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Cory interview (@General's Tent 150 - Sept 4th 20

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Sep 4th, 2017
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  2. hexedhavoc: o/
  3. timlagor: Courtney> hi cory
  4. majadora: :O
  5. plotynus: THE CORY MAN!
  6. timlagor: C> can you hear me?
  7. paladon01: What's on the whiteboard?
  8. mtg_dragon: When you designed Lazgar's Vengence, did you mean it to give red decks an anti midrange card?
  9. timlagor: f> how you doin
  10. fred_hex: It's the Cory!!! :-D
  11. timlagor: c> l;abour day but we have people here working
  12. timlagor: c> trying ot make ps4 date
  13. mtg_dragon: Core "The Cory" Matthews?
  14. timlagor: f> appreciate you joining us
  15. timlagor: f> feelfree to talk as succintly or in depth about ..
  16. timlagor: any give topic
  17. nero_jinous: Since Cory is busy we fired a draft without him ne0Quacken
  18. timlagor: > if you ave to abruptly leave we'll try to remember for next time
  19. timlagor: > the goal is to get cory to flip his table there
  20. timlagor: c> hard time lot of crap on there
  21. timlagor: f> if people say rude things in hex chat it's probably cory
  22. straumwar: PJSalt
  23. timlagor: c> i am very rarely rude when I'm playing
  24. timlagor: > i do get tiltted
  25. timlagor: > like anybody who plays tcgs i do get cfrustrated but try to keep my tempter and keep it off chat
  26. mtg_dragon: PS4!
  27. timlagor: going over to self published i s the biggest hting this year
  28. timlagor: > we had a great relationship with gameforge
  29. timlagor: > this allwos us to reprioritise and be a bit more agil
  30. timlagor: > works out for everyon
  31. timlagor: > lets us be very fixed on what it takes moment to monet to make game best
  32. timlagor: > gf had a process and hex was interlinked with other things
  33. timlagor: > being on our own lets us be a bit more pirate shippy
  34. timlagor: > i can wake up and say HEy $1k constructed tournament is necessary and ther'es no discussion just implementation
  35. timlagor: > agility super important for a tcg
  36. timlagor: > esp anindy company making something as big as we are making
  37. timlagor: > i cam eform big company
  38. mtg_dragon: Hex is what MTGO should have been 3-4 years ago! I mean that as a compliment
  39. timlagor: > there are games out ther ethat are amznig and do very well but they are smaller bitezie concept
  40. timlagor: > we are a whole damn pie and keep trying to stuff everything we can into the pie
  41. timlagor: f> GF and selfpublishing
  42. timlagor: > it's good to be hearing from you more often
  43. timlagor: C> i had a lto of partners in place, levelup, GF, perfectworld
  44. timlagor: > had a lot of peole trying ot coordinate and lot of messageing to coordinate
  45. timlagor: > didn't want to upset anyone or going out to soon
  46. timlagor: > lot of agendas in place
  47. timlagor: > made me not very compforatble going out in my own voice
  48. timlagor: > when i'm not using my own voice i'm not very comfortable
  49. timlagor: > i'm always just saying what i'm thinking
  50. joelepaul: I hope that Sony doesnt introduce more potential upsets ;)
  51. timlagor: > that's where chark was so great
  52. timlagor: > he was always reigning me in "saying "dude that's not smart" and always had good advice
  53. timlagor: > people like reading that i'm just sort of ungauarded
  54. timlagor: it's a mixed bag
  55. timlagor: > don't let the bastards get you down
  56. timlagor: F that was
  57. timlagor: M> now independednt what you you measure success by?
  58. timlagor: C> always sort of been the same
  59. timlagor: > for me it's abut he number of players
  60. timlagor: > and the .. form the beingning of hex it was about combining 2 games that require concurrent people
  61. timlagor: > mmo and tcg
  62. majadora: z>tim has so much to say tonight O.o
  63. timlagor: > playing bots or Ai is great but active liively community is lifeblood of both those types of game
  64. timlagor: > so for hex what is our concurrency like
  65. timlagor: > and various tournament modes, want enough peopl ein ech of them
  66. hexhuntermokog: he is making sure our deaf players know whats going on :-)
  67. metron0my: the bucket problem is real
  68. metron0my: indeed
  69. majadora: oh ok, i missed that :D
  70. timlagor: > would be very easy for me to put in a bunch of different queuee with wacky rulesets but would just fragment plaers
  71. timlagor: > the problem really is how do i get more players
  72. timlagor: > we're not small
  73. timlagor: > i play constantly
  74. metron0my: but what i and others would argue that when you cant have on-demand queus with pay-in and prizes and ladder then change the system so that you can
  75. timlagor: > constructed maybe it's just me but it fires off wihtin a minute or two
  76. metron0my: granted that is not a trivial problem to solve
  77. metron0my: suggestions are out there though
  78. timlagor: > ..unelss i'm playing at a weird time of the day
  79. timlagor: > maybe this set isn't as drafty as the last set
  80. nihilum123456: Draft firing less because less chase cards this set
  81. nihilum123456: imo
  82. timlagor: > we have reaosnable sized community but i want more so draft is firing every couple of minutes...
  83. timlagor: > more platforms to find more player
  84. timlagor: s
  85. timlagor: f> what about timelocking events?
  86. timlagor: > so only open this weeek for example
  87. timlagor: c> one hting we have been working on
  88. timlagor: > gettingrid of non-ranked constructed q no one really uses
  89. timlagor: > putting in rorating weekly razy format
  90. straumwar: gif us more pve Kappa
  91. plotynus: nice!
  92. timlagor: > eg wild west with peve stuff, or rock league or..
  93. plotynus: weekly random stuff queue, sign me in!
  94. timlagor: > maybe a gauntlet type thing
  95. joelepaul: cool news
  96. timlagor: > maybe tournament end of weak based on that theme (maybe friday night)
  97. aquilacallidus: fnm Kappa
  98. joelepaul: just - free or paid entry?
  99. timlagor: > woudl be really fun
  100. timlagor: > but that's another new bucket
  101. plotynus: ok, I'm already hyped, take all my money.
