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  1. As Stalk was stroking the long meaty cock of Kronie-sama, there was the thought of doubt lingering in his mind, "Is this right? Does Kronie-sama love me?" But all doubt in his mind was quicky erased once Stalk devoured Kronie-samas glorious cock. It was a mythical cock, one fit for the gods. It was the perfect balange of length and girth. Stalk could think of nothing else but drinking the nectar of the gods, otherwise known as Kronie-sama semen. Stalk continued to slurp on Kronie-sama cock until he could take it no more. He wanted, no, NEEDED Kronie-sama inside of him. He grabbed hold of him by the cheeks, looking him dead in the eyes, saying, "I want you so bad". Kronie-sama obliged Stalk s request, gently inserting his cock into his tight virgin asshole. The tight, warm pleasure suffocation his cock almost caused him to cum as quickly as he entered, but Kronie-sama took deep breaths and controlled himself. He slowly began to go in and out, making sure he wouldnt hurt Stalk. As Kronie-sama began to go deeper and deeper inside of his anal cavity, Stalk let out a quiet "EEP", almost sounding like a mouse. Kronie-sama asked if anything was wrong. Stalk replied with, "I want you deeper". Kronie-sama obliged, proceeding to stuff his glorious man meat pole deeper and deeper, hitting Stalks prostate with every pump. His pace increased in speed, resembling an oil drill drilling for Stalks sweet sweet anal milk.
  2. Stalk began to wince, begging Kronie-sama to slow down, but Kronie-sama would not listen. He went harder and faster, his vision going white with pure ecstasy and pleasure. Kronie-sama reached the point of no return. His glorious cock exploded with what seemed like gallons of semen inside of Stalks anus. Kronie-samas glorious semen would soon over flow out of Stalks anus, causing it to leak all over the bed sheets. Lost in the heat of the moment, Stalk, like the filthy cum hungry animal that was unleashed, began licking up the semen from the sheets, without hesitation. Kronie-sama, so turned on by the fact Stalk was drinking his own semen, violently grabbed Stalks face, and shoved his meat pole down Stalks throat. Kronie-sama shoved the glorious cock of the gods far down Stalks throat, sliding it harder and deeper with every thrust. He couldnt take the sheer amount of blinding pleasure any longer, and unleashed a second load deep into Stalks stomach. Stalk, now covered head to toe in Kronie-samas glorious semen, soon realized what he had done. Instantly, a sickening feeling of regret, shame, fear, and dispair overcame him. He curled into the fetal position, tremoring at the realization as to what he had just done. Kronie-sama, oblivious to the hell going on into Stalks mind, spooned with him, licking him on his ear lobe, whispering, I'll see you in the morning sweetie, goodnight.
  3. As the lights went out, Stalk quietly slipped from the grasp of Kronie-sama, creeped to the bathroom, and looked at himself in the mirror. He felt shame and disgust. and did the only thing that he felt right. He wrote his suicide note with the semen left on his face, broke the mirror into shards, and cut his throat open. Blood, semen, and shame covered the floor. Kronie-sama did not notice until the morning. Overcome with greif, Kronie-sama lived the rest of his days in solitude, vowing to never fuck another man again. In the same cold, dark room that once had the body of Stalk lying on the floor, now holds a shell of a man, who once had everything, a man to romance with, pony plushies by the dozen, and ky jelly by the bottle. With nothing left to live for, Kronie-sama reached for the very same mirror shard that Stalk used to end his life, and used it to end his own.
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