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  1. The Journey Home (Working title)
  3. Introduction Video Text Summary:        
  5. *game screen is black, though voiceover dialogue starts*
  7. “Are you sure we should be doing this, John? We could get into serious trouble.” says Andrew.
  8. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Besides, we’ll be in an out in like 30 minutes. Nobody will know we were ever here.” John responds.
  9. “If you say so.” Andrew responds.
  10. *Game screen turns on, visuals kick in. John and Andrew can be seen entering the laboratory of Dr. Maxwell*
  11. “Lemme find the light switch so we can see what’s in here.” Andrew says. He feels around for it and finds it, flipping it on.
  12. “Oh, wow!” They say together. “Hey – check this out!” John adds, pointing towards something large in the corner of the room. The two walk to it to check it out. There’s a large tarp covering it, and a sign taped on that says “CAUTION: DO NOT TOUCH!”
  13. “I’m gonna take this tarp off so we can see what’s under.” John tells Andrew.
  14. “Go ahead.” Andrew responds. John pulls off the large tarp, and is immediately jaw-dropped. In front of him is a futuristic machine, with dozens of buttons and lever, below a screen. To the left is a sliding glass door, which seems to open to a chamber.
  15. “Oh, dude, this is awesome!” Andrew says. “Hey, I’m gonna go inside and check it out, don’t do anything stupid!” he adds, laughing. He walks over, enters the door, and shuts it behind him. John, wanting to have some fun for himself, starts messing with the buttons.
  16. “Hey, don’t mess around with that. Something bad could happen!” Andrew warns.
  17. “Nah, don’t worry. It’s not even on!” John responds, laughing. “Hey, I wonder what this lever does.” he whispers to himself. He pulls it down.
  18. Suddenly, a loud whirling fan kicks on from inside the machine. The screen lights up and the buttons light up too.
  19. “I think I just turned it on. You might want to get out before something bad happens.” John tells Andrew.
  20. “Alright.” Andrew says, heading back for the glass door. He struggles to slide it open.
  21. “What’s wrong?” John asks.
  22. “It’s locked! I can’t get out!” Andrew says, scared. A jolt of fear runs up John’s spine. He looks at the screen, and is frightened by what he sees displayed. The word “Activating…” appears.
  23. What could it be activating? John asks himself. He’s really worried. Suddenly, he realizes Andrew could be in danger.
  24. “Andrew! Whatever you can do try your hardest to get out! Please! I’m scared!” John screams.
  25.  “I’m trying!” Andrew responds.
  26. Suddenly, the fan gets much louder, and a flash occurs in the chamber. Andrew is gone.
  27. “Andrew!? Where are you!?” John calls out. He receives no response. He pulls up the lever, thinking maybe it would bring Andrew back from wherever it sent him. The machine turns off. John rips the door open and runs inside. Andrew is nowhere to be found. A mix of fear and extreme guilt hits John, and he starts to cry. He hears a set of footsteps behind him.
  28. “What are you doing in my lab!?” Dr. Maxwell says. John turns to face him, scared for his life.
  29. “I…I…” John struggles to get the words out. “I can explain later. But right now we have a bigger problem. I came here with a friend, Andrew. I turned on the machine by mistake and I saw a flash, and he was gone.” John explains.
  30. “Do you have ANY idea what you’ve done!?” Dr. Maxwell angrily asks.
  31. John is scared to respond. “I have no idea. Please tell me if there’s a way I can get Andrew back. He’s my best friend and I can’t live without him.” John tells Dr. Maxwell.
  32. Dr. Maxwell sighs. “What you activated was my experimental machine called the ‘Trans-Multiverse Transportation Machine.’ Right now, your friend Andrew is on Earth, but in another universe; an alternate universe. We can bring him back, but there’s a catch.” he tells John.
  33. “What’s that?” John asks.
  34. “You’ll have to go into the multiverse…”
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