  102. timlagor: > sort of thing I want to do i just want to make sure we have enough people to keep everything populated
  103. timlagor: > want everything to be wacky and fun
  104. timlagor: > exalted givft I added in .. that's very me
  105. captjack68: cosmic coins????
  106. straumwar: @HEXTCG prepare for a PJSalt storm from the exalted rewards Kappa
  107. timlagor: F> i'm looking forward to playing that next week that's when we're gettig it right?
  108. funktionfails: have that in our list for later @CaptJack68
  109. timlagor: M> adding more players, recently had an update about translation program
  110. timlagor: > how soon for japanese?
  111. timlagor: C> sveral people working on it; good news is doesn't actually take that long
  112. timlagor: > not doing everyhting; goal is to launch ps4 version localised for japan
  113. timlagor: > pc not uhuge in japan but ps4 is quite big
  114. timlagor: > not as big as us or EU but japan isn't as big
  115. hexedhavoc: Any thoughts on adding virtual trophies that players can earn in our various tournaments... trophies that change hands and keep track of winners and while its in your possession, you get some sort of benefit...
  116. straumwar: getting hex in japan may mean waifus for hex PogChamp
  117. timlagor: > tcg players in japan significantly higher proportionally
  118. nero_jinous: gotta get arcade machines in Japan :O Kreygasm
  119. timlagor: > japan was #1 audience for physicla tcgs in pokemon/yugioh days
  120. timlagor: > hex is a relatively complex tcg
  121. ivstone: that's a cool question Havoc
  122. joelepaul: Then i would worry about the chat... how are non-japanese and japanese going to chat with each other ;)
  123. timlagor: > sonmeone who's never played tcg before will be overwhelemed
  124. straumwar: someone make a meme of cory saying what in the f Kappa
  125. timlagor: > do what we can to mitigate that but when i htink about an audience that would be straight in i think abotu japanese audicen
  126. timlagor: > tranlsations being done now, hope novermeberish ps4 japan
  127. timlagor: > that's one big bucket
  128. timlagor: > total crossplay console and pc
  129. timlagor: > eventually tablet too
  130. timlagor: f> we have a list of questions and you're predicting
  131. timlagor: m> hey you have a seocnd part of that Q
  132. timlagor: f> ido, pacing the way to making the ps4 work well, waht's oging to be the marketing followup
  133. timlagor: f> i feel like steam was a once-and done thing
  134. timlagor: > sony's putting a lot of work in too maybe
  135. timlagor: c> one of the reasons we felt ps4 was a good opportunity for us
  136. timlagor: > tablet work is very similar to ps4
  137. joelepaul: adding to that, there doesnt seem to be a community manager for steam anymore although we kind of need one
  138. timlagor: > tablet would make players happy but without big marketing push how do we get new players to give hex a chance?
  139. timlagor: > ps4 looked at it and were very excited and helped us
  140. timlagor: > commiteed to some great marketing opportunities for us
  141. axeldwater: what about pve?
  142. timlagor: > ps4 before anythign else because we're getting that support to drive eyeballs to hex
  143. timlagor: F> interesting on that one a lot of console games you get the game and bu it and don't need to buy it again
  144. timlagor: ..well with DLC I'm not so sure about that now @funktionfails
  145. funktionfails: aye good point
  146. timlagor: c> yes every set and update is an update to the game
  147. timlagor: > ps4 is doing an initiave with more free to play games
  148. timlagor: > we're part of that
  149. timlagor: > got a really good response
  150. timlagor: > when Sony gets behind something they can drive their onsumers to sample
  151. timlagor: > I believe HEX is best tcg that exists
  152. hexedhavoc: its not a case of belief, its just fact :P
  153. axeldwater: IT IS THE BEST!!!
  154. timlagor: > there are more casual experiences but for the full experience...
  155. poudigne: @Timlagor ping me when you need to go to the bathroom, ill bring it to you!
  156. timlagor: > i've tried out on ps4
  157. timlagor: > it works really wel l
  158. timlagor: > absolutely playable and enjoyable
  159. timlagor: f> I don't think people understood initially
  160. timlagor: > a lot of people are going to be seeing hex for the very first time
  161. timlagor: C> we've gone through an incredible number of players made acounts
  162. timlagor: > millions of players have made accoutns
  163. timlagor: > the key is finding those new places
  164. timlagor: > very excitded for oter consoles and tablet
  165. timlagor: > lot of people who can sit on couch or whereve
  166. timlagor: > i've done that endlesly on my laptop
  167. timlagor: m> pvec ards for hex; will ps4 players be able to use them in dueling pits?
  168. axeldwater: speeeak
  169. timlagor: c> no; that's pvp; they don't acutally have access to pve cards
  170. straumwar: FeelsBadMan
  171. timlagor: > i don't know where they would see them
  172. timlagor: > you might by turning on all cards -but i don't think they will see them at all
  173. kismethex: Chark Mart should still have some PVE things for sale, right?
  174. timlagor: F> I've been feeling pve feels likegoing back to the drawing board might be best approach for hex
  175. timlagor: > you've been doing tha for deckbuilder for ps4; what does changes mean for pc players?
  176. timlagor: @Poudigne thanks; i'm ok for a bit
  177. timlagor: c> consistent feedback is people love making decks
  178. poudigne: xD
  179. timlagor: > but dekcbuilder they find very difficult to get the experience they want
  180. kismethex: Also, any word on when I can be more generous with the Legendary equipment drops from my packs?
  181. kormai: Did he said anything about being able to buy more character slots for campaign?
  182. timlagor: > was really hard to figure out a new way to do that deckbuilder and started from scratch
  183. timlagor: > i'm excited about what we have
  184. timlagor: > hate branching
  185. timlagor: cos more work
  186. timlagor: > but would love to let people choose
  187. timlagor: > still wretling with some of that because i don't mind current deckbuilder i actually like it
  188. timlagor: > loev the new one too
  189. straumwar: FeelsGoodMan
  190. timlagor: > ic an see how that might be much more enjoyable for noodling around for someone who doesn't want to be doing it allday every day
  191. timlagor: > like it it's just didfferent
  192. axeldwater: cory said they are considering launching campaign on console as a standalone product...spoilers plz!!!
