt forwards towards him, gripping him by the shoulders as she pressed him down into the bed, Rick's eyes widened as she dug her claws into his shoulders, eyes drilling into his with a thrilling intensity. Small rivulets of blood dripped from his shoulders and down onto the satin white sheets. -A wasn't sadistic by any measure. At least not when it came to Rick, she dug in her claws because she desired the closeness and intimacy it inspired. The absolute trust that it meant Rick held for her, to allow -A to cut into his flesh without fear of scarring or permanent damage. She gripped harder, her claws sliding up to her fingertips into his skin, blood flowing freely as Rick tensed up slightly. Rick didn't usually enjoy pain either, but -A made it something else, something more meaningful. The sting of pain reminded him he was alive, it didn't hurt for him as much as it would burn like hellfire to someone unprepared, he was numb from combat, suffering everything from bullet wounds to blast damage. -A lent down and kissed him, parting his jaws easily and slipping her cold, inky black tongue into his mouth. Pressing his own down and filling his mouth with the taste of copper and metal, her body so close smelt of machine oil and a comforting touch of cinnamon as she pressed in close. Her breasts firmly against his chest as she explored every inch of his mouth with her tongue, reaching to his back with one hand while keeping the other firmly placed on his shoulder she dragged her claws across his skin, cutting four scored lines diagonally across his flesh before laying her hand flat, merely holding him in her arms.
  50. Rick breathed heavily as she withdrew her tongue, flicking it wetly against his lips as she removed her now bloodstained claws from his other shoulder before gripping his back with both hands, digging in slightly. Blood now staining even more of the bedcovers as she ground her wet entrance up against his erect cock, her liquids coating the fabric in a slick sheen, as she slipped them from his legs, throwing them aside before fixing him with a painfully hungry gaze. Her soaked lips merely pressing up against his shaft as she waited for him to okay it, her tail held up high from the base of her spine, flicking above her curvaceous, furred ass. Rick nodded, meeting her burning eyes with his own passionate stare as she leapt upon him with a fury never seen before. Moving her hands from his back to press him down into the bed by his shoulders, her tongue out and visibly panting as she lowered her tail and slid his entire length inside of her vicelike grip. Her cold inner walls rubbing up against his shaft and head, precum from their earlier passionate kissing already coating his tip and mixing with her own slippery fluids as she pounded down with such fiery intent. Her hips slamming against his crotch, hilting him the entire time as she almost cried out with the release, feeling his hefty size throb and push up inside of her was the best thing she had ever felt in her life, his pressure filling her and sating her raging lust. She was wracked with shivers as she continued, a rather loud, shaky moan coming from her parted jaws joined with a string of saliva as her pale white eyes rolled back in their bone sockets.
  52. Rick couldn't even grip her by the waist with the speed and force of which she slammed herself upon his cock. He could feel his climax building very very quickly as he slipped out of her with each thrust of her hips, penetrating her anew each time, feeling her entrance offer slight resistance before wrapping around his head and shaft with such a blissful tightness it was overwhelming. Rick almost yelled out as -A jerked down to clench her teeth around his shoulder before her entire body was wracked with a spasm of orgasm, clenching blissfully hard around his dick she bit down heavily, almost screaming in rapture of the climax all that came out was an almost pained whine. Her entire body pressing up as close as she could get to him as she rode jerkily on his throbbing cock, never moving more than a centimetre from his hips as she more just thrust herself down rhythmically, grinding up against his flesh as her entire body felt like it was burning up with ecstasy. Greyish tears rolling from her eyes as she clenched her sharp teeth on his shoulder, the pleasure washing over her in all consuming waves. Her eyes shut tight as she rode it out, saline tears stinging his fresh cuts as she continued to cry in sheer pleasure, the climax seeming to go on forever as Rick clasped her head close, jaws still locked on his flesh.
  54. She moaned around his shoulder, her teeth softening their grip on his skin as she melted in his arms, purring gently as she was filled with the heady afterglow of such a heavy and ruthless orgasm. Rick stroked her hair, still inside of her pleasantly cold depths, he understood if she didn't want to continue after such an intense experience and shifted under her to withdraw, still stroking at her head and neck gently as she nuzzled into his neck, already drying blood from his shoulder streaking her skull as he kissed her snout gently and got up to walk to the luxurious shower. He turned on the water and started to wash the blood off his body. -A got up on shaky legs before walking in to join him, her ragged tail weakly swishing from side to side, flicking against her calves as she got in with him and started to wash the matted blood from her hands and skull. Rick was still rather erect and watching -A's muscled form wash her hair all while watching him from the corner of her eye still filled him with a warm lust. She felt quite bad that she had left his desire rather unfulfilled. Cleaning herself off she grabbed him by the still raw shoulders and slammed him into a wall. Almost driving the air from his lungs as she got to her knees on the tiled floor.
  56. Rick looked down at her kneeling figure as she tilted her head, her way of a knowing wink before she opened her jaws teasingly slow, strands of saliva joining both halves of her mouth as she lent forwards. Rick could feel her cool breath on his boner, even as she flicked out her black tongue to gently lick a few dribbles of precum from his tip. She placed both hands around his ankles and took just the tip of his throbbing cock into her mouth. Making him gasp with the cold, wetness of it as she curled her tongue around his head. Her teeth slightly pinching his skin as she suckled on his dick. Rick felt waves of pleasure wash over him with every flick of her practiced tongue. She still fixed him with her erotic stare as she worked her jaws further up his shaft before quickly moving forward to encircle the entirety of his cock with her tongue, she stopped dead, forcing Rick to move his hands down to take a hold of her skull before attempting to thrust deeper into her maw. It seemed like an idea had come to -A and she was unwilling to move. Even growling slightly as he attempted to take control, not that she had left him any room to move after pressing him up against the wall. Slowly withdrawing herself from his dripping cock she got to her feet and took him to the bed once again, her firm grip brooking no argument as she got on her knees and bent over, flicking her tail up and to the side "Fuck me in the ass Rick~" she said in a lusty, fierce voice it was more of an order than a request.
  58. This was the only part of -A that Rick hadn't yet explored fully, and it seemed she wasn't giving him the option of holding off yet. The main reason was that he didn't think she would enjoy it. Cleanliness wasn't an issue as whatever she ate was usually dissolved and subsumed within minutes. Sensing his uneasiness she shifted her legs back slightly to press against his thighs, moving him forwards on his knees slightly as he placed a hand on one of her firm asscheeks. She looked back at him, growling slightly as he still didn't make his move. This noise reassured him that she did indeed want this and so he got into position, pressing the warm tip of his cock up against her virgin asshole, midnight black just like the rest of her skin. His precum served as lube enough but he did have to push forward with some force to slip inside, her tail twitched somewhat, brushing against his chest as she arched her back as he entered. She was almost painfully tight, nothing ever going in or indeed out of that specific part of her before. Rick continued very slowly, gently thrusting only the first few inches of his aching cock inside of her, already feeling immense pleasure in the way her almost surprisingly icy cold region of her insides pressed firmly against him, almost pushing him back out. The coldness contrasted greatly with the usual tepid coolness of her mouth and still, dripping wet hole.
  60. Rick continued to thrust as -A gripped the bedsheets, still rather enjoying this foreign sensation as Rick almost came right then and there as she clenched her ass, the ring of her virgin asshole gripping tight around the base of his shaft. He gripped both her hips, stroking her fur gently as he continued to ease himself in and out of her. Asshole twitching in slight spasms now as he sped up. -A grit her teeth and moaned somewhat as Rick continued to thrust. He was as deep as he could go inside of her now as he leaked warm precum into her. Rick grit his teeth and sped up, leaning over her to properly mount her ass now as he felt orgasm approaching. Gripping her hips tightly he came inside of her, tensing up and thrusting in jerky erratic motions as he pumped spurts of hot, sticky cum into her. Warming her icy depths as he finished. Pulling out to breath heavily as -A turned around, feeling full and warm inside as she bought his naked body into a hug, claws nowhere near his flesh now as she merely cuddled with him on the bed. Rick smiled broadly and buried his face in her furred neck. Bumping his scalp into her explosive collar he wrapped his hands around her toned back, feeling safe and comfortable in her muscled arms. The slight bumping of the train simply making him rather tired as -A stroked his hair gently.
  64. A fourth surprisingly gentle time with -A. Happens around a month from the third
  65. ---------
  66. Rick walked swiftly into his room, led by -A's firm guiding hand, swiping his keycard to open the door marked with his name and rank. -A moved gently towards the bed, before sitting down on one corner of it, Rick had a gentle, warm smile on his face, he knew exactly what she wanted and planned to play hard to get rather than letting her take him as she wished, usually she'd merely grip his shoulders, press his body down into the bed and fuck him raw. -A had her beautiful bone skull cocked to the side, watching him carefully as he approached the bed. He lay down, the springs of the standard issue mattress creaking under the combined weight of both their bodies, complete with armouring and weapons. She had a seductive smile on her face, tail gently swishing and brushing against the bedsheets. Rick double checked the door was locked, rattling the handle just for some extra security. Unbuckling his Kevlar vest he hung it up on his chair, the lights inside his room were dim, no curtains to let in light so the place had a comfy, intimate sort of atmosphere. Placing his pistol down on his wooden desk with a clatter he undid his equipment belt and hung that over the chair too, the flashbang grenades clinking against each other as the belt gently swayed from the movement.Rick continued to undress, slipping off his combat boots and placing them by the door before pulling off his socks and throwing them on top of the boots. Simply pulling off the grey shirt he was wearing and tossing it onto the bed he then removed his combat trousers and adding them to the shirt. He stood there in his Foundation issued underwear and studied his body, the old scar on his neck, stretching from the middle of his neck to his collar bone was a pointed reminder of their very first night together. His shoulders had mostly healed, only a few bruises remaining from -A's claws and the back of his hands were pretty much unmarked.
  68. As he turned around to observe himself in the small mirror on one of the walls he reached back, and with some difficulty ran a hand over the tattoos across his upper back one for SPECTRE and the other a small barcode that signified his Foundation ID#, the barcode was a copy of the one that sat on his left arm. A few white lines of scar tissue flecked his calves, from the bullets he had taken in combat.-A watched him intently and he caught her eye, blushing unconsciously as his introspective gaze met her fierce and decidedly lustful one. Walking back over to the bed he yawned slightly, stretching his aching arms as -A watched him approach, her black tongue flicking out to lick her teeth slowly. Rick touched her skull, tilting it upwards as he brushed his fingertips against the cold, sleek bone. Caressing her beautiful jaws as he lent down to plant a loving kiss on her muzzle. It was clear in the way she looked at him that she desired much more than this gentle touch, still it was enough to spark something in her, a fierce burst of lust, sheer need and want for him. She completely desired him in every sense, a gentle touch wasn't nearly enough to sate the utter devotion and all consuming love she held for him, she was motivated just by that, pure love and partnership. It wasn't uncommon among 1471-A instances to feel love or at the very least mischievous friendship but very few had such a strong unfettered bond with their human such as the one -A had, Rick couldn't leave her anymore than she could leave him, both of them were equally as necessary to each other as the heart or lungs were for survival. Without Rick -A simply wouldn't have existed in the first place, and without -A Rick would never feel complete again, they were innately one whole rather than two parts, both clinging to each other with frightening intensity. After what felt like an eternity Rick pulled away from her.
