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  6. It was spring — late enough that the Ohiyo River was ice-free once more, but still too early for any birdsong more flowing than the sporadic 'ratatat' of a red-headed woodpecker. Bigtooth aspens shivered in the breeze, their white and black speckled branches showing the first green hints of summer-on-the-way. The morning sun greeted those baby leaves as it peeked into the Ohiyo Valley, setting down its rays on a muddy forest floor that was frost-free for the first time in months. Nature's winter sleep was coming to an end, but for some, the return of birdsong and the filling-out of aspen leaves would not be enough to guarantee a season of plenty.
  8. For some, a more personal connection with the earth was required.
  10. A ritual.
  13. Kariwase walked alone with an otter hide medicine bag slung over his shoulder. Riverside gravel crunched underneath his moccasins as he sauntered alongside the Ohiyo. His leggings were soft deerskin, his tattooed chest was bare save for an arrowhead necklace, and his dark hair was styled in a tufty mohawk. He kept his hunting eyes peeled as he walked along the riverbank; the place he needed to be was not and would never be on any map — it was a place one could only find through a personal connection with the Valley. Or at least a personal connection with its landmarks.
  15. When he came upon an aspen rubbing against a water-weathered boulder, Kariwase turned off of the riverbank and followed a path of trampled undergrowth deeper into the forest, striding through the web-like shade of the branches above. There was a story among Kariwase's tribe — that the forerunners of the ritual had walked the path for so long that their footsteps remained after their deaths, ceaselessly walking their practiced route and leaving behind a trail for their descendents to follow. Kariwase, being one of those descendents, bowed his head in silent appreciation as he moved along the winding path to his destination: The Glade
  17. The Glade, though fertile, had no grass. There was only mud so soft and dry that a man could walk across in his moccasins and have them gather nothing but a few grains of sand while leaving nothing but the soft imprints of their soles. But doing such a thing was sacrilege — The Glade was hallowed ground that demanded a man enter its sacred circle on equal terms with nature itself.
  19. Which is why Kariwase, when he came to the tree line separating Glade from forest, stopped to take off his moccasins, his necklace, and his leggings. He removed the medicine bag as well, but not before taking from it a ceramic dish, a mortar,  a pestle, a palm-sized waterskin filled with melted ice from the Ohiyo, and an assortment of special herbs and spices.
  21. Crouching down and setting up the mortar and pestle, he emptied the water and ingredients into the bowl before mashing both together into a near-liquid paste. The paste went into the dish, and the dish went to his lips as he gulped the mixture down, grimacing as the bitter taste slithered over his tongue like a legless centipede. He clenched his teeth and closed his eyes,  forcing himself to stomach the foul concoction. After a few moments of testing his iron will (and his iron stomach), he eased open his eyes and stood up.
  23. He was on equal terms with nature itself.
  25. Though there was still a residual winter breeze in the air, he felt nothing but warmth on his naked body as he stepped into The Glade. The mud was especially warm against the soles of his bare feet as he strode towards The Glade's center. The sensations of heat came to a head at his groin; his cock stiffened with blood, the long shaft swaying in time with his strides.
  27. Arriving at the center, he went to his knees, resting his palms on the ground and stretching like a cat. Humming with ritualistic reverence, he dug his fingers and toes into the mud, wiggling them and feeling the soft, loamy soil rub between his digits. With one long breath he shifted forward, lowering his hips until his cock brushed the ground and pushing out his chest until his head tilted up to the sky. Another breath, and he let himself fall forward, resting both stomach and forehead on the ground. With his lips centimeters from the mud, he closed his eyes and whispered:
  29. "Mother Genesee... reawaken. Your children need you once more."
  31. Kariwase circled his palms on the ground as he raised himself to a kneel, humming deep within his throat as he brought up his hands and rested them on his thighs. He took a breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. He opened his eyes.