  193. timlagor: > all that stuff goal is to have ti roll over to pc
  194. timlagor: > biggest reason for the new name was so poeple can see the name and have an immediate idea what it is
  195. timlagor: > i feel pve needs to be reqorked a bit
  196. timlagor: > pc is kinda locked
  197. timlagor: > i feel i have to keep rolilng it out to meet the kickstarted promises
  198. timlagor: > even if it's not the best vewrsion as I see it now with the experience
  199. timlagor: > some of the stuff as i envisioned it was actively bad
  200. poudigne: I honestly prefere a good gaming experience than fullfilled KS "promises"
  201. nero_jinous: collection growth speed compared to dungeon difficulty is way off.
  202. hexedhavoc: I dont agree with that... I know of a good solution that could revitalize the pve experience without scraping it
  203. timlagor: > other people worked on it and made it better
  204. timlagor: > we couldn't just throw it out
  205. timlagor: > probably woudl have been better but was trying to live up to those promises
  206. kormai: Personally i think hex PvE is the best PvE of any card game out of there. Just hoping you can buy more character slots for the campaign
  207. talekith: ^
  208. straumwar: agreed, pve is the best of any tcg ever
  209. brynhildrtcg: Agree 100% with Funktion
  210. timlagor: f> i was a KS and I don't think you should feel obligated to promises you made 4 years ago
  211. plotynus: funktion has a point
  212. timlagor: @Poudigne wanna take over funktion and mokog?
  213. straumwar: i really think that we should at least have raids and keeps given, those are crucial
  214. bizznach: but just dont dump raids!!
  215. moltensaffire: <3 PVE
  216. timlagor: F> i think a lot of player would understand if it was awesome but not the same
  218. kismethex: If you know now that, for example, double backs is unworkable, then ditch it.
  219. poudigne: @Timlagor nah, my english is bad :( plus my GF keep disturbing me
  220. timlagor: c> a lot fo the content would will be the same either way. .the goal is to launch a seperate..
  221. kormai: yeah DONT ditch raids or strongholds
  222. timlagor: ..card clash it's own thing, pvp expereicen
  223. funktionfails: oh totally, i think it is some of the promises that are keeping them from releasing awesome raids etc
  224. kismethex: But having the actual MMO part in the game is necessary. Some things need to be there for it to be an MMO.
  225. timlagor: > but if i could launch a separate thing hex adventure with the proper reward arc
  226. brynhildrtcg: Multiple Difficulty Levels
  227. timlagor: > cos right now got to deal betwen people who have all the cards and people who are just coming in
  228. mysweetbaxter: A stand alone pve experience with good progression would be awesome, hope that comes to PC as well not just ps4
  229. straumwar: yes, MMO, keeps, raids, all are necessary
  230. kismethex: GUILDS, raids, banks/keeps, etc.
  231. timlagor: > would like to have a guy who gives you vampire kings
  232. timlagor: > and princess and you canput them in but I can't do that
  233. timlagor: > so make a character and level them and get things
  234. thekaijudist: I agree with everything Cory is saying about PvE
  235. moltensaffire: PVE > PVP :) But agree with Kismethex that the MMO part is really important too
  236. timlagor: > i could balance that so where you were wining and losing woul dhave a much bigger impact on how you enjoy the game
  237. timlagor: > even HS moved away from it; it's not easy to make
  238. timlagor: > the bang for your buck is kinda low but we're sitll committed to it
  239. timlagor: > we're still working on AZ| and PVE
  240. timlagor: > goal is to keep working on AZs
  241. plotynus: character-bound cards could be something? (instead of account ones)
  242. hexedhavoc: I think the easiest/best solution to make pve more exciting (while adding some of dat mmo) is to change how players GET to the encounters... instead of sliding along lines, it would be amazing to walk around in a 2d top down world with your character and FIND the encounters... while seeing other players roaming ... opens the game up immensely while not completely scraping everything.
  243. timlagor: > to launch a separate version on PS where you go through level up but no buying cards per se
  244. straumwar: would those cards and experiences be available on PC?
  245. steric: Character-bound cards would be so confusing.
  246. timlagor: > also a sealed deck vairatn where you launch an adventure and see how far you can get
  247. joelepaul: one more point - you definitely need to ramp up the visual "WOW factor" from getting packs, or account leveling...
  248. timlagor: > and end that experience and=the careds would be unlocked back in yoru main path
  249. axeldwater: i am pleased
  250. timlagor: C> the difference betwee my honesty and yoru reality is all the shit that happenes between when i say it and when you get it
  251. timlagor: > every one who plays hex right now could quit tomorrow
  252. timlagor: > need players
  253. kormai: second that ehxedhavioc
  254. timlagor: > every thing we do is dependent on a bunch of factors we don't control
  255. timlagor: > every $ we make gets wrapped back round to HEX and then some
  256. kismethex: Legendary equipment drop rates for my packs? Can I change them to not be so stingy?
  257. timlagor: > there's no instance where we want to make the wrong decision
  258. timlagor: > often when we make th wrong decision we go back on it as soon as we figure that up
  259. timlagor: f> you guys have been pretty responseive on community stuff
  260. kormai: Kinda like a locked mode for campaign where a character has its own personal card set
  261. timlagor: > balance of for pve players between those who get the t2 win, and those who say it's way too hard
  262. timlagor: C> a lot of player have graduated through the experrience and look at it as gold farming so they want to optimise for gold/minute and that beomces the game
  263. timlagor: > i can't design AZ or FRA for everyone simultaneously#
  264. timlagor: > want to challenge the farmers occasionally also serving the newer players
  265. championofsolaris: Keeps and let players design content?
  266. stigmabuster2291: If we can't get a new adventure zone right away, could we at least get a new dungeon here and there? I've been through the great machine graveyard so many times, I've memorized the graveyard.
  267. timlagor: F> new stuf pve we've movd past it
  268. stigmabuster2291: dialog*
  269. mtg_dragon: When you designed Lazgar's Vengence, did you mean it to give red decks an anti midrange card?
