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  1. It's been 3 years since the album, and I tire of music pretty fast, but apart from Watain and Deicide, this is the only band I periodically come back to because I just can't get enough... how good of an album can you make? this album is just the magnum opus of all satan-oriented extreme metal. it's just captivating.. you can tell that Adam Darski isn't there... its pure Nergal.. the subsconscious pure, mature hate. The band members are only tools, for the subconscious entity that is the album, to realize itself on this plane.
  2. As the album progresses, a dimensional vortex opens takes you to the barren lands of pure, sinister, half-nihilistic luciferianism. it's just a grand, big ritual; one that only those whose souls have been enlightened by the lightbringer will understand.
  3. Can they top it in the next album? I hope so, but then again this album will always be a favorite.
  4. "I saw the virgin's cunt spawning forth the snake"
  5. "for thine is the kingdom, and the glory, FOREVER!"
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