  33. The mud before him was rippling like stillwater in the rain. Though the earth moved, there was no noise behind it — all Kariwase could hear was the quiet rattling of aspen branches in the breeze. The rippling mud began to rise, throwing up chunks of earth and strands of vegetation that gathered on top of each other, slowly building up and taking a female form.
  35. And what a form it was. Her earthen skin was the color of kilned red clay yet looked smooth and soft to the touch. She rose above the kneeling Kariwase, a head taller even though her knees were hidden beneath the rippling mud. Her thighs, however, seemed thick enough to support the rest of her without the help of a set of lower legs, which was impressive considering her massive bust — gently drooping with its hefty weight. The rest of her body was slim, save for a pair of rocky, glove-like hands that looked strong enough to turn boulders to gravel in a matter of seconds. In contrast to her imposing fists, she had a face both gentle and feminine, with a pair of green eyes that matched the small strands of creeper highlighting her dark brown hair.  
  37. She was Genesee, Kariwase's incarnation of the mother of the Valley.
  39. Kariwase looked up, his body shivering with longing as he beheld the earth elemental. Though her full, curvaceous body promised a spring filled with life and new birth, her face still bore the mask of winter. She looked down at him, her vine green eyes half-lidded and her soft brown lips drawn in a cold line.
  41. "Why did you leave me," she said, the words flowing out soft, low, and wispy like wind through a cave mouth.
  43. Kariwase bowed his head. She always began with those five words, and the response he gave was just as routine: "We did not leave. We remained in the valley while you slumbered."
  45. "You left me to the cold."
  47. "We cannot raise our fists to the skies and demand the snow keep itself in place. We can only stay by your side and pray for your return."
  49. "You take my blessings for granted."
  51. Kariwase knelt further down and laid his hands on the ground. "Never. My people and I never take the gifts of the land for granted. We cherish your generosity more than anything the flames or the lakes or the winds have to offer."
  53. "A grand claim," Genesee said.
  55. Kariwase looked up again, his face hard-set. "What will I have to do to prove that grand claim?"
  57. Genesee stood silent for a moment, her green eyes locked with Kariwase's. Then she leaned back, her rocky hands hitting the ground behind her with two dull thumps as she balanced herself on her arms and thrust out her chest. Her cleavage turned from a crevice to a valley as her great breasts rolled with gravity, and her nipples — dark as farming soil after a fresh rain — stood stiff and firm in the chilly air. She gently swayed her torso from side to side, letting her huge mounds roll about as she looked into Kariwase's eyes and gave her answer:
  59. "Take away this winter cold. Give me your warmth."
  61. Kariwase bowed his head and planted his lips on the ground. "If that is what you desire... then I shall provide it."
  63. Raising his head, Kariwase crawled towards Genesee, his cock swaying in tandem with his shifting legs. She stayed stone-faced as he glided forward and laid his hands on the curves of her hips. The smallest "hm!" slipped past her soft brown lips when he circled his palms over her warm, smooth skin, gently dimpling her curves and letting his slender fingers brush the cusps of her round ass cheeks.
  65. "Your body hasn't lost a grain of its beauty since last summer," Kariwase whispered, one hand drifting down to trace over Genesee's thick thigh while the other slid up the slim curve of her waist. She offered no words in response, but her lips twitched as his hand reached her chest and pushed into the warmth and softness of her breast, while the slightest hint of mantle red spread on her cheeks as his lower hand brushed over the mess of moss marking her groin.
  67. Kariwase eased forward, letting the tip of his trickling cock brush against Genesee's thigh, kissing it with a clear strand of precum. His motions turned forceful. He cupped the bottom of her breast, gently wiggling the handful soft, warm flesh between his fingers before shifting upwards and training his thumb on her nipple. As he teased the little dark pebble, his lower hand slid down over her moss, the fuzzy vegetation tickling his fingertips before they felt the warmth and slickness of her smooth outer lips. He stared into her green eyes once more, looking for a reaction as his fingers — hooked and primed for delving — slipped down and rubbed against her clit. Her eyes said nothing, as did her lips, but he could feel the gentlest of shivers arcing through her body as he caressed her.