  270. timlagor: C> no wait. we are living on someone else's platform
  271. timlagor: > so not everything is really my decision
  272. timlagor: > we've got a consideraton i don't think other game have got in ragards to managing soft and hard currency
  273. timlagor: > a lot of stuff console games don't normally have
  274. kismethex: Bid/ask AH?
  275. stigmabuster2291: I just joined the chat. That's why I asked.
  276. timlagor: > we have some work on mailing but a lot of decisions are made so we can be on the platform at all
  277. timlagor: > I felt that giving up the opportunity to be on PS4 was not worth it
  278. timlagor: > i understand people will be bummed about not transferring colelctions but that wasn't relaly an option
  279. timlagor: F> q about gold in ps4; can spend gold on commons and AH
  280. timlagor: > don't have chests of kismet and common packs for gold seems 100% -ev
  281. timlagor: > ps4 players earning gold but not really having anything to spend it on seems negative
  282. timlagor: C> we had to have gold currency
  283. hexsirsleepy: They can spend the gold to buy stuff from other players too.
  284. timlagor: you're going to earn gold from playing and packs
  285. timlagor: > you can take that goldand buy some common packs
  286. kismethex: They can spend gold on my packs!
  287. hexreeplay: Can a PS4 player buy a booster pack for gold somehow using their quick buy options?
  288. timlagor: c> 10 cards for 1kg still gives you that buying packs experience
  289. stigmabuster2291: This might have already been asked (because I just joined) but is a campaign for PS4 in the cards? (pun not intended)
  290. hexedhavoc: maybe let them buy some of the common aa's too?
  291. timlagor: > you're going to be able to buy the commons and uncommons from gold you get playing the game
  292. timlagor: (think he means from AH)
  293. timlagor: > there's no perfect expereience/ solution to this
  294. timlagor: > thinking about me as a player, can't earn platinum so you have to earn something
  295. bizznach: Question: will ps4 users be able to open a pc account and send cards over?
  296. timlagor: > so you're earning some gold so if i have 2 of this card and it says for 300 fo my 800 gold i can buy another one
  297. hexedhavoc: How about this cory... a small chance that inside that common only pack, it has an AA common (out of any that exist now and later) ?? it could be all super shiny and exciting :P
  298. timlagor: > then you ahve 4 burns
  299. timlagor: > so you can get a taste of the expereience earnign gold and buying things
  300. timlagor: f> dualing pits
  301. timlagor: C> about hex: there' is no shortage of good ideas
  302. timlagor: > say i have 100 coins to spend, being on ps4 is 80 coins
  303. witherstench: hey guys!!
  304. timlagor: > every other little idea is 1-10 coins (points I think he sid actually)
  305. timlagor: > yeah we can do anything, but everything costs points
  306. stigmabuster2291: Is there a reason why tim is repeating everything Cory says?
  307. timlagor: > so you can be where you don't have 80 to spend on console because i sspend them on other things
  308. hexbroombot: *Beep Boop* For deaf viewers
  309. pentachills: There's deaf viewers in chat.
  310. kormai: incase you didnt understood
  311. stigmabuster2291: Oh cool, rock on.
  312. timlagor: > king of the hill, score and i hadd this whole idea because peopel were pissy theycouldn't play ina tournametn because of timezones and..
  313. stigmabuster2291: A round of ale for Tim then.
  314. timlagor: > .. adn the asnwer like with all my ideas is "yes for sure -this is what it's giong to take"
  315. hexsirsleepy: Did you get all that Tim? lol
  316. timlagor: > so with finite resources i always have to choose
  317. straumwar: ps4, consoles, tables will get us to like 500 points :D
  318. timlagor: M> so we need more money than god
  319. timlagor: C> well not more than god but a lot of money we can do a lot of stuff
  320. timlagor: > that's the problem wiht games, you have companies like Blizzard who have all the money in teh world
  321. stigmabuster2291: Well maybe if you actually spent some money on marketing Cory, you could be there.
  322. kismethex: Nobody puts out a bad game on purpose.
  323. straumwar: LUL
  324. stigmabuster2291: #imjustsaying
  325. timlagor: > you have littel companies who know they could make better games but they don't have the money ; blizard wiht 4x the money makes a better game
  326. timlagor: > problem for the whole industry
  327. timlagor: c> you can end up wiht like 4 companies
  328. straumwar: @kismethex coughanycompanythatshovesmicrotransactionsgaloreingamescough
  329. joelepaul: so basically BUY MORE PLAT AND PACKS then u get content quicker
  330. timlagor: > they look at very category and make their entry into that category and then what's left
  331. kamikazimaniac: DreamDaddy
  332. nero_jinous: dream daddy :O
  333. timlagor: > like animatronic cooking on the high seas
  334. jrlawton131: Could still take 10 years and still release crap, aka Duke Nukem Forever
  335. timlagor: you make something so odball and out there that you can take everyone by surprise
  336. timlagor: > but good luck making a squad-based shooter
  337. timlagor: M> tlaking about animations and bobbing up and down ; with all our critique that's not going to stop you right because we still want more AAA
  338. timlagor: c> we have brought osmeone new to work on animated cards
  339. straumwar: oh hell yes more animated cards
  340. stigmabuster2291: Get the dudes from infinity wars to do your animations. They aren't doing anything with their game.
  341. kormai: Ask him if they are considering selling character slots for the campaign. would gladly pay some plat for that (and i'm not alone)
  342. timlagor: > our tech is super talented but needed to work on something else so hired someone new
  343. timlagor: > animation shoudl be more ambient, depth and slower so it's not jerky
  344. brynhildrtcg: AAA Matriarch was amazing, kudos to whoever did that one
  345. trashcattv: !GeneralsTent
  346. timlagor: > think we've had some hyper successful like sabretooth
  347. trashcattv: Hey all
  348. stigmabuster2291: Matriarch of flames is hot fire.
