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  1. Abyss
  3. Rules & State of Operations:
  4. - No hate speech. (Hate speech is speech that attacks a person or a group on the basis of protected attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity)
  5. - No mic spamming (Constantly transmitting noises over the in game voice chat or in game intercom system.)
  6. - No griefing (Do not excessively target, troll or BM a player to agitate them.)
  7. - Respect players adhering to Terms of Service through their respective platforms for streaming. (Don't say crazy stuff to get them in trouble, k thanks.)
  8. - No excessive locker, light or rail camping. (You know what I'm talking about, don't look for loopholes, they all lead out of the server.)
  9. - Try to extract opposing team detainees if viable. (Sometimes you don't have enough cuffs, sometimes you don't have enough time. But don't gun down 5 cuffed Class D because you just felt like it.) this rule is open to discussion if you are questioned.
  10. - If you are a lone 079, you will likely be changed to a different SCP if a MOD is present.
  11. - Play your role, if you suicide because you were turned into a zombie. You are out.  
  13. Everyone here is just trying to have fun, tryhards and casuals alike. If you join with the intention to be toxic or make the game not fun for others, you will be weeded out and banned.
  14. Now for the fun stuff.
  17. - SCP 008: Zombies do 1 damage per hit, when a human player is hit - they will begin to lose HP slowly until they die, or use a medkit.
  18. If the player dies to the tick damage before using a medkit- they will become a zombie. If a player dies to regular damage due to an attack, gunfire or tesla gate before they die to the tick damage, they will simply die normally. Medkits used while dying to the 008 virus have a 90% chance to cure it.
  19. - 914 upgrade in hand: Obviously upgrading in 914 can be done by holding the item in your hand
  20. - Late Join: If your comp or connection is slow and you load in late a lot, don't worry - we got you.
  21. - Gamemodes: Peanut Infection, Juggernaut, VIP.
  22. - Pocket Trap: SCP-106's portal also acts as a trap for every player and SCP in the server. Entering it will take you to the pocket dimension, SCPs can leave safely via any door. 50/50 chance for human players to escape.
  23. - BLACKOUT: I might turn the lights off on your ass.
  24. - Chaos Agent: There is a D class with 200 HP, a radio and zone card. If you escape as him, you get extra stuff when turned Chaos.
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