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Tokyo Hot n0791 - The Enslavement - Chisato Ayukawa (AVI)

underwork Oct 24th, 2012 492 Never
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  1. [IMG]http://picsee.net/upload/2012-10-24/86e04af4a0a7.JPG[/IMG]
  2. [b]Tokyo Hot n0791 - The Enslavement - Chisato Ayukawa (2012) [/b]
  3. Tokyo Hot n0791 鮎川千里 鮎川千里東熱流ガチ中出し Chisato Ayukawa
  4. It is a fair and plum body. The beautiful Bakunyuu & leg also seem to be delicious! The masochist meat slave CHISATO AYUKAWA just arrived. Because she is a genuine masochist who feels when fucked badly, she is delighted and hang down pussy juice even if she receives any treatment. It tasted a stinking semen and drunk up. She licked man's anal and made service. Because the training is perfect, it copes with a hard play immediately. Please make fuck in great numbers and tire a pussy. Indecency of the figure which is restrained and is in agony is the optimal also as an object for admiration. It is selling it at a bargain price now. The use after making PISS SHOT in front and making to promise the obedience to the master is recommended. CHISATO who is fixed the hand at the back is an expression already felt. She makes alluring pant voice when finger fuck is made shortly by crawl on all fours. Immediately after, a pink pussy is exposed in by the open leg pose.
  5. [b]Studio:[/b] Tokyo Hot
  6. [b]Category:[/b] JAV Uncensored / No Condom
  7. [b]Starring:[/b] Chisato Ayukawa
  8. [b]Language:[/b] Japanese
  9. [b]Size:[/b] 1.01GB
  10. [b]Length:[/b] 01:49:21
  11. [b]Format: [/b] AVI
  12. [b]Video: [/b] 720x404
  14. [b]Screens:[/b]
  15. [URL=http://imagetwist.com/qjqhcj1oc5n0/TH791.jpg.html][IMG]http://img15.imagetwist.com/th/02282/qjqhcj1oc5n0.jpg[/IMG][/URL]
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