Pirates IRC OCT'18 Changelog

mruno Nov 1st, 2018 36 Never
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  1. Pirates IRC -
  2. October 2018 Changelog
  4. Changes:
  5. Added !P Ship Treasures
  6. Increased Global treasure limit to 3 per ship
  7. Vampires will now have a special red vampire nickname
  8. Pirates that were resting (!P Rest) now have a chance to become a vampire
  9. Added vampirism: vampires have +2 power at night (!P time to see day or night), -2 power during the day and can bite other players with !P Bite. vampires last 30mins (or until loses duel) and have a 100% chance to perform a successful bite on resting (!P Rest) players. vamps also have +5 increased stamina
  10. Treasure with guardians will give out increased rewards
  11. Treasures on the live map may be guarded by monsters. Be sure and have enough players active before you !P Scour
  12. Pirates who rob bots on another ship now have a chance to have a bounty posted on them
  13. Pirates who duel bots on another ship and win now have a chance to have a bounty posted on them
  14. Added 5 new cheat codes: 026, 027, 028, 029, 030
  15. Changed up the drinks available at taverns as Pirate Havens have unique drinks
  16. Added Epic items that can be used (!P Used) to teleport the ship, hide your chest, increase power, etc. Epic items will be added to rare events...
  17. Reduced different disease types to 5 vice 10
  18. Pirates who use a cheat code will have a special nickname for a few mins
  19. Pirate Havens have only 2 ship tasks to complete to get underway
  20. When visiting a pirate haven and last visit was >6 hours, the captain receives a favor bonus and a reward
  21. Pirate Havens have 50% discounts at Brothels and Taverns
  22. !P Ship Info formatting
  23. Added random curses to Pirate Markets. The available curses are randomized.
  24. Curses are:
  25. Expel - sends another ship to a random location
  26. Shift - teleports your own ship to location of your choice
  27. Destruction - damages another ship for an hour (or until they repair it at a port)
  28. Decay - ages pirate ye specify a random number of years
  29. Plague - infects a pirate with a disease (will be infected or will have to pay doubloons if under the diseased level)
  30. Imprisonment - traps a pirate for 20mins
  31. Zonbiness - turns a pirate into a zonbi
  32. Pirate ports do not sell goods, but pay for all good types 50% above normal prices
  33. Independent ports pay for all good types -10% of normal prices
  34. Bot ships that are not Pirate will now change pirate ports to the bot ship's faction
  35. Zonbified players now have -1 or -2 duelin' power
  36. Added chance for players who duel, rob, snatch, or troll a Zonbified player to become a Zonbi
  37. Players who be Zonbified will have the nickname 'Zonbi'
  38. Disabled the ability to sail from a port to a cell that the port is located in
  39. If ship sails to a cell and then a cell again, captain favor is reduced by 10
  40. Added global treasures to !P Maps
  41. Added speed bonus shown when moored and ship speed shown when sailin'
  42. Added global treasures that will be announced, but otherwise will need to be located using the Live map, Treasures will last a few hours and a ship can only claim 2 per day with the !P Scour command
  43. Player and Ship maps now have a chance to be a Mimic
  44. Ship maps now have a chance to be a multi-step treasure hunt
  47. Fixes:
  48. Bot ships dueling pirates on other ships
  49. Live map not updating correctly
  50. Chests not showing empty when they are after a season reset or immediately after ship has been careened (client restarted)
  51. Inability to sail to S16
  52. Inability to sail to P15
  53. Sailing time estimates in !P Sail
  54. !P Crew Captcha votes
  55. !P Port <cell> to <port>
  56. Ship be moored nowhere in rare instances
  57. Out of stamina when robbing a pirate on another ship when you have the endless-energy round bonus
  58. Captains with custom factions who perform special command giving other's increased rep to the custom faction
  59. Sea turtle troll duplicating messages in some instances
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