My PC Problem

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  2. CPU-Z Report - PC Details
  3. Voltage & Temperature Charts - Taken fro HWInfo logs that ran just up until the PC crashes while playing Minecraft.
  5. I ordered some hardware from your good selves in December as part of a PC build and have had a pretty serious problem every since assembling the PC (i have a new baby so finding the time for getting tech support is difficult!). Would it be possible to get some guidance on trying to isolate any hardware that might be causing the issue? The links above are to the PC's details and some charts of relevant sensor readings during a short session of Minecraft when the PC crashed with a black screen but with power still running.
  7. Amazon bought components:
  8. System Power 9 600W PSU
  9. MSI B450 Tomahawk
  11. The components I bought from Overclockers are:
  12. AMD Ryzen 5 2600
  13. Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 56 Pulse 8GB
  14. Team Group Vulcan T-Force 16Gb (2x 8GB) (TLGD416G30)
  15. Phanteks Enthoo Pro M Glass Midi Tower Case
  17. Symptoms:
  18. At random intervals the PC screen will go black and...
  19. PC will be unresponsive (the num lock light can't be swtiched off/on for example)
  20. Sometimes sound will continue to be played from a computer game for example
  21. It is sometimes associated with starting up an application or say opening a menu within a game or when logging in to Windows.
  22. I can replicate the issue while playing Minecraft for a short while.
  23. Rarely, I get a BSOD instead.
  24. At various points it has run fine for say a week or two and then I start getting the black screen consistently within an hour of logging in or at login.
  25. While browsing the internet (e.g. while writing this post) the black screen seems to be less likely to occur.
  27. What I've already Tried:
  28. Replaced graphics card.
  29. Stress tests (e.g. Furmark, prime85) don't seem to trigger the issue.
  30. I've run a full Memtest overnight and it found no problems with the RAM.
  31. I reinstalled windows to ensure clean drivers
  32. BIOS has been updated to more recent version (not sure if latest anymore)
  33. Radeon Driver Updated to recommended version.
  34. Re-seating the GPU - still get black screen.
  35. Re-seating the heat-sink - still get black screen
  36. Switching the RAM locations and using each of the RAM sticks in turn - still get black screen
  38. If you have any suggestions of a way to eliminate the hardware I bought from you as an issue I would be glad to give it a shot.
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