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  1. List of challenge accomplishments
  2. Programming 1 Week 1:
  3. 1-1: Hello world
  4. 1-2: Other text output (and delays via sleep)
  5. 1-3: User input, Using user input in output, and using input with math and displaying the math's output
  6. 1-4: Numeric input, with multiple numeric outputs
  7. 1-5: Multiple numeric inputs that demonstrate the computer's ability to use the order of operations
  8. 1-6: Celcius to Fahrenheit conversion (and vice versa)
  9. 1-7: Created a table displaying the numerical units of computer number units
  10. 1-8: Demonstrated variable overflow and underflow
  11. 1-9: Made an addition calculator, proved integer overflow. Again.
  12. 1-10: Made a fake store that adds and multiplies better. And sells better stuff than Gentle Jerry.
  13. 1-11: Made a program that finds hypotenuse with pythagorean theorem
  14. 1-12: Made a name swapper (first to last, last to first)
  15. 1-13: Made a mythos security program
  16. 1-14: Made an hour converter from EST to PST   
  17. 1-15: Made a simple and truthful true or false quiz
  18. 1-16: Made a program that loves even numbers, and hates odd ones.
  19. 1-17: Made a program asking for a number to divide by, that generates 3 numbers to divide, and displays the result
  20. 1-18: Made a mean, lean, quote machine. (with error catching)
  21. 1-19: Made a machine that gives popsicles, and also can start the apocalypse (with error catching)
  22. 1-20: Made a magic 8 ball that's cooler than normal ones
  23. 1-21: Made a snarky doom clone (pick a difficulty, get remarks based on decision, and a random enemy count based on it)
  24. 1-22: Took my shop from challenge 1-10, gave it a gun, and a more user friendly interface. (error catching)
  25. 1-23: Made a terraria class build generator with some information
  26. 1-24: Made a "screensaver" that forces the user to hit the enter key a few times and messes with colors
  28. List of challenge accomplishments
  29. Programming 1 Week 2:
  30. 1-2-1: Made a program asking for a person to input an integer between 1-10, and got progressively more angry on every failure.
  31. 1-2-2: So this was just week 1 challenge 18... Making a quote machine, but with error catching. But I did that in the original challenge. So it's a link back
  32. 1-2-3: Checks every number, 0-100, and finds multiple of 10, then lists them all out in one string.
  33. 1-2-4: Does the same thing as 1-2-3, but starts at 10, and just adds on 10 until it reaches 100.
  34. 1-2-5: Week 1 challenge 22, but with error catching. Error catching that I already had. Infact mine is better than the example output to be honest
  35. 1-2-6: Made a guess the number game between 1-100
  36. 1-2-7: Made an array store 10 randomly generated values between 1-100. Put the array's contents in a string. Read the string.
  37. 1-2-8: Made a string reverser
  38. 1-2-9: Made a system that compares input to an array of string to say if something is in a lists
  39. 1-2-10: Generated random sales numbers and produced the minimum, maximum, and average of them.
  40. 1-2-11: Made a difficult lottery that requires exact matches to win
  41. 1-2-12: Made an easier lottery that just requires the same numbers to exist to win
  42. 1-2-13: Made a spam bot of helloworld using methods
  43. 1-2-14: Made a positive exponent calculator
  44. 1-2-15: Made a machine that calculated decimals to radians (in number form)
  45. 1-2-16: Made a factorial calculator
  46. 1-2-17: Made a machine that displays the multiples of a first input, up until it reaches the second input.
  47. 1-2-18: Made a prime number checker
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