  349. timlagor: f> sounds like you are on the right track
  350. straumwar: AAA sabretooth is amazing, if only i could get one Kappa
  351. timlagor: M> did great job on dreamthied, little tentacle movements that get you
  352. timlagor: F> matriarch super swqeet
  353. straumwar: NO HENTAI AA D:
  354. timlagor: M> crafting
  355. straumwar: Kappa
  356. timlagor: M> what ahev you thought of card destruction and eq destruction
  357. mysweetbaxter: I like when Mokog says ya'll
  358. timlagor: C> that's a big part of the crafting concept
  359. timlagor: > crafting was linked to consumables
  360. pentachills: "Had" BibleThump
  361. hexedhavoc: D:
  362. straumwar: WOOT CONSUMABLES :D
  363. timlagor: > was going to be nmext AZ keeps and consummables
  364. timlagor: > crafting linked to LArge large cosummable system
  365. timlagor: > why it didn't make it into az2
  366. straumwar: get hyped boyz
  367. timlagor: > do want to make crafting yoru carsd part of the game
  368. timlagor: > always the intent
  369. straumwar: CRAFTING CARDS TOO WOOT
  370. straumwar: LUL
  371. timlagor: > at one poitn I think had 300lb of trading cardsin plastic bins in my garage
  372. timlagor: > probably shoult have kept those actually
  373. timlagor: > it was crazy even like C and U .. and i found htings like Moxes and ...
  374. brynhildrtcg: i hadn't played MTG in over a decade, but i went through and cleaned out my MTG collection in tubs of plastics
  375. poudigne: @HexedHavoc
  376. kismethex: Legendary equipment drop rates for my packs? Can I change them to not be so stingy?
  377. brynhildrtcg: Was amazed to find stuff like Aether Vial, stuff I drafted all the time were worth like $30+
  378. timlagor: f> i cleaned out closet and made out pretty well
  379. stigmabuster2291: #pcmasterrace #sarcasm
  380. hexedhavoc: @Poudigne ?
  381. timlagor: f> i feel FRA2 is a step towards this..
  382. timlagor: > i always felt like PVE doesn't have much of an endgame but maybe keeps..?
  383. poudigne: look @ your steam chat xD
  384. timlagor: C> keeps were not endgame, RAISDS were going to be endgame
  385. timlagor: > there were two frostrings
  386. timlagor: > another version was designed and everything in shinhare area
  387. kamikazimaniac: I want that pit
  388. timlagor: > giant pit led down to god of the shroomkins
  389. kormai: bring us that pit
  390. straumwar: GIF US THAT NAO
  391. timlagor: > didn't have an end you jsut go as long as you could against these opponents
  392. straumwar: GIF US IT
  393. kamikazimaniac: Flavor Win
  394. timlagor: > god was really funny, really cool,. similar to FRA and we're going to add .. eventually
  395. timlagor: f> few weeks ago had Ryan and.. on stream and said it would be cool if fra ewas endless,
  396. timlagor: > they looked at eah other and groaned
  397. timlagor: f> Coyotle Sleeve story
  398. timlagor: c> not part of the lore
  399. timlagor: > a lot of our partners were very hands on about everything
  400. timlagor: > sound out
  401. timlagor: > [sound cut out]
  402. timlagor: > our latin american partners did these sleeves
  403. timlagor: > with this comment "the moon will avenge us"
  404. hexreeplay: And here I was thinking it was a reference to winter moon being reprinted as a champion :P
  405. timlagor: > tshrits I think
  406. bizznach: blightbark coyotles leak?
  407. timlagor: > I don't know where they got that from they didn't undertand our lore
  408. timlagor: (ahh it was a sleev not a tshirt)
  409. timlagor: f> need to get the luchadore merc
  410. timlagor: C> it was actually for the philipines
  411. brynhildrtcg: Haha, yeah, I remember that guy
  412. timlagor: > shinhare that was named after a ervolutionary freedom fighter in the philipines
  413. timlagor: > I didn't understand it was like if someone asked me for a MartinLutherKing tribute card that was a shinhare..
  414. timlagor: > it would be relaly weird
  415. timlagor: > i think we'll just leave that out cos it was kinda offenseive
  416. timlagor: F> cosmic coins
  417. timlagor: C> CC was my solution to make sure once you got to cosmic you were sitll earning something that was fun
  418. timlagor: > still working, lot of the work is done
  419. timlagor: back end work is mostly done
  420. timlagor: > i want the coins to be actually tradable too
  421. timlagor: > there'll be a store where you can only buy things with teh CCs
  422. timlagor: f> before ladder came out i sued to play a lot of constructed
  423. hexbroombot: *Beep Boop* You need a break Timlagor?
  424. timlagor: > since I'm always working on Sat
  425. timlagor: > there's no reason for me to play constructed at all
  426. joelepaul: hes doing such a great job :)
  427. bizznach: want reasons to use old sets too :(
  428. timlagor: @hexbroombot please take over the F and M
  429. hexbroombot: *Beep Boop* k
  430. timlagor: C> one of the sugegstions that's been made if good is starting to rotate the Bash and CLASh
  431. timlagor: > there's no reason to lock them to those days -can swap them between Sat and Sun
  432. hexbroombot: F> We only have a couple questions left
  433. timlagor: > Cosmic coins wasn't necessarily jsut about constructed
  434. hexbroombot: M> We did have a question about custom formats. I'm going to ask one I want answered
  435. hexbroombot: M> With Hex coming to tablet what kind of support will there be for onsite Hex conventions on tablet
  436. hexbroombot: M
  437. timlagor: C> we talked about this at one point; the idea was that you would be able to get a code. you would start a tournament, everyuone would be able to jump in with that code and be in one tournament
  438. timlagor: > originally this would be so we could say if retainlers wanted to run touranments at their sotres
  439. timlagor: > they could do in one pol adn the business owner would get a cut
  440. timlagor: > something like that for tournaments is absolutely doable
  441. hexbroombot: F> I think code driven ones, especially with retailers is a great idea. But I wodner how much use it would see
  442. timlagor: > again it's 5 points.. wouldn't be hard
  443. poudigne: Hey @Timlagor have you played a lot tonight ? how's you ranking going ? are you cosmic yet ?
  444. hexbroombot: F> Probably the PS4 has been a lot of work for Woods
  445. timlagor: > nothing's hard they say to me "we asn an engineering team can do anything you want, it's jsut you're going to have to pay for it"
  446. timlagor: > they all did a bunch of work for ps4
  447. kormai: Will we be able to buy character slots in the future?
  448. kismethex: Legendary equipment drop rates for my packs? Can I change them to not be so stingy?
