Hollywood Hacking: The Game

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  1. [19:16:49] <~castfromhp> Alright, Rini! You've just seen Caleb's dot do a neat disappearing act, zipping to another point in the city, one that a certain someone else had pointed out as being of significance to you...In any case, you're en route now and finding that there is a relatively lighter hostile presence than you expected. They're probably all at the island or something.
  2. [19:17:52] * Rini zips through alleys, barely aware of being totally sleep-deprived and occasionally mumbling something every now and then. Good thing there's nobody around to pay attention. And... how much longer until the antimag field starts?
  3. [19:19:08] <~castfromhp> This anti-magic field is...odd, unstable. You can't really gauge the outline of the anti-magic field yourself. You'll simply know when you hit it, essentially.
  4. [19:21:25] * Rini suddenly stops, tapping the goggles some more. And a loud enough mumble now that nobody's around. "Alright, I'll default to voice. Keep comms limited."
  5. [19:23:27] <Rini> "... frosty..."  Oh, mumbling's still there.  WELP.  Now it's time to break into a dash without caring!
  6. [19:23:37] <~castfromhp> You're coming up closer on the location now, somewhat far from the metropolitan areas of Hong Kong. It's not the only abandoned office building in this part of town, but it's the only one that has a patrol of troops around it.
  7. [19:24:00] * Rini hides out and takes a close look at the patrol's movements, then.
  8. [19:24:11] <~castfromhp> Investigation
  9. [19:24:18] <Rini> 4d3-8+3 oh gee that's difficult
  10. [19:24:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, oh gee that's difficult: 3 [4d3=1,3,2,2]
  11. [19:25:49] <~castfromhp> It's fairly apparent after a bit of observation - there are no blind spots in their patrol pattern. There's no fence around the building, and there's more than one door in, but the way that the guards go around, every bit of the perimeter is covered.
  12. [19:27:33] <Rini> "Could just take the front door..."  Mmblmmbl.  Of course that's probably not gonna happen.
  13. [19:28:05] * Rini observes in a little more detail. How many doors are there, and what kind of differences are there between them?
  14. [19:28:27] <Rini> Actually... taptap.
  15. [19:29:07] <~castfromhp> Three. A set of double doors at the front, and then two single side-doors spaced out on one side of the complex.
  16. [19:30:00] <Rini> "... easy place to start."  Rini keeps on with the usual while slinking along to the sides.  The front door, contrary to popular belief, is unlikely to be a good idea.
  17. [19:32:52] * Rini goggletaps some more times and just watches the patrol some more, looking for a chance to make a break for the side-door.
  18. [19:35:31] <~castfromhp> You've been able to tell from watching there is always an eye on each door at any given time in the patrol pattern.
  19. [19:36:26] * Rini hmmmm~s a bit and pulls out the butterfly knife that's been there all this time. Is there... say, a wall or something to toss it at as a distraction?
  20. [19:37:03] <Rini> You know, a DIFFERENT wall.
  21. [19:37:22] <Rini> ... Or the guard's throat, but that probably isn't a good idea without being trained in this sort of thing.
  22. [19:37:31] <Rini> Nah, definitely not the guard's throat.
  23. [19:37:36] <Rini> Maybe his gun..
  24. [19:37:55] <~castfromhp> The building itself is fairly open. There's a garden out in the front with some rocks, but nothing that can really obscure vision too much as you approach.
  25. [19:38:11] <Rini> Oh hell, full scan on whoever's watching it.  Precog activate, determining their approximate firing patterns.
  26. [19:38:29] <Rini> 4d3-8+3+1+2 LIKE THIS, of course!
  27. [19:38:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, LIKE THIS, of course!: 7 [4d3=2,1,3,3]
  28. [19:39:06] <Rini> And distraction... is it likely that the distraction idea would even work, with the position he's in and whatnot?
  29. [19:39:34] <Rini> Ahh screw it might need to cut something later.
  30. [19:39:47] * Rini takes a DEEEEEEEEP breath and then makes a break for the door!
  31. [19:41:27] <~castfromhp> Roll athletics for how much ground you can cover quickly
  32. [19:41:34] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 THE USUAL
  33. [19:41:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, THE USUAL: 5 [4d3=1,3,3,2]
  34. [19:42:40] <~castfromhp> Without any sort of disruption to his patrol or distraction, he has time to fire off a good two shots at you before you get through the door..
  35. [19:42:54] <Rini> AT, huh?
  36. [19:43:04] <~castfromhp> (AT?)
  37. [19:43:07] <Rini> AT!
  38. [19:43:08] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+5+2
  39. [19:43:09] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+5+2: 10 [4d3=3,3,2,3], 6 [4d3=2,1,3,1]
  40. [19:43:29] <Rini> 4d3-8+4+1+2 first one first, let's see if we need any invokes here
  41. [19:43:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, first one first, let's see if we need any invokes here: 7 [4d3=1,3,1,3]
  42. [19:43:39] <Rini> Wow, ouch.
  43. [19:43:55] <Lecia> (IT MIGHT ALSO SUCK IF YOU GET SHOT TO DEATH)
  44. [19:44:06] <Lecia> (SO PLEASE DON'T GET SHOT TO DEATH)
  45. [19:44:07] <Rini> But that's average and his was good, let's have Tiniest and Truckin' for that one.
  46. [19:44:15] <Rini> ...
  47. [19:44:27] <Rini> Oh yeah, it was out in the open, was that a it's all gonna be okay compel?  Huh huh?
  48. [19:44:47] <Rini> 4d3-8+4+1 negotiations later, this one next
  49. [19:44:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, negotiations later, this one next: 4 [4d3=1,3,2,1]
  50. [19:45:10] <Rini> ... Does tagging his sticky cost a FATE point to do more than once?
  51. [19:45:26] <~castfromhp> You only get one free tag per aspect that you create.
  52. [19:45:30] <~castfromhp> And sure take a compel.
  53. [19:46:23] <Rini> HmmmmmmMMMm.
  54. [19:46:41] <Rini> What the hell let's blow that fate to tag him again on the second one then!
  55. [19:47:53] <~castfromhp> Still 4 physical stress from that if you get your roll up to 6.
  56. [19:48:21] <Rini> Oh sure, taking a minor is fine.  Not sure whether to call it 'Waaay off-balance' or 'Holy shit that was close.'
  57. [19:48:23] <Rini> One of those.
  58. [19:48:56] <Rini> Let's do the latter.  In a world where getting shot is a moderate, a mild is just increased adrenaline from ALMOST getting shot.
  59. [19:49:12] * Rini of course grabs the doorknob or whatever with the good arm.
  60. [19:49:19] <~castfromhp> You get to the door annnnnd, as you might expect, it's locked. There's a keycard access thing.
  61. [19:49:24] <Rini> "FUCK SHIT ASS"
  62. [19:49:43] * Rini whips the knife out and... how close is the guard?
  63. [19:49:56] <~castfromhp> It's one of those metal doors with a little window up near the top that has a grate in it.
  64. [19:50:10] <~castfromhp> A few yards away. Within the same zone, in mechanical terms.
  65. [19:50:28] <~castfromhp> You can hear footsteps coming from the other sides of the building.
  66. [19:50:30] <Rini> ... One of 'those.'  Like, how big of a grate is this?
  67. [19:50:47] <~castfromhp> Small. Narrower than your head, maybe a bit taller than it.
  68. [19:51:25] <Rini> This is where having a Roadkill would be nice.  But... hm.
  69. [19:52:09] * Rini gives up thinking and tosses the knife in the direction of the guard, ESPECIALLY the gun. Primarily the gun.
  70. [19:52:17] <Rini> How's that gonna work?
  71. [19:52:59] <~castfromhp> It'd be a manuveur to place an aspect on him. Let's say...athletics.
  72. [19:53:10] <Rini> 4d3-4 MAN, I SURE DON'T LIKE USING ATHLETICS
  73. [19:53:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, MAN, I SURE DON'T LIKE USING ATHLETICS: 4 [4d3=2,2,3,1]
  74. [19:53:59] <Rini> The intent is more to be cool and disarm him from a distance than... uh, anything else really.
  75. [19:54:19] <Rini> Taking him out wouldn't help much when the others have been alerted.
  76. [19:54:35] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  77. [19:54:35] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: -1 [4d3=1,1,1,1]
  78. [19:54:40] <~castfromhp> (well then)
  79. [19:54:41] <Rini> doushiou.jpg
  80. [19:54:49] <Miyuki> ...
  81. [19:54:54] <Miyuki> (ow. :C)
  82. [19:55:10] <Rini> How close do the footsteps sound?
  83. [19:55:15] <~castfromhp> You lodge the knife deep into his hand, and he drops his gun with a cry. Still footsteps coming from all sides. Still got a locked door in front of you.
  84. [19:55:53] <~castfromhp> The patrols were fairly spaced apart. It's a blocky building, so there's not much need to have a lot of them close together. One person can see down an entire side of a building. So it'll be a little while before they get to you.
  85. [19:56:02] <Rini> ...
  86. [19:56:06] <Rini> Yeaaap.
  87. [19:56:33] * Rini decides to take advantage of his situation and drop-kick him in the face, despite being a 14-year-old.
  88. [19:56:51] <Rini> 4d3-8+2+2 please just let yourself get knocked out, okay?
  89. [19:56:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, please just let yourself get knocked out, okay?: 4 [4d3=3,1,2,2]
  90. [19:57:01] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  91. [19:57:02] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 4 [4d3=2,3,1,3]
  92. [19:57:09] <Rini> Pretty please?
  93. [19:57:15] <~castfromhp> He doesn't even feel it.
  94. [19:57:38] * Rini takes advantage of his confusion to snoop with her little eye... any sign of a card or something on him?
  95. [19:58:45] <~castfromhp> Not immediately visible no.
  96. [19:58:58] <~castfromhp> You have a few guesses.
  97. [19:59:19] <Rini> A few guesses like 'HE'S PROBABLY NOT IMPORTANT ENOUGH' or like 'it might be in this location?'
  98. [19:59:54] * Rini kicks the goddamn gun to the side either way.
  99. [20:00:00] <~castfromhp> Could be his pants pocket cause it has some sort of string looped around a belt loop and tucked into it. Could be around his neck because he has some necklace of a sort. Could be in his shirt pocket too - there's certainly a light bulge of something there.
  100. [20:00:16] <Rini> Eenie meenie...
  101. [20:00:17] <Rini> 1d3
  102. [20:00:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 1d3: 3 [1d3=3]
  103. [20:00:31] <~castfromhp> Annnd, not so fast, he gets to react to you first you know.
  104. [20:00:35] <Rini> Of course!
  105. [20:00:37] <Rini> Just being preemptive.
  106. [20:02:08] <~castfromhp> The guard grabs your arms and tries to twist you around to pin you in place.
  107. [20:02:18] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4+2+2
  108. [20:02:18] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4+2+2: 8 [4d3=2,3,1,2]
  109. [20:02:34] * Rini sticks her tongue out and... is this fists-only or athletics applicable too?
  110. [20:03:13] <~castfromhp> And take one physical stress in addition.
  111. [20:03:24] <Rini> already full
  112. [20:03:26] <~castfromhp> (Grapples act as a block on any action you take)
  113. [20:03:45] <~castfromhp> (you're doing stress wrong again aren't you?)
  114. [20:03:51] <Rini> (oh you're right, I am)
  115. [20:03:52] <Rini> (Nevermind!)
  116. [20:04:14] <Rini> So wait, this isn't resistible?
  117. [20:04:30] <Rini> Or mechanically he's blocking?
  118. [20:04:42] <~castfromhp> (it's a block on all your actions. The grapple itself gets rolled again each round)
  119. [20:04:53] <~castfromhp> (You have to overcome the block value to do something)
  120. [20:04:55] <Rini> (okay, I gotcha)
  121. [20:05:06] <Rini> (would squirming out be athletics, then?)
  122. [20:05:19] <Rini> (since that's the only thing that remotely has a chance of working)
  123. [20:05:35] <~castfromhp> (fists I'd say, since it's more about physically fighting your way out)
  124. [20:05:44] <~castfromhp> (do keep in mind the grapple is rerolled each round)
  125. [20:05:46] <Rini> (yeaaah wow)
  126. [20:06:09] <Rini> (OH, I do get a fate point immediately because he's tagging my moderate though, right?  Or is that not until after conflict ends?)
  127. [20:06:10] <~castfromhp> (also keep in mind concessions are a thing if it comes to that)
  128. [20:06:14] <~castfromhp> (conflict ends)
  129. [20:06:17] <Rini> (>Rini >concede)
  130. [20:06:29] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 welp let's uh... hahaha
  131. [20:06:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, welp let's uh... hahaha: 5 [4d3=2,3,3,3]
  132. [20:06:39] <Rini> Yeah, you just love doing that to me, huh
  133. [20:06:49] <~castfromhp> (well, keep in mind mechanically speaking he gets a free supplemental action each round that can translate to one free shift of physical damage. Just...keep that in mind)
  134. [20:07:18] <Rini> .... Would getting free of the grapple allow an action or would he just get to act again?
  135. [20:08:22] <~castfromhp> If you roll something like an attack and succeed, it breaks the grapple.
  136. [20:08:49] <Rini> Right, the question is would getting away immediately be okay to do, or would it mechanically be his turn again immediately after?
  137. [20:09:13] <~castfromhp> It'd be his turn again.
  138. [20:09:41] <Rini> Okay, so double-invoking is kinda pointless, hrmmnnggrrgrgg
  139. [20:10:30] <Rini> ... Fine, let's let it sit.
  140. [20:10:56] * Rini tries to trip him and do a JUDO THROW to land him on his back and... oh, wait, that didn't work, did it.
  141. [20:10:59] <Rini> Must be the shoes.
  142. [20:11:13] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 grapple block for this round
  143. [20:11:14] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, grapple block for this round: 3 [4d3=1,2,2,2]
  144. [20:11:23] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 good decision, me
  145. [20:11:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, good decision, me: 0 [4d3=1,1,2,2]
  146. [20:11:25] <~castfromhp> And supplemental action of one physical stress.
  147. [20:11:31] <Rini> bad decision, dicemaid
  148. [20:11:44] <~castfromhp> Er, wait, that should've been a 2. But either way.
  149. [20:12:07] <Rini> .... Mmmmmm, invoking tiniest for a reroll, why not
  150. [20:12:16] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 yeah I'm pretty dumb
  151. [20:12:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yeah I'm pretty dumb: 2 [4d3=1,3,2,2]
  152. [20:12:21] <Rini> hurrr
  153. [20:12:42] <Rini> Does meeting not beat?
  154. [20:13:09] <Lecia> Does that grapple include the supplemental action -1 penalty? It might help
  155. [20:13:31] <~castfromhp> He SQUEEZES you while yelling. "<Hey, I got some fucknut intruder here!>"
  156. [20:13:37] <~castfromhp> (nope you gotta make at least one shift)
  157. [20:13:44] <~castfromhp> (and shookie that's why I said it should've been a 2 not 3)
  158. [20:14:29] <Rini> ... Let's go down and tag his sticky again to get out of that, then.
  159. [20:15:05] <~castfromhp> Alright, you break free! Keep in mind supplemental actions happen on his turn, so you still take the stress.
  160. [20:15:06] <Rini> "Oh, I'll show you some nuts gettin' fucked, alright."  It's in English because profanities are different between languages and that wouldn't make any sense.
  161. [20:15:24] <Rini> How DOES that work when you go over but it's not big enough for a consequence?
  162. [20:15:43] <Rini> Because mild and moderate are full, stress is full, severe's free though.
  163. [20:15:57] <~castfromhp> You either get taken out, or you take a consequence even if you would be cancelling less than the consequence's maximum.
  164. [20:16:16] <Rini> Oww.  Severe wouldn't make any sense though.
  165. [20:16:29] <~castfromhp> Hrm...
  166. [20:16:36] <~castfromhp> Lemme think.
  167. [20:16:49] <Rini> Mmm, if the stress happened before rolling against the grapple let's just retcon that tag and reroll?
  168. [20:16:57] <Rini> Because I misunderstood I think.
  169. [20:17:06] <~castfromhp> Yeah, I think you did.
  170. [20:17:19] <~castfromhp> On his turn he a) maintains the grapple and b) performs a supplemental action that automatically gives one shift
  171. [20:17:32] <Rini> Yeah, okay, makes sense, so OVERLOADED.
  172. [20:18:28] <~castfromhp> If you get taken out here you won't DIE, just be knocked out. If you want to take a severe he could aggravate the bullet wound or break your arm?
  173. [20:18:57] <Rini> Would getting taken out actually be getting out and not just... being caught?
  174. [20:19:00] <Rini> +knocked
  175. [20:19:51] <~castfromhp> In this case it'd be getting knocked out. He'd konk you on the head or something.
