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(プレイホーム) - PlayHome

[PlayHome] Release Date: 10/13/2017

[PlayHome DLC_#01 + STUDIO] Release Date: 01/26/2018


URLNew Mod Releases & Game Updates/Patches




URLActive Community & Help Support




[Game Updates]



DownloadUpdate_01: phome_ex_studio_0202sub

DownloadUpdate_02: phome_ex_studio_0209sub

DownloadUpdate_03: phome_ex_studio_0216sub

DownloadUpdate_05: phome_ex_studio_0223sub

DownloadUpdate_06: phome_ex_studio_0302sub

DownloadFinal_Update_07: phome_ex_studio_0309sub


SaveData100% SaveData

[Required Plugins]

IPA - Illusion_Plugin_Architecture_v3.4.1Mod Support

PH_WideSlider_v0.2.2Mod Support

PH_MoreSlotID_v1.3Mod Support

PH_DHH (All-In-One-Package)HHMod/GGMOD

PH_Custom_Texture_Patch2K/4K Makeup & Tattoo Support

[Female & Male Uncensor]

PH_Uncensored_v0.43Currently Works on Game Update 0223 (DOES NOT WORK ON STUDIO UPDATE 0309)

PH_Uncensor_v1.2Female Uncensor

PH_Cameltoe_Body_Mod_v3.0 (Top)Female Uncensor as Top

[English Translation]

PH_English_TranslationLatest Version

PH_English_LauncherEnglish Launcher

[Mods & Add-on]

DownloadLatest Mod Releases

[Utility Plugins]

PH_StudioAddon_v0.6.1Game & STUDIO Animation Import & More

PH_Image_Based_Lighting_v4.0 + Scene_Loader (Beta_07)Lighting Editor, Cubemap & Scene Loader

PH_Shortcuts_v2.0In-Game Shortcuts Add-On

PH_SkinTexMod_v3.1Change the Overlay of Skin Textures

PH_HomeShotHigh Quality Screenshot Add-On

PH_GameChanger_v0.5Adds Several Useful Shortcuts & New Functions

PH_HoneyPot_v1.4.1.0Import Clothing, Hairstyles & Accessories from HoneySelect

PH_PlayBoop_v0.0.4+Mouse Interaction with Nipples

PH_CMMod_R_v1.0Custom Options for Scenes & More Camera Controls

PH_HS_Animation_v0.2Use Animations from HoneySelect

PH_Allegrett_v1.4.7.0Adds a Search Function

PH_BoneModModoki_v0.0.1.1Bone Size Editor

PH_BoneModHarmonyModified PH_BoneModModoki by Plasticmind

PH_Bone_ManagerModified PH_BoneModHarmony by Plasticmind

PH_ShortcutsPHS_v1.1Shortcut Interface Add-On

PH_Hooh_Item_ResolverItem Resolver, Item Color Changer & Minor Tweaks to the STUDIO

PH_HSAnimationAdded HS_Animations

PH_H2PSceneConverter_v1.0.1.0Load Scene Data from HoneySelect

PH_More_Studio_Cameras_v0.5Added More Camera Slots

PH_PlayKatsu_v0.7.4.0Clothing Texture Changer & Option to Add your Own Textures

PH_VN_Game_Engine_v17.5Visual Novel Add-On

PH_Scene_Save_State_v10.0Add-On for Saving Scenes, States of Characters, Folders & Items


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