  449. timlagor: > I think Ah changes when we get quickbuyquicksell it will help immensely
  450. timlagor: [i really disagree]
  451. straumwar: it could cause some market manipulation
  452. hexbroombot: F> Lightning round 2, social features. Filter friends list, let us know what friends are doing
  453. timlagor: @Poudigne gold i think not played this evening
  454. mysweetbaxter: There will absolutely be market manipulation with quick buy, not sure what they are going to do to mitigate it
  455. talekith: Question for cory if hosts catch this up: Additional Character slots for PvE?
  456. hexbroombot: F> So you added the clash and bash, I wonder if those edge community events out
  457. timlagor: > definitely for 5shards we give a ton of support, we try to make sure they jhave custom prizes. we try to make sure
  458. hexbroombot: F> Who do I have to talk to to get my tournaments in client?
  459. timlagor: > when people come to us with ideas for tournaments we bend over backwards to make them happen
  460. timlagor: > i don't think anyone's come to us with an idea and we havne't helped
  461. hexbroombot: F> They're a lot of fun (the tournaments Funktion does)
  462. plotynus: frenzy in client confirmed, great job @funktionfails :P
  463. timlagor: > yeah for sure talk to Kyle about your tournament and we'll get that done
  464. fred_hex: I really want Funktion's tournaments to be in-client so I get all the data from them!
  465. timlagor: > see waht we can do
  466. timlagor: > and wacky queus
  467. hexbroombot: F> A lot of me running the tournaments was just filling a gap I see. But the wacky rotating tournaments might fill that too
  468. nero_jinous: @hexbroombot you forgot to say beep boop Kappa
  469. timlagor: he's looking at my post
  470. hexbroombot: Sacrifices must be made
  471. straumwar: every other block? FeelsBadMan
  472. timlagor: > az for very set was never a goald; az for every block
  473. hexbroombot: F> What's your favoriate animal and could you beat it in a fight?
  474. straumwar: so one for this block or?
  475. kamikazimaniac: Broom Bot is too busy working for robot sounds :P All business
  476. timlagor: > how do you pick favourite animal? you see lot of my faovurite animals in the game
  477. joelepaul: transcribing - 90 points, robot sounds 10 points
  478. timlagor: > my first dog: my dad resuced a coyote pup
  479. kamikazimaniac: lol
  480. timlagor: > i had a half-coyote half balck lab growing up
  481. timlagor: > coyotes ravens bears
  482. timlagor: > I pick them for the game because I love em
  483. hexbroombot: F> On that one, we need more flora and fauna focused sets
  484. straumwar: agreed
  485. hexbroombot: F> We need an adventure into the wilderness themed set
  486. timlagor: > feels like this last, we want a nice mix and all the frostheart stuff because we were able to put all the groups in. i've been very thematically steering my caravan because i love it so much
  487. straumwar: next set is done PogChamp
  488. timlagor: > these last sets we've put a lot fo tehse things in
  489. mysweetbaxter: Will fateweave be an evergreen mechanic (please yes)?
  490. hexbroombot: M> Hex is going to get more irish
  491. num83r54r3c00l: when is the dingler island DLC available for preorder?
  492. timlagor: > i can't believe I'm objessed with these and finally putting in the next set
  493. irishbattousai: lol
  494. plotynus: boston celtics confirmed in hex also.
  495. mtg_dragon: Can we have more dragons plz!
  496. timlagor: > how I could have forgot when I consider myself part leprechaun...
  497. hexbroombot: M> You are way too tall for that (to be a leperchaun)
  498. brynhildrtcg: Leprechauns throwing in with the Merry Caravan?
  499. timlagor: > one of my first jobs was as a waiter at a restaurant called Bobbygees and i'd be a leprachaun my character there and i'd come out an ..
  500. hexbroombot: F> This set did have a lot fo stuff (flora and fauna) we need more aquatic stuff
  501. timlagor: > and all teh kids would say "you're not wee"
  502. kamikazimaniac: AZ2 had lots of great flora/fauna environments
  503. hexbroombot: M> Hex under the sea!
  504. nero_jinous: obligatory underwater level Kappa
  505. hexbroombot: F> what he's saying is we're going to AZ1 and the sea level has risen and it's all flooded.
  506. timlagor: > look at where teh geographically what kind of stuff is going on aroudn the primary area
  507. kamikazimaniac: find a way to add ice physics :P
  508. bizznach: cthulhu and other lovecraftian faction cards!
  509. timlagor: > you can see over to one side all the sas over to another side the giant desert
  510. hexbroombot: F> There's some sweet stuff on that globe
  511. timlagor: > i mapped out the thematically the entire globe and on the old schedule it was like 7 years
  512. timlagor: > at htis pace it's like 70 years
  513. timlagor: > but it's still going to happen
  514. timlagor: > i had ideas for all of it
  515. timlagor: > mountains with castles and werewolves
  516. straumwar: ooooh that sound sick
  517. timlagor: > and vampires
  518. mtg_dragon: Yes, please do an Innistrad type set in Hex!!!!
  519. joelepaul: whats innistrad?
  520. hexbroombot: M> So what I'm hearing is we'll soon understand what's up with the pentagon island
  521. timlagor: > had all teh toppography matpped out and why it was like that and wanted to get all the things that people love in
  522. hexbroombot: F> Yeah I wanna know too
  523. timlagor: > that was definitely stuff linked to that
  524. hexbroombot: M> Because all I can think of it's pentachills hiding spot
  525. mtg_dragon: @JoeLePaul Think Gothic Horror
  526. timlagor: > there you gorises up out of the sea with the...
  527. hexbroombot: F> They have like the five shards bat signal equivalent
  528. hexbroombot: M> We need a caster for the match, call pentachills!
  529. timlagor: > timlagor's questions are so specific an so odd
  530. kamikazimaniac: nice, tim self-comment :P
  531. timlagor: > diamond resoursec; actually ai agree that's funny
  532. kismethex: Legendary equipment drop rates for my packs? Can I change them to not be so stingy?
  533. hexbroombot: F> Got any other questions from the forums?