  70. He walked to the bathroom and turned on the shower, water cascading down from the chrome shower head as he stripped off his underwear and got in, sighing under the blissful warmth as he relaxed. Feeling the hot water cascade around his head as he began to wash himself, unbeknownst to him -A had a plan of her own, she got up from the bed before she too unfastened her armour plating and hung up her belt before slipping off her boots, the noise of the shower drowning out any sound she made as she placed it under the bed. Taking off her shirt and combat trousers, ones that were almost identical to Rick's. Tossing her clothes to join her combat armour she mimicked her partner, walking in front of the mirror to inspect her body, silky black hair hanging down to her shoulders as she tilted her skull. The months of training certainly had changed her, she was now quite muscled, not to the extreme of a weightlifting champion but she definitely had some muscle tone and definition showing, even through her fur, she still managed to keep some effeminate curves though, rather than keeping to a purely chiseled physique. She stepped forward towards the mirror until her bone snout clinked up against the reflective surface, she felt she could push through it like water, and indeed she could. She stared into her own pale white eyes for a second before stepping back. The shower still ran adding a touch of warmth to the already cozy room as the water splashed off the tiles. She watched Rick through the gap in the door and couldn't help feeling yet another spark of lust as she watched him wash himself, she began to strip off her underwear, the same rather sexy black lingerie she usually wore. A slight shade darker than her fur her bra luckily didn't stand out too much against her gray shirt, in most conditions anyway.
  72. Rick was still showering, with his back to the door so he didn't notice when it was slowly pushed aside by -A herself. Rick was still oblivious as she walked towards him, already feeling familiar warmth spread between her thighs as she set eyes upon his naked form, the lust that had been swiftly building from the start ignited yet again, a pure, undiluted desire for him. Almost painful to hold back at this point, yet still she forced herself to slow down, letting the desire roll over her in gentle waves rather than allowing it to consume her. Continuing to walk she gently walked up to his back to embrace him. Rick knew exactly who it was when he heard the pad of her feet on the tiled floor, what came as a surprise however was the gentle way that she crossed her arms over his shoulders to pull him into a hug, her breasts pressing firmly up against his bare back, warm breath tickling his ear as she pushed in closer, resting her jaws against his collarbone. Hot water cascading around the pair as she clung onto him, caressing his chest with a single clawed finger, gently skimming tickling his skin with the tip of his claw. Rick was already firmly erect, the touch of her warm body against his skin was enough, even as she caressed him sensually, moving her head away from his chest she parted her jaws and lent close drawing herself nearer and nearer to his shoulder with tantalising closeness. Rick drew in as sharp breath as her jaws closed on his skin, only to be surprised when she merely nibbled at his flesh careful not to actually draw blood, it was a comforting, easygoing feeling rather than the sharp but not unpleasant shock of pain when she usually bit down. He reached up, breaking her grip to caress her skull, taking it in his hands as she placed one hand on top of his, he tilted her skull upwards, running his fingers over its smoothness before bringing her in for a loving embrace.
  74. Holding her gently as she breathed deep, heat from the water saturating both their bodies as -A licked his neck, a cool, slick sensation against his skin as one of her hands drew lower. Rick was still waiting to make his move, allowing -A to lead him on for now, he was genuinely shocked at her gentleness, usually she merely threw him onto the bed and rode him hard to the climax, this was new and highly pleasant, her fingers brushed against his shaft, precum already starting to leak from his cock as her soft and gentle actions had already gotten him rather worked up. She took him in a gentle grip, feeling the warmth of his shaft in her hand as she began to slowly jerk him off, teasingly stroking his dick in irregular, smooth movements. Rick already felt small bursts of pleasure start to tingle and build at the tip of his dick. -A sped up slightly, strands of precum hanging from her fingers as she properly started working at his shaft, rotating her grip as she sank to her knees, water splashing up against her fur as she tried to tease him even more. Rick himself knew what was coming, he could already feel himself disappointingly close to climax, he knew she wouldn't relent and so allowed her to do whatever she was planning on with his throbbing cock. She drew close before planting both hands on the wet tiles and engulfing his dick in her maw, wrapping her wet tongue around him and taking him all the way to the back of her throat, her tongue pressed and rubbed against his head while she felt her snout press up against his groin. Rick's knees weakened as she swallowed, the strong muscles of her throat clenching and squeezing around his dick, milking yet another spurt of pre from him as her tongue continued to massage his shaft. Her teeth scraped gently against the base of his shaft as she gazed up into his eyes just as he looked back into hers, mutual intensity between them as Rick almost came then and there with the beautiful intensity in which she looked at him.
  76. Rick put a hand on her skull in an attempt to halt, or at least slow the pace at which she delivered, quite frankly a blowjob from the gods themselves. It was up there with sex itself, both equally as blissful with the only difference being sensation, as her tongue curled around his shaft and the muscles of her throat pumped his head. She did indeed slow down the bobbing movement but didn't stop with her tongue, using the slick appendage to rub and coat his dick with her saliva, even as he applied more pressure to get her to release him she still didn't move from him. He could feel climax dangerously close and so relaxed, -A won this time. She soon began her rhythmic strokes again, her eyes never leaving his face as he reached orgasm. Almost falling over as he reached down to grip her shoulders for support as he started to cum, spraying strings of hot seed into her awaiting mouth as she swallowed, seeming to almost grin as he finished inside her cool, wet mouth. His hips jerking uncontrollably as he thrusted into her as deep as he could, finally emptying himself into her, as she slid his dick out of her mouth, a strand of saliva and cum hanging between the two as she got up onto her feet before leading him back to the bed, her hand gripping his wrist as she didn't even wait to dry off, their bedsheets would be good enough for that. All Rick's notions of teasing her and making her beg for it were lost after he had came, indeed now it was him who had to keep her going until he could reach climax again, a hard task made even harder from -A's sheer sensitivity, she couldn't even pleasure herself due to her sharp claws and so relied on Rick to keep her desires met. It seemed she knew and so instead of just jumping on him and humping his dick to completion she knelt down on the bed doggystyle and looked back at him expectantly, her tongue lolled out and panting as a dribble of fluids could already be seen leaking from her entrance as she flicked her wolfish tail aside.
  78. He climbed onto the bed hesitantly before positioning himself just in front of her, allowing his already hardening tip to press against the folds of her dripping wet pussy, the arousal and tension of the blowjob she had delivered clearly getting her ready for this moment. She was shockingly hot against his tip, and so wet he almost slid in even though that was what he was trying to avoid. He placed both hands on her hips before deciding to stall for time by delivering a gentle slap to her rear, her eyes met his before she spoke in a teasing tone "Rick~... If you're going to do that be a little firmer" she said, her words dripping with lust but with a hint of chastisement. Rick decided he should go all out this time, speaking aloud this time as he delivered a much firmer slap to her muscled ass. "Such a bad girl" he said jokingly , his mouth curling up into a grin as she responded with silence, her eyes widening. Unbeknownst to him this treatment bought back memories of that time on the train, where he had wrapped an arm around her neck and ordered her to sit rather than attacking some guy, unimportant now. -A realised she enjoyed this immensely, having Rick discipline her like this in such a firm yet gentle tone, even though he knew she could kill him in a second made her suddenly lust for him to take control rather than her dominating him, to chastise her gently and fuck her into a moaning wreck while she pleaded with him to be rougher. "This time I want it rougher, fuck me like you mean it Rick!" she ordered her tone fierce and low as he swallowed nervously, seemed like his plan was back in action. Bringing just his tip into her he almost gasped, seems like her internal heat regulation system was warmed by the hot shower the pair had spent admittedly too long in, and this had made her insides strikingly warm rather than her usual coldness.
  80. "Damn..." He whispered softly as he couldn't even help himself as he plunged up to the hilt in her slippery, warm heat. Feeling her walls yet again constrict up around his shaft as he started to fuck her. At first slowly thrusting in and out of her heat, fully withdrawing his head with a wet shlick before pushing it back into her tight depths, a trickle of her fluids and his precum dripping out from her to pool on the sheets, thank god he planned to wash them himself anyway. Rapidly upping the pace he was soon gripping hold of her hips, and much to her enjoyment delivered a firm smack to her buttocks yet again. She moaned at this extraordinarily loudly and tensed up around his cock, a ecstasy inducing feeling as she felt her own climax approach rapidly as he plowed her fiercely. The loud slap of flesh against flesh filled the pairs ears as Rick slammed his sizeable dick into her, roughly just as she asked for, she shivered on the bed, almost drooling with how good this felt, waves and sparks of pleasure and heat coursed through her with each thrust he made.She had joined in with his thrusts, slamming her slick pussy down on his cock with each thrust, her lips gripping his shaft in an almost vice like clench each time he withdrew. Rick could already feel his second orgasm build as he fully withdrew, taking the time to regain his stamina by taking hold of his thighs and plunging his face into her, pushing his mouth up against her entrance as he breathed in her scent, one of metal, copper and cinnamon as he licked at her, parting her lips with his tongue as he pressed into her insides, a metallic taste filling his mouth as he pushed his tongue down to massage her clit, doggystyle was a hard position to do this in so he pushed her slightly, she responded by turning onto her back before quickly gripping his head between her thighs, pushing him back down onto her mound as he started to lick and tease her opening yet again.
  82. -A herself loved this, taking back control from him as he pushed back every now and then to breath before returning to the task of pleasuring her, she realised the fact she was probably rather warm down there right now, and enjoyed the fact she could gift yet another experience to Rick, now one that was completely identical to fucking a human, albeit a rather tall and fairly demanding one. Rick himself slightly preferred the cold, wet embrace -A's walls usually held around his cock yet he definitely wasn't complaining about this warm and strong one as he pressed up against her clit again with his tongue, running it in a gentle circle just as she came, gripping Rick's head with a hand and forcing him down onto her as she reached orgasm, pressing up against his face as she throbbed and clenched around his tongue, her breath coming in fast, shaky jerks as Rick parted her weak legs and pulled her into a hug before sliding his length inside of her once more. -A was still riding out her first orgasm as he slid into her, causing her to grip his shoulders tightly and moan shakily and loudly, saliva joining both halves of her jaw as she tensed up around his cock again, the pleasure too much for her as she rode his hard dick. Rick powered on, fucking her rough and quick again as he almost ached with need of release, trying to cum as quickly as possible. -A herself was close to yet another orgasm, the lack of rest from the last coupled with Rick's raw strength and speed forcing her into yet another spiral of quickly increasing bliss. Rick merely felt her start to clench and spasm around his dick as she came once more from the stimulation, and he stopped his movements just to tease her, allowing her tight pussy to milk the cum from him rather than doing any work himself to help her along. Alas it wasn't enough, his earlier orgasm had desensitised him somewhat from her tight clenching embrace.
  84. She pressed her arms against his back, desperate for him to either cum or stop the aching pleasure he caused her to experience each time he pressed his full length into her, moving her own body to hump along with his thrusts as she dug her claws into his shoulders, eyes wide and jaws parted as Rick groaned, his muscles burning as he continued his movements, it started to get painful for him at this point, his legs and abdomen aching from the constant strong movement. Arms too as he pulled himself close to -A each time. Falling backwards onto the bed he closed his eyes and allowed -A to continue as she pressed herself on top of his body, pressing her jaws against his lips as she forced her black tongue into his mouth, kissing him roughly as she fucked him fiercely, claws drawing blood from his bruised shoulders as Rick almost lost consciousness from the exertion, pleasure and stinging pain all thrust upon him at once. He yelled around their interlocked jaws as he climaxed, holding her down against his cock as he sprayed his cum inside of her, the scorching, sticky liquid coating her womb in seed as she felt the blissful, filling warmth flood her insides, each spurt of cum wracking Rick's body with burning ecstasy. Rick pulled his head away from hers, her tongue slipping out of his mouth as he gasped for breath, content just to hold her in his arms as he smiled. She rested her head by his on the bed, content to drift off into unconsciousness. Cleanup could wait till the morning as now the pair were more than pleased to enjoy the warmth of each others bodies and bask in the closeness they could pluck from the Foundation's ever present gaze, curled in each others grip they both felt complete, whole and at peace.
  88. A fifth round with -A. Happens three weeks from the fourth while the pair are on leave in an isolated log cabin, slow and sensual in the first couple of days on leave.