  69. A small smile twitched onto Kariwase's lips. "Is this warmth enough for you?"
  71. Genesee kept still and silent, but a twitch of the eye betrayed the thoughts behind her face.
  73. "Come. Tell me what you want," Kariwase said, giving her breast a squeeze and enjoying the sensation of her soft, bountiful flesh spilling over his fingers. "Unless... you want me to guess?"
  75. With that, he took his hand away from her nethers, the abandonment causing a flash of a frown to appear on the elemental's face. However, she still refused to respond with anything more than her involuntary shivers of pleasure, even when Kariwase brought his free hand up and mashed it against her other breast, fondling and squeezing both together with a muffled sound of shuffling skin.
  77. "A life-giver like you must be proud of such treasures," Kariwase said, gently smiling up at Genesee. "I'm sure you would appreciate my warmth the most if it was given this way..." Taking a breath and closing his eyes, he leaned into the elemental, wrapping his lips around one of her teats and letting his cock slide between her thighs as he rubbed up to her.
  79. Genesee's fertile, earthy scent filled his nose as he mashed his face against her chest, her breast subtly contorting in time with his fondling hand and suckling mouth. This close, he could almost hear her molten heart  thumping away beneath her skin, its pace quickening as he worked his hands and mouth against her tits. He rolled his tongue around the tiny bumps of her areola, tasting the mild sea-salt flavor of her teats with such ferocity that his lips occasionally popped free with a little 'smack', allowing him to take a quick breath before latching back on with a lecherous slurp.
  81. His fervorous assault finally forced a reaction from Genesee. Without a word, she leaned forward, taking her rocky hands off the ground and bringing them around to her front. Though the elemental was strong enough to shape the earth itself with her boulder-crushing fists, she was as gentle and tender as a nursing mother when she rested her hands around his hips and urged him closer.
  83. Kariwase knew what Genesee wanted from pulling on his hips, but he wasn't going to give it to her until she demanded it out loud. Instead he teased her, jerking his hips and pumping his cock between her thighs while he sucked and fondled her tits. Though her thighs and nethers were soaked with her arousal, he never let himself sink into her depths — he just slid between her thick, juicy thighs with a rhythmic sound of slishing skin.
  85. "Are you satisfied?" Kariwase said, pausing from his suckling and fondling to give Genesee another coy smile. "Is this the warmth you desire?"
  87. The elemental averted her eyes, face cold but cheeks hot as her body twitched and shivered. Kariwase could feel the need in the rocky hands caressing his hips — how she desperately tried to ease him upwards without making her intention too obvious. She was failing.
  89. "Clearly, I've proven the love and gratitude my people feel for you," Kariwase said. He eased his pumping, but made sure his shaft continued rubbing up against her outer lips; if he increased the length of his thrusts by even an inch, he would have slipped right in, but he kept his movements slow and deliberate.
  91. By then, Genesee's twitches and shivers were turning into squirms. Her hands trembled against her partner's hips, but still she refused to offer him a single word.
  93. "Very well then..." Kariwase said. He slid his hands from her breasts to her waist and adjusted his hips until the tip of his dick was poised before her pussy. She looked down at him, the slightest hint of relief showing on her blushing face. Smiling, he licked his lips, squeezed her waist, pulled back his hips...
  95. ...And let go of her — shaking free of her hands, leaning back onto his knees, and letting his cock bounce free. "...I suppose you must be satisf—"
  97. The mud churned behind Kariwase and in the next instant a dozen vines wrapped around his arms and legs. They wrenched him back, slamming him to the ground and binding him in place. Genesee towered above him, silently seething like a volcano on the verge of a catastrophic eruption; though her face remained stoic, her green eyes burned with furious, magma-hot desire. She crawled forward, great hands thumping to each side of Kariwase's bound body as her heavy thighs, slick with pussy juice, slid over his hips. She bent down, her giant tits swaying together as she brought her face inches from his. He felt the heat of her breath on his face. He felt the heat of her pussy hovering above his cock.