  534. timlagor: > I've actually made that ocmment
  535. timlagor: > Ozawa complaining about the lore
  536. maquiaveltv: I want random each match a different sleeve from my collection
  537. straumwar: @HEXTCG can we get dank memes in hex Kappa
  538. timlagor: > some of the recent flavour text is really specific to the group going to the frost ring
  539. steric: Ozawa was really complaining about the fact that the lore tab on the main site hasn't been updated since set 4.
  540. timlagor: > so little bit of a mixed message because you put them in these groups and give them motivations around their own needs
  541. kormai: When you put in crafting will you be able to craft all cards or just PvE cards?
  542. timlagor: > but the larger.. this has been a little of a departure
  543. pentachills: lol
  544. timlagor: > but the next few sets ramps up into a really big world-story telling momoent that answers some big questions
  545. captjack68: new calendar for set releases can share with us?
  546. nicosharp: What up HEX fam
  547. timlagor: much typing
  548. hexbroombot: F> I think the other one too, and it's my favorite part of frostheart, the humans are still ardent but they're not with the other ardent humans.
  549. timlagor: > yeah thay had a ton of the focus, showing the groups and showing the motivations
  550. captjack68: eta for next AZ?
  551. hexbroombot: F> It shows they have seperate identies, not all humans are the same, there are differences in groups.
  552. nicosharp: When do PS4 bros get to play PvE?
  553. kamikazimaniac: Mokog face :P
  554. timlagor: > this arc showing the motivcations and we brought characters back and i'm happy with the stuff going on
  555. timlagor: > there's going to be sacrifice and deaths
  556. hexbroombot: F> I love having iconic characters around
  557. hexbroombot: M> Cory's going to kill someone!
  558. straumwar: deaths FeelsBadMan
  559. num83r54r3c00l: why is half of cory beard so white
  560. timlagor: > I don't want them coming back but I do like them dying occasionally
  561. kismethex: Cory = GRRM
  562. steric: Sacrifice or death? Is the deathless gem becoming not so deathless?
  563. zingk0ng: rip princess cory
  564. timlagor: > bacase it gives them weight and if you lovesomeone and i love them deeply
  565. hexbroombot: F> HE loves them deeply, Brosi buk is going to die?! Why would you kill him Cory?!
  566. timlagor: > and when they die it's a big deal
  567. jrlawton131: Cory confirms someone is dying
  568. timlagor: > pippits don't actually die they just vanish into blue smoke
  569. joelepaul: beard is white because sunlight
  570. straumwar: @HEXTCG can we get anime waifus in hex, not gonna go away until we do Kappa
  571. timlagor: > they're made out of magic
  572. hexbroombot: M> Zoltog has just been enslaved, you can't kill him man!
  573. bizznach: squirrelageddon
  574. timlagor: @hexbroombot ok flagging a bit now if you can take on cory
  575. hexbroombot: F> To answer the other question on the forums, PvE isn't getting dropped. That's not what PS4 is about
  576. timlagor: > no pve is contuing but
  577. timlagor: > again our resources clearly we have to focus on some things
  578. timlagor: > new platforms
  579. hexbroombot: I will try :P
  580. timlagor: > we put the focus on the pve and you're going to see continual changes to frostring
  581. timlagor: thanks!
  582. hexbroombot: F> There was one on the forums I meant to ask, people were asking about roadmaps
  583. hexbroombot: F> It felt like late july there was a lot of anxiety in the community
  584. hexbroombot: F> People were unsure what was happening. There wasn't much news
  585. timlagor: @Poudigne offered to help out too
  586. hexbroombot: F> That's not graet for the player base, can we get a general map?
  587. hexbroombot: C> Yeah, when it comes to larger announcements like we're going to be on console we try to coordinate with partners
  588. bizznach: multiplayer and raaaaids
  589. hexbroombot: C> Thats' where a lot of resources were going
  590. hexbroombot: C> I didn't want to spoil it and wanted to coordinate with the partners
  591. hexbroombot: C> That's one of the downsides of being small
  592. hexbroombot: C> You don't have a lot of different teams
  593. hexbroombot: C> The roadmap has to change sometimes because something isn't working right
  594. poudigne: @Timlagor why are you lying ?
  595. hexbroombot: F> I do like the dev streams
  596. hexedhavoc: give multiplayer on test server!! XD let the community help solve its issues, kthx >_<
  597. timlagor: sitting up is too tiring?
  598. hexbroombot: C> I felt like the dev streams were improtant. I wanted to rest of the team to get to interact with the community
  599. timlagor: @Poudigne din't you offer to help?
  600. kismethex: Any plans to monetize PVE? Plat for character slots?
  601. hexbroombot: C> And everyone enjoys that sort of interaction
  602. hexbroombot: C> I hope everyone likes the friday update updates too
  603. joelepaul: we LOVE em
  604. joelepaul: put em on mainpage
  605. hexbroombot: C> Just making the effort to make sure there's something coming otu of the group that let's people see what we're doing
  606. joelepaul: many ppl dont know about em
  607. hexbroombot: C> Or at least just interacting
  608. hexbroombot: F> I love the friday updates
  609. hexbroombot: F> I love seeing what jared is up too
  610. num83r54r3c00l: @HEXTCG i am terrified of dinglers, every time one appears on my screen I spill vomit on my keyboard. I just want to curse whoever created them
  611. hexbroombot: C> I can stream of conciousness and make it funny or goofy or whatever
  612. hexbroombot: C> One of my other dream jobs was a comedy staff writer
  613. hexbroombot: C> Bet even one gag a week is aa hard job but it's fun and good practice
  614. hexbroombot: F> I feel like we've covered most of the stuff
  615. hexbroombot: M> I have a small question
  616. joelepaul: so cory basically if we want more hex content, we should just buy more packs and plat, right? :)
  617. hexbroombot: M> I noticed some of the kismet items appear to be alternate art PvE cards?
  618. hexbroombot: M> Are they truly alternate arts?