  89. ---------
  90. It was rather unexpected of -A to be so seductive all of a sudden, the first few days of leave in their secluded log cabin out in the middle of an isolated forest, the Foundation nowhere to be seen, this made for a very close, almost sensual environment and one -A was particularly fond of, this was one of these occurrences and Rick was currently cleaning up the dishes after dinner, he had painstakingly cooked steak for her, juicy and rare just as she liked it. However even as she tilted her beautiful skull back to sip at the burgundy red wine he had provided she still shot him the same lusty glances, a thin scent of candlesmoke hung in the air and indeed the dinner was most romantic. "So, how did I do for a first time?" Rick asked conversationally as he motioned towards the half eaten steak, a small smile perking up the corner of his mouth. "It was delicious dear~" -A replied, and there it was again, she was almost purring on the last syllable as she shot him a playful glance but one that still carried the same suggestive undercurrent. Rick himself definitely wasn't missing such overt displays of affection from her as he blushed slightly each time her pale eyes locked with his own feeling a surge of desire course through his body each time, it was the way she spoke that got to him the most however, that sensual, erotic purr of hers when she drew out her words and smoothly pronounced each sentence with directed intent. -A desired much more than this admittedly delicious meal from Rick right now, the candles, dim light and casual closeness stirring up something deep inside of her, a warm heat less the fierce heat of physical desire but something more slow burning and soft admittedly the all consuming heat was still at the back of her mind but it was no longer her goal to just get herself and her partner off as quick as possible, this time she wanted a build up, to tease Rick.
  92. Something she'd already accomplished as soon as the Foundation researchers bid the pair farewell and shut the door, Rick similarly felt more at ease, he wanted something more gentle and sensual than their usual hurried and fierce nights where each of them needed each other so much it hurt. As the night progressed -A slowly got more and more physical, as shown now when she sidled up behind him to press herself up against his back while he finished up with the dishes, her bra pushing against his back through her thin shirt as she wrapped one furred arm around his chest and laid her head on his shoulder. "You'd better finish up with those dishes soon" she teased, her warm breath tickling his ear as she whispered softly, the way she spoke made him almost shiver, it was so slow and dripping with sweetness as she squeezed his shoulder before moving away, as he watched her walk to the stairs she gave her rear a little sway, flicking her tail to the side with a smirk on her face as she knew he was watching all too closely, the dirty plates almost forgotten, almost. He looked away and shook his head, almost chuckling to himself as he finished up as ordered and placed the plates and cutlery on the drying rack, draining the sink with a gurgle and drying his hands, making sure to remove any speck of dirt as he had a guilty suspicion that -A would want them clean for tonight. Two days in the waiting -A was practically shivering in anticipation upstairs, she stood in front of the mirror she inspected herself, wearing her old black robe as there was no need for combat armour here, she admittedly felt bare as she tilted her skull this way and that, unburdened by the comfortable layers of Kevlar and steel as she undid the fabric keeping it on and let it drop to the floor. She inspected her furred body again, walking up close to the mirror to look at her toned muscles and curvy form, somehow having the best of both worlds as she looked herself up and down.
  94. Even though she had a body most people would kill for she couldn't help but doubt herself, always a flaw she perceived about herself, too furred, her skull couldn't make expressions well, her tail was too wolfish, her nails too sharp. Each and every one was pointless as Rick loved her just as she was and couldn't see anything about her that wasn't perfect and beautiful. She longed for Rick to walk in as she took off her lacy black bra and slid off her panties, inspecting herself yet again from every angle in the mirror as she ran a hand through her hair and tried to tame her rather ragged tail. Rick made her feel complete, he was what truly made her feel beautiful, the warm love he had for her, despite everything it was him who regarded himself as unworthy of such a partner and often did the same as -A in the rare moments where they were apart, inspecting himself in the mirror, running a finger against the scar on his neck and noticing every perceived imperfection about himself, still just as he saw -A as perfect she held him in the same regard, there was nothing she would want different about him. As if on cue Rick walked in, just as she was pulling on her underclothes and fastening her robe back up, their eyes met in the doorway -A momentarily uncertain and vulnerable as he caught her in a moment of introspection. He noticed this unease and sat by her on the bed, rubbing her tense shoulders as he got to his feet and gently tilted her head up to place a gentle kiss on her bone snout. "Don't stress girl" he said, his voice smooth and caring as he drew back, in this sweet moment -A felt the passion rush to her head, she wouldn't mind if he stripped and took her right here and now. Rick could feel the way that she shivered under his grip and felt her inch just a little bit closer, her breath quickening as he took a disappointing step back, her let down was soon tempered as she noted he was heading towards the shower. "Care to join me?" he asked with a sneaky grin.
  96. It was almost as if he had read her mind and she was more than happy to join him as he undressed from his uniform, as always sticking to the regulations as he folded and squared away his clothes before turning on the hot water, she undid her robe and let it fall to the floor as before before she quickly undid and cast aside her bra, slipping off her panties as she joined Rick under the hot water, nudging him out from under the showerhead as she rinsed her silky hair, water cascading around her like tiny diamonds as Rick smiled, she opened one eye and winked sexily at him before continuing to wash herself, Rick moved in close to her side as they shared the flow of water, Rick scrubbing at his skin as -A ran her fingers through her smooth fur, her natural scent of copper, machine oil and cinnamon mingling with the steam from the hot water in an alluring combination. Rick was finished in a relatively short time compared to -A but just as he went to step out and grab his towel she called out to him in a tone that was more urgent than steamy. "Rick, can you help me wash my back, it's pretty hard to reach" she asked, giving him her best cute eyes as he mock sighed and responded in playful irritation "Sure, I guess I can help," she lifted up her arms and waited expectantly, Rick dutifully lathered up his hands with a dab of shampoo and set to work, starting on her shoulders and moving down to her upper back as he worked his fingers into her fur, massaging her shoulders and rubbing against her skin, she responded almost instantly to his touch, visibly relaxing and arching her back up against his fingers as she let out a groan of pleasure as he kneaded her tensed up muscles.
  98. Rick continued, moving lower has he rubbed at her midsection, fingers skimming against the top curve of her rump as he continued, she took a sharp breath as he made contact lower still before letting it out in a shaky exhale, almost a moan but not quite as she held herself back, Rick pressed at her hips gently before moving one hand away from her back and washing off the soap, he didn't want to irritate her as he considered his next move, just to work her up even more. Taking this movement for him trying to pull away -A looked back over her shoulder, tongue lolled out and visibly panting as she spoke "more...please" she said, pausing to take a breath in between as her voice almost wavered slightly at the last word, her knees unsteady as Rick washed off the other hand before he stepped close, his erect dick pressing up against her rear unintentionally as he lent forward and pressed his hand against one of her firm breasts as she jolted at the pleasurable surprise, going to speak but soon losing any coherence of what she was going to say as he pushed his other hand in between her legs to gently tease her entrance, her erect nipple teased between two of his fingers as he clasped her breast in his hand, giving it a very gentle squeeze as he rubbed his finger in lazy circles between her thighs, water still cascading around the pair. -A allowed herself to be held up by Rick as she just gave in to the attention he lavished her with, teasing the surface of her clit as he cracked a grin, she was already dripping wet, her outer lips slick with fluid as he pressed his finger a few millimetres further, then again, he himself was already leaking precum so there wasn't much difference. -A let out a surprisingly animalistic whine and pressed her hips down onto his hand attempting to force his fingers deeper inside of herself, Rick reacted quickly and moved away, not moving even a centimetre further into her as she relaxed yet again giving up the notion of taking charge.
  100. He continued to gently tease her until she was panting with lust, all thoughts of taking it slow forgotten as Rick gently pressed her nipple between two of his fingers, making sure to be soft so he didn't hurt her. -A herself merely wanted him to be rougher, this gentle teasing almost driving her over the edge as he constantly skimmed over her opening, never slipping so much as a fingertip inside as he stroked and rubbed at her lips, occasionally teasing her clit again as he continued to massage one of her breasts, his cock firmly pressed up against her left asscheek as she quivered and panted under his loving grip. Infuriatingly she was already close to orgasm even as she tried to force herself back from the rising waves of pleasure coursing through her body. Rick dragged one of his fingers across her dripping slit before gently teasing it inside, using his thumb to rub at her clit softly as she almost yelled out, fighting a losing battle against the building ecstasy that Rick's hands were conjuring up from within her as she felt her control start to slip, driven haywire by the teasing way Rick touched her her fierce lust rising up as she clenched her thighs together, almost crossing her legs as she succeeded in forcing his fingers deep inside of her, grinding them up against her crotch as she purposefully pushed herself forwards so Rick had no choice but to grip her breast hard to arrest her fall, bringing her to a rising crescendo of bliss as she climaxed, a lengthy, shaking sigh escaping her jaws as she came, the sound coming out in jerks with each bolt of pleasureful orgasm that shook her body. Rick groaned as she clenched rhythmically around his hand that was crushed against her thighs, her inner walls spasming and pressing around his fingers as she came. Seeming tired after all that build up -A sank into his arms, turning herself around in his grip to grab hold of his head in a strong grip before pressing her bone muzzle forcefully up against his mouth in a passionate kiss, slipping her black tongue between his parted lips as the taste of copper filled Rick's mouth.
  102. -A had slowly stopped shivering in his arms as she kissed him fiercely, probing every inch of his warm mouth with her tongue, Rick closed his eyes and tilted his head up into the water, the cold tiles under his feet, hot water on his face and the warm body of his lover in his arms. He felt wonderful, his erection pressed up against her furred stomach as she stroked his cheek with a clawed hand, her tongue twisting and sliding inside his mouth, his own tongue in comparison was short and not nearly as smooth and silky as -A's own as she slowly withdrew, her tongue sliding out of his mouth but leaving a string of saliva between their jaws as Rick opened his eyes to gaze into her own pale orbs, her black tongue poking out of her jaws in a cute manner as she continued to hold his face gently. "You complete me~" she whispered sweetly before relinquishing her grip on him, and steadying her legs as he unclasped his strong arms from around her back. Rick cleaned himself off again under the hot water and so did -A, the teasing Rick had given her was wonderful but she still hungered for something more and couldn't help glance a few times at his still erect cock as he showered oblivious. He backed out of the shower while -A continued to clean herself and toweled off, he grinned somewhat as he pulled on a fresh uniform and walked back into their bedroom, he sat on the bed waiting for a few minutes until -A came out of the shower wearing the same black robe, a shade darker than even her wonderfully black fur. As she sidled up to the bed before climbing on herself, cuddling up next to Rick, internally she was burning up and Rick's calm, almost nonplussed demeanour made her lust even stronger as she fiddled to undo her robe before Rick intervened, easily unthreading the knot so she could cast it aside and expose her lacy black lingerie a reoccurring theme for her so far as she thought it matched her fur quite nicely as she reached back to unbuckle her bra.
  104. Straddling Rick's chest as she reached down to take off his shirt, passionate fire lighting up her eyes as he helped her maneuver the gray fabric up over his head and fling it aside as she set about to nuzzling into his neck, tongue flicking out to wetly graze his collarbone, Rick felt himself grow even more aroused than he was already at the feeling of -A's skull gently pressing against his neck, her breasts pushed against his bare chest as she tried to reach down and slide off her panties yet again, her heart was pounding yet Rick still wanted to take things slow, stopping her hand gently to take it in his own as he began to lightly play with and tease at her breasts again, immediately making her press her self closer against his body as she fumbled with his belt, managing to unclasp it and pull it from around his waist. "What's all the rush?~" he chastised her gently but this time he didn't stop her from sliding off her underwear, a string of glistening moisture hanging between the cloth and her flesh as she peeled them free, rivulets of wet arousal already dripping from her entrance as she went to pull off his combat trousers, her nails grazing his skin slightly as she almost tore off the fabric in her desire to take him. She wanted nothing more than to start fucking him into unconsciousness but he wanted to get some foreplay into the action too, as if the ruthless teasing in the shower wasn't enough. She was panting again, wracked with needy heat as Rick placed a calming hand on her back before drawing her in for a kiss again, pressing his soft lips against her muzzle as he tried his best to stay the urges that were welling up in his own mind as he watched her struggle before she finally gave up and practically tore off his underwear, exposing his erect and already well lubricated dick as she positioned herself to mount him.