  99. Despite it all, Kariwase still managed a smile. "Not satisfied then?"
  101. "I won't be until you're dry as an empty river basin," Genesee whispered.
  103. The softness of her thighs turned to firmness as she clenched them and jammed her wide hips down onto Kariwase, her smooth, hot pussy enveloping his meaty cock in one big motion and one big 'smack!' of flesh and mud. Her eyes went half-lidded and she gave a hushed gasp, her plump brown lips parting with the breath as she gently swished her hips from side to side, savoring the feeling of Kariwase's dick as it pulsed within her warm, earthen depths for the first time in months. Eyes closed and teeth clenched beneath his smile, he flinched underneath her grinding hips, instinctively trying to reach up and grasp her body only to be denied by her constricting vines.
  105. Unaware or uncaring of Kariwase's wishes, Genesee pulled her face away from his, closing her eyes and tightening her lips as she leaned back and trembled around his cock. Her giant breasts jostled along with her swaying body, forcing her to put her just-as-giant rock hands to use and suppress her tits as she gyrated. Kariwase shivered at the sensation of her heavy hips sliding above his, and at the feeling of her moss bush brushing against his groin.
  107. "W-Well," he said, breath already short. "Are you satisfied now?"
  109. Genesee slowly opened her eyes and looked down at Kariwase. "Were you not listening?" She whispered. She moved her hands to his shoulders and leaned down until her heavy breasts squished against his chest and her breath tickled his lips. "Not until you've given me enough warmth to make up for three months of cold."
  111. With those words Genesee's entire body tightened above Kariwase and she pushed her hips upward, drawing out his cock with a moan from him and a tight-lipped murmur from her. His shaft slid out between her slick pussy lips, the tender earth-flesh leaving his dick glazed and hot with mud and juices. Before the tip had a chance to spring out from its warm, fertile prison, the elemental clenched her thighs and dropped her hips onto her lover once more, hard enough that her soft, earthen skin rippled with the impact.  
  113. Kariwase trembled as Genesee rode him, unable to stop himself from straining against his vine bonds as she shook her hips up and down — round, juicy ass bouncing along with every shake. He wanted to plant his hands onto the elemental's thighs and feel her plate-like muscles shifting beneath her soft, dark skin. He wanted to plant his feet on the ground and thrust along with Genesee's shaking hips, pounding his cock into the deepest parts of her slickened cave. He desperately wanted to plant his lips onto hers and taste the salt of her plump, brown lips.
  115. But unlike Genesee, Kariwase had no qualms about voicing his wants. "Puh... please..." he whispered, "l-let me give you all I have!"
  117. "You think I should let you have your way, even after how you've treated me?" Genesee said, her voice staying even and cool despite the rhythm of wet, smacking flesh underlying it.
  119. "I-If it means more warmth for you, then yes!"
  121. Genesee tilted her head, considering for a moment as she grinded in place. Then she pushed herself up and leaned back once more, planting her hands on the ground and showing the waving movement of her belly as she gyrated her hips. "Very well. Show me then..." she said, giving her chest a shake as the vines unwound from her lover's body. "...Show me the love you claim your people have for me."
  123. Before Genesee had a chance to do anything, Kariwase vaulted forward, tackling her to the mud with a thudding splat. Her eyes barely widened in surprise as she literally became part of the ground — back fusing to the soil and leaving her at his mercy.
  125. Fortunately, Kariwase had plenty of mercy to give. With Genesee below him — giant breasts parting wide thanks to gravity — he gently eased forward, sighing as he settled into the new position with his cock still happily twitching inside her pussy. He ran a hand along her stomach, swirling a finger around her belly button and deepening her already noticeable blush.
  127. "Are you ready for my warmest gift?" Kariwase said.
  129. Genesee averted her gaze and nodded.
  131. "I want to hear you say it, and I want to see your beautiful eyes when you do."
