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  1. Derek Walters
  3. yes Auria alots changed, people can dribble shit about Rose all they want, guess ill have to give em a tissue, perhaps a bucket instead, truth is not once did Rose exclude any of twelve members....did she mention limiting the raid group yes she did as a few members of both twelve and ES requested... I guess that put someones panties in a twist ... What i find funny is how its called "ES drama" when in fact their was no drama in ES at all until Rose gave everyone assist and Cailo invited other twelve members and they brought the drama to ES so I'm going to refer to it as "twelve drama"(or TD) instead, now when i say twelve I'm not referring to everyone theirs quite a few people in twelve that i actually like, ones i would like to get to know a little more, and then theirs ones i wouldn't make time for. I'm not going to say its Cailo's fault hes not responsible for how his other guildies act its not that simple, I myself feel responsible cause had I been on and raiding "TD" wouldn't of started in the first place. In saying that people like talking shit about other people behind their back(it was even said so in this forum post) where as i like saying stuff to someones face which is why i haven't removed anyone from twelve from the page, that'll come in time. Not once did anyone from ES try and tell Twelve how to run their guild or guild raid, all of a sudden twelve demands ES to change our ways...(WTF) they are guest in a raid group that we kindly let in and decide to make it their own, and that's where the disrespect started, yeah so you dealt your own cards that was brought on by twelve not ES and it seems a few people had to start personal attacks on Rose because they couldn't handle what they started it's ok it just shows how full of it you really are. Some of you twelve members I'm sorry you got caught up in the drama i would've liked to actually have gotten a chance to raid with you who knows maybe will get another chance somewhere down the line, others well quite frankly I'm glad your gone before i came back, although it took the "fun" out of it for me.
  6. Andrew Tuck
  7. I am so sorry to anyone in Exit Strategy who has copped crap from this. We always raided with you on your own hospitality, what you guys do is your own business, its completely unfair. I'd be interested in hearing names because I'm at my wits end and I might have to start cracking my whip. Shame too, our raid last night went well, its only the BS outside of the game that is causing me lost sleep and a massive headache. Again guys, sorry. frown emoticon
  9. Derek Walters
  10. Are you that blind Cailo?, surely you don't have your head that far up where the sun don't shine that you have to be told names. its right in front of you what you guys do in your own guild is your business but you can say that this is a hate thing between hobz and magpie outside observers kno better. we all know had it not been for ES none of twelve would be raiding right now. as i said the drama was caused by twelve and those still raiding with ES are 11/13 now it shows how much we were being slowed down due to "TD".
  12. Derek Walters
  13. well I did get to read some of that comment before you deleted it Cailo. but its to late cause its already been personalized. as I said I can't blame you and won't its not that simple...just like its not that simple because its a " hate thing between magpie and Hobz"
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