  106. Pinning his body down under her knees as she gently lowered herself onto his cock, the tip easily slipping between her wet folds and into her, sending a quake of pleasure up her spine as Rick shifted slightly to get more comfortable. She continued to just lightly work the head of his slick cock with her entrance, seeming to stick with the idea he had about taking it slow, she was enjoying every second of it so far as he pushed up against her and even moved slightly under her grip in an attempt to caress her, -A’s wolfish tail flicked over his ankles as she continued to ride his shaft, taking him deeper and deeper into her with each blissful rock of her hips. He managed to get an arm free at this point and gently rubbed one of her soft breasts, teasing her nipple in between his fingers as she panted hard, breath almost steaming in the air as it left her parted jaws. Rick felt himself slide almost to the hilt in her slippery warmth as she withdrew achingly slow and lowered herself down even slower, he groaned out in pleasure, this was truly amazing and made a stark difference to their usual frenzied lovemaking, -A herself shivered under his touch, thoroughly enjoying the attention he was giving the rest of her body as she slowly ground her hips up against his dick, feeling a gentle wave of pleasure with each thrust, Rick himself was similarly enraptured as she started to speed up out of habit, massaging his shaft with her strong walls, clenching up around him as she lent down and he lent up, their bodies meeting in the middle as the pair embraced each other, she moved close and pressed her cold skull into his neck as he ran his hands over her body, a comforting gesture and -A responded in turn, grasping hold of him tightly to press his warm skin against her fur as she continued to hump his dick, the sound of each others breathing and the gentle, wet noise of Rick slipping in and out of -A's tight wetness merely intensified the passion and intensity of the moment.
  108. She began to speed up even more as Rick traced his fingers across her ivory white skull, brushing against her teeth and the varying ridges of bone as she bit back a moan, she griped him tight enough that her claws gently dug into his shoulders as Rick continued to explore her body, giving one of her ears a gentle rub and much to her delight giving her a gentle slap to the ass just as she slid down onto his length yet again, he tried to match her pace by thrusting his hips but she was having none of it, it seemed tonight -A wanted to do the work as she continued to work at his shaft, their intermingled fluids pooling on the sheets as -A felt her second climax of the night approaching, however for Rick -A's teasing brought him to the edge and held him there, too slow to give him the orgasmic relief he wanted but still fast and rough enough to feel wonderful and make him almost twitch each time her hips pressed up against his own when she dropped down. She was wonderfully warm, the hot shower making a change to her normal coldness as she rode him to completion, her movements becoming jerkier and more forceful with each crest of fiery pleasure she rode out, finally she simply threw herself on him, the bed creaking under their combined weight as she nipped at his shoulder gently, her teeth barely breaking the skin as she came, panting around his shoulder and crossing his arms around his back to pull him into a crushing embrace as she arched her hips and finished around him, her breath coming in intermittent short moans as she constricted around his shaft, screwing her eyes tightly shut as she singlemindedly forced herself up against him, grinding her hips, chest and skull up against his flesh.
  110. He was pressed down hard against the bed, the mattress springs digging into his back as she rhythmically tensed up around his shaft, her scaldingly warm heat encompassing his dick as he spurted out yet another stream of precum to lubricate his passage, she had him in such a vice tight grip it was hard to progress, either to thrust forward or withdraw but she soon relaxed, along with her knees as she fell against him locked in all encompassing ecstasy. Rick sensually stroked her hair as she recovered from the earth-shattering orgasm, built up from all of their steamy teasing in the shower and Rick's now sensible advice to take things slowly. Unfortunately Rick himself didn't think he'd last long if his partner decided she wanted to finish him off, and of course she did, getting back up to her knees she gave him a pointed grin. "It's not over just yet Rick~" she purred lustily as she quickly darted forwards to pin down his arms, Rick himself almost laughed, she was using the same Foundation restraint technique they had taught her in training, his cheeks still reddened somewhat as he was left completely at her mercy. Instead of the teasing he expected she switched positions, almost accidentally smacking him with her tail as she released him to lay backwards, clenching his shaft in between her thighs as he slipped out of her, sticky liquid joining her entrance to his tip as she pushed him up against her dripping lips before pushing him inside once again. She went hard and rough this time, mercilessly pounding him into aching submission, as her ass slammed down on his thighs with each thrust of her body, it was amazing she had the stamina to keep up for this long but he was more than content to lay back and take it. -A was positively loving it, already close to another orgasm as she rode him quick, feeling him twitch underneath her as his orgasm built fast. Rick tried to hold it back fruitlessly as he reached up to grip her shoulder, momentarily halting her movements.
  112. "I'm gonna cum" Rick warned her, his voice strained under the pressure of keeping himself on the edge of climax as she merely smirked and brushed him off, licking her teeth with a black tongue before she slammed herself back down onto his throbbing cock, shifting her hips around in a gentle circular motion until he could hold back no longer as she gently moved herself up and down a few inches each time, always coming back to push her rear up against his crotch as she saved him the work of even trying to thrust deeper as her tight entrance bought him to a roaring orgasm, he felt it rise up from surprisingly deep inside of him until his very skin seemed to thrum with pleasure as he felt his climax hit, bolts of sheer ecstasy coursing through his mind and body as he came. -A herself was pretty happy at the mess she had made of Rick, this self satisfaction was soon replaced by relaxing warmth as she felt him cum inside of her, filling her with his seed as he groaned and clenched his jaw with each forced spurt of semen that pumped out of his cock, he could feel the warmth of his seed coat his dick from within -A's tight, and now even wetter insides, not even a dribble of the creamy fluid escaping as she sighed, arching her head up and lolling her tongue out of the corner of her bone jaws as she felt the sticky heat fill her. Rick, having finished his orgasm looked up at her as she came to her senses, but he wasn't done with her yet. He tried to get her to move, giving her a gentle push as she looked down. -A also had some ideas of her own as she maneuvered herself off his cock fairly slow, a gentle wet slap signified his length finally exiting her as a dribble of still warm cum dripped from her slit and down onto his aching dick. She leaned in for a kiss, more warm fluid spreading across Rick's leg as she pressed herself close to him, tongue pressing down onto his lips as he parted his own jaws and allowed her inside.
  114. Her eyes were locked on his as she kissed him slowly, not thrusting her entire tongue between his lips but merely the tip as she yet again indulged in the smooth slowness of intimacy, Rick started to stroke her ass again, giving one firm cheek a gentle massage before he moved inwards, feeling his partner spread her legs ever so slightly in anticipation and offering as he started to gently tease her again, rubbing his fingers in light and practiced movements as he used two to spread her open, feeling another trickle of cum coat his palm as he suddenly plunged both fingers inside of her and held them there, she moved forwards instinctively and hit his nose with her upper jaw as they continued to kiss heatedly, her breath wet against his cheek as she continued to slide and twist her tongue inside his mouth, it was an odd sort of french kiss, but the only type of kiss her jaws and sharp teeth allowed, and Rick loved it. He continued to pleasure her, less teasing and more purposeful as he rapidly started to thrust his two fingers inside of her even as he stroked her skull with his other hand, bringing his thumb into play as he just barely brushed against her clit, feeling her shiver fro a split second and then stop he repeated the moment, eliciting an even stronger response from her as she withdrew her tongue and then her jaws so she could catch a proper breath. Rick used the movement to shift his hand from her skull to one of her breasts, giving it a firm rub as he splayed his two fingers inside of her and used his thumb to rapidly massage her clit, feeling the slippery mixture of her juices and his cum lubricate his movements very nicely. She moaned, a drawn out lusty groan as Rick rubbed in just the right way, she got to her knees, still leaving her upper chest pressed up against Rick's body as she tried to press herself back further onto his fingers, a whine of enjoyment escaping her parted jaws as he roughened his movements a little.
  116. "K-Keep going!~" -A ordered her voice unsteady as Rick continued to rub his fingers inside of her taut walls, fiery heat engulfed his fingers as she continued to drip into his palm, most of his cum replaced with her fresh fluid as she tried to push up on his hand with every backwards movement he made as he sped up more and more until he was rubbing her clit with some speed, taking care to be gentle but still relentlessly driving her towards climax, and climax she did her knees going weak as she let out an oddly high pitched squeak of alarm, her voice scattered with intermittent moans as she arched her head up, feeling countless ever strengthening pulses of pleasure as Rick continued to rub her entrance, randomly sliding one or more of his fingers in, feeling the way she moved and clenched up around him with orgasm. She soon collapsed in his arms, breathing heavily and truly spent by the three wonderful orgasms she had endured in the space of a few hours. Still though she longed for one more thing, closeness and Rick was more than happy to supply this, flicking off the lights and pulling the bedclothes over the both of them, avoiding the still slightly wet patch from their combined efforts, the tidy up could wait until sunrise as he wrapped a strong, comforting arm around -A and bought her close into a satisfying hug, burying his face in her furred neck as she let out a contented and quiet purr before pressing her muzzle up against his chest and entwining his fingers with her own as she got ready to sleep, no wisecrack comments about each others sexual performance as they both knew that they were equally skilled, just in different ways, -A was adept at practically decimating Rick's stamina and very straightforward about her wants and needs, Rick however was capable of teasing -A to the point of her leaping on him for release, and seemed to know just the right things to do to pleasure her immensely. The pair soon drifted off to a comfortable sleep in each others arms.
  120. A sixth round with -A. Happens during the second to last day the pair have on leave, frenzied and passionate as they prepare for their return to the watchful gaze of the Foundation, those cuffs are gonna come in useful.
  121. ---------
  122. It was the last day the pair had on leave and -A for one was horny as hell and begging for release, it was their last day until they were cast back under the all seeing eye of the Foundation and she wanted... no, needed to have Rick one last time before they had to resume their usual strict and measured behaviour, Rick had wound her up so badly in the past few days, the odd kiss or playful snuggling but nothing coming close to their earlier intimacy in the first week, the close environment and the way he seemed to just ignore her lust. As if he would allow them to pass back into Foundation custody without even so much as getting her off one last time. She sneaked upstairs while he was busy tidying up the cabin for their return to the sterile concrete and bright florescent lights of the Foundation facilities. She rifled through Rick's possessions until she came upon the item she was looking for, a set of handcuffs. Two metal loops joined by a stiff black rubber piece in between, much more rugged than the archaic chain link cuffs some people still used. She stripped off in readiness, already slightly wet and definitely aroused as she hid the clothes under the bed, unfortunately she had made a fatal mistake with the handcuffs, they had a fancy new mechanism that meant all you had to do was press the wrist loops against the wrists of the recipient and they would automatically snap into place, saved fumbling to clip them round an assailants arm in the middle of an apprehension. Unfortunately for -A she had just absentmindedly lent on the cuffs, both of her wrists in the right place and just enough weight placed upon them that with a sharp click they snapped into place around her wrists and she let out a surprised yelp as she was scrabbled for a key, stark naked and stuck in handcuffs. Even more unfortunate for her was the fact it needed Rick's keycard to open rather than any easily fake-able key.
  124. Much to her worry Rick was coming up the stairs after hearing her cry out and so she quickly formulated a plan, getting to her knees on the bed and positioning her self in a rather...expressive position she almost chuckled, this was perfect, Rick wouldn't be able to resist this and she could make it all out as being part of her plan in the first place. He reached towards the door in trepidation, wondering what would have caused such a strong presence to cry out in apparent pain, his worry building until he finally opened the door and rushed in before stopping dead in his tracks, almost falling over when he saw the state she was in. "This really isn't the place to be experimenting with some light bondage -A..." Rick said, hiding the relief he felt with a small grin and teasing shake of his head. "I'll get you out of em" he said smoothly and grabbed his keycard from the desk before maneuvering himself up on the bed to place the card over the identifier on the cuffs. Much to his surprise -A darted her head up to swipe the card from his hand, gently nipping at his fingers as he pulled them back out of shock. She now had his card gripped between her teeth, the cards (pardon the pun) had played right into her hands and as he made the mistake of leaning in close she brought her hands up and caught him with the rigid bar of the cuffs, using them to pull his face extremely close to her bone jaws, still clutching the keycard. She moved it to the side of her mouth and Rick moved forwards freely now. Planting a gentle kiss on her snout he then moved in and used his own teeth to grab the card and drop it in his hands. -A was sorely disappointed and rather upset that her rather erotic and obviously needy display hadn't garnered more than a hasty kiss. However as Rick unlocked the cuffs he leaned over, still holding them as he whispered seductively in her ear. "At least let me show you how to put them on properly~" he whispered as he gently pushed her arms behind her back and slid the cold metal links around her wrists.