  133. Lips trembling, she jerkily pulled her face forward and looked up at Kariwase. Her vine green eyes were still alight and magma-hot, but now — with the addition of that small smile of affection twitching on her brown lips — he could see that they were burning with not just desire, but passion.
  135. "Please, Kariwase. I want you."
  137. So what choice did he have but to give himself.
  139. With a smile as bright as the sun greeting spring's first leaves, Kariwase squeezed against Genesee's warm, plump body — letting his hands and forearms dig into the soil as he dug into her. She gently pursed her lips and moaned to the sky, bringing up her great rocky hands and draping one on Kariwase's back while the other tenderly cradled his head. In that boulder-crushing grip, he felt as comfortable and safe as a hatchling snuggled beneath its mother's down.
  141. "Here... here..." she whispered, wrapping him close and guiding his mouth to her dark brown nipple. He obliged, lolling and circling his tongue around her areola before latching his lips and resting against her bust.
  143. Genesee cooed her appreciation, then gave a quiet gasp as Kariwase circled his hips, stirring her tight insides with his cock. As he continued to lick and suck — urged on by her cradling hand, his hips switched from circling to jerking, and then to pumping as he braced himself against the ground and thrust into the earth elemental, her thick brown thighs shivering with pleasure each time his dick found its mark deep inside her pussy.
  145. "Y-Y-Yesss... y... y-yessss," Genesee moaned beneath her breath, trying and failing to contain her voice as she gently ground her lover's face against her teat and flexed her body up in time with his thrusts. "W-Warmth... suh-such waaarmth..."
  147. Kariwase wordlessly moaned his agreement, pinching her nipple with his lips and drawing out a quiet yelp from the shivering elemental. He dug his palms into the soil and clenched his fists, gathering up two handfuls of smooth, warm mud and holding onto them like lifelines as he picked up his pace. Soft, wet claps of muddy flesh filled The Glade as he dug his cock into Genesee's pussy as fast and deep as he could.
  149. "Genesee..." Kariwase said, voice muffled by both the elemental's giant tits and his own labored breathing.
  151. "Ah... ha?" Genesee said, gently panting as she glanced down at her lover.
  153. Kariwase looked up from her chest and into her eyes."I... I'm..." Suddenly, his entire body flinched and he clamped his eyes shut. Genesee's eyes widened and she tilted her head back, wrapping him close and tight with her great hands as he dug his knees into the ground and slammed his hips forward with new force. Her hips and thighs shuddered from the impact, then shuddered once more from the sudden flowing feeling of heat and wetness.
  155. "K-Kariwase?" Genesee whispered.
  157. "Warmth..." Kariwase sighed, resting his cheek on her breast. "All of it, for you."
  159. He bared his teeth and silently strained his throat, eyes clenching as he thrust down and came inside Genesee. His cock shuddered just as much as the rest of his body as he pumped forward, a white hot rush of cum flowing along with his thrust and splashing deep inside her pussy, gently filling her earthen womb with his spring seed. She let out a quiet, shivering sigh of pleasure as her lower body flexed along with his thrusts, squeezing and clenching around his cock as more and more of his climax filled up her muddy insides like groundwater flowing after a drought-ending downpour. By the time the last wave of jizz trickled from his cock, there was enough oozing about inside her womb to fertilize her twelve times over.
  161. The ritual was complete.
  163. "Ooooh..." Kariwase sighed, his little moan of exhaustion synced up with Genesee's own. Slowly rising and falling in time with her heaving chest, he crawled forward, his dripping cock sliding free of her pussy and leaving a spatter of mud and cum on her mossy bush. Genesee looked down at him, her eyes and smile soft as a freshly tilled flowerbed.
  165. Kariwase offered a smile of his own. "Well... satisfied?"
  167. Genesee's answered by hugging him tight to her chest, her shoulders trembling with silent laughter. He chuckled himself, nuzzling up to her and once more letting his fingers dig into the soil beside him — feeling the soft, loamy, fertilized soil rub between his digits.
  169. He knew the spring and summer months would be plentiful.
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