  176. [20:20:28] <Rini> Hmm... all declares are out, everything's been tagged already
  177. [20:20:29] <Rini> yeesh
  178. [20:20:34] <Rini> it really IS just 'pick one of those'
  179. [20:21:06] <~castfromhp> :< s'what happens when you just sort at a door with a guy with a gun there patrolling in front of it
  180. [20:21:10] <Rini> ... How long do severes last, again?
  181. [20:21:29] <~castfromhp> 2-3 sessions, so...pretty much the rest of the campaign given session = day
  182. [20:21:43] <Rini> ...
  183. [20:21:48] <Rini> And talking is a free action?
  184. [20:22:51] <~castfromhp> Yeah. But that's not hugely relevant now.
  185. [20:23:00] <Rini> Is it?
  186. [20:23:29] <Rini> .... man all three of these options are stupid
  187. [20:23:30] <Rini> 1d3
  188. [20:23:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 1d3: 2 [1d3=2]
  189. [20:23:49] <Rini> SHE SAYS TAKE THE SEVERE
  190. [20:23:56] <Rini> ... I say 'fuck her' though
  191. [20:24:25] <Rini> Let's just... yeah let's just get conked.
  192. [20:25:47] <~castfromhp> Something hard connects with the back of your head and it all goes black. You wake up face down somewhere, with an alarm blaring through your ears.
  193. [20:26:16] <Rini> "Uggablugga."
  194. [20:27:23] * Rini tries to uh... feel around first. If that's even still possible.
  195. [20:27:46] <Rini> Clothes still on?  Goggles still on?  Sidetail still up?  (It's to the right, by the way)
  196. [20:28:47] <~castfromhp> You feel hard cold stone floor. Reaching a bit further, you feel a bed post. One of the first things you notice is that your goggles are missing and if you were wearing a jacket or any sort of outerwear, it's gone too.
  197. [20:29:15] <Rini> "Nnnnnnohgoddamnit."
  198. [20:29:37] <Rini> The last one's the BIGGEST question.  If these guys would mess with a young girl's hair, they're SO dead.
  199. [20:30:10] <~castfromhp> No, it's just slightly out of place, like if someone briefly ran a hand through your hair to search for anything hidden.
  200. [20:30:20] <Rini> Jerks.
  201. [20:30:40] * Rini decides to go back to sleep... nnnn wait no that's not gonna work.
  202. [20:30:42] <Rini> ROLLROLLROLL.
  203. [20:30:44] <~castfromhp> Taking a better look around, the room is sparse, just a bed in it. Not a very comfortable looking one either.
  204. [20:31:07] * Rini taps the side of her head. "Can you still h-"
  205. [20:31:10] <Rini> "Aw fuck."
  206. [20:32:25] * Rini yaaawns a bit. "Well, that takes care of that nap I needed."
  207. [20:32:41] * Rini wipes her eyes. What else is there?
  208. [20:34:21] <~castfromhp> Looking up through the small viewport on the door, you can see that the entire hallway is lined with cells, most of the ones nearby occupied. Some of the other prisoners are relatively well-dressed, looking not at all out of place in a stock exchange. Some are in casual clothes.
  209. [20:34:36] <~castfromhp> (though the well dressed ones are lacking suits - just dress shirts)
  210. [20:34:59] <~castfromhp> You can hear a stampede of feet heading away from your location.
  211. [20:35:01] * Rini checks the door.
  212. [20:35:06] <Rini> Tug, tug.
  213. [20:35:08] <Rini> Tugtugtug.
  214. [20:36:09] * Rini was afraid of looking down before seeing this, but suddenly... isn't. She still doesn't though.
  215. [20:37:02] <~castfromhp> Locked, as you would expect. Sturdy metal.
  216. [20:37:14] <Rini> Tugtug... oh wait.
  217. [20:37:17] * Rini pushes at the door instead.
  218. [20:37:23] <Rini> Just kidding.
  219. [20:39:03] * Rini just sighs a bit and looks up at the ceiling.
  220. [20:41:15] <~castfromhp> Actually, that works! You stumble out into the hallway. The alarm is even louder out here.
  221. [20:41:18] <~castfromhp> For a second.
  222. [20:41:21] <~castfromhp> Then it stops.
  223. [20:41:35] <Rini> "... Oh."
  224. [20:42:17] * Rini jumps up! And... observation round 2, where's the stampede coming from?
  225. [20:42:18] <~castfromhp> (sorry for slow, my roommate kinda took my portion of the food I cooked and i had to tell him to stop being a derp)
  226. [20:42:28] <Rini> (oh, I thought this was calebbin')
  227. [20:43:47] <~castfromhp> (bit of that too because what he does affects what happens to you etc)
  228. [20:45:09] <~castfromhp> Around you, you see people in other cells getting up in surprise and testing their doors. They all open, and there is a flood of people into the hall now. You find it very difficult not to be jostled around.
  229. [20:45:09] <Caleb> (Expect me to accidentally fuck you over for as many times as I do something right.)
  230. [20:46:00] * Rini mutters some "Hey, hey, no touchy" in English but tries to head in the direction of the stampede... hopefully the OPPOSITE direction of everyone else.
  231. [20:46:10] <Rini> And goddamnit she looks down just to see if they put her in a pretty suit.
  232. [20:47:13] <~castfromhp> Nope, just whatever she was wearing under whatever jackets she had.
  233. [20:47:24] <~castfromhp> There's also a pneumatic hiss you can barely hear over the din of people flooding out.
  234. [20:47:38] <Rini> Oh wow, she cut off part of her T-shirt to wrap Xiaohua's wound in, too.  Ew.
  235. [20:47:51] <Rini> DID the hoodie count as a jacket?
  236. [20:47:58] <~castfromhp> Yes. So no hoodie.
  237. [20:48:00] <Rini> Boo.
  238. [20:48:30] <~castfromhp> Hey you can hide a LOT of shit in a hoodie.
  239. [20:48:32] * Rini heads deeper inside, weaving through the crowd.
  240. [20:48:59] <Rini> Yeah, her laptop was probably there somewhere too, gotta go through a reclamation mission.  ESPECIALLY for the goggles.
  241. [20:50:32] <~castfromhp> Opposite direction of where you think the stampede was headed?
  242. [20:50:48] <Rini> The direction that's least likely to lead outside.
  243. [20:51:09] <Rini> Because that's gonna be full-on chaos.
  244. [20:52:10] <~castfromhp> Well, a number of the prisoners seem to know where they're going. And you assume they'd be heading outside. This puts you going in the same direction as the stampede of feet though if you decide to go opposite the crowd.
  245. [20:52:30] <Rini> Alright, perfect, since heading toward the stampede was the idea in the first place.
  246. [20:56:56] <~castfromhp> You find it a bit difficult at first to follow the sounds. After following the hallway down a bit, you find another hall that seems to lead closer to the sounds. It opens up into perpendicular hallways lined with cells. you repeat the process, moving in a sort of zigzag through hallways nested into each other like concentric shapes.
  247. [20:57:06] <~castfromhp> The footsteps are louder as you proceed in though, especially now that the alarm is off.
  248. [20:57:53] <Rini> Well then, the little troublemaker (or the tiniest, rather) dashes for a bit but then starts treading a little more cautiously, checking around corners and such.
  249. [21:00:25] * Rini stops suddenly and takes a couple steps back.
  250. [21:01:59] * Rini looks straight up to the ceiling like a weirdo and THEN heads in.
  251. [21:02:34] <Rini> ... Couple steps back.
  252. [21:03:31] <~castfromhp> You can see the guards now - they seem to be pretty concentrated in certain areas of the hallway, congregating on one spot of the facility.
  253. [21:06:21] * Rini pauses and mutters... actually she's been muttering the whole time, but there's been nobody to watch. So, heading in further... is it possible to avoid the guards' LoS?
  254. [21:07:43] <~castfromhp> Yeah, man this is hard to do without drawing it, but it's like if the hallways were linked up into a square, they're all seeming to congregate on one side of that square.
  255. [21:08:10] <Rini> So it's easy to just walk past the other side and give no shits?
  256. [21:08:35] <Rini> Heading in the direction most likely to be the center of the facility if that matters.
  257. [21:09:36] <~castfromhp> You pass by more cells heading that direction, occasionally what looks like an office door.
  258. [21:09:44] <~castfromhp> If you keep going past those you exit the cell area entirely.
  259. [21:09:51] <~castfromhp> And it seems like a big office, cubicles and all.
  260. [21:09:57] <Rini> Do the office doors have those little windows on them?
  261. [21:10:06] <~castfromhp> Yes.
  262. [21:10:47] * Rini hops up and peeeers through each one, though subtly enough to hopefully not be noticed. Mainly looking for any familiar faces or... the general layout of what's inside, really.
  263. [21:11:06] <Rini> Like, are they definitely offices and not cells that just look like offices?
  264. [21:11:14] <Rini> Oh, and if there's any one with a laptop or goggles in it that'd help.
  265. [21:13:14] <~castfromhp> They're all identical, security guard offices. There are some monitors in them that are turned off, a map of the facility, various switches for opening and closing cell doors, blast doors in the hallway, turning the cameras on and off, etc.
  266. [21:13:41] <Rini> Ooh, that map sounds nice?  Are the stations all manned?
  267. [21:13:47] <Rini> -question mark #1 +period
  268. [21:14:49] <~castfromhp> They are. Annnd there goes the alarm system again. It's back on. The room you're glancing in has the monitors flash back to life again.
  269. [21:15:01] <Rini> WOOP.
  270. [21:15:04] * Rini ducks down instinctively.
  271. [21:15:43] <~castfromhp> Alertness
  272. [21:15:44] * Rini tries to glance at the monitors but probably isn't that lucky, settling for heading in deeper toward the probable center.
  273. [21:15:46] <Rini> 4d3-8 no
  274. [21:15:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, no: 2 [4d3=1,3,3,3]
  275. [21:15:53] <Rini> ... Oh.  Okay.  Yes, then.
  276. [21:16:53] <~castfromhp> At the moment the alarm came back on you get a brief glance at dim dots of light coming into view somewhere down the hall along the ceiling somewhere. They fade immediately.
  277. [21:17:22] <Rini> "Oh damnit those are-" She self-whispers.
  278. [21:18:00] * Rini treads SUPER-carefully, really regretting not being a smoker all of a sudden.
  279. [21:18:52] <~castfromhp> Heading to the central office complex with the cubicles?
  280. [21:18:55] <Rini> Yeah.
  281. [21:19:19] <~castfromhp> Athletics! You see a set of metal blast doors slowly closing at the end of the hall.
  282. [21:19:35] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 oh, at least they're not lasers
  283. [21:19:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, oh, at least they're not lasers: 5 [4d3=3,2,2,2]
  284. [21:20:05] <Rini> Are they closing from the inside-out or the outside-in?
  285. [21:21:12] <~castfromhp> Simultaneous really. You manage to dash through the first few sets without much trouble, and leaving a wide space between the doors. As you go further it's tougher, but you finally make it through the last set, barely getting back without getting something stuck between the doors.
  286. [21:21:51] <~castfromhp> You're in a large maze of cubicles now.
  287. [21:22:20] * Rini wipes her forehead and giggles a little, before pepping back up and continuing to slink along.
  288. [21:22:43] <Rini> Cheeeeeecking for more guards, though if this place has THOSE they probably don't need guards to be around all that much.
  289. [21:22:54] <Rini> And keeping up the pace in case there are more coming.
  290. [21:22:57] <~castfromhp> Investigation check
  291. [21:23:02] <Rini> 4d3-8+3 master
  292. [21:23:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, master: 1 [4d3=2,1,1,2]
  293. [21:23:08] <Rini> of rolling badly
  294. [21:23:33] <~castfromhp> You don't see or hear any guards as you go through. Each cubicle has a computer, a desk, probably a framed photo of family and kids, etc that kind of thing.
  295. [21:24:11] <Rini> "Maan, I'm gonna be so piiiiiissed if... oh yeah, you can't hear me, huh?"  Muffled whispering on the walk-along.
  296. [21:24:45] * Rini grumbles something about interfacing and keeps checking each one for a sign of stuff being held. And the stampede, too.
  297. [21:25:10] <~castfromhp> It's quiet in here. Even the alarm is muffled. Another investigation.
  298. [21:25:16] <Rini> 4d3-8+3 yawn
  299. [21:25:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yawn: 4 [4d3=1,3,3,2]
  300. [21:25:24] <Rini> That's a little rinier.
  301. [21:26:55] <~castfromhp> As you proceed deeper into the maze of cubicles you find a larger desk that has piles of...stuff on it in boxes. Guns and other weapons, cell phones, all that sort of thing, presumably taken off of prisoners here. You also notice the deeper in you go that there is some sort of central area to all this, with what look like elevator doors on a column in the center of the large floor.
  302. [21:27:07] <~castfromhp> And finally, you notice in your searching footsteps going around that aren't yours.
  303. [21:27:29] <Rini> Whoa whoa whoa hey the first part's important, hopefully you're not expecting that to just get glossed over.
  304. [21:27:38] <~castfromhp> (I'm not :B)
  305. [21:27:41] <Rini> ESPECIALLY in the off-chance that there's a big bright orange hoodie in there.
  307. [21:27:57] <Rini> AHEM
  308. [21:28:20] * Rini slinks over to that big desk but gets in a position to hide behind it, from wherever the footsteps are headed.
  309. [21:28:23] <~castfromhp> "<Hey, Lei! S'that you? Fucking someone hit the cell door release.>" You hear a voice call out, from the footsteps. Aren't you glad Rini is so fucking short? She's shorter than the cubicles.
  310. [21:28:45] <Rini> Aaaaand deep breath.
  311. [21:29:02] <Rini> (>implying I ever decided what her height w- oh hell she's half-Chinese I don't even NEED to)
  312. [21:29:41] * Rini of course stays totally silent and hides in place.
  313. [21:29:51] <~castfromhp> ("tiniest" trouble maker)
  314. [21:29:54] <~castfromhp> (come on)
  315. [21:29:57] <Rini> (OKAY FINE)
  316. [21:30:13] <Rini> (actually oxford would know that's an adjective I accidentally end up applying to all my characters somehow)
  317. [21:31:52] <Rini> Anyway, the tiniest troublemaker herself waits out the footsteps, expecting to be mistaken for a mouse or something.
  318. [21:32:29] <~castfromhp> The footsteps are getting closer...then farther again. Like they'd passed by down another path to the desk you're hiding behind. "<Lei, come on what the fuck?>" And you hear the mechanical sound of a firearm being readied.
  319. [21:33:22] * Rini uses the break-point to peek up and try to see if the goggles are there for a quick-grabbing.
  320. [21:33:54] <~castfromhp> Investigation
  321. [21:33:58] <Rini> 4d3-8+3 of course
  322. [21:33:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, of course: 4 [4d3=2,1,3,3]
  323. [21:34:02] <Rini> thanks
  324. [21:35:01] <~castfromhp> The goggles and laptop are there, but in separate boxes, and with a good chunk of stuff on top of them too. The goggles are buried under a mound of cell phones, one side of them just sticking out.
  325. [21:35:15] <~castfromhp> The laptop is piled with a few other laptops.
  326. [21:35:27] <Rini> Is there enough time to grab them?
  327. [21:35:28] <~castfromhp> Stealth for each if you're pulling them out.
  328. [21:35:33] <Rini> ... oh shit
  329. [21:35:40] <Rini> suddenly TAKING NO STEALTH WAS A BAD IDEA
  330. [21:35:48] <~castfromhp> ..Oops?
  331. [21:35:52] <Lecia> (I SURE WISH I COULD USE MY STEALTH)
  332. [21:35:54] <Rini> 4d3-8 Oops.
  333. [21:35:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, Oops.: 3 [4d3=3,3,3,2]
  334. [21:35:58] <Rini> That was the goggles btw
  335. [21:36:00] <Rini> sorry
  336. [21:36:19] <~castfromhp> You get the goggles out silently!
  337. [21:36:37] <Rini> .... Are there a lot of clothes?  The hoodie would probably be easy to get without making noise.
  338. [21:36:39] <Rini> Or as much noise.
  339. [21:36:47] <Rini> And... let's face it, having a place to hide stuff is nice.
  340. [21:36:55] <~castfromhp> Hrm, there's a pile of clothes sure.
  341. [21:37:05] <~castfromhp> A lot of business suits here, some hoodies, some casual jackets
  342. [21:37:16] <Rini> This hoodie in particular is the BRIGHTEST orange.
  343. [21:37:32] <Rini> And it was a gift from Aerie!  Precious friendship~!
  344. [21:37:37] <Lecia> (<3)
  345. [21:37:46] <Lecia> (<3)
  346. [21:37:59] * Rini tries to scan a bit while listening to the footsteps... not with the goggles though, that'd be silly.
  347. [21:38:12] <Rini> And reaching for the orangest one there once the footsteps move away!
  348. [21:38:14] <~castfromhp> The hoodie's there, and not too difficult to snatch up.
  349. [21:38:26] <Rini> Might take a while to put on though, let's do that later.
  350. [21:38:59] <Rini> What's the status on the footsteps?
  351. [21:39:56] <~castfromhp> Close by, but receding.
