GF Popping Your Ass Cherry

Aug 7th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. [F4M] GF Popping Your Ass Cherry [gfe] [gentle fdom] [the first time] [pink little strap-on] [under a black mini skirt] [gentle pegging] [ass smacking] [handjob] [affectionate] [beg for me] [kissing] [good little slut] [good boy]
  3. ******************
  5. Disclaimer:
  6. I write scripts for fun and the views of the characters do not necessarily represent my own. All of the characters in my scripts are always 18+.
  8. Use of script:
  9. Please feel free to use this script for audio recording or for other purposes. Also feel free to edit the script, to make changes to it or to leave out sections of it. Feedback is of course always appreciated.
  11. Note to reader/performer:
  12. [Words within brackets denotes tone of the character/actions/sounds/events/change of scene etc.]
  13. *Asterisks marks words to be emphasised*
  15. Synopsis:
  17. Your girlfriend has been begging you for it for months and after a whole lot of ifs and buts you have finally agreed to do it.
  19. To let her pop your ass cherry...
  21. *******SCRIPT STARTS*******
  23. [Affectionate and excited tone]
  24. Oh baby..
  25. I’m so glad that we’re finally doing this..
  26. You’ve been *so stubborn* for so long..
  27. And now you’re finally letting me do it..
  28. Just trust me..
  29. You will *not* regret this babe..
  30. After I’m done with you today you will *beg me* to do this to you *again* and *again*..
  31. You will see..
  32. I will open up a whole new world to you..
  33. I will let you explore new sides of yourself..
  34. And it will be *so* fucking good for you..
  35. I will take such good care of you, I promise..
  36. I will make sure you feel *safe* and *loved* during thee whole time..
  37. I will be *gentle* and careful with you..
  38. But of course, I may also be a little bit rough with you..
  39. And I may call you things that you’re not used to being called..
  40. But it will be *so much fun*, I promise you..
  42. So just relax baby..
  43. And look at me..
  44. Look at my *cute* little outfit..
  45. My white blouse, my sexy black mini skirt and my knee high stockings..
  46. I picked it out just for you baby..
  47. Because I want you to know that *even* if you let me do this to you..
  48. I’m still your *sweet* girlie girlfriend..
  49. Oh yes..
  50. This doesn’t change our dynamic baby..
  51. You’re still the man of the house..
  52. It’s just that *you* will let *me* do something that many other boyfriends may not let their girlfriends do..
  53. And that’s *so* fucking sexy to me..
  54. That you are so open-minded and curious to explore new sorts of pleasure with me..
  55. Oh god, I’m so turned on right now..
  57. So just look at me..
  58. Look at me as I *lift up* my *sexy* little skirt for you to show off my *brand new* *pink* little strap-on..
  60. Mhmm..
  62. You like it baby?
  63. Do you like my *cute* little strap-on?
  65. Oh, I can see you do..
  66. You can’t wait for it..
  68. So come here..
  69. Let me kiss you baby..
  71. [kissing]
  73. Oh, this is going to be so good for you..
  74. I just want you to show you how it feels when *you* are fucking *me*..
  75. How good it feels as you are deep inside of me..
  76. Fucking me like a good little slut..
  78. [kiss]
  80. And you’ll love it baby, I promise..
  81. You’ll love this so much..
  82. So just strip for me and get on the bed..
  83. Get those pants off and lay on your back for me..
  84. Get yourself *really* comfortable..
  85. And let me position myself right between your legs like this..
  87. There we go..
  88. Lift your legs up a bit..
  89. Show me your *precious* little asshole..
  91. Good boy..
  92. Just breathe and relax for me..
  93. As I unbutton my blouse to get my perfect tits out for you..
  94. Mhm..
  95. Look at them..
  96. Admire me..
  97. As I stand between your legs ready to fuck you..
  98. Playing with tits for you..
  99. Mhmm..
  100. Tell me you want this baby..
  101. Tell me..
  103. Oh, good boy..
  105. Now let me get you nice and ready for me..
  106. Let me warm you up a little bit..
  108. [spitting at her fingers to make them wet]
  110. Let me get my fingers all wet for you..
  111. As I start rubbing them around your entrance..
  113. [spitting to add more wetness]
  115. Fell me teasing you..
  116. Teasing your precious little asshole..
  117. As I circulate my fingers around it *so gently*..
  118. Just relax..
  120. As I warm you up..
  121. As I slip one little finger inside of you..
  122. Just the tip at first..
  123. Before I push all the way in..
  125. Oh god..
  126. You’re squirming now..
  127. You’ll get used to the feeling I promise baby..
  128. So just feel my finger inside of you..
  129. Exploring you..
  130. Searching for your prostate..
  131. Mhmm..
  132. That feels good doesn’t it..
  133. My finger inside your tight little asshole..
  134. Oh, you are such a good boy for me..
  136. And I think you’re ready now..
  137. Ready for me to fuck you..
  138. To pop your *sweet* little ass cherry..
  139. To be the first one *ever* to fuck your *tight* little asshole..
  140. You’re very first..
  141. So just breathe baby..
  143. Relax as I..
  145. [spitting in her hand to lube up her strap-on]
  147. As I lube up my *pink* little strap-on..
  148. Let me get it *nice* and *slippery* for you so I can just *slide* right in..
  150. [spitting in her hand to lube up her strap-on]
  152. Mhm..
  153. I’m making it *so* nice and slick for you..
  154. So very slick for your *tight* little asshole..
  156. [spitting in her hand to lube up her strap-on]
  158. Mmm..
  159. Just relax now baby..
  160. I will take such good care of you..
  162. You won’t even notice me as I *slide* inside of you..
  163. That’s how slick it is now..
  165. So just breathe baby..
  166. Breathe as I..
  167. Position my strap-on *right here*..
  168. Right at your entrance..
  169. As I...
  170. *push*..