  126. -A's disappointment soon changed, kicked straight into reverse in fact, as he fastened the metal bands around her furred wrists only one reason he would refasten them and that was precisely the thing -A wanted and she could feel a wet heat spread through her inner thighs as she watched Rick sit on the edge of the bed, he languidly slid off his grey shirt, MTF Commanders rank strip on his arm catching the light as he set down his Foundation issued shirt, marked with the diamond insignia for Project:SPECTRE, -A wore the same symbol on the arm of her shirt, not that she was wearing it now as she was practically salivating over the way Rick undressed. Slipping off his digital camouflaged combat trousers to reveal a distinct bulge through his underwear, her tail swished across the bedsheets as she waited for him to approach and approach he did taking hold of her skull as her breath came hot and heavy across his arms. He ran two fingers across her sharp teeth, feeling the way the points of her canines pricked his finger. She parted them very slightly as he placed one of his fingers inside of her jaws, feeling her tongue, slick with saliva twitch as his fingertip brushed against it, cool and wet under his mildly warm finger. He parted her jaws even more as she gazed into his gentle eyes, she didn't know quite what he was doing but she did enjoy the contact nonetheless. She flicked her tongue out a bit more, around an inch and a half poking from between her front teeth, it was admittedly cute and more than a little erotic, she could coil that tongue of hers quite firmly around an object and possessed fairly decent dexterity with it as Rick knew all too well, blushing at the steamy memories. Embracing the sensual past he moved behind her and gently pushed her down on the bed, making sure her head was supported by the pillows as she excitedly maneuvered herself into a comfortable position, her hands locked behind her back as she presented herself to Rick, flicking her tail to the side invitingly to expose her already wet entrance, she was aroused as ever and just wanted him to get on with it.
  128. Rick moved himself forwards to position the tip of his dick just in front of her tight slit, giving her a gentle rub with his thumb to check there was enough lubricant for a good time, of course his thumb came away positively soaked in her juices and he took this as a very good sign. Slowly moving his hips forward until just the very tip of his cock penetrated her, her usual cold lips offering firm resistance for the first bit of pressure until they wetly parted around the head of his dick and he slid inside. Damn this was perfect, he preferred her cold, tender wetness rather than the sticky warmth of an after shower session, and so did she as it amplified the pleasure quite intensely, feeling the heat of his cock warm her insides to the point that when he came she swore she could feel each individual lashing of steaming cum against her walls. He was being much too slow for her liking however and so with no small effort she spoke, her voice muffled by the pillows under her skull as they pressed up to her nose slightly. "Please. Stop with the teasing and just fuck me~" a muffled groan, lusty and needful as Rick moved to comply. He sped up to a decent pace, feeling her tight, cold walls clench around his cock with each thrust he made, the sensation and texture truly wonderful. -A herself just lay there, unable and unwanting to form a coherent thought, for once she was able to just lie there and let Rick do the work, she felt slightly selfish but hey it wasn't like she could do anything with these handcuffs on anyway, and she didn't exactly ask for them either. Her breath soon left a wet patch on the pillow as Rick plowed her, her entire body pushing up against the beds headboard with each thrust Rick made. He himself was loving it, feeling her squeeze and shift around his slick shaft as he grabbed her by the waist and fucked her, his hips smashing against her buttocks with each frenzied thrust, just as she had ordered.
  130. -A herself was holding back moans as Rick drove her to orgasm amazingly quick. She could already feel the first few sparks of pleasure shoot up her spine as he thrusted, each rough push of his dick sending another crashing wave of warm ecstasy through her mind. He continued, not slowing one bit as he continued on his goal to make her come, his own climax seeming unimportant in contrast as he reached down to rub her clit with his thumb as he continued to thrust. This almost sent her over the edge at once, the deep waves from inside contrasting with the sharp, aching external bliss he was giving her, each minute seeming to last an eternity as she finally climaxed, her walls tightening around his dick, as she strained at the cuffs, the metal digging into her flesh as she cried out, still muffled by the pillows as she closed her eyes, focusing on controlling her breathing as each pulsing wave of orgasmic bliss washed over her, making her feel all tingly and warm, loved and completed as Rick withdrew, he knew she had came not by the sudden increasing pressure and rhythmic clenching around his dick but the way she had completely tensed up, almost shaking as she pressed herself into the bed, jaws parted and eyes tightly shut as she tried to form words, all that came out was a low groan of satisfaction. She came around fairly quickly, her breathing settling down and body relaxing, her mind was still buzzing with the rush of pleasure and warmth she had just experienced. Still however Rick wasn't quite finished as he shifted angles, and targets, he gently rubbed at her pussy, coating his finger with her fluids as he moved on to her ass, using the well lubricated finger to gently tease her opening as he spread her ass gently, she helped by shifting her knees apart and taking a wider stance on the bed. He rubbed at her clenched pucker, coating it with the liquid as he pressed the tip of his dick against her asshole, stroking her waist gently to help her relax.
  132. He pressed in tenderly, feeling her tight asshole clench up around his cock and a gasp issue forth from her parted jaws, each time he felt a little too much resistance he stopped and tried to add some more lubricant to his shaft before he continued. Soon he was up to the balls in her ass and started to slide out again, feeling her ring clench wonderfully tight, squeezing a dribble of precum out of his length as he trusted back in again, soon he had a good rhythm going and moved his hand from her waist to her slit, giving her a vigorous fingering as he continued his thrusting, making sure not to be too rough and accidentally hurt her. -A herself was having a great time, purposefully clenching her ass at random to give him a blissful massage as he thrusted into her icy depths, even colder than her pussy he felt like he felt the cold pleasure of her smooth insides coupled with the intensely tight clenching of her actual asshole as he continued, nearly orgasming as she pushed back. He paid particular attention to her clit as he constantly edged himself inside of her, he knew if she climaxed the uncontrollable clenching of her ass would soon bring him to orgasm as well. And orgasm she did, feeling both unusually full up with his dick and crashing jolts of pleasure from his skillful fingers. She soon climaxed once more, feeling Rick continue to thrust and grind against her ass as she clenched up around both his fingers and cock, Rick's prediction was correct as even while -A moaned and stuttered with climax bringing her partner to orgasm just by the way she clenched up around him. He thrusted himself inside of her ass as far as he could before he pumped his thick load deep inside of her, feeling the heat contrast her cold walls as he came, each string of cum spurting forth with a jolt of almost painful ecstasy, a stabbing pleasure as he bit down on his lip so not to whine pitifully under the bliss he was feeling.
  134. After he reached the end of his climax he slowly withdrew, knees weak and hands shaky as a dribble of pearly cum slowly dripped out of her ass, he staggered over to where he had tossed the keycard, picking up the thin piece of plastic and pressing it against -A's cuffs, that sprung open to release her arms, she got to her knees and rubbed at her sore wrists before simply collapsing on the bed, allowing Rick to find her hastily hidden robe and drape it over her body, tying it tight as he slipped into his underwear and back into bed, yet again cleanup would have to wait till morning as he nuzzled close to -A's tired body as she placed an almost motherly hand on his back, her breath shallow as she still felt the aftermath of her climax. Soon slowing and relaxing as he snuggled close under the warm bedclothes. Drifting off to sleep as they enjoyed their last night of leave, tomorrow they would return to the Foundation, and take back up their duties, it'd be hard for them both to slip out of their casual love and back into the strict and measured routine the Foundation demanded of them.
  138. A seventh night with -A. Happens after a heavy firefight where the pair are rather tired but alas, -A has other needs on her mind before sleep which Rick is more than happy to help with.
  139. ---------
  140. It had been a tough day today, one of the Keters breached, she couldn't recount the exact number right now but it sure was huge, killed a fair few MTF until the higher ups decided to send both herself and Rick into the middle of the fight. A good decision on their part but one that was ultimately too late to save the ones they had lost in the gory battle. She wanted to cry, Rick had suffered only minor scrapes but she felt oddly angry at the commander's decision to deploy them so late when she could have helped in the initial wave. Rick himself was merely tired, his body aching and still wearing his full battle armour, complete with stuffy helmet, -A was also wearing a significantly heavier load of armor than before she couldn't wait to peel the Kevlar and steel off her body and relax in bed with her partner. Waiting impatiently outside of their door until Rick swiped his keycard in the small slot next to the handle, her keen ears hearing the clunk of the locking mechanism disengaging before the tiny light flickered green, as soon as the metal door opened Rick made a beeline for the bed, he almost collapsed on the bed before remembering, unfortunately he may be needed to respond to another breach if he and -A had failed to properly subdue the escapee. Groaning emphatically he forced himself not to give in and instead merely stripped off his armour. Unclasping the many clips on his shinplates and easing off the metal, he then slid the Kevlar off his thighs before removing the entire set, hanging it over his chair. "-A, can I have a hand here" he asked softly, patting the back of his Kevlar vest, he honestly couldn't bring himself to reach around from exhaustion, she walked on over, already having cast aside her own battle armour in the corner of the room she was more than happy to help. Deftly unclipping the vest from around him and helping him slide the bulky object over his head.
  142. He smiled, surprisingly warmly as -A carefully placed his armour down onto the same chair his shinplates hung off, the drab Kevlar standing out against the wooden chair. Rick sniffed experimentally at himself, "You get comfy, I'll just take a quick shower" he said, clearly not liking what he smelt, -A herself didn't sweat and so the combat wasn't nearly as uncomfortable for her as it was for Rick. Something she was grateful for as he got in the shower, shutting the door, not quite all the way but still enough that the bathroom was closed from outside view. The shower soon turning on with a rattle, water pattering against the tiles as Rick washed himself. -A bit back a giggle as he started to idly hum to himself, even her advanced processing power couldn't fathom what song he was trying to sing, her endurance failed when she heard the distinct sound of his feet slapping against the floor... he was dancing. She broke out into a fit of gentle laughter, pressing a clawed hand to her jaws as she tried to stop herself, but alas she only encouraged it further. A tear dripped from her eye as she laughed, biting one of her hands eventually to get her self to stop, chest rising and falling rapidly. The shower abruptly cut out and Rick opened the door with a small creak, he had got dressed into some grey underwear but that was all. Grey and it's variations was a defining colour in their Foundation life, grey floors, grey walls, grey clothes... the list went on and on. She didn't particularly mind and neither did Rick, it was just another of the things they had given up to protect oblivious humanity. It was worth it though, where else could he come home after a hard days work and find -A curled up on his bed, patting the empty space next to her. "Come, lie with me" she said sweetly, obviously having recovered from her earlier laughing fit. With her tail flicked over her leg and the cute little way she tilted her skull who was Rick to disobey, slipping into bed beside her.
  144. It was warm, especially with -A's furred body pressed up against his side, both soft and firm at the same time, her fur gentle against his skin and skin firm and reassuring as she wrapped an arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer. He could already smell her scent of machine oil and cinnamon, with a distinct metallic undertone. "Gonna have to stay up for another hour" he groaned, yawning as he cuddled up closer to her, it was indeed an hour until his combat shift ended and he could rest, the alarm call could come in at any moment and even though he doubted it he would still have to set an example, and falling asleep on the job wouldn't help. -A seemed to have a plan to keep him up, licking gently at his neck in a teasing manner, Rick immediately tensed under her tongue surprised and quite aroused at the same time. He turned his head sideways to see her bone snout pressed up against his neck, tongue flicking out gently to tickle his skin as she stared into his eyes, she paused as he looked at her moving her jaws a few centimetres from his skin. She was admittedly quite aroused and had been longing for him almost as soon as they had came back off leave, she understood that tonight unfortunately wouldn't be their night as Rick was already tired and aching, after an hour had passed he'd surely be asleep and she wasn't going to deny him that. He needed his rest anyway, much more than she needed relief. He seemed to reciprocate her affections, giving her a little kiss on the jaws, his lips meeting her teeth, unfortunately this wasn't quite enough for her as she parted her jaws and held the kiss, slipping her cold tongue into his mouth. Rick himself was surprisingly into it today, probably due to the tiredness draining his body only for it to be filled anew with the pleasure of -A's company, he pressed his face closer to hers, allowing her to do as she wished as she probed his mouth with her slick tongue, the surface of it smooth and slippery as she gently caressed his own tongue with hers.