  352. [21:40:16] <Rini> 4d3-8 okay there's no reason to not just risk it, c'mere laptop
  353. [21:40:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, okay there's no reason to not just risk it, c'mere laptop: -1 [4d3=1,2,3,1]
  354. [21:40:23] <Rini> okay that's a reason
  355. [21:40:40] * Rini reaaaaaaaches up during a recession to pull her baby out.
  356. [21:40:58] <~castfromhp> And CRASH a few of othe other computers tumble to the ground and you hear the footsteps rushing toward you.
  357. [21:41:29] * Rini DIVES for a... uh... is there a hiding place to get to nearby?
  358. [21:42:09] <~castfromhp> You can go into the maze of cubicles or hide under any desk.
  359. [21:42:28] <Rini> Ooh, hiding under a desk sounds fun.
  360. [21:42:32] * Rini hides under a desk~
  361. [21:42:43] <Rini> By the way her laptop is bright orange too
  362. [21:43:08] <Rini> ... Okay just kidding, but can you imagine?
  363. [21:43:33] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  364. [21:43:33] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 3 [4d3=1,3,2,3]
  365. [21:43:50] <Rini> Need another stealth?
  366. [21:44:04] <~castfromhp> Yep, for when you're diving underneath the desk.
  367. [21:44:15] <Rini> 4d3-8 yeah, haha good luck
  368. [21:44:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yeah, haha good luck: 3 [4d3=3,2,3,3]
  369. [21:44:19] <Rini> ... Oh.
  370. [21:44:35] <Rini> If it's necessary to not get caught, invoking tiniest.
  371. [21:44:37] <Rini> Otherwise not.
  372. [21:45:31] <~castfromhp> You can see underneath the desk his feet going by. You hear him stacking the laptops back up. "<Fucking...scared the shit out of me.>" Some incoherent muttering as the feet disappear and the footsteps fade away again.
  373. [21:45:33] <~castfromhp> And not necessary.
  374. [21:46:15] * Rini makes that one... oh, what was the name of that crying reaction image that's posted on /jp/ all the time on nearly every single thread because /jp/ is just that bad? The 'oh god my eyes' one. That face.
  375. [21:47:04] <Rini> .... And then silently shuffling around, putting the ho- you know what, she takes the sidetail out to put the hoodie on because if you've ever tried that before it's really uncomfortable, and not worth it.  The hairband just goes into a pocket or something by now.
  376. [21:47:22] <Rini> By the way the hairband is purple.
  377. [21:48:08] <Rini> Goggles on-head, and then a really tiny whisper.  "Mission success."
  378. [21:48:14] <Rini> And then on-eyes.
  379. [21:49:13] * Rini also realizes oh shit she forgot her cell phone.
  380. [21:49:52] <~castfromhp> Another investigation to look for that. The pile of cell phones is pretty substantial, and you definitely have to dig around a bit. So a stealth with that.
  381. [21:50:06] <Rini> 4d3-8+3;4d3-8 yeah wow
  382. [21:50:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-8+3: 5 [4d3=2,3,3,2]; yeah wow: 1 [4d3=2,3,3,1]
  383. [21:51:47] <~castfromhp> You find it relatively quickly, but you realize you do make a bit of noise doing so, and the footsteps are headed your way again.
  384. [21:52:08] * Rini makes like Shinobi and kneel-walks backwards out of there.
  385. [21:53:16] <~castfromhp> into the cubicles or what?
  386. [21:53:28] <Rini> Under the same desk as last time.  One-trick pony.
  387. [21:54:36] <~castfromhp> That's an unfortunate choice for Rini. The footsteps get to the desk, then you can hear the items on the desk being shoved out of the way. A few seconds later, a helmeted head peeks around and under the desk.
  388. [21:54:55] * Rini waves.
  389. [21:57:23] <~castfromhp> If you could see through that visor you would probably see a look of shock. Instead it's simply a second before the guy wrenches the desk over, sending the contents on it flying everywhere, and he levels a pistol at you.
  390. [21:58:00] <Rini> They're both kind of wearing visors, or visor-esque devices... oh whatever.
  391. [21:58:27] * Rini gets one of thoe real-time choice menus between 'DIVE TO THE SIDE' or 'HOLD YOUR HANDS UP AND HOPE FOR THE BEST'
  392. [21:58:31] <Rini> 1d2
  393. [21:58:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 1d2: 1 [1d2=1]
  394. [21:58:35] * Rini DIVES TO THE SIDE
  395. [21:59:24] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 he shoots at you as you do!
  396. [21:59:25] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, he shoots at you as you do!: 5 [4d3=2,1,3,3]
  397. [21:59:37] <Rini> 4d3-8+4+1 oh he's pretty good at shooting
  398. [21:59:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, oh he's pretty good at shooting: 3 [4d3=3,1,1,1]
  399. [21:59:43] <Rini> unggggggggggg
  400. [22:00:15] <Rini> 4d3-3 fine reroll, with uh... oh hell I'll decide what's being invoked after I complain about how bad this roll is
  401. [22:00:50] <Rini> Tiniest is used too much, let's call it- no truckin' is used too much too.
  402. [22:01:14] <Rini> oh fuck it it's tiniest
  403. [22:01:27] <Rini> It's just TOO appropriate for this sort of thing.
  404. [22:01:27] <~castfromhp> And the bullet rams into a cubicle wall as you dive. Athletics and Stealth rolls as you go through the cubicles.
  405. [22:01:36] <Rini> 4d3-4;4d3-8 gotcha
  406. [22:01:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-4: 5 [4d3=1,3,3,2]; gotcha: -1 [4d3=2,2,2,1]
  407. [22:01:48] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  408. [22:01:49] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 2 [4d3=1,3,1,3]
  409. [22:01:59] * Rini is really bad at not sticking out, being full of bright colors, but IS pretty good at moving fast. That's a thing.
  410. [22:02:21] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 he's just taking careful aim right now since you've gotten pretty far resist with athletics but no dodge bonus
  411. [22:02:21] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, he's just taking careful aim right now since you've gotten pretty far resist with athletics but no dodge bonus: 6 [4d3=3,3,3,1]
  412. [22:02:37] <~castfromhp> Which direction are you heading?
  413. [22:02:57] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 hmm...
  414. [22:02:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, hmm...: 3 [4d3=1,3,2,1]
  415. [22:03:18] <Rini> Not even gonna try to beat that, it's not worth it, but heading toward... are the blast doors still down?
  416. [22:03:20] <~castfromhp> He's got you locked on!
  417. [22:03:26] <~castfromhp> Yes, they are.
  418. [22:03:28] <Rini> Mostly just trying to hide behind something.
  419. [22:04:00] <~castfromhp> well, there's plenty to hide behind everywhere with the cubicles being around. Roll me an investigation though.
  420. [22:04:06] <Rini> 4d3-8+3 sure
  421. [22:04:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, sure: 4 [4d3=3,2,1,3]
  422. [22:05:21] <~castfromhp> You're pretty sure you've found a spot where you can hide without him having line of sight from where he is. Athletics and stealth to get there.
  423. [22:05:36] <Rini> 4d3-8+4;4d3-8 blunder incoming
  424. [22:05:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-8+4: 1 [4d3=1,2,1,1]; blunder incoming: 0 [4d3=3,2,2,1]
  425. [22:05:47] <Rini> yeah dicemaid you think you're SOOO funny
  426. [22:07:01] <~castfromhp> You trip over a computer cord, falling on the way there and leaving a loud crashing noise that catches the guard's attention. He fires,
  427. [22:07:03] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  428. [22:07:03] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 4 [4d3=3,1,3,1]
  429. [22:07:27] <Rini> 4d3-8+4+1 fortunately I get to dodge with a DIFFERENT roll... right?
  430. [22:07:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, fortunately I get to dodge with a DIFFERENT roll... right?: 4 [4d3=2,3,1,1]
  431. [22:07:49] <~castfromhp> Correct
  432. [22:07:52] <Rini> URP.
  433. [22:07:58] <~castfromhp> 2 physical stress
  434. [22:08:22] <Rini> Do milds fade after the conflict they're acquired in, or is it after the session?
  435. [22:08:46] <~castfromhp> I'd say by now it's faded.
  436. [22:08:56] <Rini> Okay, taking another one and naming it 'Nope nope nope nope' then.
  437. [22:09:12] <Rini> What it means is very clear.
  438. [22:09:16] * Rini scurries and NOPES out of there.
  439. [22:11:15] <~castfromhp> You're getting closer to the center of the room now (that's where you've been headed to, right? Or is it just 'go ANYWHERE'?).
  440. [22:11:24] <Rini> (No, you're correct)
  441. [22:12:19] <~castfromhp> Alright, so you see a clearing in the cubicles around the center and a set of elevators. From here you can see there's some sort of key card needed to operate these.
  442. [22:12:27] <Rini> FUCKING
  443. [22:12:28] <Rini> KEY
  444. [22:12:29] <Rini> CARDS
  445. [22:12:48] <Rini> Any terminals nearby?
  446. [22:12:50] <Rini> Any kind.
  447. [22:13:08] <~castfromhp> There have been computers at each cubicle, like I said much earlier!
  448. [22:13:16] <Rini> Well yeah, but nearby ones!
  449. [22:13:25] <Rini> If nearby ones are just 'in the cubicles' then SO BE IT.
  450. [22:13:47] <~castfromhp> Yeah, unless you're in the clearing around the elevator, you're close enough to a cubicle to find a computer.
  451. [22:14:16] <Rini> It's just unlikely that ANY random computer is going to have direct access to important info, much less activate the elevators remotely.
  452. [22:14:55] * Rini gets to work booting the laptop up and preparing all sorts of programs to invade, though. Unless the guard's still coming at a fast pace?
  453. [22:15:33] <~castfromhp> He's still coming along, though it takes some effort to find a small person in all of this, whereas you can easily see him above the cubicle walls.
  454. [22:16:01] <Rini> Good!  She can just plug something into the tower and hide with the laptop under a desk in the cubicle or something.  Easy as pie.
  455. [22:17:31] * Rini winks and silently mouths a 'Good morning' at the boot-up screen, getting everything set up before going full-on MALICIOUS.
  456. [22:17:59] <Rini> Only some state-of-the-art antivirus is gonna be able to stop this, uh-huh.
  457. [22:18:50] <~castfromhp> Of course there's some sort of security, a login screen or something, but it doesn't seem more than standard. Scholarship roll
  458. [22:18:58] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 watch this botch
  459. [22:19:35] * Rini runs leadmetoyouraccesscode.bat, leans back and... oh, there's no lemonade to sip, that's such a shame.
  460. [22:21:07] <~castfromhp> Annnd you're in. The first thing you notice is all of these computers are hooked up to some sort of intranet. All of the computers are named generically or with Chinese surnames, presumably the people who work here. Except one. Matryoshka. It's currently indicated as disconnected from the network, but as one that has the capability to be connected and given authentication to access the network.
  461. [22:21:31] <~castfromhp> What kind of thing are you looking for on here?
  462. [22:23:45] <Rini> First of all, she's looking for all sorts of codewords including chakra, meridians (was she even told about meridians?  not sure), the Sacred Beasts, magic, anything that may be the kind of thing you'd not expect to find in a mundane place.  Just some quick searches, not spending time looking for any of that stuff if they're not on there.  Next, a... certain name that only she knows, which should be last and not second, but Zhang won't mind, right?
  463. [22:24:46] <Rini> Essentially the first one is 'is this place tied with the current goings-on or otherwise the PRC?'
  464. [22:24:59] <~castfromhp> The former pulls up...not much of anything, surprisingly. The latter gets you a personal prisoner file. Says she's been in here for some years, lists the arrest data you know about, etc. Along with a list of prisoners.
  465. [22:25:31] <Rini> Cool, so she actually is a prisoner and not an employee masquerading as something, that's comforting.  Where's she being held?
  466. [22:25:43] <Rini> And most importantly, what's at the center and down the elevators?
  467. [22:25:49] <~castfromhp> While you're searching all that you stumble upon some code, labeled stuff like cameracontrol and that sort of thing. Probably internal software dev to run the place.
  468. [22:25:59] <Rini> Jackpot~
  469. [22:26:25] * Rini tries to hack some access into the cameras, possibly security cameras if that's what they're for.
  470. [22:26:36] <Rini> Let's see what the situation's like near the entrance!
  471. [22:26:57] <~castfromhp> Sorry if it wasn't clear, this is the sourcecode, an indication that the software running in the guard offices is home deved.
  472. [22:27:13] <Rini> Oh, right
  473. [22:27:27] * Rini totally just pilfers all of that then, probably not a big file.
  474. [22:27:28] <~castfromhp> There are also financial documents, detailing logistics like food for prisoners, supplies for the building, etc.
  475. [22:27:49] <Rini> No reason to have it but curiosity.
  476. [22:28:14] * Rini messes around a bit more... is it already clear that the PRC's running the facility?
  477. [22:29:10] <~castfromhp> Pretty clear.
  478. [22:30:34] <~castfromhp> You can access emails on here too and that sort of thing. No personal emails to speak of on this computer. A few announcements about changed access codes and where to go to receive new ones in person. Some reminders to wear your badges or keep them at your desk for easy access. Notices of scheduled fire drills and other sorts of drills. Etc.
  479. [22:31:01] <Rini> Mmm... searching just a bit more for anything that looks out-of-place for something you'd see in a prison facility, like government details or somesuch.  And more info on Matryoshka, why it's disconnected.
  480. [22:31:20] <Rini> Or is that because it's the current user and that was just vaguely-phrased?
  481. [22:31:36] <~castfromhp> A few emails shot between coworkers asking coding questions too, some back and forth with who is presumably a supervisor asking about deadlines, a few emails simply saying "Matryoshka will be connected from x time to y time." with no further explanation.
  482. [22:32:48] * Rini just makes a mental note of the name and looks for any sort of way to find a more detailed map of the facility. Are there any 'bigger' terminals deeper inside that would probably have more information on them?
  483. [22:33:00] <Rini> Matryoshka sounds like it's probably capable of being that, from the descriptors.
  484. [22:34:12] <Rini> But... if there's no way to fuck with the elevators or security access any way from here, much less open the blast doors, disconnected.
  485. [22:35:05] <~castfromhp> Each computer you have seen so far is mind-numbingly identical. Digging deeper in the emails...
  486. [22:35:45] * Rini totally does that, probably with programs running to search for keywords related to the Wu Xing or rituals or other such things.
  487. [22:36:06] <~castfromhp> You find warnings about bringing magical artifacts too close to Matyroshka, some of the notices about its activation and connection make reference to the elevators and remind people to keep their badges handy for access, some are just warnings about...addiction? and prolonged exposure to the matryoshka system.
  488. [22:36:26] <Rini> ... Is there a badge on the desk?
  489. [22:36:29] <~castfromhp> Warnings against speaking of sensitive material over email.
  490. [22:36:35] <~castfromhp> Not on the desk no.
  491. [22:36:41] <Rini> On any desk?
  492. [22:36:55] * Rini peeeeeks up to look, the guard probably gave up by now. Hopefully maybe.
  493. [22:37:06] <~castfromhp> If you start checking drawers or something like that, you'll eventually stumble upon one left behind.
  494. [22:37:10] <Rini> Definitely.
  495. [22:37:12] <~castfromhp> Athletics and stealth as you go around doing that.
  496. [22:37:25] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 well I have confidence in this one;4d3-8 but...
  497. [22:37:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, well I have confidence in this one: 5 [4d3=3,3,2,1]; but...: 1 [4d3=2,2,3,2]
  498. [22:37:34] <Rini> Oh, that's pretty alright.
  499. [22:38:27] <~castfromhp> You notice the footsteps heading your way as you search, but you manage to go through enough desks quickly enough to find a badge while the sound is a fair distance off.
  500. [22:38:56] * Rini waits 'em out and heads back to the elevator when they're far, ready to brandish the badge.
  501. [22:40:17] <~castfromhp> It's a simple swipe of the card, and you're into the elevator.
  502. [22:41:10] * Rini streeeeetches and waits, pressing buttons on the elevator if necessary. Probably as low as they go, withotu even looking in detail at how many floors there are.
  503. [22:42:03] <~castfromhp> There are only two buttons in this elevator! It's a fairly long ride down. The elevator itself doesn't look much like anything extraordinary.
  504. [22:42:21] <Rini> And of course she taps her goggles once sure there's not a camera in the elevator or something.  "I sure like the sound of this thing.  Oh, yeah, vocal interface on, warn me the boring way if something comes up, wouldjya?"
  505. [22:43:03] * Rini gives a thumbs-up straight in front of herself, at nothing.
  506. [22:44:34] <Rini> "Man, why would they name it something like 'Matyroshka,' though, really?  That sort of name just SCREAMS 'come steal data from me.'"
  507. [22:45:02] <Rini> "Guess that's what I'm here for, though."
  508. [22:45:14] * Rini foot-taps and hums her own elevator music.
