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  1. So- Debates are pretty worthless when it comes to changing one person's point of view, Especially in infront of other people. (Thanksgiving with the family, or on Twitter) and I've just stopped- arguing with people and I've had a better time keeping calm and simply discussing ideas rather than being hot heavy and argumentized, People hate being wrong especially a debate since no one wants to admit someone they disagree with is smarter or they're wrong but instead be investigative instead of argumentized?
  3. Second Article went into this better but with my dad and gays and religion with my father instead of being aggressive myself with that talking point I played along with his side but still gave facts in a way that wasn't implying he's wrong for his ignorance. "Yeah I mean, Jesus is a bro- I'm not saying the bible is not the shizbiz but New King James(dont know his #) was basically super gay but also pedo gay so he changed the word in Leviticus around and made prostitute say homosexual instead- the thing got translated thousands of times- I recomend trying out the old james bible instead" (which is true)
  4. I essentially persuaded him by his views not being wrong on religion- but his one viewpoint being wrong but not because he's "stupid" but because he was giving incorrect information, without hurting his personal ego(everyone has one even me).  No time was I against his beliefs. Just wanted him to have healthy facts
  5. A few times someone has lost something, sometimes I'm at fault, sometimes its the other persons fault. But instead of getting argumentized I've instead just. "Okay lets figure out where it is" and found it together lol. Plus the whole situation turns away from being an argument to being investigative. (2sd article is the better one on this). I also don't have to worry about the situation ever coming up to slap me in the face because I never made an issue about something getting lost in the first place. If that makes sense. (admit it- we sometimes do mental gymnastics to be right- everyone. I'm hopefully doing it less than most people now-adays but there's no way to gauge dissonance blind spots so I'll be a hypocrite if I say I'm top 25 percentile or bottom 25 percentile)
  7. Last thing is kinda- Explaining this to my mom and her current s/o. They stopped fighting over money(math) because I kind of- Told them they suck at fucking math nicely and let me help. "Hey you work hard testing chemicals for the city, he works building decks and you're good at, thats your talent, best damn carpenter in the city but- both of you been out highschool for 30+ years, I do math to this day, let me explain to you where you're spending each other's money- lemme see reciepts" I gave their ego a "way out" not to fight on the defense and make my sister's life hell and they just call me with their records and I give them the honest answer that they're both fucking stupid with money-nicely by giving them a valid excuse to be bad with money but a critique sandwich? (which is not an excuse how bad with money they fucking are actually FUCK)
  8. Btw thank you all for coming to my TedTalk.
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