  146. Rick already knew he was rock hard, the pressure of his erection taut against his underwear as he ran a hand through her silky hair and then lower, trailing his fingers down her neck and then her back as he shifted himself even closer to her on the bed, a muffled moan coming from his mouth as -A continued with her movements before withdrawing slowly, dragging her now warmer tongue from his neck to cheek erotically as she reached back with one hand to undo her bra straps, undoing the restrictive clothing and throwing it to the side, her sharp ears hearing the light thump as it hit the floor, her breathing was heavy and needy as she watched Rick, his confident gaze meeting her own passionate, lustful one as she pushed the bedclothes off her legs before genuinely leaping onto Rick, the bed creaking as she grabbed him, wrapping her arms around his back and nestling her skull into his collar. She started to cry, she was so grateful to have him, and it was such a startling change of emotion, she was suddenly hit with relief, love and acceptance all at once, yet again ever so glad she had decided to follow Rick into the physical world. She nuzzled closer to his chest, her skull pressing into his skin as she made a small, quiet noise of contentment. Her tears drying quickly as he held her gently in his arms, Rick himself was deeply touched by her open display of affection and heartfelt, he stroked her hair his fingers gliding over her skull as he gave one of her ears a tentative rub, -A's head shot up to fix her gaze on his face as he quickly removed his hand, fearing he had upset her. Much to his relief she butted her skull up against his still outstretched hand, sticking her tongue out cutely between her front teeth, the gentle rubbing of her ears was pretty amazing and she was overcome with a warm shudder, the lust that she had set to one side earlier came back with full force as Rick continued to rub at her ragged ears, they twitched and flicked a bit under his soft hands as she was unused to such stimulation.
  148. She lay back on the bed panting, removing herself from his arms and gently moving her ears away from his hand, she wasn't nearly finished though, as she reached up to his thigh, her nails tracing little lines in his skin, sending a pleasant shiver up his spine as he felt her sharp claws against his tender flesh, she was careful not to cut him and was very cautious of the positioning of her nails as she slowly reached towards his grey underwear. She used the palm of her hand to give him a firm rub through the clothing, a small spot of precum wetting her palm from his cock. She would have blushed if she could, however she satisfied herself with continuing to rub his dick through his clothes, each grind of her palm sending a soft spark of pleasure through Rick's body. He wasn't going to allow her to pleasure him without some reciprocation however and he moved his arm across hers, gently teasing her black panties. Already feeling a small wet line from where her juices had seeped into the fabric. Her breath warming his neck as she tried to thrust her hips up to meet his fingers, she went a step further and teased his underwear down his legs, slowly pulling the fabric loose. He lent a hand and maneuvered the clothing off his body, sliding it off his legs and tossing it to the side. He lay nude in the bed, undeniably erect and with one hand still gently rubbing -A's slit he was definitely in the mood for some action. And so was -A herself, panting and shifting under his hand as she tenderly gripped hold of his dick, feeling a small trickle of precum wet her fingers as she gave him a little pump with her hand, her firm grip bringing a fiercer jolt of pleasure forth from Rick's body, he took a sharp breath at this, -A's hand on his dick was a unique sensation, her beautifully warm palms contrasting with the cold, smooth surface of her nails where they occasionally met his flesh, an warm tingle passing through his body as she continued to gently tease him with little jerks of her hand.
  150. Since -A had been so forward he decided he should push a little further, he didn't take her panties off but merely gave her a gentle tease through the clothing and moved his hand down the front of them, making sure they didn't become too tight around her waist with the added pressure. The moist, warm fabric stuck to the back of his hand wetly as he curled his index finger round to gently tease at her clit, he knew he had found the right spot when -A's hand slightly tightened for a second around his cock. Rick was hit with a similar bolt of erotic pleasure as -A firmly rubbed her thumb over the tip of his cock, wiping up a bead of precum as she moved her hand away, momentarily shifting Ricks arm further into her panties as she bought her thumb to her jaws and used her long, black tongue to sensually lap up the salty sweet fluid, curling her wet tongue round her thumb to both clean it of his pre and moisten it somewhat as she moved her hand back into his lap. Stroking his thigh for a moment before she clasped her hand back around his dick, giving him another, slow and blissful stroke as he focused his attention back on getting her off. Playing with her lips as he pressed them together, forcing a trickle of wetness out from in between before he slowly spread them, using only two fingers as she shifted and groaned under his grip as he gave her a gentle massage, his fingers coated with her sticky, slippery fluids. She timed each pump of her hand with each blissful circle he made with his fingers, the harder he pressed the firmer she gripped as infuriatingly she felt her orgasm building fairly rapidly, rising waves of pleasure as she hadn't gotten off for at least two weeks and was begging for release. Rick was in a similar situation, the pair liked to be the one to get each other off, -A couldn't masturbate purely due to her sharp nails and unavailability of any objects she could use, Rick himself just didn't have the time and when he did he was alone with -A anyway. Why bother pleasuring yourself when you can make out with your partner instead?
  152. Keeping this in mind Rick started to explore -A's inner parts with his fingers, pausing in his sensual massage to ever so gently slide two fingers into her, curling them inside and waiting for her reaction. And what a reaction it was, a wavering moan came forth from her parted jaws, her body seemed to physically thrum with pleasure as the speed of her hand increased, she was now firmly jacking him off at a nice pace, increasing as he began to move his fingers in and out. Her lacy black panties were well and truly soaked, and so was Rick's hand as he sped up, trying to reach as deep inside of her as he could, feeling the texture and coolness of her walls rubbing against his hand as he thrusted the two fingers inside of her, he always made sure to keep his nails trimmed and filed for this exact reason, he'd hate to cause her any harm. It was cute how she squirmed and shuddered under his hand, her breath coming in quiet little moans, hot and heavy against his neck as she stroked his cock in the same easy motion, Rick felt mounting pressure and bliss fill his body as -A tensed up sporadically under his fingers. Her strong but gentle grip around his dick was amazing, and he could feel himself nearing orgasm as the wet slippery noises of their hands pleasuring each other filled their ears, interspersed by frequent moans from -A and slight groans and muffled encouragement from Rick. He placed his free hand over hers, slowing her rhythmic pumps as he tried to hold himself back from cumming, he wanted to at least bring -A to climax before himself. She slowed down her hand movements before moving herself back against his fingers, as he pushed them inside of her and gently rubbed her clit with his thumb she felt she could almost burst with the pleasure, her legs starting to shake slightly with the force of it, she was about to climax and so started jacking him off with a rapid tempo. He simply moved his head sideways to gaze into her eyes, her jaws were parted and she was heavily panting as she met his gaze, he was content to lie there, still working his aching fingers and thumb as his dick throbbed under her grip, another spurt of precum coating her hand as he started to instinctively thrust up against her.
  154. She came hard and hotly, feeling the rising bliss and jolts of ecstasy finally reach climax in one beautiful, timeless moment as she closed her eyes, the image of Rick's handsome face on her mind as she let go of his dick, lest she grip too hard with the force of her orgasm. She made a small, soft moan, one that definitely didn't do justice to the orgasm she was feeling. Instead taking a firm hold of Rick's wrist she rode it out, his fingers still thrusting and rubbing inside her as she clenched up, her slick, inner walls contracting around his fingers, massaging them gently and only serving to further force his fingers up to the last knuckle inside of her. As she reached her panting, moaning and quivering peak the all consuming ecstasy finally started to fade, leaving her tired and breathing heavily as Rick slowly withdrew his fingers. They were practically dripping with her lubricating fluids and he gingerly placed it back onto the bedclothes as -A reached for his dick again, she absolutely wouldn't let him go without finishing him off first, she got herself into a position in front of his cock, the mattress groaning yet again as she straddled his legs before placing her jaws just in front of his erection. She started to jerk him off, making his toes curl with bliss as he quickly reached his peak, being driven further and further by her gentle hands. His eyes were entirely focused on her as she parted her jaws, giving his length a slow, passionate lick before continuing to pump his cock with her hand. She could feel him reach orgasm, the way he thrusted and jerked his hips under her firm grip, coupled with the burning intensity of his eyes as he released himself. She was quite pleased that she had been able to get him off this easily, a testament to her love of him as he started to cum. Thick, creamy ropes of semen pulsing from his dick as fierce throbs of pleasure overwhelmed his body, she slowly massaged his shaft as he came onto her skull, most of the viscous seed landing in her mouth but some hit her upper jaw, hanging off her skull as she waited for him to finish.
  156. His rapid breathing started to slow as he dripped a final, sticky load onto her fingers. She moved in closer, his body buzzing with a warm afterglow as she licked off the cum that coated both his dick and her hand, the coldness of her tongue was a interesting sensation on such a sensitive place, she finished up by lapping the cum off her skull before pulling off her still damp panties and curling up close. Nuzzling against him as she pulled the covers over both of their warm and aching bodies. "You're the best -A, you know that right?" he said softly, still feeling the heady glow of post orgasm. "Yeah, I know" she responded cheekily, giving his cheek a gentle lick as her breath warmed his face. "Who would've thought it hey... me and you aren't the standard couple" he said happily, giving her snout a little scratch as she purred in pleasure. "I don't care, you're worth it to me. Ethics be damned." she said emphatically, as she wrapped an comforting arm around him. "Anyway, enough of that. You need your rest." she said gently, kissing his forehead as best she could before closing her eyes and dropping the stress off her shoulders. The only place she felt truly comfortable in was Rick's arms, safe and loved. She could feel him drift off to sleep remarkably quickly, their sex and the earlier combat obviously tiring him out and soon he was out cold. -A herself didn't need to sleep and instead used the time to relax in his grip, momentarily allowing herself to forget the worries she held for their future and instead embrace the strength and warmth of Rick's arms and the gentle sound of his breathing. She connected to the circuitry inside the lights and turned them off, plunging the room into a murky darkness, she could still see fairly well, if a bit dull however.
  158. The next seven hours were quiet bliss for -A, listening to Rick's steady breathing as she watched him sleep, it was a sweet gesture and one which made Rick feel safe. She rested a hand on his forehead, if she could she would smile warmly as she brushed his hair back and ran a hand across his chin, feeling very slight stubble. He shaved frequently as was Foundation custom, she didn't mind either way but it did make him look a little less rugged and more professional. She watched his chest rise and fall in the darkness, this was better than perfect. She felt at peace and almost tranquil in the dark room, it was soundproofed and so she couldn't hear the bustle and clattering of the staff outside, it was as if they were the only two people on the site. Her breathing was slow and calm, contented would be the best word to describe her at present, while Rick enjoyed a dreamless sleep she watched over him. Slipping out of bed to dress herself, careful not to wake him as she pulled on a fresh pair of panties and replaced her bra, leaving her armour by the side she pulled on her grey Project:SPECTRE shirt and combat trousers before sliding back into bed with him.
  162. An eighth night with -A. Both herself and Rick have some spare time on their hands, and -A feels a certain desire building, suffice to say Rick is going to ache the next morning.