  509. [22:46:29] <Rini> "... Oh, yeah, guards.  Bet there'll be more guards."
  510. [22:46:55] <Rini> "Sometimes I wonder if I should actually put more thought into this stuff."  Taptap.  "But then I'm like, 'nah.'"
  511. [22:47:25] <~castfromhp> (give me a second, you too botherer)
  512. [22:52:24] <~castfromhp> Finally, the elevator stops, and it's like you've stepped into some sort of sci-fi movie. The floors are a dark metallic blue, with bright white tubes of light at the edge between floor and wall. You seem to be standing on a large disk, with a set of stairs leading down in front of you to a dimly lit hallway, in the same style.
  513. [22:53:44] * Rini whistles to herself, though mostly silently, and suddenly wears a HUGE GRIN while descending the stairs. Not before looking around to make sure there aren't any guards or attack-droids or anything, but she's definitely rockin' the excited hyperactive little girl mood now.
  514. [22:55:25] <Rini> On the way down she slips the goggles back on again, to see if it's all still jarbled.
  515. [22:56:37] <~castfromhp> It's quiet here, only your footsteps being heard. As you get closer, you see a large column of solid obsidian, smooth enough to see your reflection in.
  516. [22:56:40] <Rini> Okay... double-checking everything.  Breathing still okay?  Not suddenly floating in midair?  No laser droids?
  517. [22:56:47] <~castfromhp> It's at the very end of the hallway.
  518. [22:56:52] <Rini> Good.
  519. [22:56:52] <~castfromhp> Nope, none of that.
  520. [22:56:56] <Rini> No breathing?
  521. [22:57:00] <Rini> No breathing?
  522. [22:57:07] <Rini> ... Kidding.
  523. [22:57:34] * Rini walks ahead, goggles-on-head, and tries to circle the column... she's close to reaching out and touching it, if it's THAT smooth-looking.
  524. [22:58:32] <~castfromhp> Do you?
  525. [22:58:49] <Rini> The fourth wall topples at that question.  No.
  526. [22:59:22] * Rini just walks around, really though, to see if there's something at the other side of it. Or if it's just the same all around.
  527. [23:00:01] <~castfromhp> It's pretty much the same all around, yeah. Smooth and highly reflective.
  528. [23:00:11] <Rini> Okay, NOW she pokes it once then.
  529. [23:00:47] <~castfromhp> Roll discipline
  530. [23:00:54] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 SAW THIS COMING
  531. [23:00:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, SAW THIS COMING: 1 [4d3=1,3,1,2]
  532. [23:01:44] <~castfromhp> You get a rush of...well, there's no real way to describe it but pure DATA flooding through your mind. It's all incomprehensible, a lot of numbers a lot of words, just going in one ear and out the other pretty much.
  533. [23:01:47] <~castfromhp> 3 mental stress
  534. [23:01:59] <~castfromhp> The experience has left you feeling a bit nauseous.
  535. [23:02:31] <Rini> "Eeeeeee~"
  536. [23:02:31] <~castfromhp> And yet at the same time, it was exhilarating. You didn't get much useful from it though.
  537. [23:02:43] <~castfromhp> You also notice as you touched it that the surface changed.
  538. [23:02:58] <~castfromhp> It shaped itself to fit your finger and latch onto it.
  539. [23:03:03] <~castfromhp> A small indentation.
  540. [23:03:49] <Rini> "So you- oh yeah, I'm not in the US anymore."  Cough.  "<So you're Matryoshka, huh?  Just a wild guess.>"
  541. [23:04:19] <Rini> "<If you are, I can't wait!  Let's be friends~>"
  542. [23:04:27] * Rini flips the laptop open.
  543. [23:04:28] <~castfromhp> You hear only your own voice here.
  544. [23:04:49] <Rini> "<Oh, so you're the shy type?  Don't worry, I think I have an extra USB cord around here...>"
  545. [23:05:34] <Rini> Well duh, it was actually hanging off the laptop when it was confiscated.  "<Be gentle with my baby, okay?>"
  546. [23:06:16] * Rini gulps, realizing this is probably a stupid idea, but... it's alright, she's loaded this thing up with antivirus. Carefully she holds the plug up and tries to see if it'll accept it.
  547. [23:06:23] <Rini> Far from her hand if possible.
  548. [23:08:26] <~castfromhp> It doesm creating an indentation just right for a USB cable. Immediately your laptop is flooded with all sorts of windows and textboxes and sheer data. Roll Athletics for your reaction time if you want to pull out the cable upon seeing this.
  549. [23:09:07] <~castfromhp> *does
  550. [23:09:08] <Rini> Hmm... does it seem like a dangerous amount?
  551. [23:09:22] <Rini> Like WHOA IT'S GONNA BLOW UP speed?
  552. [23:09:38] <~castfromhp> IT's definitely much faster than you've ever seen your laptop operating.
  553. [23:10:07] <Rini> Because Rini's first inclination is actually to note the programs they're opening in, and if there's ANYTHING comprehensible on any of the windows.
  554. [23:10:21] <Rini> But if it's just gibberish then yeah, yank.
  555. [23:10:27] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 here's the preemptive
  556. [23:10:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, here's the preemptive: 1 [4d3=1,1,2,1]
  557. [23:10:38] <Rini> She's definitely content with just watching it then.
  558. [23:10:50] <Rini> And pulling it out is like an afterthought of 'oh, yeah, that might be bad maybe.'
  559. [23:11:31] <~castfromhp> Even if you wanted to pull it out, you don't react quickly enough and your laptop quickly gets to a point where it just freezes up from all the open windows, filled with 0s and 1s. It's also very hot now.
  560. [23:11:58] <Rini> "Oooooh, feisty."
  561. [23:12:29] * Rini sighs a little and reboots the thing. Well... actually no, she just closes it for now.
  562. [23:13:05] <Rini> "<Are you sure you don't just want to talk?  I promise I'm not THAT bad of a conversation partner.>"
  563. [23:13:14] <Rini> "<You seem like you're just grumpy, to me.>"
  564. [23:13:34] <~castfromhp> More silence greets you.
  565. [23:14:05] <Rini> "<Okay, okay, I made you nervous, I'm really sorry.  I tend to do that sometimes!>"
  566. [23:14:27] <Rini> "<I already gave you enough presents though, you're going to have to start playing nice if you want more.>"
  567. [23:14:43] * Rini pouts and circles around some more times, look for anything like... terminals from the walls or something.
  568. [23:14:58] <~castfromhp> Nothing, just the column.
  569. [23:17:02] * Rini holds the goggles out. "Oh hell, it's not even gonna matter what language I talk in, is it? You're just some big hunka metal! Or hunka... something."
  570. [23:17:09] <Rini> Holds out, as in, just stares at them.  Ponderingly.
  571. [23:18:45] <~castfromhp> A small tendril of the black obsidian is starting to stretch out toward the goggles now.
  572. [23:18:53] <~castfromhp> Slooowly
  573. [23:18:56] <Rini> And then puts them back on over her eyes.  "What's your take on all this?  Think you can handle it?"
  574. [23:19:12] * Rini pouts and steps away, making one of thoe 'go away' hand gestures.
  575. [23:19:41] <Rini> "I don't LIKE that kinda answer!  It could be something dangerous!"
  576. [23:19:47] <~castfromhp> It keeps stretching toward them.
  577. [23:20:07] <Rini> "Like I mean... ugh, okay.  C'mere, little guy."
  578. [23:20:15] * Rini leans over and lets it in.
  579. [23:21:44] <~castfromhp> The moment it makes contact, you feel a wrenching in the base of your brain and shiny reflective obsidian fills your field of vision. It slowly fades, revealing what appears to be a digital wireframe cityscape all around you.
  580. [23:21:52] <~castfromhp> Looks sorta like this:
  581. [23:22:26] <~castfromhp> (BGM:
  582. [23:22:37] <Rini> "Ooh, neat!  Well that's one way to say 'hi.'  Guess I'll say it back."
  583. [23:22:43] * Rini looks side-to-side. "Hi."
  584. [23:24:26] * Rini attempts to step forward once to test the ground, making sure she's still capable of even moving. Or talking, at that, actually.
  585. [23:25:07] <~castfromhp> Looking around, you see a tall central building among the white monotonous wireframes. It's solid, unlike the others, and its sides change color, going from red to blue to yellow to brown to grey then repeating the colors in an arbitrary order.
  586. [23:25:40] <~castfromhp> You can walk fine. In fact, as you walk, you find a subtle connection between yourself and the code operating the programs around here, a twinge of influence the more you step around here.
  587. [23:26:25] <Rini> "Well, you don't HAVE to play it like that.  But.... sure, if that's whatcha want I'll come for a visit.  You have tea or somethin'?  Coffee?  I prefer coffee, but that's just me."
  588. [23:27:03] * Rini cheerily skips forward toward the central building, observing everything on the sides in... SOME detail. Maybe not as much as she should be, because damn this is exciting.
  589. [23:27:11] <~castfromhp> Roll scholarship
  590. [23:27:17] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 hmph
  591. [23:27:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, hmph: 4 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  592. [23:28:39] <Rini> Also in the process she checks to see if the goggles are still on and displaying normally.  Or if just being in this place REPLACED the goggles.
  593. [23:28:49] <~castfromhp> You're getting an intuitive sense of how the data structures work here from just being in here it seems. It's...right. Just something about it is very well organized, very clean, very appealing to you. You get a sense of what you'd need to do to access the data, but it'd be more involved than what you've typically done before...
  594. [23:28:56] <~castfromhp> Ah, sorry, yeah the goggles seem to have disappeared.
  595. [23:29:25] <~castfromhp> (Annnnd, okay here's the point where both you and Botherer have landed yourselves in combat situations at the same time. I kinda want to just handle one at a time though.)
  596. [23:29:32] <Rini> "Oh, deep in the antimag still... you're just trying to separate me from my friend, huh, is that it?"
  597. [23:30:01] <Rini> (don't you love when this happens)
  598. [23:30:24] <Caleb> (I'd say take care of Tree's first... It looks like it won't be nearly as messy.)
  599. [23:30:56] <~castfromhp> (So you think! But okay~)
  600. [23:31:40] <Rini> "Well, sorry!"  She places a hand at her hip.  "I'm just here to take some stuff.  Don't worry, I'll be gentle with it.  But you don't mind, yeah?"
  601. [23:32:10] <~castfromhp> Mechanics! There are two phases to this combat - the setup phase and the infiltration phase! You may exit the setup phase at any time and enter the infiltration phase, or, once you are DETECTED by the system the infiltration phase automatically begins.
  602. [23:32:29] <~castfromhp> Or rather once the system is on ALART.
  603. [23:32:34] <Rini> ahaha oh wow
  604. [23:32:56] <Rini> Talking to it's probably a pretty ass idea, huh?  But it doesn't matter because this is how Rini has FUN.
  605. [23:34:17] <~castfromhp> You feel an intuitive ability to shape the data structures around you. Each round, roll scholarship and choose to build or add onto one of the following structures: attack, defense, stealth. Also make a scholarship roll independent of that that determines how well you remain hidden from the system.
  606. [23:34:31] <~castfromhp> It will be modified by the stealth structures you have.
  607. [23:34:38] <~castfromhp> You start off with 0 of each structure!
  608. [23:34:40] <Rini> Hmm.... okay.
  609. [23:34:51] <Rini> 4d3-4 let's start with a stealth structure, then
  610. [23:34:51] <~castfromhp> So start off with your scholarship for remaining hidden
  611. [23:34:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, let's start with a stealth structure, then: 6 [4d3=1,3,3,3]
  612. [23:34:57] <Rini> OH, OR THAT THEN
  613. [23:35:14] <Rini> Use that one for the staying hidden?
  614. [23:35:25] <~castfromhp> Sure if you want. Either way~
  615. [23:35:44] <Rini> 4d3-4 okay, NOW let's build a... actually no fuck it I'm building an attack
  616. [23:35:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, okay, NOW let's build a... actually no fuck it I'm building an attack: 4 [4d3=2,2,1,3]
  617. [23:36:28] <~castfromhp> Alright, let me words a bit about building.
  618. [23:36:59] <Rini> "See, even if you don't wanna talk... lemme show you.  When I want stuff, I let my babies help me.  Sometimes they're pretty mean, sometimes they're polite, but they always get what they want."
  619. [23:38:44] <~castfromhp> You use your scholarship roll as a pool of points to build structures. Minimum cost is one. Structures start at 1 attack skill, 1 armor/stress reduction, or 1 stealth skill depending on the type and each has 1 HP. Each point can be used to buy 1 point of HP. 4 points can be used to increase a skill. Once you're to 4, it stops improving and the next improvement gives you an aspect
  620. [23:38:51] <~castfromhp> That aspect on that structure can be tagged once each round
  621. [23:39:07] <~castfromhp> And it's HP, not stress. So if a structure takes 4 stress, it takes away 4 HP.
  622. [23:39:54] <Rini> Alright then!  So our little guy has 1 in everything and 1 HP, then 4 points?
  623. [23:40:09] <Rini> Let's give it 2 attack and make it a glass cannon.
  624. [23:40:12] <~castfromhp> Attack will be used to attack obviously and each round in the infiltration phase it can attack one target. Each defense structure can be activated once per turn to give its value in armor to one target. Each target can only receive the benefit of ONE defense structure each round.
  625. [23:40:26] <Rini> (botherer are you regretting this yet)
  626. [23:40:28] <~castfromhp> Stealth can be rolled as a defense roll vs attacks. Otherwise, a structure defaults to having a 0 rolled on defense.
  627. [23:40:45] <Caleb> (Allow me to repaste you what I just said over in my channel.)
  628. [23:41:21] <~castfromhp> Rini herself, in the infiltration phase, can act as any structure with a value equal to her scholarship.
  629. [23:41:39] <Rini> A value of points?
  630. [23:41:46] <~castfromhp> skill/armor value sorry
  631. [23:41:52] <Rini> Oh, alright, gotcha.
  632. [23:41:55] <~castfromhp> And you take damage as mental stress, not as HP.
  633. [23:42:28] <Rini> So it's one cost to build one, 4 per point, 1 per HP, yes?
  634. [23:42:37] <~castfromhp> Correct.
  635. [23:42:38] <Rini> er, 1 point to build it at all that is
  636. [23:42:50] <~castfromhp> Attack structures go on Rini's turn, and the others obviously go in reaction to attacks.
  637. [23:42:59] <Rini> Okay, then it'd be impossible to build it and upskill it in the same round; let's build it and give it +1 HP, then save 2 points.
  638. [23:43:08] <~castfromhp> in addition, for each separate stealth structure you have during the setup phase, add +1 to your staying hidden roll each round.
  639. [23:43:18] <Rini> Stealtholarship to not get detected again?
  640. [23:43:40] <~castfromhp> Yep.
  641. [23:43:43] <Rini> 4d3-4 k
  642. [23:43:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, k: 2 [4d3=1,1,3,1]
  643. [23:43:58] <Rini> well that may have been quick
  644. [23:44:17] <~castfromhp> You will essentially continue the building phase like this until you are detected. nope, still not yet. It's not as simple as normal stealths.
  645. [23:44:27] <Rini> 4d3-4 Alright then!
  646. [23:44:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, Alright then!: 4 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  647. [23:44:30] <~castfromhp> Also, during infiltration phase, you can still build, but at twice the cost.
  648. [23:44:58] <Rini> +1 Stealth to the one that exists, then building another one and giving it +1 HP too.
  649. [23:45:09] <~castfromhp> Feel free to fluff these however as well. Towers with cannons sprouting from the ground or whatever.
  650. [23:45:17] <Rini> So 1/1/2 with 2, and 1/1/1 with 2 also
  651. [23:45:53] <~castfromhp> Another attack structure?
  652. [23:45:56] <~castfromhp> Oh wait
  653. [23:45:58] <~castfromhp> Er
  654. [23:46:27] <~castfromhp> hold on. Each structure can only perform ONE function, sorry.
  655. [23:46:33] <Rini> OHHHH.
  656. [23:46:36] <~castfromhp> So if you built it as an attack, you can only upgrade attack.
  657. [23:46:39] <Rini> THAT'S why you phrased it that way.
  658. [23:46:50] <Rini> Okay, I get it, first one gets +1 attack and #2 is stealth then.
  659. [23:47:21] * Rini walks around smugly, stomping on the ground. One tower is shaped like a giant hand, and that's the first one; the newer one looks like it's kind of rainbowy, and somehow ethereal.
  660. [23:47:23] <~castfromhp> Roll for scholarship, at +1 again because you have one stealth structure~
  661. [23:47:30] <Rini> 4d3-3 yep lessee
  662. [23:47:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yep lessee: 4 [4d3=2,2,2,1]
  663. [23:48:41] <~castfromhp> You also see off in the horizon a red line sweeping across the landscape, like a pulse coming out from the central structure. It's not quite to you yet. Carry on with buildan~
  664. [23:49:06] <Rini> "Normally, they're a little more bland-looking.  But, that's 'cause I used to be alone all the time."
