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  1. /fa/ worriedly ran a hand through his hair. Would this fi- coord please /cgl/? Not that he wanted to please her…he just wanted to… well, he didn’t know what he really wanted to happen, but it’d better be something good considering the stupid… coord he was wearing.
  3. He took another look at it in the mirror: Head to toe Alice and the Pirates and Moi-Meme-Moite. A deep blue waistcoat with matching blue vest and trousers and white shirt. He was still waiting on socks, shoes, a hat, and accessories. Why was the mail so slow sometimes?
  5. He stiffened in fear as he heard his doorknob begin to rattle behind him.
  7. “Onii-chan~” Came the muffled voice, “Onii-chan, I want your opinion on what OTKs to wear with my new AP OP to the meet today! Why is your door locked?”
  9. “I-I’m changing /cgl/! Just wait a minute!” /fa/ began clawing at the buttons on his jacket frantically trying to get it off. She couldn’t see him in an uncomplete fit! Especially one where he was trying to wear ouji!
  11. “Onii-chan~ It’ll only take a minute! I’ll close my eyes!”
  13. /fa/ only needed another minute! His jacket was undone and the first few top shirt buttons were almost undone too.
  15. “Onii-chan!” /fa/ heard her stomp her foot, “Fine. I’ll wait…”
  17. /fa/ paused, took a deep breath then continued more slowly unbuttoning his top.
  19. “It’s just a shame you forgot the key’s that came to the doorknobs and that there’s one on top of your door,” /cgl/ singsonged and /fa/ froze. That little-
  21. Bang! /fa/’s door slammed against his wall as /cgl/ stepped in with OTKs in her hands and a grin on her face that fell once she saw /fa/ facing her, hands on his trouser buttons.
  23. “Onii-chan?”
  25. “/Cgl/! I-I can explain!”
  27. Her grin was back, “Onii-chan are you trying to wear ouji?”
  29. “N-no! This is just a new fit I’m trying out.”
  31. “I could help you with that though~”
  33. /fa/ gulped, “Help with w-what?”
  35. “With your pants and shirt, Onii-chan, you’ve tangled the buttons up and gotten them all stuck I bet,” /cgl/ slunk through the room, padding in bare feet, dropping the socks onto the bed next to /fa/. She raised her hands to /fa/’s chest, running her hands over the loosened buttons that were left, undoing them with delicate hands.
  37. /fa/’s heart was pounding. /cgl/ was so close to him, and her hands looked so soft. How would they feel against his chest and his… no, now wasn’t the time to think about this. Not when he would breathe in her scent with every breath, something gentle and sweet that reminded him of a summer beach breeze.
  39. “Ne, onii-chan~” Her voice brought /fa/ back to reality and he realized her hands were on his waist and he hadn’t succeeded in not thinking about those hands at all, “Onii-chan I think you need help with a little more than just your buttons.” /cgl/ undid the button on his trousers and slid her hand into them.
  41. “No underwear? That’s so naughty onii-chan~”
  43. “I-it’s effay,” He said, hardening in her hand. It was so soft and her grip was loose and dainty, almost as if she didn’t know what to do.
  45. She gently stroked him, “Ne, onii-chan, you feel so big.”
  47. /fa/ could hardly breathe or believe this. “/C-cgl/, tighter, please,” he couldn’t stop his hips from thrusting into her hand.
  48. Instead she loosened her grip before pulling her hand out of his pants entirely, “Why do you think you get to boss me around, onii-chan?” She lifted the hand to her mouth before licking at it for a moment, “You taste better than I thought you would~” And then her hand was right back in his pants, tightening, quickening her pace.
  50. /fa/ was panting by now, sweating unable to believe this, he reached out to /cgl/’s face and pulled her to him, roughly kissing her. He was being overloaded, the heat created by being fully clothed, /cgl/’s taste in his mouth, her gentle and knowing hand on her, teasing him. She would wait for his breathing to speed up and for his hips to unwillingly jerk forward before changing her pace or her grip trying to keep him right on the edge. It was overwhelming and before long he was whining into her mouth, “Please /cgl/”
  52. “You can come now,” She whispered into his ear and /fa/ came, spurting into her hand, into his trousers.
  54. /cgl/ pulled her hand from his pants, looking at his spilled seed on her hand before taking a gentle lick.
  56. “/C-cgl/? Can I help you now?”
  58. “Of course not, onii-chan,” She said, her evil grin was back on her face, “This just means you owe me next time!”
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