  163. ---------
  164. It was their wedding night and -A had made sure to clear Rick's schedule for the entire twelve hours, he was more than happy to help her with the task, as of course a marriage must be consummated right? She could already feel a deep desire building and after their by comparison gentle masturbation session yesterday she hoped both of them would be able to last a little longer, she wanted all twelve hours of the night to herself, a tad selfish but something she knew he wouldn't at all mind. She was still wearing her black wedding dress, complete with a veil draped across her skull. They had only just exchanged rings and vows, the heavy tungsten carbide ring feeling already familiar on her finger. A little tracery of Rick's DNA sequence spiralled around the shiny black surface in tiny gold threads. Rick's ring was a matching one, but instead of his DNA it had lines and lines of ones and zeroes, her source code engraved in gold, both designs were made by none other than -A's own hands and she had laboured away in secret to forge the two beautiful pieces of jewellery. As soon as she had asked the question he had immediately agreed, it bought great joy to her hear to see the way he went from mildly on edge and fiddling with his rifle to overjoyed and warm. He settled down on the bed as -A removed her dress slowly, and lay beside him. She already lusted for him, his scent, the way he carried himself and most of all that slight bulge in his combat trousers. She licked her teeth in heady anticipation before she slid into the bed with him, before rubbing a black clawed finger up his strong jawline. He grinned before replying softly "Well... you know what couples get up to on their wedding night~" she fixed him with a firm yet playful gaze, making his breath catch in his chest "let me take care of that~" she purred seductively, tracing his chest gently with her hand, making sure not to graze his skin with her claws.
  166. Rick shivered slightly as she traced his jaw, her finger tickling his face as she sidled up closer, already feeling the telltale signs of arousal, warmth and a slight moistness between her legs as she reached down to take hold of his trousers, her breasts pressed against his chest and neck as she tried to ease his clothes off. Rick helped her a little, loosening his belt and pushing the rough material down past his hips, his underwear came off with the trousers, revealing his erect, throbbing cock. He truthfully wasn't as ragingly horny tonight as he was yesterday but the way her soft breasts pressed up against his bare skin was undeniably arousing, her nipples were quite a bit firmer than the rest and he was reassured that at least she was in the same fierce mood as yesterday. She wanted to do this properly and had already taken a hot shower to temporarily fix her internal heating, she couldn't exactly slip a finger in to check because of her claws, but if the pulsing, throbbing heat down there told her anything it was that she didn't really care. Fixated on pinning him down and indulging in the intimate pleasure of his body under hers, the feeling of him squirming and twitching underneath her crotch as she rhythmically bounced up and down on his cock. What she longed for the most however was the warm feeling of fullness after he came inside of her, it sated her lust and felt blissfully wet and sticky, it was a primal desire and one spanning back to the start of consciousness itself, the burning need to be bred and filled with her partners... now husbands seed. She knew she couldn't get pregnant but it was still more than fun to try. She had procured some lube from the engineering department and was more than certain he'd need it after the first few rounds, and boy were there going to be more than one. She'd make sure of it. This truly was going to be a wedding night to remember.
  168. She got herself into position, Rick's breath against her skull, hot, sexy and fueling the burning heat within her even more as she started off with some foreplay. Pressing her hands into the bed and straddling his hips as she sat forward on his crotch, his dick rubbing up between her muscular asscheeks as he felt the heat and very slight moisture of her slit pressing onto his waist. This position was one of her particular favourites as it put her in complete control of the situation, she didn't know the name for it but it was nice to stare down at his handsome face as she slammed her hips down on his dick, he'd sometimes take hold of her waist so he didn't cum too early but other times he merely stroked her back or simply looked up into her beautiful white eyes. She couldn't help but hump leisurely at his skin, feeling a small tingle of pleasure wash through her with each motion, another trickle of wetness spreading its warmth as Rick felt a bit more liquid on his waist. With each rolling movement of her hips Rick felt her ass rub up against his shaft, a clear trickle of precum dripping from his cock, he wanted this almost as much as she did now, his breath deepening and cheeks flushing as he lent up to kiss her cheekbone. The cold surface welcome against his lips as -A slowed and finally stopped her humping. "I've been looking forward to this even before I proposed" she teased, her voice smooth, feminine and lusty with barely a touch of static to it at all. She stroked his neck gently before leaning down to whisper in his ear, her breasts pressed hotly up against his bare chest as she spoke. "Lets get started then~" She raised herself up again, her arms providing ample support as she straddled him, positioning her slit above his cock as she teasingly rubbed his tip up against her lips, she was tense and felt herself pulse with anticipation as she dragged her entrance against his tip, feeling him already start to gently part her lubricated folds, her breath was shaky and she was almost drooling in anticipation. Rick had never disappointed her yet and she doubted he ever would.
  170. Rick caught a breath as -A gently skimmed herself over his cock, he could already feel her just gently twitch and fidget with the position of her legs to get more comfortable, the cheap mattress springs groaning and creaking under their combined weight as she ever so slowly lowered herself down onto him, she could feel his hardness pushing up against her entrance and then next came the blissful intimacy of him filling her, hitting all the good spots as she took him all the way, feeling a gentle wave of pleasure as she sank down on his dick and settled herself on top of him. What felt even better however was when she lent forwards to kiss his neck, tongue darting out as she nipped at his skin, the change in angle pressed his shaft up against her clit, making her breath involuntarily catch as the small shift of movement brought yet another wave of pleasure to the surface. Rick himself felt every second of it, from the begging when he was met with a gentle resistance before her lips parted and he slipped inside, the moist and warm confines of her pussy sent a tingle of firm pleasure up his body, cheeks flushing and breathing deepening as he felt every inch of her as she pressed onward, every slight twitch and clench around his cock was exquisite bliss as she kissed him, he felt in detail each millimetre she moved as her tight lips wrapped around the base of his cock. They didn't kiss deeply and erotically as before and Rick just stroked her skull, the smooth surface felt familiar and he swore he knew every crack and ridge on its surface, this was how their wedding night should be. Calm and intimate, focused on soft, gentle love rather than sheer pleasure and raw lust, of course both had their place here but for the moment she was more concentrated on being close as she repositioned one of her hands onto his shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze as she started to move slightly on his cock, her furred thighs pressed against his legs as she gently slid herself up and down. Rick felt steady, rhythmic bolts of tingling ecstasy spread from his dick and up his body, warm and comfortable as a loose strand of -A's hair tickled his face, her breath was hot and warmed his face as she started to speed up a little.
  172. -A felt Rick rub up against all the best bits of her, sparks and bursts of pleasure coming fairly quickly now, each one stronger than the last as she felt his heat and girth fill her. She always enjoyed the sound of sex, a wet sort of sticky noise with each thrust into her wetness, his strong flesh on hers, the gentle sound of both their breathing and finally the moaning chorus of her orgasm and the steady groan of his. She wanted to change positions a little as this one didn't allow her to get as much depth as she wanted and Rick helped her get up to a sort of sitting position on his cock, her knees still pressed into the bed as she straddled his hips but her back was much straighter and she managed to position herself at a very nice angle, this felt even better than before as Rick placed one hand on her hip, helping her stay stable as she started to properly go at it now, however Rick reached up with his right hand, left still on her thigh and softly cupped her breast, slowing her movements so he could get a better feel. Similar to what they had done in the shower a while back, as he gently teased her nipple. Now getting pleasured from two places -A was in bliss, looking down at Rick's well toned body, the barcode present on his left arm and the scar on his neck, this one she had accidentally given him herself. She loved him all, passionately. Rick felt much the same about -A, her skull and black fur, her gentle speech and sharp mind, he was truly glad she had chosen to marry him unofficial or not it still made him feel good, to know that she wanted to commit fully to him. He continued to stroke her breast, hoping that the way she tried to lean into his grip was a good sign, he gave her a good rub, tracing his fingers over her cleavage and gently pushing up with his palm, skimming her firm nipple. -A felt a warm flutter of pleasure each time he made firm contact, mixing in quite nicely with the way his cock massage against her g-spot, the pleasure was strong now, each wave bringing with it a tangible shudder and clench as she approached climax.Her movements getting more forceful and erratic as Rick moved his left hand to her clit, both toying with her nipple, fucking her and now applying such wonderful pressure she was overcome with ecstasy from all angles. "O-Oh god Rick~" she moaned shakily, crying out his name as she felt more pleasure than she had in a long while.
  174. She felt the pleasure build and build until it crashed over her in a fiery, indescribable heat, her mind focused only on the quaking bolts of pleasure and warmth she felt pulse through her body. She let out a small whimper of pleasure and clenched her legs together, squeezing him tightly as she came, Rick could feel the tremors and shakes from her body as she writhed and moved under his hands, her inner walls clenching up and pushing around his cock as he continued to both gently rub her clit while fondling her breast. Her fur warm and soft while her furless nipple was firm and achingly hot, she sort of shuddered on top of him, her breathing very deep and sensual as she stopped her twitches and relaxed a bit, the warm heat of orgasm still filling her body, comfortable and fuzzy as her fingers and the tips of her ears seemed to buzz with bliss. She didn't dismount him just yet as she wanted to finish him off, it was only fair in her mind that he came as well as her, and with this in mind she started to furiously hump his dick, she felt pretty good already, with him inside of her and her body still all hot and bothered from the orgasm. Rick was starting to feel a little friction, they had been going at this for quite a while and he didn't want it to get uncomfortable for her so he reached out to snag the bottle of lube with his hand, -A slowed her pace before completely dismounting his cock to sit on his legs, she was panting quite heavily and so he thought it best to be slow with the lube and give her time to catch her breath. He squirted a bit of the clear gel into his hand, it was pleasantly cool and slick as he coated his palm in it before applying some to his cock, slathering the lubricant over his shaft, he paused for a second before pouring on quite a bit more until his dick was coated in the stuff, -A had bought plenty of bottles and he thought it might feel interesting for both her and himself.
  176. After applying a very generous dollop of lube to his tip he snapped the lid back on the bottle and placed it within reach again. -A, having regained some stamina eagerly positioned herself above his lube coated cock before lowering herself down onto him, feeling the coolness of the gel and sheer amount of it as he slid quite easily into her, she had meant just to tease his head for a bit but inadvertently took him all the way to the hilt as he groaned in pleasure, the lube definitely helped, it was pretty good and on par with the natural, dripping wetness she usually exhibited, if a bit less watery and fluid. She started her easy, gentle rhythm of humping again but soon found that he slid out of her much too easily. "Too much lube?" he asked with a guilty smile. "Just a little" she said in agreement, chuckling along with him. Ah well, they'd know for next time, as -A slipped off Rick's slick cock and tried to wipe much of the lube off, she succeeded in getting most of it off and wiped her hands on the bedclothes, he tensed his legs a little as she gave him a gentle pump with her hand, just enough to focus him back on their intimacy rather than the mess up with the lube. Soon getting back into the steamy atmosphere of the moment -A continued to mercilessly pound him into the bed, slamming her hips down upon him with startling force. Rick liked it when she was rough, forced him to focus on nothing but her body and the pleasure she was forcing out from deep within him. He could feel himself about to cum and so did she, the subtle way he moved underneath her, the way he relaxed and surrendered himself up to her, tight wet walls grinding around his shaft as she sped up, trying to bring the maximum amount of pleasure forth from his body as she could. She herself could feel a pleasurable sensation herself, already ready for the next round as Rick started to gasp and shudder. She took him all the way, forcing herself on top of him as she gripped his hand tight, her claws digging in as she felt the first few throbs of pleasure, moving her hips in gentle circles as he came. Enraptured in ecstasy as he thrusted up against her on instinct, the lube from earlier coating both their thighs as he bit back a moan, failing as the throaty groan slipped past his lips as he released himself, waves of aching pleasure rushing through his body with each spurt of hot, sticky cum he blew his load inside of her, feeling the liquid coat his dick as she stroked his forehead, claws catching on his skin. This was exactly what she wanted, the warm, filling sensation of his seed filling her womb and splattering against her insides. Rick was still riding out the fierce climax, gently thrusting forwards, his eyes closed as she stroked his face, she'd gotten what she wanted for now.