  665. [23:49:10] <Rini> "Being alone really sucks, y'know?"
  666. [23:49:13] <Rini> 4d3-4 points
  667. [23:49:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, points: 4 [4d3=2,3,2,1]
  668. [23:49:18] <Rini> Reaaaally.
  669. [23:49:18] <Lecia> (<3)
  670. [23:49:21] <Claus> (FATE tower defense?  ffff)
  671. [23:49:37] <~castfromhp> (Soooooo average)
  672. [23:49:45] <Rini> Upgrading stealth on Aerietower.
  673. [23:49:52] <Rini> Aaaaand that takes all of them.
  674. [23:50:07] <Rini> I forget already, did you say that gives another +1 to staying hidden?
  675. [23:50:14] <Rini> Or is that just +1 PER tower that exists?
  676. [23:50:18] <~castfromhp> The latter.
  677. [23:50:20] <Rini> k
  678. [23:50:23] <Rini> 4d3-3 then
  679. [23:50:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, then: 7 [4d3=3,2,3,2]
  680. [23:50:32] <~castfromhp> Oh, and you can only build one structure per turn. You can upgrade as many as you'd like.
  681. [23:51:02] <Rini> Oh, you saw through my 'use all points to build like 50 towers in one turn' strategy, huh?
  682. [23:51:07] <~castfromhp> Red line is getting closer now. You think it'll reach you shortly after you finish this next structure.
  683. [23:51:13] <Rini> 4d3-4 eek
  684. [23:51:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, eek: 5 [4d3=3,3,1,2]
  685. [23:51:19] <Rini> A LITTLE better!
  686. [23:51:47] <Rini> Well, this probably isn't a good idea, but building one more and giving it +defense.
  687. [23:52:13] <Rini> so 2;2/1/1, 2;1/1/3, 1;1/2/1 I think
  688. [23:52:31] <Rini> wait, no
  689. [23:52:37] <Rini> Stealth is 2 on #2
  690. [23:52:38] <Rini> not 3
  691. [23:53:26] <~castfromhp> The red line is slowly sweeping over you this turn.
  692. [23:53:31] <~castfromhp> Make your rolls.
  693. [23:53:40] <~castfromhp> By "you" I mean the general area in which you're building.
  694. [23:53:51] <Rini> 4d3-3 for undetection?
  695. [23:53:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, for undetection?: 6 [4d3=2,3,1,3]
  696. [23:54:01] <Rini> Yeek.  Is there still a chance to build?
  697. [23:54:11] <~castfromhp> That is your choice~
  698. [23:54:26] <Rini> 4d3-4 IF I HAVE THE CHOICE THEN I'LL DO IT
  699. [23:54:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, IF I HAVE THE CHOICE THEN I'LL DO IT: 6 [4d3=3,3,3,1]
  700. [23:54:29] <Rini> THANK YOU
  701. [23:55:30] <Rini> Okay, first building attack drone #2, and then... hmm.
  702. [23:56:22] <Rini> +1 HP in the defense and let's give +1 attack skill to drone #2.  By the way, it's black and wearing a tophat.
  703. [23:56:35] <Rini> The defense one, as neglected to be mentioned, is a huge cross.
  704. [23:56:58] <~castfromhp> The red line flashes brighter as it passes over the new tower and the two you upgraded.
  705. [23:57:12] <Rini> "Hi, there!  So you're ready to play now, yeah?"
  706. [23:58:18] <Rini> All of them except Addy should have 2 HP, provided they started with one, and each one has 2 in their respective skill.  Sounds right.
  707. [23:59:19] <Rini> So infiltration's starting now?
  708. [23:59:23] <~castfromhp> It just keeps going though. If you watch its path, you'd see that as the city sort of naturally shifts and molds itself, the red line blips in the same way as it passes over changing buildings.
  709. [23:59:26] <~castfromhp> Nope.
  710. [23:59:45] <Rini> Really?  Do I still need nondetection then?
  711. [23:59:47] <~castfromhp> You have simply made yourself a BIGGER ANOMALY thus far. Not that there aren't anomalies everywhere sometimes.
  712. [23:59:51] <~castfromhp> Correct.
  713. [23:59:55] <Rini> 4d3-3 Huh!
  714. [23:59:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, Huh!: 6 [4d3=3,1,3,2]
  715. [23:59:59] <~castfromhp> Also, I have only the defense at 2 HP. Did you do this right?
  716. [00:00:34] <Rini> Definitely said 'give it +1 HP' to both of the first two.
  717. [00:00:39] <~castfromhp> Alright
  718. [00:00:42] <~castfromhp> Roll buildan
  719. [00:00:43] <Rini> 4d3-4 points
  720. [00:00:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, points: 2 [4d3=1,2,1,2]
  721. [00:00:59] <Rini> Oh boo.
  722. [00:01:04] <~castfromhp> Another red line is approaching now. Same deal with it reaching you pretty much as you finish the upgrades or construction you do here!
  723. [00:01:08] <~castfromhp> *after
  724. [00:01:32] <Rini> +1 HP to the cross, and... another one shaped like a Mahjong tile.
  725. [00:01:37] <Rini> It's uh, hmm.
  726. [00:01:39] <Rini> It's stealth.
  727. [00:02:25] <Rini> "I never took the time to mess with my actual programs and give 'em personalities, names, the kind of things weird people do with their pets... so it's nice that I get to think about it now, don'tcha think?"
  728. [00:02:38] <Rini> "Since I have friends helping with my work now."
  729. [00:02:56] <Rini> "Aaaanyway!  I'm about to start stealing all kinds of shit from you in a second, hope you're not mad or anything."
  730. [00:03:04] <Rini> 4d3-2 I'm pretty sure I'm detected here
  731. [00:03:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, I'm pretty sure I'm detected here: 8 [4d3=3,2,2,3]
  732. [00:03:14] <Rini> ... No?
  733. [00:03:35] <~castfromhp> The red line is passing over. Roll buildan?
  734. [00:03:40] <Rini> 4d3-4 alright
  735. [00:03:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, alright: 4 [4d3=3,1,2,2]
  736. [00:04:19] <Rini> +2 HP to the latter two, +1 HP to the hand, +1 HP to the cross.
  737. [00:04:28] <Rini> er, +1 each
  738. [00:04:31] <Rini> when I say 'latter two'
  739. [00:04:48] <Rini> so they should be 3/2/4/2/2
  740. [00:05:02] <Rini> Is it passing over again?
  741. [00:05:13] <~castfromhp> Uh, you've gotta tell me which ones are the 'latter two' because I'm using notation differently from you.
  742. [00:05:25] <Rini> Oh sorry, that was in order of them being built
  743. [00:05:30] <Rini> That was attack #2 and stealth #2
  744. [00:06:07] <~castfromhp> And yes, as the red line passes over these structures, it flashes a brilliant red and disappears. The tower begins to glow like ALART ALART.
  745. [00:06:37] <Rini> "Okay, you guys~  It's gonna take a while to explain how my friends back out there do it, but you can definitely wing it, yeah?"
  746. [00:06:41] <~castfromhp> (so, so you know, the mechanic was I added 10-your detection roll to a count each round, and then each point you spent while a red line was passing over added a point to the count too. With detection at 40)
  747. [00:06:43] <Rini> "Fetch mommy some juicy data."
  748. [00:06:51] <Rini> (ohhhhh)
  749. [00:07:11] <Rini> ALRIGHT.
  750. [00:07:29] <~castfromhp> The tower glows GREY. Two bee-like drones speed out of it.
  751. [00:08:06] <Rini> "Hey there~  Alright, punch 'em."
  752. [00:08:33] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Rini + 2 attack structures > bee drones x2 > GLOWY THING'
  753. [00:08:38] * Rini climbs onto the hand and points at them, in a dramatic mecha hero pose or something.
  754. [00:09:15] <Rini> (So, JUST SO I'M CLEAR, Rini's turn can either be blown on building more or attacking, and the attackers are treated as they have +2 on the skill they're attacking with?)
  755. [00:09:17] <Lecia> (A <3 from Lecia, and a LOOK AT YOU, HACKER from SHODAN)
  756. [00:10:09] <~castfromhp> (the attackers roll as if their skill is 2 yes)
  757. [00:10:20] <Rini> (okay, and I can scholarship on my turn too?)
  758. [00:10:24] <~castfromhp> (Rini can use her turn as an attack, as building for double cost, or as defense or armor, but those require you to hold your action)
  759. [00:10:38] <~castfromhp> (the defense and armor require held actions I mean)
  760. [00:10:46] <Rini> (yeah, gotcha)
  761. [00:10:51] <Rini> 4d3-4 let's make points then
  762. [00:10:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, let's make points then: 6 [4d3=3,2,3,2]
  763. [00:11:04] <Rini> But if upping a skill costs 8, let's hold onto it.
  764. [00:11:05] <Rini> Them.
  765. [00:11:07] <Rini> The points.
  766. [00:11:18] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 AND THEN, PUNCHING BEE A
  767. [00:11:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, AND THEN, PUNCHING BEE A: 4 [4d3=3,3,3,1]
  768. [00:11:29] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+1
  769. [00:11:30] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+1: -1 [4d3=3,1,1,1]
  770. [00:11:38] * Rini leaps off the fist as it PAUNCHes.
  771. [00:11:55] <~castfromhp> BEE is punched into smithereens
  772. [00:12:10] <Rini> "And the other one!  You got this!"
  773. [00:12:13] <Rini> 4d3-6
  774. [00:12:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-6: 5 [4d3=3,2,3,3]
  775. [00:12:23] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+1 dem rolls man
  776. [00:12:23] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, dem rolls man: 2 [4d3=3,2,2,2]
  777. [00:12:41] <~castfromhp> This one's still going!
  778. [00:12:44] * Rini lands on top of the top hat and tilts back, letting a LASER BEAM spill out of it.
  779. [00:13:08] <~castfromhp> It sweeps down to sting the cross!
  780. [00:13:17] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  781. [00:13:18] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 6 [4d3=3,2,3,3]
  782. [00:13:28] <Rini> oh christ
  783. [00:13:47] <~castfromhp> (to roll defense, choose one of your stealth structures to apply to it - only one can be applied per attack and each can only be activated once a turn)
  784. [00:13:49] <Lecia> (10/10 would pun again)
  785. [00:14:04] <~castfromhp> (similarly, plain damage reduction can be applied only once a turn on a target)
  786. [00:14:19] <Rini> (okay, lemme scroll up again)
  787. [00:14:37] <Rini> (alright, gotcha)
  788. [00:14:48] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 using the good stealth to defend, then
  789. [00:14:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, using the good stealth to defend, then: 1 [4d3=2,1,1,3]
  790. [00:14:58] <~castfromhp> 5 HP damage!
  791. [00:15:21] <Rini> The armor of 2 doesn't apply since it rolled an active defense, yeah?
  792. [00:15:36] <Rini> Because if that's how it works, it barely goes down.
  793. [00:15:43] <~castfromhp> Armor can be applied independent of that.
  794. [00:15:48] <Rini> Awesome, it's up then!
  795. [00:15:58] <Rini> By 1.
  796. [00:15:59] <~castfromhp> It's just that you can't have two different stealth structures do defense for one thing etc.
  797. [00:16:05] <Rini> yeah, that works
  798. [00:16:21] <~castfromhp> Rini can always roll discipline as her defense, but she can also give up a turn and hold her action to roll scholarship instead as if she were a stealth structure.
  799. [00:16:40] <Rini> Alright, I've got it down now.
  800. [00:16:42] <Rini> GLOWY THING?
  801. [00:16:42] <~castfromhp> The GLOWY THING shoots a laser straight at Rini
  802. [00:16:48] <~castfromhp> The big tower in the center
  803. [00:16:59] <Rini> No I mean, that way me implying that it's its turn
  804. [00:17:02] <Rini> -y +s
  805. [00:17:13] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  806. [00:17:13] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 7 [4d3=3,3,3,3]
  807. [00:17:16] <Rini> "Oh, you don't hold back!  I like that."
  808. [00:17:17] <~castfromhp> (oh christ)
  809. [00:17:27] <Rini> (YOU DIDN'T THINK THIS THROUGH HUH)
  810. [00:17:34] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 watch my also get a 3,3,3,3
  811. [00:18:03] <Rini> Well hey!  Finally, this is a chance to invoke her HIGH ASPECT.
  812. [00:18:08] <~castfromhp> The laser doesn't seem to physically damage you. It still hurts all over though, like pain is being directly pumped into your brain. And it kind of scrambles your thoughts too.
  813. [00:18:28] <~castfromhp> Think Eva style pain Angel
  814. [00:18:41] <Rini> And... taking a mild too.  Let's call it 'Learning is Fun.'
  815. [00:19:11] <Rini> 4d3-8+4 anyway, wanna build again
  816. [00:19:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, anyway, wanna build again: 5 [4d3=1,2,3,3]
  817. [00:19:21] <~castfromhp> Annnnd, the tower is now glowing BLUE.
  818. [00:19:23] <Rini> That is eLEVEN points, sir.
  819. [00:19:47] <Rini> So what we're gonna do... eight is improving the... hrrrmmnnn
  820. [00:20:16] <Rini> Let's give +1 to our first attacker, bringing it to 3.
  821. [00:20:38] <Rini> Two more points to build another attack tower- this one's shaped like a knife.
  822. [00:20:50] <Rini> Can it be used on the turn it's built?
  823. [00:20:56] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Rini + 3 attack structures > bee drones x1 > GLOWY THING'
  824. [00:21:09] <~castfromhp> Yes it can this isn't MTG sir what is summoning sickness?
  825. [00:21:17] <Rini> AWESOME
  826. [00:21:32] <Rini> 4d3-8+1 well, that one's attacking the drone first
  827. [00:21:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, well, that one's attacking the drone first: 3 [4d3=2,3,3,2]
  828. [00:21:46] <~castfromhp> The drone glows BLUE
  829. [00:21:49] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  830. [00:21:49] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 2 [4d3=3,1,2,1]
  831. [00:22:05] <~castfromhp> Annnnd, still gets smashed.
  832. [00:22:11] <Rini> "Oh, one of those matching games?  Yeah, I was never into puzzles, funny, huh?"
  833. [00:22:20] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Rini + 3 attack structures > GLOWY THING'
  834. [00:22:30] <Rini> "You'd think someone who does this stuff as a pastime would care more about figuring stuff out.  But... nah, I just like overpowering."
  835. [00:22:35] <Rini> "Like, check this~!"
  836. [00:22:47] <Rini> 4d3-5;4d3-6 both at the only target!
  837. [00:22:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-5: 2 [4d3=3,2,1,1]; both at the only target!: 0 [4d3=1,1,1,3]
  838. [00:22:54] <Rini> Wowwwwww.
  839. [00:22:56] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+4
  840. [00:22:57] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+4: 4 [4d3=2,3,1,2], 6 [4d3=3,3,2,2]
  841. [00:23:02] <~castfromhp> Plink!
  842. [00:23:19] <Rini> "Welllllll-played."
  843. [00:23:39] <~castfromhp> Big laser shoots at....The +2 attack tower.
  844. [00:23:43] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  845. [00:23:44] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 2 [4d3=1,1,3,2]
  846. [00:24:03] <Rini> 4d3-6 Addy?  Well it's okay, Arae defends her!
  847. [00:24:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, Addy?  Well it's okay, Arae defends her!: 3 [4d3=1,2,3,3]
  848. [00:24:21] <~castfromhp> That she does!
  849. [00:24:28] <Lecia> (<3)
  850. [00:24:34] * Rini flips like a ninja and sits on top of the cross.
  851. [00:24:34] <~castfromhp> New round! Tower is GREEN.
  852. [00:24:51] <~castfromhp> You can feel the digital space around you molding and shifting.
  853. [00:25:25] <Rini> "Hmm... green... could be pretty easy, like red is attack, blue is defense- oh who am I kidding?  You probably just like the rainbow or something."
  854. [00:25:37] <Addy> (<3 Airy-chan~)
  855. [00:25:48] <Rini> "So what're you doing?  Bringing out more friends?"
  856. [00:26:14] <~castfromhp> And your turn~
  857. [00:26:24] <Rini> (scrollin' to check something)
  858. [00:27:30] <Rini> (okay I can't find it, attacking instead of building means I... you know what fuck it I'm actually NOT attacking, holding turn)
  859. [00:27:47] <Rini> "Alright, one at a time, everyone."