  619. hexbroombot: C> Nooooo? We hacven't done any pve alternate art
  620. hexbroombot: F> I don't think so
  621. hexedhavoc: they just have the gold flair on em is all
  622. hexbroombot: C> There were supposed to be (lists whaat's in a kismet pack)
  623. joelepaul: theyre promo
  624. joelepaul: not alternate ar
  625. hexedhavoc: true
  626. hexbroombot: M> It would be kind of weird
  627. timlagor: they're tagged that way for AH too
  628. kismethex: Some require promo dust to EA
  629. hexedhavoc: yea it denotes promo
  630. maquiaveltv: Will we use mercenaries on FRA someday?
  631. hexbroombot: M> But when you look at kismet pve cards they have the promo embellishment on them
  632. hexbroombot: M> and they sometimes list oddly on ah
  633. hexreeplay: I think Mokog is mistaking the promo flare for being a AA flare
  634. hexbroombot: C> That sounds like user (dev) error
  635. straumwar: @HEXTCG ya it has the same thing with the holiday cards... makes us use promo dust to EA them and its frustrating
  636. hexbroombot: C> I think someone put the wrong tag on it
  637. hexbroombot: F> It's nothing as exciting as Mokog was hoping for
  638. hexbroombot: M> No it is exciting because it means there aren't any reprints
  639. hexbroombot: M> I'm very happy about it
  640. hexbroombot: F> I love kismet packs
  641. kismethex: Legendary equipment drop rates for my packs? Can I change them to not be so stingy?
  642. hexbroombot: C> It was supposed to take the place of convocation until we get back to a lot of voncentions
  643. hexbroombot: C> Also I wanted a fun place to explore stuff we make up like boonberries
  644. almedeme: o/
  645. hexbroombot: C> The pack was a great way to explore those things
  646. hexbroombot: C> And ryan's pun critical jamage was one of my favorite puns
  647. hexbroombot: F> I love Hex's sense of humor
  648. hexbroombot: C> Over the years people have pushed back on the humor but I feel strongly that I like things that are funny
  649. hexbroombot: C> I think a good mix of serious or characters dying with sweeeping high fantasy moments
  650. kismethex: Even when talking about Kismet packs, don't want to bring up drop rates?
  651. hexbroombot: C> and humor is important so it doesn't feel pretensious
  652. kormai: Are there ever gonna be daily quests like in many other TCG's/CCG's?
  653. hexbroombot: F> especially in fantasy settings
  654. joelepaul: kormai i know cory has once said NEVER
  655. nero_jinous: hooglDingler hooglDingler hooglDingler hooglDingler hooglDingler hooglDingler hooglDingler hooglDingler
  656. joelepaul: he hates dailies
  657. hexbroombot: M> How bad was the push back on Nog nog internally
  658. hexbroombot: C> No pushback on that one
  659. m455ive: Kappa
  660. joelepaul: ppl should not be forced to log cuz of dailies
  661. kormai: ok thjanks @JoeLePaul
  662. 60apes: @HEXTCG Cory, are there any current plans to make physical merchandise for Hex? Kappa
  663. hexbroombot: M> Beause it's a fun moment when she dies but is coming back
  664. hexbroombot: F> I think we're all squared up now
  665. hexbroombot: C> I didn't answer all the questions clearly
  666. hexbroombot: C> I want people to be aware that we are aware of what people are asking for, it'ss just a matter of priortizing
  667. hexbroombot: C> Growing the pop first, and QoL stuff second
  668. hexbroombot: F> Weekend tourneys are great
  669. hexbroombot: C> console and tablet will be helpful (for the game population)
  670. hexbroombot: F> Not many other games pay out 2k each week in tourneys
  671. joelepaul: Cory, did you consider that for japanese players, clash and bash times will be almost impossible?
  672. hexbroombot: C> yeah around 5k a month in tourney prizes
  673. almedeme: Guys, was there question about draft pods and will they finally be returned? Will there be a universal search for couple game modes simultaneously? Because the waiting times are too long
  674. straumwar: dota 2 pays out 20+ mill every year Kappa
  675. kalemero88: Did anyone ask about quality of life when assigning blockers with big swings (like 15-20 troops) ?
  676. hexbroombot: F> This tournament thing, the wacky formats sounds awesome
  677. timlagor: err $8k jsut from Clash + Bash surely
  678. hexedhavoc: wacky tournaments hype
  679. hexbroombot: C> We've been weoking on that for quite awhile
  680. hexbroombot: C> I think we have a lot of formats ready to do pretty easily
  681. joelepaul: EHD?
  682. joelepaul: EDH
  683. joelepaul: (in place of schild)
  684. hexbroombot: C> We're working hard on tablets and console atm, but the wacky formats hopefulyl will be shortly after
  685. hexbroombot: F> that stuff makes the game feel more alive, fleshed out
  686. blitzkind: Has he touched on the concerns with the new Quick Buy and Quick sell features?
  687. hexbroombot: C> commons only, singleton, one shard type, tribal, tons of fun ways to do it
  688. timlagor: no
  689. timlagor: he said he thought QB QS would help a lot with AH
  690. talekith: Character slots for PvE?
  691. straumwar: @HEXTCG anime waifus in hex? Im not going away cory Kappa
  692. timlagor: he said we could have more character slots.
  693. hexbroombot: M> Couple questions from chat, y'all are watching for when would be to expand bash and clash time of day wise?
  694. timlagor: ...but not when
  695. hexbroombot: C> Yes, defintely.
  696. hexhuntermokog: When they have resources. Character slots have to be prioritized
  697. bootlaced: Has there been any word on Keeps?
  698. hexbroombot: C> it's just hard to do well without a large player base
  699. kismethex: Legendary equipment drop rates for my packs? Can I change them to not be so stingy?
  700. kormai: Will there ever be a difficulty setting for campaign?
  701. hexbroombot: F> Thanks for coming on
  702. hexbroombot: C> Congratulations btw
  703. plotynus: yeah, cory, please now leave so I can get my oak Kappa
  704. timlagor: @kismethex he didn't say but he definitely read the question
  705. hexbroombot: F> yeah, and I'm a total slacker too. It's that much more an accomlishment
  706. hexbroombot: M> I'm surprised I haven't been removed yet
  707. hexbroombot: F> Thanks for joining us
  708. hexbroombot: C> My pleasure
  709. hexbroombot: F> We'll see you soon
  710. kamikazimaniac: Thanks Cory!
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