China Telecom and Warner Bros Hacked! | SwaggSec

Jun 3rd, 2012
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  1. /* Don't Wanna Read? No problem skip to end. */
  3. ______ ______
  4. / _____) / _____)
  5. ( (____ _ _ _ _____ ____ ____( (____ _____ ____
  6. \____ \| | | (____ |/ _ |/ _ |\____ \| ___ |/ ___)
  7. _____) ) | | / ___ ( (_| ( (_| |_____) ) ____( (___
  8. (______/ \___/\_____|\___ |\___ (______/|_____)\____)
  9. (_____(_____|
  11. ## Hacking Today for an Entertaining Tomorrow.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen,
  15. I give you tha' biggest ISP hacked. We owned their Chinese ass. So we got all 'em Chinese up in our shit, screwin' with the Pentagon...What do we do notin'? Wrong mofo, you call up SwaggSec and tell 'em to hack China Telecom. We own their asses. And know what they do, when we leave them a little message? Nothing, they don' tell anyone. They just move their shitty SQL serva' and preten' it's all over. But with SwaggSec it's never over. We give 'em the taste of the people, the people they don' care about. And it's funny, now what's going to happen? All their passwords in the hands of the people they don' care about? What do you is gonna' happen? We gonna' laugh as we end them once and for all. Oh and we don' stop with one hack, they have a slow ass serva' anyways. We hacked Warner Bros too. Not just some lil' webserver, we hack the whole intranet. We see how they work and all. Funny thing, is that Warner Bros' IT knew about the hacks, according to their data and did nothing. They don' give a shit. Now they gonna' get their ass owned.
  16. Hacking China Telecom, was as simple as we assumed it would be. As BBC reported, China and Brazil are the most vulnerable to a cyber attack. I assume China neglected the international news source's article. China Telecom's SQL server had an extremely low processing capacity, and with us being impatient, after about a month straight of downloading, we stopped. However, a few times we accidentally DDoS'd their SQL server. I guess they thought nothing of it, until we left them a little message signed by SwaggSec. They realized they were hacked, and simply moved their SQL server. No changing of admin passwords, or alerting the media. At any moment, we could have and still could destroy their communication infrastructure leaving millions without communication.
  17. Warner Bros' also approaches the same technique of confidentiality and ignorance when it comes to their own security vulnerabilities. When we hacked their intranet, we were surprised to see their IT department's well documented "confidential" data about the "critical vulnerabilities" on their servers and sites. However, their IT department's ignorance to fix any of the vulnerabilities they were aware about, granted us complete access to their servers. Although we were going to include a much larger leak from Warner Bros, we decided to stick within our time frame in hand. Besides, there are plenty of other ignorant companies to own.
  18. In the torrent below, you will find over 900 admin users for China Telecom. The login for this resides at http://www4.chinatelecom.com.cn/sxgz/login.jsp and we encourage you, the people, who China Telecom ignored, to access and tamper with their data. The torrent also contains a more in depth statement about China Telecom, and all their databases and tables. Warner Bros also makes an appearance in the torrent, with another in depth statement, and all their critical "confidential" IT data, and some other miscellaneous data we decided to quickly throw in from their server. Remember, damage is bliss and I trust those who read this, will do so. Without further hesitation, the leaks.
  20. The Hackers with Swagger,
  21. Swagg Security
  22. Torrent to China Telecom and Warner Bros Leak and Dump(Please Seed):
  23. -:- http://thepiratebay.se/torrent/7325996/China_Telecom_and_Warner_Bros_Leak___-_Swagg_Security_- -:-
  25. /*Ignore the description of the torrent on ThePirateBay, they screwed it up*/
  27. http://twitter.com/SwaggSec
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