  860. [00:27:59] <Rini> 4d3-7 knife goes first, stabbing at the glowy thing
  861. [00:27:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, knife goes first, stabbing at the glowy thing: 2 [4d3=3,2,2,2]
  862. [00:28:06] <~castfromhp> (alright, this means Rini can act as a +4 tower for either stealth or armor)
  863. [00:28:18] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2 defendan
  864. [00:28:19] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, defendan: 3 [4d3=2,3,2,2]
  865. [00:28:26] <~castfromhp> NO FUCKS GIVEN ABOUT KNIVES
  866. [00:28:39] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+2 prerolling the next two defenses for you :V
  867. [00:28:39] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, prerolling the next two defenses for you :V: 4 [4d3=3,1,3,3], 5 [4d3=3,3,2,3]
  868. [00:28:52] <~castfromhp> (man DM does NOT like you)
  869. [00:28:54] <Rini> 4d3-5;4d3-6 aww how thoughtful
  870. [00:28:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-5: 6 [4d3=3,3,3,2]; aww how thoughtful: 5 [4d3=3,2,3,3]
  871. [00:29:01] <Rini> BITCH
  872. [00:29:17] * Rini sends the PUNCHY HAND and the LASER HAT out!
  873. [00:29:38] <Rini> ... Also it was one-at-a-time in case green was like, the counterattack aura or something.
  874. [00:29:42] <Rini> Can never be too careful.
  875. [00:29:48] <~castfromhp> The punchy hand manages to crack some of the glowing structure! Pretty fitting.
  876. [00:30:09] * Rini balances on top of the knife. It's technoshit, she can do whatever the fuck she wants.
  877. [00:30:26] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3 Pewpew LASER at  Rini
  878. [00:30:26] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, Pewpew LASER at  Rini: 2 [4d3=1,2,3,1]
  879. [00:30:37] <Rini> 4d3-4 ha ha wow
  880. [00:30:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, ha ha wow: 6 [4d3=1,3,3,3]
  881. [00:31:17] <~castfromhp> You manage to get out of the way of the brunt of it, and what catches you just kinda tickles.
  882. [00:31:17] * Rini jumps out in front of the laser and catches it. "I'm getting used to this. I really CAN do whatever the hell I want here."
  883. [00:31:28] <Rini> I LIKE MY FLUFF BETTER THANKS
  884. [00:31:52] <~castfromhp> And now it glows GREY again. 3 spider-like wireframes materialize in front of your structures.
  885. [00:31:55] <Rini> Well, regardless, it sure doesn't hurt.
  886. [00:32:08] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Rini + 3 attack structures > spider x3> GLOWY THING'
  887. [00:32:29] <Rini> "Don't worry, you guys, I got this.  Just blow 'em up, 'kay?"
  888. [00:32:32] <Rini> Full defending again.
  889. [00:32:49] <Rini> 4d3-5 spider A
  890. [00:32:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, spider A: 0 [4d3=2,1,1,1]
  891. [00:32:56] <Rini> Oh wow.
  892. [00:32:58] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+1
  893. [00:32:58] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+1: 1 [4d3=1,3,3,1]
  894. [00:33:10] <Rini> 4d3-6 this one's going at spider A too, why didn't you allow fate point structures?
  895. [00:33:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, this one's going at spider A too, why didn't you allow fate point structures?: 1 [4d3=1,2,1,3]
  896. [00:33:15] <Rini> Should've allowed fate point structures.
  897. [00:33:32] <Rini> 4d3-7 this one at the same one, because no way is it down.
  898. [00:33:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, this one at the same one, because no way is it down.: -1 [4d3=1,2,1,2]
  899. [00:33:48] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+1
  900. [00:33:49] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+1: 2 [4d3=3,2,1,3], 1 [4d3=2,2,3,1]
  901. [00:33:54] <Rini> dicemad
  902. [00:34:00] <~castfromhp> SPIDERBRO DOES NOT GIVE A FUCK
  903. [00:34:12] <~castfromhp> ALSO SPIDER BRO ISN'T VERY BRO
  904. [00:34:19] * Rini sighs. "Okay, I get it, guys, you're tired."
  905. [00:34:38] <~castfromhp> Also I'll say, 10 points to buy a fate point structure, generates one FP every other round?
  906. [00:34:49] <~castfromhp> That's with the modified cost factored in.
  907. [00:34:53] <Rini> That would make it 20 if it's doubled now, which is "ha ha fuck you"
  908. [00:35:02] <Rini> oh okay
  909. [00:35:08] <Rini> welllll maaaaaaybe
  910. [00:35:13] <Rini> Anyway SPIDORZ!
  911. [00:35:16] <~castfromhp> Starts at 3 HP instead of 1
  912. [00:35:37] <~castfromhp> Two of the spiders launch webs at the punchtower and addystructure!
  913. [00:35:46] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 these are blocks on their next turn's actions
  914. [00:35:47] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, these are blocks on their next turn's actions: 4 [4d3=1,2,3,2]
  915. [00:35:51] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  916. [00:35:52] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 5 [4d3=1,2,3,3]
  917. [00:36:08] <~castfromhp> The last spider crawls up to the remaining attack tower and starts biting at it
  918. [00:36:13] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  919. [00:36:13] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 4 [4d3=2,2,2,3]
  920. [00:36:18] <Rini> Oh wow, are stealth structures able to let them resist?
  921. [00:36:30] <Rini> 4d3-4 using Rini's defense for the latter btw
  922. [00:36:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, using Rini's defense for the latter btw: 4 [4d3=3,1,1,3]
  923. [00:36:34] <~castfromhp> Either way they'd have to overcome the block.
  924. [00:36:50] <~castfromhp> And fluff creating a temporary digital shield or what have you!
  925. [00:37:02] * Rini creates a temporary digital shield or what have you!
  926. [00:37:16] <~castfromhp> >:I
  927. [00:37:18] <Rini> ... Just kidding, she yawns and the knife slides back as she moves her finger in a motion signaling it to do so.
  928. [00:37:37] <Rini> And with a WHOMP it lies on the ground, ready to stab.
  929. [00:37:45] <~castfromhp> Also I am SUPREMRE ZOOF TIER and forgot to post this when it changed to infiltration phase
  930. [00:37:48] <~castfromhp> BGM:
  931. [00:37:53] <Rini> (Anyway what I was going to ask earlier- ahaha)
  932. [00:37:54] <~castfromhp> *SUPREMRE even
  933. [00:38:11] <Rini> (What do I use if I want to - nice double supremre - attack again?)
  934. [00:38:16] <Rini> (Instead of building or defending?)
  935. [00:38:18] <~castfromhp> *fuck me
  936. [00:38:21] <~castfromhp> there
  937. [00:38:22] <~castfromhp> >:I
  938. [00:38:37] <~castfromhp> (You would use scholarship)
  939. [00:38:43] <Rini> (okay, that's what I thought)
  940. [00:38:48] <~castfromhp> (and fluff DIGITAL HACKER WEAPONS)
  941. [00:38:59] <~castfromhp> ANYWAY the glowing tower lasers at Rini again
  942. [00:39:01] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  943. [00:39:01] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 3 [4d3=1,3,3,1]
  944. [00:39:08] <~castfromhp> Discipline or one of your stealth towers
  945. [00:39:11] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 oh right, blew my defense already
  946. [00:39:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, oh right, blew my defense already: 1 [4d3=1,3,2,1]
  947. [00:39:31] <Rini> Hmm that's not good, can I use the defense tower to get DR?
  948. [00:39:35] <~castfromhp> 2 stress more mind scrambling laser.
  949. [00:39:36] <~castfromhp> Yes you can
  950. [00:39:44] <Rini> Okay, doing that then
  951. [00:40:00] <~castfromhp> Glows...RED this turn.
  952. [00:40:28] <Rini> "Okay, it's a cycle.  You do a thing, do a thing, do a thing... then build.  Gotcha."
  953. [00:40:41] <Rini> "Why are you so boring?  Just because you're a computer you think you have to follow a pattern?"
  954. [00:40:57] * Rini floats upside-down. "That's not how it works, y'know. I've met computers smarter than this."
  955. [00:41:06] <Rini> "Now lessee... cannons, swords, hammers..."
  956. [00:41:09] <Rini> "Oh, I got it!"
  957. [00:41:32] <Rini> 4d3-4 she flies straight up and back down, DROP-KICKING THE SPIDER IN THE FACE
  958. [00:41:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, she flies straight up and back down, DROP-KICKING THE SPIDER IN THE FACE: 6 [4d3=3,3,1,3]
  959. [00:41:36] <Rini> Spider B.
  960. [00:41:47] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+1
  961. [00:41:47] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+1: 2 [4d3=2,3,3,1]
  962. [00:42:13] <~castfromhp> Part of its wireframe splinters and breaks, but it's still active!
  963. [00:42:30] <Rini> "Hmm... okay, give it a stab."
  964. [00:42:34] <Rini> 4d3-7 stab on the same one
  965. [00:42:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, stab on the same one: -1 [4d3=1,1,2,2]
  966. [00:42:45] <Rini> wow I have to wonder if you even need to roll defense
  967. [00:42:48] <~castfromhp> And remember, blocks on the two towers for this turn. They can still attempt attacks, it's just as if they face an automatic defense roll of the block value.
  968. [00:42:58] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+1 doing it in case of -3
  969. [00:42:58] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, doing it in case of -3: -1 [4d3=2,1,2,1]
  970. [00:43:02] <Rini> 4d3-5;4d3-6 yeah, this is them overcoming
  971. [00:43:02] <~castfromhp> Pfft
  972. [00:43:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, 4d3-5: 1 [4d3=1,1,2,2]; yeah, this is them overcoming: 0 [4d3=3,1,1,1]
  973. [00:43:05] <Rini> nope
  974. [00:43:27] <~castfromhp> One of the spiders leaps onto the cross and bites at it!
  975. [00:43:33] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5
  976. [00:43:33] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+5: 9 [4d3=3,3,3,3]
  977. [00:43:36] <Rini> in-
  978. [00:43:41] <Rini> ... I was just about to say that.
  979. [00:43:42] <~castfromhp> dat dicemaid
  980. [00:44:09] <Rini> It had 1 HP left and even with defense there's no way any defense could save it.
  981. [00:44:14] <Rini> Tower status: TOPPLED
  982. [00:44:36] <Lecia> (Siyao died for your rolls)
  983. [00:44:43] <~castfromhp> The other two attack your two stealth structures, jabbing at them with their legs.
  984. [00:44:45] <Rini> "Yeeek.. wonder if that's symbolic?  There was a thing I never told her."
  985. [00:44:48] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+5
  986. [00:44:48] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+5: 4 [4d3=2,2,1,2], 2 [4d3=2,1,1,1]
  987. [00:45:10] <Rini> 4d3-6 Aerie's;4d3-7 Zhang's
  988. [00:45:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, Aerie's: 4 [4d3=3,2,3,2]; Zhang's: 3 [4d3=3,3,2,2]
  989. [00:45:24] <Rini> Do they do extra stress damage?  Because if not we're good.
  990. [00:45:27] <Rini> Er, HP damage I guess
  991. [00:45:31] <~castfromhp> And somehow they hold!
  992. [00:45:43] <~castfromhp> The tower itself continues, firing another laser at Rini
  993. [00:45:45] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5
  994. [00:45:45] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+5: 4 [4d3=3,2,1,1]
  995. [00:45:52] <Rini> 4d3-2 yawn
  996. [00:45:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yawn: 5 [4d3=1,2,2,2]
  997. [00:45:57] <Rini> er
  998. [00:46:00] <Rini> that's +2, my bad
  999. [00:46:06] <Rini> not -2
  1000. [00:46:19] <~castfromhp> So wait...1?
  1001. [00:46:25] <Rini> That would be 1, yes
  1002. [00:46:37] <~castfromhp> 3 mental stress as MIND SCRAMBLE PAIN LASER
  1003. [00:47:07] <Rini> HMM THIS IS DIFFICULT
  1004. [00:47:30] <Rini> No, let's go ahead and invoke again... uhh... hmm
  1005. [00:47:50] <Rini> All gonna be okay because overconfidence, and that makes all stress boxes filled.
  1006. [00:48:18] <~castfromhp> YOU'RE DOING STRESS RIGHT, RIGHT? yeah I can tell you are from how you say that
  1007. [00:48:25] <Rini> "Mmmrrnng.  Izzat all?"
  1008. [00:48:36] <Rini> (Yeah, I had 3rd filled and then 1 from one of tis attack earlier)
  1009. [00:48:45] <Rini> (so this was filling the second)
  1010. [00:48:59] <Rini> "... Well I actually hope so because ow."
  1011. [00:49:24] <Rini> "Change of plans, screw the drones!  We're gonna have hell if it summons more, but just attack it!"
  1012. [00:49:25] <~castfromhp> The color glows...BLUE for a second, and then suddenly it's YELLOW. And as it bursts into yellow, you feel a tingle go through you, a momentary flash of connection between you and the tower. Reaching out with your mind, you grab a kernal of strength. +1 to all attack and defense checks for this round.
  1013. [00:50:19] * Rini floats down and blinks a few times, but takes a deep breath. "Okay! Let's go ahead and see how batshit crazy I can get here."
  1014. [00:50:35] <Rini> "Load, and..."  A MASSIVE RAILGUN drops from the sky.
  1015. [00:50:49] <Rini> 4d3-3 "FIRE!"  at the tower
  1016. [00:50:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, "FIRE!"  at the tower: 5 [4d3=1,2,3,2]
  1017. [00:51:01] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  1018. [00:51:01] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 5 [4d3=3,3,3,1]
  1019. [00:51:06] <Rini> reaaaaaaally
  1020. [00:51:17] <~castfromhp> (dicemaid. really. hates. Rini.)
  1021. [00:51:19] <~castfromhp> (;~;)
  1022. [00:51:25] <Rini> (no fucking shit)
  1023. [00:51:30] <~castfromhp> Blocks are off this round. Webs faded.
  1024. [00:51:33] <Rini> (Are the two attackers stil- okay)
  1025. [00:51:48] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 hatlaser at spider B then, the one that was dropkicked
  1026. [00:51:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, hatlaser at spider B then, the one that was dropkicked: 1 [4d3=1,3,2,1]
  1027. [00:51:59] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  1028. [00:51:59] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 1 [4d3=1,3,2,1]
  1029. [00:52:02] <Rini> eh
  1030. [00:52:08] <Rini> 4d3-5 THEN punchy hand at the tower
  1031. [00:52:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, THEN punchy hand at the tower: 3 [4d3=2,3,2,1]
  1032. [00:52:18] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  1033. [00:52:18] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 2 [4d3=1,1,2,3]
  1034. [00:52:19] <Rini> It stretches REALLY far to pull this off.
  1035. [00:52:28] <~castfromhp> Makes another crack!
  1036. [00:52:52] <Rini> 4d3-7 fuck it let's stab spider b again
  1037. [00:52:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, fuck it let's stab spider b again: -3 [4d3=1,1,1,1]
  1038. [00:52:57] <Rini> k let's not
  1039. [00:53:07] <~castfromhp> yeah even minimum...yeah.
  1040. [00:53:19] <Rini> Actually, is the +1 to everything for all the towers too?
  1041. [00:53:24] <~castfromhp> (yes)
  1042. [00:53:27] <~castfromhp> (sorry if that wasn't clear)
  1043. [00:53:32] <Rini> OH, then punch did 2 damage instead
  1044. [00:53:42] <Rini> and laser would've been 1 on the spider
  1045. [00:53:44] <Rini> oopsie~
  1046. [00:53:56] <~castfromhp> Still up but definitely falling apart.
  1047. [00:54:16] <~castfromhp> Two spiders try to corner Rini on the battlefield
  1048. [00:54:33] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+4 resist with athletics to avoid "out of position" aspect!
  1049. [00:54:33] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, resist with athletics to avoid "out of position" aspect!: 2 [4d3=1,1,3,1], 3 [4d3=1,1,2,3]
  1050. [00:54:49] <Rini> 2#4d3-4 OH BOY, FOR BOTH?
  1051. [00:54:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, OH BOY, FOR BOTH?: 4 [4d3=3,2,1,2], 4 [4d3=2,1,2,3]
  1052. [00:55:07] * Rini looks down at them, shrugs, and just walks between them.
  1053. [00:55:26] <~castfromhp> Last spider sprays foul digital wireframe acid at Addytower.
  1054. [00:55:28] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4
  1055. [00:55:29] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+4: 5 [4d3=2,3,2,2]
  1056. [00:55:36] <Rini> 4d3-6 ow jesus
  1057. [00:55:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, ow jesus: 2 [4d3=3,1,1,3]
  1058. [00:55:47] <~castfromhp> 3 damage
  1059. [00:55:50] <Rini> POOF
  1060. [00:55:56] <Rini> ARAE'S DEFENDING ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH
  1061. [00:56:34] <Lecia> (I'm sorry ;_;)
  1062. [00:56:41] <~castfromhp> The tower glows brighter for a moment, invoking the Fury of Fire to sweep its laser across both stealth towers.
  1063. [00:56:48] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+4
  1064. [00:56:48] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+4: 3 [4d3=2,1,2,2], 4 [4d3=1,3,1,3]
  1065. [00:57:07] <Rini> (OH WAIT, the +1 gave it another defense, I forgot... but still only 2 HP hurr)
  1066. [00:57:11] <~castfromhp> (only one can defend I think, due to using up the other one)
  1067. [00:57:21] <Rini> 4d3-8+1+1 yeah
  1068. [00:57:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yeah: 5 [4d3=3,3,3,2]
  1069. [00:57:37] <~castfromhp> Which tower remains standing? :O
  1070. [00:57:39] <Rini> But that takes the ghost out too.  Ow.