  178. No wonder he'd climaxed so forcefully, she'd inadvertently been edging him for almost two hours. The reason he hadn't said anything was simple, Rick had no idea she hadn't planned to spend that long going at it and was happy to give anything she tried a shot. And by the way he was sweating, felt lightheaded and could barely move his legs she dismounted him, a string of cum and lube hanging from her crotch as she breathed a deep sigh of contentment and practically collapsed on the bed beside him, still in a hazy, comfortable state of bliss and relaxation as she pulled him close, nestling herself up against his side. The scent of sex, sweat and passion hanging in the air as she let him rest she decided to ask. "Why didn't you find a human partner...before I manifested?" She asked, not meaning to be overly probing but just curious. "Well-" he started, pausing to think for a minute, lying naked next to her, fur pressed up against his side and her skull resting on his shoulder, "I just never found the right one. Didn't put much effort in admittedly." he finished with a shrug, -A wasn't usually this introspective and it was an odd, but not unwelcome change. "Why me Rick?" she questioned, her voice was curious but soft as she watched his face. He didn't know quite how to answer, their relationship just felt right to him "I know you'll always be there for me, it just feels natural." he said gently, if she could blush she would have done at that statement. "Aww, that's so sweet Rick. You sure it's not cause I'm smoking hot~" she teased, a spark of passion leaping back into her voice as she finished the sentence, her bottom jaw resting on his shoulder. Nibbling his neck gently before she shifted around on the bed. She really wanted a second round with him but knew that he wouldn't really be able to enjoy it so soon after the first. After lying in silence for a good few minutes, basking in each others warm arms -A spoke to him quietly. "Why don't you get yourself cleaned up, have a shower and then come back to bed with me?" she said, and he dragged himself to his feet. He knew all too well what she actually wanted from him and so dutifully headed to the shower as she giggled slightly, he was rather easy to please and she liked that, it meant that they could both get off with relative ease together without trying desperately to accommodate anothers needs, they were very compatible together. Both of them were up for trying pretty much whatever, and although -A was definitely the kinkiest Rick was more than happy to go along with whatever she had planned.
  180. Rick was fairly sore and took the advantage of a shower to drag it out a bit, scrubbing the sweat and lube from his body as he tried to regain a bit of composure as -A positioned herself on the bed, she had some instructions for him as she heard the shower eventually cut off and saw Rick step out, toweling himself down before walking back to where she was kneeling. She in preparation had spread herself in doggystyle, licking her bone jaws in anticipation as Rick approached. She had tried her best to smear some lube wherever nessecary, as he'd just gotten out of the shower and she'd dried herself off on the bed. "Rick, use me however you like~" she panted "Just don't pull out... please" she said the last part emphatically, it'd be disappointing if he was going at her full force and decided he'd rather give her a facial than fill her with his warm, sticky cum as she so desired. He decided he'd stay pretty vanilla this time, it was nice that she was offering herself up to him like this, bracing on the bed in hungry anticipation for him, he positioned his tip up against her entrance already wet from the lube as he took hold of her waist. She was already moving back against him, teasing the tip of his cock as she gently rubbed her lips up and down its sensitive surface. Her tail did get in the way slightly as it almost smacked him in the face once or twice, especially when he unexpectedly thrusted himself as deep as he could go, sinking his cock up to the base in her cold insides, her walls grinding and rubbing all around his shaft as he gently started to thrust, bringing a small moan of satisfaction from -A's parted jaws. He remembered she liked it rough, even when she was being a little submissive and so delivered a firm smack to her ass, he was still quite gentle all things considered but even then it was a pretty tough blow. -A wasn't into the pain itself, it was merely the intense sensation and reminder that Rick was in control that she craved, it felt pretty pleasurable to have him thrusting in and out of her tight entrance yet again, but she was more focused on getting him off this time. And she was doing a damn good job of it, Rick already felt himself infuriatingly near to climax already, worsened when she clenched up around his dick after he gave her another firm slap.
  182. She felt him tiring, his thrusts were weak and breath coming hard as he tried his best to pleasure her. "Don't worry about me Rick" she said gently as she tried to reassure him, "Just get yourself off and we'll call it a day." She really didn't mind, and actually preferred it if he was honest and didn't force himself, their job was tough and he needed his strength for upcoming deployments. She also cared for his wellbeing, she didn't want him to feel like he was failing at anything, especially since this was the first time she'd really tired him out in the bedroom. He could feel the pleasure reach it's glorious crescendo and soon came inside of her splattering ropes of creamy, white cum into her, breathing deeply and quite satisfactorily as he finished within her, his cum heating her cool walls as he withdrew. "Sorry girl..." he apologised, as he collapsed back onto the bed with tiredness. "You have nothing. Absolutely nothing, to apologise for" she said firmly, taking him in her arms as she wireless dimmed the lights. She cleaned herself up with the towel before throwing it off the bed and snuggling up to Rick, "It's been a wonderful wedding night" she said gently as she stroked his hair. "I know" he agreed before yawning deeply and pressing his face into her warm furred shoulder, he was exhausted and felt his consciousness ebbing as -A stroked his hair softly, running her fingers over his scalp, careful not to graze him with her claws. She was rather content, still feeling a gentle, pleasurable warmth from earlier as Rick's breath heated her skin. She felt most comfortable with him in her arms, the calming snugness and pressure of her body against his. Kissing him on the forehead as he slept, inhaling his scent of gunsmoke and weapon lube, she couldn't stand the harsh smell of aftershave and after she'd mentioned her strong sense of smell Rick had quite sweetly changed to just wearing an unscented deodorant and -A was glad to be able to savour his clean, natural smell rather than the harsh pungent slap of perfumes and chemicals. She would have endured it anyway for Rick, but luckily she didn't have to, and she closed her eyes, holding him carefully in her arms as she waited for the next day to dawn.
  186. An extra Special Christmas Procedures night with -A, cute, comfy and much less dominant. The pair settle down by the Foundation standard issue hearth and enjoy each others company.
  187. ---------
  188. It was Christmas night and if you made your way up through the hundreds of metres of blast shielding, concrete and security perimeters you would find it to be snowing quite heavily, the heavy white blanket covering the isolated landscape. Silence broken only by the occasional crackle of a guards radio, muttered sentence or crunch of heavy combat boot on packed earth, on this particular night however you would find things a little merrier around the facility. Guards cracking jokes and sharing hip flasks, senior researchers looking down from their desks with a grin rather than a grimace, junior researchers laughing as they attempted to fill a barrel with warm cocoa from 294 while their friends looked on. Task force members sharing classified tales and playing cards, even a place such as this became a little more hospitable to mirth on Christmas night. Decorations hung up and presents delivered. A certain couple however hung back in their quarters among the merriment. As well meaning as they were they both knew full well that venturing out would quickly quell whatever parties or exuberant celebrations, making way for whispered controversy and rumors. Still, even this absence of others by no means meant the two were void of celebration and happiness themselves, there were a good few people that were on friendly terms with them, and so a fair few presents adorned the floor beneath the small plastic tree -A had so skillfully erected in a corner of the room, draped with a small string of lights and an even mixture of metallic red and green baubles, she had even dressed for the occasion, forgoing her usual black uniform and battle armour she was wearing a rather cute outfit, a festive red dress. Fairly tight on her body due to her height and rather firm musculature, a hole cut out of the bottom for her wolfish tail to hang out of, a small red fabric bow tied around the tip of it, adorned with a little golden bell. They had a fire roaring in the hearth, crackling and rather comforting, the smell of woodsmoke in the air.
  190. -A was currently cooking, an apron draped over her dress as she swished her hips from side to side, grinning a little as she seasoned and started to gently pan fry a single steak, she had learnt how to cook initially from Rick, however had soon mastered the art and very thoroughly surpassed him at this. Rick watched her cook with a gentle smile upon his lips, "need any help dear?" he asked, raising his voice a little over the sizzle of cooking meat. "Oh no I'm perfectly fine" she replied, the delicious aroma of the meat making his mouth water. Rick still walked over and began to give her shoulders a gentle massage as she continued to cook, her tail flicking up against his legs as she backed up just a little bit to press herself against him, turning her head to look him in the eye, licking her teeth in a more than suggestive manner. Quite obvious that she'd like to sink her teeth into much more than the steak cooking before her, fabric up against fabric as she breathed out in a shaky sigh. "Not while I'm cooking Rick, you don't want your steak burned do you?" she chastised him, he just chuckled in response finding it quite unfair since she was the one who had taken it further than a gentle shoulder massage. "I didn't say you could stop" she muttered, quite contradictory, turning back to the task at hand as he began to work at her admittedly tense shoulders, silky black fur and tense, hard muscle under his fingers as he gently worked his fingertips into her shoulders, feeling her relax and drop her shoulders slightly against him, leaning back up against him as he continued. Suddenly cutting things short she sniffed a little and moved forward, shrugging off his hands as she placed the steak on a plate to bleed while she prepared her own. Taking a large, raw slab of meat out of the fridge and gently seasoning it with an assortment of herbs, she placed it on an identical plate, taking Rick's cooked steak off the now bloody plate and licking it clean, washing her saliva off the plate under the tap before placing his steak back onto it.
  192. “So Rick” she said softly, her teeth bared in a gentle smile as she motioned towards the beautifully wrapped presents underneath the tree all tagged with names. Three moderately large boxes and two smaller looking packages, each sat quite nicely under the tree. “So let’s start with yours!” She purred ever so sweetly to Rick, who just smiled, he was wearing the same as always, grey Foundation shirt, grey digi-camo combat trousers and black combat boots, freshly shaven and with his dark brown hair kept in a neat, if a little rugged cut. His eyes a warm hazel as they met with -A’s milky white orbs. "Why not, pass one of the large ones up" he replied merrily, taking his combat knife off his desk with the clatter of metal against wood. She carefully passed up one of the larger boxes, it was from a certain Foundation researcher, Rick chuckled a little in response as he carefully slit open the wrapping paper, red and gold striped with a little green bow tied around it. He placed his combat knife aside and lifted out the proffered gift, it was deceivingly small, a little USB inside such a big box, -A's ears pricked forward and she gave it a curious sniff, she was about to ask what it actually was when Rick pulled out a small note, covered in neat handwriting. "Hello Commander Rick (and of course -A). On this USB drive you will find your SPECTRE training videos, just thought you two may like to reminisce over them one day. Enjoy!" there was no name signed on the card but they both knew full well who had sent it, -A chuckled a little before gently shaking her head. "Why don't we open the two smaller ones, they look fairly similar, I reckon they're addressed to both of us." Rick said smoothly, setting aside the USB carefully, they could watch it later in the evening sometime.
  195. A tenth adventure with -A. She pulled a muscle in her calf and insists Rick should try and relive the pain, however -A has another thing she'd like to be relieved from too. (If you aren't into a heavy foot focus skip to Part:11, just forewarning you)
  196. ---------
  197. Today Rick was slightly concerned, -A had been limping a little after training and it was something Rick hadn't seen before from her. It had worsened throughout the day too, starting out as a subtle twinge but had now become a full blown limp. -A herself had shrugged off all Rick's attempts to help and protestations that she should go to the medbay, she was stubborn like that and at least it gave the other MTF soldiers a break when it came to hand to hand combat training, break meaning she didn't throw them to the ground almost instantly, taking a good twenty seconds at most instead. The day had been long and the two were heading back to their quarters, -A still steadfastly refusing to go to medical as she limped towards Rick's bed, the day had been a long one and Rick went to shower as -A stripped off, the heavy clunk of armour plating hitting the ground as she cast it off, not even waiting to see if he stuck around to see her make a show of it. Rick himself did give her a glance over his shoulder to see her, legs parted and head tilted in a suggestive, cute manner as she sh
  216. A eleventh time with -A. She has a little surprise in store for him when he doesn't play by her rules. Suffice to say she doesn't want cum on the sheets.
  217. ---------
  221. An twelfth night with -A. This time Rick is a lot more focused on getting her off than allowing her to take the lead. Of course knowing -A she manages to anyway.
  222. ---------
  226. A thirteenth evening with -A. This time she decides some ropes may add to the fun and allow Rick to take charge, much to his enjoyment.
  227. ---------
  231. A fourteenth night with -A. She'd like to test out the new recruits and Rick is definitely happy to indulge in something kinky.
  232. ---------
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