  171. so gently into you..
  172. As I push inside of you..
  173. Easing my way in..
  174. One little inch at a time..
  175. Filling you..
  177. Mhmm..
  178. Welcome me inside of you baby..
  179. Invite me..
  180. As I I push a little bit deeper..
  182. Mhmm..
  183. Feel me *wriggle* and rocking my hips..
  184. As I slowly enter you..
  185. Yes..
  186. Look at me baby..
  187. Look in my eyes as I enter you..
  189. Mhmm..
  190. You’re such a *good* fucking boy for me..
  191. I’ve been waiting to do this to you so long and I’m just so fucking happy right now..
  192. I’m so excited to be your first baby..
  194. So feel me as I go all the way in..
  195. Mhmm..
  196. That feels amazing..
  197. Feel me as I rock my hips back and forth..
  198. As I fuck you *so* gently..
  199. As I *thrust* and *thrust*..
  201. Feel me grabbing a handful of your ass and just squeezing you..
  202. Holding on to you as I *fuck you*..
  203. As I rub my hands over your legs..
  204. As I hold on to your hips to fuck you a little bit faster..
  205. Oh yes baby..
  206. You’re such a good fucking boy for me..
  208. [IMPROV, pegging him, moaning etc.]
  210. [ass smack]
  212. [ass smack]
  214. Fuck yes..
  215. You’re such a good fucking boy for me..
  216. Letting me do this to you..
  218. [ass smack]
  220. You’re my *perfect* little fuck toy..
  222. [ass smack]
  224. My personal plaything..
  226. [ass smack]
  228. Oh I love this..
  229. I fucking love this baby..
  231. [ass smack]
  233. You make me *so* fucking happy..
  234. I’m so excited to see you cum like this..
  235. To see you cum with my *pink* little strap-on *deep* inside of you..
  236. To see you squirm like this..
  237. To hear you moan like a *good* little slut for me..
  238. As I fuck your *tight* little asshole..
  239. As I pound your prostate..
  240. Mhmm
  241. You’re such a *good* fucking boy for me..
  242. Such a *good* little slut..
  244. [ass smack]
  246. Opening up for me like this..
  247. Being so submissive for me and tryibg new things with me..
  248. Giving me your *precious* little asshole like this..
  250. [ass smack]
  252. [IMPROV, pegging him, moaning etc.]
  254. Oh, fuck baby..
  255. I will make you cum *so* fucking hard for me..
  256. I will take all of that cum from you..
  257. Just let me stroke you baby..
  258. Let me get my hands nice and slick for you..
  260. [opening a bottle of lube, squirting lube in her hands, starts stroking him while still pegging him]
  262. Oh yes..
  263. Mhmm..
  264. Feel me inside of you as I stroke your cock at the same fucking time..
  265. As I *stroke* and *thrust* and..
  267. [smacking his]
  269. Smack your as at the same time..
  270. Mhmm..
  271. That feels really nice, doesn’t it?
  272. As I push against your prostate and pump your cock..
  273. As I fuck you *in* and *out* and *up* and *down*..
  274. It’s just *so* much pleasure at the same fucking time..
  275. It’s so overwhelming and you just can’t control yourself right now..
  276. I can *feel* how ready you are..
  277. So ready to squirt your cum *everywhere*..
  278. As your cock twitches in my hand..
  279. With every thrust I make..
  280. As you *moan* and *squirm* for me..
  281. As I’m *pushing* and *pounding* your sensitive little prostate..
  282. As I hit that sweet spot *over* and *over* again..
  283. Making that precum just *pour* out of you..
  284. Onto your belly to form a beautiful little puddle for me..
  285. Mhmm..
  286. Moan for me baby..
  287. Moan like a good little slut..
  288. Moan as I fuck you so gently and rhythmically..
  289. As I make *sweet love* to your *precious* little asshole..
  290. As I milk your cock with my soft little hands..
  291. As I *push* and *push*..
  293. And your body turns numb and you just blank out in bliss for me..
  294. As you *shake* and *shiver* like a *good* little slut for me..
  295. Mhmm..
  296. Beg for me..
  297. Beg for me baby..
  298. Beg me to fuck you harder..
  299. To fuck *all* of that cum out of you..
  300. Do it..
  301. Say “I’m good little slut, please let me cum now”..
  302. Say it baby..
  303. Beg for me..
  305. Oh yes, good boy, fucking cum for me now..
  306. Cum like a good little slut..
  307. Oh yes, mhmm..
  308. There you go baby..
  309. Squirt it all out for me..
  310. Let it all go baby..
  312. Good boy..
  314. Feel me thrusting inside of you..
  315. Fucking *all* of that cum out of you..
  316. That’s it baby..
  317. What a *good* little slut you are..
  318. You were *so* good for me..
  320. You made me *so* happy baby..
  321. Just let me kiss you know..
  322. I fucking love you baby..
  324. [kissing for a while]
  326. *******END OF SCRIPT********
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