  1071. [00:57:55] <Rini> er wait
  1072. [00:57:57] <~castfromhp> (remember you can apply the stealth to either - so you can apply that to the more powerful stealth tower if you want)
  1073. [00:57:59] <Rini> they can defend for each OTHER
  1074. [00:58:01] <Rini> Yeah, okay
  1075. [00:58:11] <Rini> Zhang being the one to do that for Aerie makes sense anyway, from what he said.
  1076. [00:58:19] <Rini> So the mahjong tile just kinda falls over.
  1077. [00:58:49] <Rini> 4d3-4 anyway, I wanna build this turn
  1078. [00:58:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, anyway, I wanna build this turn: 3 [4d3=1,1,3,2]
  1079. [00:59:03] <Rini> aaaand you just have to give me not enough to do anything that matters, okay, sure
  1080. [00:59:07] <~castfromhp> A flash of GREEN then back to YELLOW. Once again you feel the affinity and you grasp...something. +1 to all defense checks, buildan is at normal costs this turn!
  1081. [00:59:24] <Rini> Oh!  Well, that's nice.
  1082. [00:59:54] <Rini> Building... another defense, this one is a POOL STICK.
  1083. [01:00:25] <Rini> Also giving +1 HP to both it and the ghosttower.
  1084. [01:00:48] <~castfromhp> attack structures gogogo
  1085. [01:00:49] <Rini> 4d3-5 punch at glowytower;4d3-7 stab at spider B
  1086. [01:00:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, punch at glowytower: 0 [4d3=1,1,2,1]; stab at spider B: 1 [4d3=2,2,2,2]
  1087. [01:01:00] <Rini> I wish you could hear how loud I'm groaning
  1088. [01:01:10] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3 tower; 4d3-8+2 spider
  1089. [01:01:11] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, tower: 4 [4d3=3,2,3,1]; spider: 4 [4d3=2,3,2,3]
  1090. [01:01:15] <~castfromhp> Dice
  1091. [01:01:16] <~castfromhp> maid
  1092. [01:02:32] <Rini> "So, you wanna hear me talk all about myself some more?  I always do it to all my victims, y'know.  Even if they don't know me, it's only courtesy to leave something to remember myself by."
  1093. [01:03:37] <Rini> "See, I have my own 'signature.'  It's not like people can track me, so I always decide to leave the same thing inside every database I pilfer from.  Like a... present, I guess."
  1094. [01:03:54] <Rini> "I like to think once I end up being known as some big-name hacker everyone'll know about it and be scared of it."
  1095. [01:05:42] * Rini chatters on boredly while balancing on top of the pool stick upside-down.
  1096. [01:06:01] <~castfromhp> (fuck, sorry, I forgot you only had two towers left)
  1097. [01:06:03] <~castfromhp> (whoops)
  1098. [01:06:14] <Rini> (I have 4)
  1099. [01:06:19] <Rini> (just... only two attackers)
  1100. [01:06:19] <~castfromhp> (attack ones I mean)
  1101. [01:06:34] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+3 spiders swiping at the attack towers
  1102. [01:06:35] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, spiders swiping at the attack towers: 4 [4d3=3,3,1,2], 5 [4d3=3,1,3,3]
  1103. [01:06:56] <Rini> Second one is doomed.
  1104. [01:07:07] <Rini> 4d3-5 defending for the first, though
  1105. [01:07:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, defending for the first, though: 3 [4d3=1,1,3,3]
  1106. [01:07:24] <Rini> And THEN 1 armor?  Is that doable?
  1107. [01:07:37] <~castfromhp> (yes)
  1108. [01:07:48] <Rini> Alright then, the knife had 1 HP anyway.
  1109. [01:07:52] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+4 And the last spider spins a glowing web that flashes a bright light at Rini. Resist with discipline to prevent Momentary Blindness!
  1110. [01:07:52] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, And the last spider spins a glowing web that flashes a bright light at Rini. Resist with discipline to prevent Momentary Blindness!: 6 [4d3=2,3,2,3]
  1111. [01:08:06] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 aaah (do I get the +1 here?)
  1112. [01:08:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, aaah (do I get the +1 here?): 3 [4d3=1,3,2,3]
  1113. [01:08:18] <~castfromhp> Yes. But either way the aspect sticks
  1114. [01:08:34] <Rini> Yeah, not gonna try to invoke or anything to stop that, that'd be silly
  1115. [01:08:40] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3 annnnd the tower shimmers again, shooting another laser at Rini
  1116. [01:08:41] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, annnnd the tower shimmers again, shooting another laser at Rini: 4 [4d3=3,3,1,2]
  1117. [01:08:58] <Rini> 4d3-8+2+1 oh, it doesn't tag or anything?
  1118. [01:08:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, oh, it doesn't tag or anything?: 2 [4d3=1,2,1,3]
  1119. [01:09:08] <~castfromhp> Oh it tags. 4 mental stress.
  1120. [01:09:27] <Rini> Good, negating that with a moderate then.  How to EVEN fluff this...
  1121. [01:09:39] <~castfromhp> Well, it's a pain laser that scrambles your thoughts. Go from there.
  1122. [01:10:00] <Rini> 'Well Yeah, But I Already Did That Tomorrow!'
  1123. [01:10:21] <Rini> "Nnng.  Alright, we've played enough."
  1124. [01:10:42] * Rini starts walking up to the tower and winding up a fist.
  1125. [01:10:44] <~castfromhp> Color is...GREY! One more spiderbro materializes.
  1126. [01:11:04] * Rini steps on top of the spider on the way. "Fuck off, I'm busy."
  1127. [01:11:14] <Rini> 4d3-4 FIST TO TOWERFACE
  1128. [01:11:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, FIST TO TOWERFACE: 7 [4d3=3,3,3,2]
  1129. [01:11:25] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  1130. [01:11:25] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 0 [4d3=1,3,1,1]
  1131. [01:11:26] <Rini> 4d3-5 BACKUP FIST ALSO TO TOWER
  1132. [01:11:27] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, BACKUP FIST ALSO TO TOWER: 4 [4d3=3,3,1,2]
  1133. [01:12:01] <~castfromhp> It invokes the Retreat of the Tides! Shimmering away to become semi-translucent as Rini punches it!
  1134. [01:12:08] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2 and more def
  1135. [01:12:09] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, and more def: 1 [4d3=2,1,2,2]
  1136. [01:12:10] <Rini> "Oh that is NOT EVEN FAIR"
  1137. [01:12:23] <~castfromhp> The punch still connects, just not as hard as it could be!
  1138. [01:13:14] <~castfromhp> Annnd again on the second hit.
  1139. [01:13:21] * Rini lands, panting. "Damn it all, feels like that's all I had."
  1140. [01:13:37] <Rini> "Feels like everything's out to screw me today, huh, you guys?"
  1141. [01:13:44] * castfromhp changes topic to 'Rini + 2 attack structures > spider x4 > GLOWY THING'
  1142. [01:13:56] <~castfromhp> Two spiders spray webs at the attack towers!
  1143. [01:14:00] <Rini> "I'm..."  Huff.  "NOT gonna give up though."
  1144. [01:14:01] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+4 blocks
  1145. [01:14:01] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, blocks: 3 [4d3=3,1,2,1], 6 [4d3=2,2,3,3]
  1146. [01:14:31] <Rini> actually only 1 attack structure is up
  1147. [01:14:44] <Rini> 1 attack, 1 defense, 1 stealth
  1148. [01:14:52] <~castfromhp> Thennn apply the second as a block on stealth.
  1149. [01:14:55] <Rini> k
  1150. [01:15:13] <~castfromhp> The two others simply attack your attack and defense towers, jabbing at them with spiny legs.
  1151. [01:15:18] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+3
  1152. [01:15:18] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+3: 0 [4d3=1,1,1,2], 1 [4d3=1,2,2,1]
  1153. [01:15:26] <~castfromhp> Dicemaid? Favor Rini? NO WAI
  1154. [01:15:29] <Rini> ^
  1155. [01:15:36] <Rini> Applying armor to #2.
  1156. [01:15:43] <Rini> and... don't even need to roll
  1157. [01:16:28] <~castfromhp> The glowing tower calls upon the fury of fire to sweep lasers across your attack and defense towers!
  1158. [01:16:35] <~castfromhp> 2#4d3-8+3
  1159. [01:16:36] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 2#4d3-8+3: 5 [4d3=3,2,2,3], 5 [4d3=3,2,3,2]
  1160. [01:16:51] <Rini> If stealth overcomes the block it can defend, right?
  1161. [01:16:55] <~castfromhp> Yes.
  1162. [01:17:01] <Rini> 4d3-8+2 okay
  1163. [01:17:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, okay: 1 [4d3=1,2,1,3]
  1164. [01:17:04] <Rini> well it didn't
  1165. [01:17:42] <Rini> so that means ONLY the defense is up now
  1166. [01:17:47] <~castfromhp> It glows GREEN again. Rini! CAN YOU FINISH IT OFF?
  1167. [01:18:07] <Rini> That's building costs lowered again?
  1168. [01:18:20] <Rini> IT BETTER BE.
  1169. [01:18:23] <~castfromhp> Nooope. No effect on you. I'll explain the mechanics afterwards if you want.
  1170. [01:18:34] <Rini> Oh, well FUCK DOING ANYTHING ELSE THEN
  1171. [01:18:39] <Rini> do I need to get it
  1172. [01:18:42] <Rini> I do
  1173. [01:19:26] <Rini> OKAY
  1175. [01:19:44] <~castfromhp> If you want to declare that, sure. :V
  1176. [01:19:52] <Rini> .... I have to use a fate point don't I
  1177. [01:20:18] <~castfromhp> Also, stop being bad, it's always
  1178. [01:20:20] <~castfromhp> Fix'd
  1179. [01:20:23] <Rini> "Thanks, guys.  You did your part.  Now, for my favorite part..."
  1180. [01:20:54] * Rini backflips into the air a couple times, sprouting big green wings. It's really nibelung valesti.
  1181. [01:21:00] <Rini> 4d3-4 GO GO GO
  1182. [01:21:00] <~castfromhp> Shamefur
  1183. [01:21:00] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, GO GO GO: 4 [4d3=1,2,3,2]
  1184. [01:21:05] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  1185. [01:21:06] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 0 [4d3=1,2,1,2]
  1186. [01:21:17] <Rini> "Aaaaaaand!"  Tnnnng.  ETHEREAL BLAST!
  1187. [01:21:28] <Rini> DOES THAT DOWN IT?
  1188. [01:22:20] <~castfromhp> The glowing tower splinters open, the solid parts falling away to reveal a pure column of light. It starts shifting color, taking on a mixture of red, blue, green, yellow, and grey within its swirling mass! The spiders disintegrate into bits of digital pixely dust. You feel a tug at the yellow energy there in the back of your mind.
  1189. [01:23:01] * Rini lands, flicking her hair to the side. Too bad it's down and not in a sidetail right now. "Phew. That was REALLY something."
  1190. [01:23:21] * Rini attempts to tug back, anyway. At least at the yellow part.
  1191. [01:24:33] <~castfromhp> It comes to you naturally, a stream of yellow light in a helix toward your hand, part of it materializing in the form of a small origami crane. The rest wraps around your neck, popping into the form of a bright white scarf.
  1192. [01:24:46] <Rini> (GODDAMNIT YOU DID SAY YOU WOULD)
  1193. [01:24:50] <~castfromhp> Upgrade to Up to Your Waist (I think that's it?) with Superb as the skill cap
  1194. [01:27:34] * Rini breathes lightly and pats it... though that's not quite right. It flows like a motherfucker. "Thanks for playing with me, anyway."
  1195. [01:28:10] <Rini> "Nice to meet someone who's a real challenge, y'know?  Anyway... gimme all your data, I'm taking it home.  I win."
  1196. [01:29:04] <~castfromhp> There's no real response. But the area around you is calm now, not even a pulsing red laser across the land like before. Just stillness.
  1197. [01:39:14] <~castfromhp> As you 'awaken' from accessing Matryoshka with a jolt, you feel a power within you, stretching throughout the facility. This is fading fast, not like what else you had gleaned from the experience. But for the next few minutes you feel you can ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL over computers on the network as you feel Matryoshka's presence slowly slide over all the machinery and works within the facility.
  1198. [01:40:31] * Rini makes a mad dash back for the elevator then, tapping the goggles on the way. "Holy shit! Did you feel how AWESOME that was?"
  1199. [01:41:24] <Rini> Unless it's remote, in which case holy ass spe spends this whole time just doing it through the goggles or something.
  1200. [01:41:28] <Rini> -p +h
  1201. [01:41:52] <Rini> BUT THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT RIGHT NOW
  1202. [01:42:41] <~castfromhp> You need some sort of proximity, not much just a couple feet.
  1203. [01:43:03] <Rini> Yeah okay, accessing the elevator and making it move AS FAST AS POSSIBLE then.
  1204. [01:43:27] <Rini> "Oooh man oooh man, I FEEL it!  Y'think I can disable the antimag too?"
  1205. [01:43:39] * Rini twirls a finger around idly while waiting for it to stop.
  1206. [01:50:13] <~castfromhp> Ding! Elevator arrives.
  1207. [01:50:44] * Rini BARRELS out and starts siphoning all the emails from the computers in the cubicles if at all possible while running past. At least, she damn well wants to just for the hell of it.
  1208. [01:50:51] <~castfromhp> You're back in the cubicle maze again, and you can see the guard from before across the room.
  1209. [01:51:02] <Rini> Oh.
  1210. [01:51:24] <Rini> .... She still gives zero fucks and just ducks under a few cubicles, beelining straight for the blast doors.
  1211. [01:51:38] <Rini> MAYBE messing with the PCs along the way for fun.
  1212. [01:51:44] <~castfromhp> Yup, each time you do something though, you feel a slight drain on the remaining power, in addition to the drain over time you've been feeling as it slips away.
  1213. [01:51:52] <Rini> oh then fuck that
  1214. [01:51:55] <Rini> ... maybe just one
  1215. [01:52:07] <Rini> BLAST DOORS.
  1216. [01:52:16] <~castfromhp> Then you feel a SURGE of magical power throughout the room and then it just...disappears.
  1217. [01:52:28] <~castfromhp> You can open them at will! Takes some effort and power.
  1218. [01:52:35] <Rini> ... Oops.
  1219. [01:52:35] <~castfromhp> (oh, not your power disappears. the sudden surge)
  1220. [01:52:44] <Rini> (oh god, that made me shit myself)
  1221. [01:53:11] * Rini walks across the room with a smug-as-fuck grin on her face, then does just that to the doors, commanding them while looking as badass as possible.
  1222. [01:54:25] <~castfromhp> And open they do!
  1223. [01:55:11] * Rini actually waves goodbye to them on the way out, making a mad dash like the place initiated a self-destruct sequence or something Of course it actually didn't... right?
  1224. [01:57:50] <Rini> "Ahaha..."  Dashdash.  "Addicted?  Well no fuckin' WONDER!  Hey, hey, talk when you can hear me, okay?  Like hear-hear.  If you weren't there for that I've got STORYTIME."  Taptaptap.
  1225. [02:01:27] * Rini slides the goggles back down. "Alright, so where's our little bastard at? He better not've been making TOO much trouble while I was down there."
  1226. [02:06:37] <~castfromhp> Using the security cameras? (Sorry gotta take this in here for things to make any sense)
  1227. [02:06:45] <Rini> (Good point)
  1228. [02:06:46] <Rini> Yes.
  1229. [02:07:12] <~castfromhp> You see chaos, prisoners attacking guards, some groups of prisoners attacking each other - they're clearly on different factions of some sort. You see all the well-dressed people with grabby hands fighting on the same side in these at least.
  1230. [02:07:23] <~castfromhp> Aler- er no investigation
  1231. [02:07:29] <Rini> 4d3-3 yaaay
  1232. [02:07:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, yaaay: 5 [4d3=1,3,1,3]
  1233. [02:08:44] <Rini> "Estisse?  ... Heh."  She speaks slightly softer to herself, pausing before continuing to dash out.  "Guess I worried about Charis for nothin'."
  1234. [02:08:50] <Rini> "... Probably."
  1235. [02:09:35] * Rini gives a little pseudo-mournful cough and continues the trek, making sure to open every blast door along the way.
  1236. [02:09:50] <~castfromhp> (hold on was gonna give you a result but depends on botherchannel)
  1237. [02:09:58] <Rini> (oh m'bad)
  1238. [02:11:34] <~castfromhp> You see, for a brief second on one of the monitors, Caleb's head pop out of an air vent of the entrance lobby.
  1239. [02:11:52] <~castfromhp> The grate just kinda popped open by means of monstrous black grabby hand.
  1240. [02:12:13] * Rini pauses in place to chortle a little, before NOW moving on. Straight to the entrance lobby, no less.
  1241. [02:13:30] <~castfromhp> Roll me athletics and a scholarship
  1242. [02:13:38] <Rini> "Mark position on that one.  Looks like something sure as hell happened alright."
  1243. [02:13:38] <~castfromhp> Two of each actually
  1244. [02:13:49] <Rini> (oh geez, I haven't even decided on skills yet)
  1245. [02:13:58] <Rini> (well I KNOW at least athletics is getting + no matter what)
  1246. [02:13:59] <~castfromhp> (well use your pre-upgrade ones!)
  1247. [02:14:08] <Rini> (NO I WANT TO UPGRADE ATHLETICS)
  1248. [02:14:09] <Rini> (BLEH)
  1249. [02:14:33] <Rini> 2#4d3-8+5 check this shit, they'll be bad anyway;2#4d3-8+4 not sure on these though
  1250. [02:14:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, check this shit, they'll be bad anyway: 4 [4d3=1,2,1,3], 6 [4d3=3,3,1,2]; not sure on these though: 2 [4d3=1,1,1,3], 4 [4d3=1,3,2,2]
  1251. [02:15:31] <~castfromhp> (sorry if this feels kinda lame, but I do want to wrap up for bother's sake, so I'm abstracting a lot of this escape)
  1252. [02:15:47] <Caleb> (I think I got 'til, like... Five or so.)
  1253. [02:15:49] <Rini> (no I understand)
  1254. [02:15:52] <Caleb> (You got time.)
  1255. [02:16:19] <~castfromhp> Through a combination of watching the cameras from before carefully to plan a route, and your quick athleticism, you manage to get through to the entrance hall only getting shot at by an errant bullet once!
  1256. [02:16:27] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+5
  1257. [02:16:27] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+5: 6 [4d3=3,2,3,1]
  1258. [02:16:37] <Rini> 4d3-8+5 HA!
  1259. [02:16:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, HA!: 2 [4d3=1,1,2,1]
  1260. [02:16:43] <Rini> ...
  1261. [02:16:54] <~castfromhp> +1 dodging
  1262. [02:16:56] <Rini> 4d3-8+5+1 INVOKE
  1263. [02:16:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, INVOKE: 8 [4d3=2,2,3,3]
  1264. [02:17:09] <Rini> I'm pretty sure that's 0 fp too I'll calculate it later
  1265. [02:17:16] <Rini> ... Waiiiiiiit nope consequences.
  1266. [02:18:26] <Caleb> (So Rini's making her way into the entrance hall now?)
  1267. [02:18:33] <Rini> (hai desu)
  1268. [02:18:57] <Caleb> Okay, Rini... Take just ONE guess at what you stumble across when you get to the entrance hall.
  1269. [02:19:06] <Rini> DEAD PEOPLE!
  1270. [02:19:11] <~castfromhp> Misses just barely! And you arrive in the entrance hall from a side corridor. On the way you pass by a guy getting stabbed by a guard. He seems to be wielding similar grabby hands as Caleb. MORE IMPORTANTLY to you though, you see a woman, bleeding, lying at the bottom of an air vent. Her features are remarkably similar to yours, Rini.
  1271. [02:19:41] <~castfromhp> Caleb describe your state you silly fuck
  1272. [02:19:52] <~castfromhp> (and by bottom I mean like...below the air vent. not in it still somehow)
  1273. [02:20:05] <Rini> "Whoa, hey, what th-"  She's all ready to dash after Caleb but the looks to the side and just... freezes.
  1274. [02:20:20] <~castfromhp> (Caleb is likely next to her?)
  1275. [02:20:28] <Rini> To Caleb's side.
  1276. [02:20:33] <Caleb> (Nope. Needs more "Dramatic entrance.")
  1277. [02:20:49] <~castfromhp> (describe your halfnaked shota damnit)
  1278. [02:20:53] <Caleb> (HEY!)
  1279. [02:20:59] <~castfromhp> (:3)
  1280. [02:21:40] * Rini just ULPs and lets her new BILLOWING SCARF do its job, before running up to them and... what IS the person fighting Caleb doing?
  1281. [02:22:00] <~castfromhp> No no sorry, it's a DIFFERENT grabbyhands person there.
  1282. [02:22:14] <Rini> Oh- OH.
  1283. [02:22:22] <Rini> (I was reading 'wielding similar grabby hands AT Caleb')
  1284. [02:22:35] <Claus> (GRABBY HANDS DUEL)
  1285. [02:23:03] <Rini> In that case no, it's all too obvious where she runs first, but doesn't say anything.
  1286. [02:23:48] <Caleb> Well, you probably come around just in time to see a pair of demonic black grabby hands just about done dropping her down. What follows after is... First a pair of bare legs, nothing but shoes and socks, if even those... Followed by a pair of (probably no longer) tighty whities. As the rest of the body comes down, pretty bruised and sporting a wrapping of torn up pants around
  1287. [02:23:48] <Caleb> one of his hands... The rest of said pants wrapped around the woman... You see Caleb's face, a pair of black masses sticking out of his chest as he drops down slowly. Upon landing, the Grabby Hands, big, black and clawed, recoil back into him like a spring. "That ought...uhhh..." He looks around and ohfuck that's totally Rini there isn't it?
  1288. [02:24:21] * Caleb doesn't know why he needed to make such a big deal out of that out of character. But yes. Your face, if you will?
  1289. [02:24:22] * Rini just... stops.
  1290. [02:24:33] <~castfromhp> (HALF-NAKED SHOTA)
  1291. [02:24:46] <Rini> (it's hard to tell WHICH part of this is most traumatizing)
  1292. [02:25:29] <Caleb> "Uhh... Hi there... Rini..." Well, this isn't awkward at all.
  1293. [02:25:31] * Rini has her hair down, perhaps fortunately, perhaps unfortunately, but the goggles are up. They were over her eyes, but with a quick hand-movement they aren't anymore.
  1294. [02:25:53] <Rini> Step, step.
  1295. [02:26:53] <Caleb> Step away?
  1296. [02:27:15] <Claus> (wait for it)
  1297. [02:27:17] * Rini just takes each step furiously before stopping right next to them, breaking into a huge relieved sigh. A fist she'd wound up specifically for him ends up playfully landing on his chest, just as relieved as she is. She's not even LOOKING at his absence of clothing.
  1298. [02:27:47] <Lecia> (fucking in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1)
  1299. [02:28:00] <Rini> "What the hell was I doing being worried about you?"
  1300. [02:28:40] <Rini> "You really made me freak out, you jerk."
  1301. [02:28:48] * Rini looks down, getting a closer look, and... oh.
  1302. [02:28:49] <Rini> OH.
  1303. [02:28:50] <Caleb> "Yeah, I get it. You're happy t'see me... But somethin' tells me we ain't got time for fuckin' around!" He directs Rini's attention to the woman lying unconscious on the ground, blood probably still seeping out from where Caleb tried to tie his pants around her.
  1304. [02:28:51] <Rini> OH.
  1305. [02:29:07] <Rini> "Oh my fucking..."
  1306. [02:29:19] * Rini pulls the goggles down and then back up.
  1307. [02:29:29] <Rini> "Shit shit shit shit what did you DO?"
  1308. [02:30:31] * Rini bends down and suddenly is nearly hyperventilating- not that she hadn't shown signs of running at top-speed earlier.
  1309. [02:30:33] <Caleb> "I wish I fuckin' knew, Rini. I wish. I. Fuckin'. Knew."
  1310. [02:30:47] <Rini> "... C'mon.  We're getting out of here."
  1311. [02:31:30] <~castfromhp> Annnd you two can make it out of the facility and back into the city. Guards are all busy handling the melee within. Feel free to continue~
  1312. [02:31:51] <Rini> I... don't think we can.
  1313. [02:31:59] <Caleb> "Don't mean t'ask stupid questions, but while we got the chance t' run..." He manipulates his Grabby Hands into actually lifting the woman up and holding her. "The hell is 'here' anyways?"
  1314. [02:32:03] <~castfromhp> Right, bother need sleep
  1315. [02:32:10] <Caleb> I got an hour and a half.
  1316. [02:32:14] <~castfromhp> (you SURE?)
  1317. [02:32:18] <Caleb> (I'm sure.)
  1318. [02:32:19] <~castfromhp> (I mean, christ, you need to SLEEP too, right?)
  1319. [02:32:21] <Rini> (You POSITIVE?)
  1320. [02:32:25] <Caleb> (I positive.)
  1321. [02:32:39] <Caleb> (I can take a nap when my dad gets back home.)
  1322. [02:32:44] <Rini> (well you heard him castie, he really enjoys this so let's at LEAST get this scene resolved)
  1323. [02:33:00] <Caleb> (Yeah, we should at LEAST have our dramatic escape! Talkan' can come later.)
  1324. [02:33:39] * Rini stands back up, a little worried about the vector doing the work. "Here?"
  1325. [02:33:50] <Rini> "It's... you wouldn't believe me."
  1326. [02:34:10] * Rini takes each breath heavily. "You can still run, right?"
  1327. [02:34:11] <Caleb> "Yea, here. Guessin' it's some kinda prison, but past that... Ain't got a fuckin' clue!"
  1328. [02:34:36] <Caleb> "A bullet t' the hand don't mean shit fer runnin'!"
  1329. [02:34:57] <Caleb> "... Mean, still hurts like all fuck, but... Ain't the worst place fer it t' happen."
  1330. [02:35:22] <~castfromhp> Well then, you hear a cry out. The guard that was in melee with the other grabby hands user stabs a knife deep into the man's chest and he slumps over. The guard limps around a moment, before turning to see you.
  1331. [02:35:31] <~castfromhp> He stumbles towards a gun lying on the ground.
  1332. [02:35:42] * Rini rushes to stomp on it.
  1333. [02:36:01] <~castfromhp> Athletics!
  1334. [02:36:05] <Rini> "Just RUN, okay!  Keep going until you can't go anymore, I'll catch up!"
  1335. [02:36:09] <Rini> 4d3-3 BWOOF
  1336. [02:36:12] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, BWOOF: 4 [4d3=2,2,2,1]
  1337. [02:36:16] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+2
  1338. [02:36:16] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+2: 2 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  1339. [02:36:29] <~castfromhp> You manage to get there first you kick the gun away or pick it up or what?
  1340. [02:36:34] <Rini> Former.
  1341. [02:36:45] <Rini> "<Tough luck.>"
  1342. [02:36:47] <Caleb> "Oh, hell no! Ain't gettin' outta this place without ya!"
  1343. [02:37:03] <Caleb> without takin' ya with**
  1344. [02:37:04] * Rini kicks the gun way out of the way and grabs his... uh, does he have a non-shot hand?
  1345. [02:37:32] <Rini> His being Caleb's.
  1346. [02:37:43] <Caleb> Yeah, he has one.
  1347. [02:37:46] <Rini> GRAB.
  1348. [02:38:08] <Rini> "Then no more talkin', you can tell me what you did to Charis later.  Just run until your legs give out, 'kay?"
  1349. [02:38:28] <Rini> "I know EXACTLY where to go."
  1350. [02:38:40] <Rini> Goggles are down, of course.
  1351. [02:38:41] <Caleb> "... Somethin' happened t'Charisse?"
  1352. [02:38:53] <Caleb> He has no objections to running now that she's with, though.
  1353. [02:39:10] <~castfromhp> And one last athletics from the two of you!
  1354. [02:39:18] <Rini> 4d3-3 DON'T WORRY I'LL SAVE YOU
  1355. [02:39:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Rini, DON'T WORRY I'LL SAVE YOU: 6 [4d3=1,3,3,2]
  1356. [02:39:23] <Caleb> 4d3-6 Aaawww...
  1357. [02:39:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Caleb, Aaawww...: 2 [4d3=1,3,1,3]
  1358. [02:40:48] <~castfromhp> As you're making your escape, the man tries for one last ditch attempt at stabbing Caleb as he lags behind a bit.
  1359. [02:40:54] <~castfromhp> 4d3-8+3
  1360. [02:40:54] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 4d3-8+3: 4 [4d3=3,3,1,2]
  1361. [02:41:14] <Caleb> 4d3-4 NOPE.
  1362. [02:41:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Caleb, NOPE.: 3 [4d3=2,2,2,1]
  1363. [02:41:19] <Rini> YEP
  1364. [02:41:29] <~castfromhp> YEP. Only two physical stress though.
  1365. [02:41:57] <Caleb> ... okay, yeah. But +2 Armor from Grabby Hands means one of them takes a better hold of the woman while the other simply CRUSH GRIPS the guy's hand, stopping him dead in his track.
  1366. [02:42:33] <Caleb> It lets go so Caleb can run away to safety as well.
  1367. [02:42:48] <~castfromhp> "AUGHHH!" the guard screams as you manage to burst through the doors into safety and daylight.
  1368. [02:42:48] * Rini just yanks Caleb harder and keeps making a mad dash, not giving a shit.
  1369. [02:43:07] <Rini> "Don't stop... this way... go this way, turn over here...."
  1370. [02:43:30] <Rini> It's not long before it's evident she's actually having a complete freakout, despite false confidence.
  1371. [02:43:42] <~castfromhp> From here, it isn't far til you reach Rini's mysterious destination, a noodle and steamed bun shop nested into the side of a shopping mall.
  1372. [02:44:11] * Rini looks for anyone with a dragon tattoo.
  1373. [02:45:06] <Caleb> "... Y'sound like y'got no idea what in all fuck yer even doin'!"
  1374. [02:45:13] <~castfromhp> No one strikes you immediately as having such. The shop is empty save for one guy enjoying some bbq pork buns and a waiter who stares at you with a WTF look
  1375. [02:45:55] * Caleb apologizes OOC.
  1376. [02:46:29] <Rini> "Yeah," she says bluntly.  "I always sound like that, that's part of who I am.  And it's just better when I DO know what I'm doing."
  1377. [02:46:53] <Caleb> "Long day. Don't even bother askin'," he blurts out at the nosy waitress.
  1378. [02:47:37] * Rini sighs. "<I'm an acquaintance of Zhang's. We need help.>"
  1379. [02:47:43] <~castfromhp> Waiter. But yeah. He seems too stunned for words right now. One loli, a half-naked shota, and a bleeding woman walk into a noodle shop.
  1380. [02:48:01] <~castfromhp> Oh that changes things! There's a pause and then a nod of recognition.
  1381. [02:48:11] * Rini flashes Caleb a thumbs-up.
  1382. [02:48:12] <Caleb> ... The unconscious woman being hoisted by demonic black hands can walk?
  1383. [02:48:36] <Lecia> (You're ruining the punchline, stop that.)
  1384. [02:48:40] <~castfromhp> It's the customer who stands up though, looking you over. "<Looks like you have an emergency, so I won't ask for proof just yet. If you're lying it will be the end of you. Straight to the back.>"
  1385. [02:49:04] <Rini> "<I'm not.  I have something to supply him with too- trust me, he'll like it.>"
  1386. [02:49:17] <Rini> "Straight to the back," to Caleb.  She leads.
  1387. [02:49:21] <Caleb> (How about I ruin YOU, Shuku?)
  1388. [02:49:30] <Lecia> (YOU DID THAT ALREADY.)
  1389. [02:49:51] <Caleb> "Right. Got it." He follows like the subservient bitch he's being turned into.
  1390. [02:50:05] <Claus> (Poor shuku, with their tarnished innocence)
  1391. [02:50:05] <~castfromhp> And the waiter just nods as the customer stands up and leads you behind the kitchen into a back room. HERE's where you see people with dragon tattoos. "<The woman needs medical attention.>" The customer barks authoritatively and a woman appears from behind a curtained room to take Rini's mom off your hands.
  1392. [02:50:43] <Rini> "<Thanks.>"
  1393. [02:51:20] <~castfromhp> "<Now, there is no longer an emergency. Your proof?>"
  1394. [02:52:07] * Rini pauses a bit and takes out her phone, displaying the chip inside it. "<Is this enough? If it isn't I can ask him to vouch for me himself.>"
  1395. [02:52:39] <~castfromhp> "<I will call him.>" He gives you a good look over before stepping away into a side room.
  1396. [02:52:55] <Rini> "<WAIT>"
  1397. [02:53:06] * Rini pulls her hair into a sidetail. "<Okay, now call him.>"
  1398. [02:53:11] <Rini> Can't forget that detail.
  1399. [02:53:17] <Caleb> "... Err, translation? Still can't understand shit comin' outta their mouths, y'know!"
  1400. [02:53:21] <~castfromhp> He raises an eyebrow but nods.
  1401. [02:55:02] <Rini> "Translation?"  After a small pause, Rini grins the biggest grin she's grinned in a while.  "'It's all gonna be okay.'"
  1402. [02:57:00] <Caleb> "Sure as all hell didn't sound like an 'all gonna be okay' t'me, but if ya say so..." He's totally finding a place to sit down while the two of 'em have their talk that they'll EVENTUALLY have.
  1403. [02:58:08] <Rini> EVENTUALLY.
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