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  1. http://mp3.0daymusic.org/
  3. Adham Ashraf-Egyptology-FACTUAL031-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  4. Airzoom and CJ SN-Sophies Dream-PULSAR052-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  5. Alex Larichev-Touch Of Serotonin EP-FACTUALP003-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  6. Arkett Spyndl-Respect The Light Side Of The Dark- MKM 005 -WEB-2012-XXW (Trance)
  7. Cylenth Vision-Universe and Beyond EP-FACTUAL026-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  8. Facade-No Egos EP-FACTUALP008-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  9. Haris C and Plant-Flashback Remixed -FACTUALR002-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  10. Haris C-Feelings-FACTUAL009-WEB-2010-TraX (Trance)
  11. House Of Tek-High Entropy Arrow Of Time -TCD08-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  12. Ion Blue and Danny Claire-Remember Remixed -FACTUALR003-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  13. James Barron-James Barron EP-TCD02-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  14. Manuel Juvera and Frank Rescob-Mood Swing-FACTUALP007-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  15. Markus F-Turn The Page- DIRRTY005 -WEB-2004-DWM (Trance)
  16. Matias Holmberg-Matias Holmberg EP-TCD01-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  17. Matias Holmberg-Planet Earth Sy Gardner Remix -TCD22-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  18. Nheaven feat Emma Lock-Destiny-FACTUALP001-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  19. Physical Phase-Walking DJ Geri Remix -TCD04-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  20. Physical Phase-Walking-TCD03-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  21. S.T.E.R.N-Seems Forever-TCD06-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  22. VA-Beach Trance 2012-01- ARVA056 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  23. VA-Summer of Love- BHDC141 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  24. 15 Sep 2012
  25. Alex Hough-Ballad of The Phoenix- BRRR 014 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  26. Fabio XB And Wach Vs Roman Sokolovsky-Eternal-WEB-2012-TSP (Trance)
  27. Light and Wave-Ethno World- DIVM042 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  28. Ocean 9 and Nordic-Heavens Gate- AIR 062 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  29. Raphaelle Fanti-Dance- 361015 0998798 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  30. Sherif Wanis-Another Breath- UPSW 003 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  31. VA - Universal Religion Chapter Six Mixed By Armin Van Buuren-2CD-201... (Trance)
  32. VA-db100 Vol.3-DANGBX100C-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  33. VA-Universal Religion Chapter 6- ARDI3237 -WEB-2012-wAx (Trance)
  34. 14 Sep 2012
  35. Allende-Desperation EP-UNERSUB021-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  36. APD-Desire-UNER092-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  37. Ayda-Legend-AE073-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  38. Corsar-Beyond Time-UNER054-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  39. Cosmithex-Aquarius The Distance-WEB-2012-WAV (Trance)
  40. Elucidate-Solve The Cube-UNER003-WEB-2009-TraX iNT (Trance)
  41. Emerge-Sila-UNERSUB031-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  42. Emrah Barut - Anatolian Sirens-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
  43. Estniom-Summer Day-UNER080-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  44. Ex-Driver and Alex Piletski-Last Rain-UNER059-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  45. Facade-Half Way Home-UNER091-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  46. Genetx-Remembers Infinite World-UNER078-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  47. Gradian-Valkyrie-UNER089-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  48. Grizli Man-Reach For Tomorrow Sunrise-UNER090-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  49. Helion Tide-Spire EP-UNER084-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  50. James Minas-Like The Air-UNER055-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  51. Justin Dobslaw-Justin Dobslaw EP-UNERSUB034-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  52. Kago Pengchi-Silent Break-UNER081-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  53. Kai Harmaala-Blue Heaven-UNER077-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  54. Lence and Pluton - Times Like this-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
  55. Libra - Kai Zero-WEB-2012-FMC (Trance)
  56. Lunar Eclipse-Purple Violet-UNERSUB028-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  57. Manuel Rocca-Crystalline-UNER085-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  58. Matt Pincer-Mixed Feelings- M2DM044 -WEB-2012-wAx (Trance)
  59. Moonbeam Ft Jacob A-Only You- BH4810 -WEB-2012-2012-wAx (Trance)
  60. Myk Bee and Jarmin Von Nitely-Vector-UNER079-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  61. Odonbat-October Sky Promised-UNER073-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  62. Oen Bearen and Cylum-Greenwalking-UNER052-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  63. Peet B-Falling Hearts EP-UNER053-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  64. Rave Channel-Paradise-UNER057-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  65. Rinat Shabanov-Manhattan EP-UNERSUB030-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  66. Rinat Shabanov-Reflection Butcher-UNERSUB033-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  67. Roby K and Flashtech-Gravity-UNERSUB020-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  68. Sergey Shabanov-Again Bliss-UNER086-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  69. Snatt and Vix and Neev Kennedy-At The End Of The Day Remixes-WEB-2012... (Trance)
  70. Spark7-Pick Me Up Passe Evocatif-UNER051-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  71. Talamanca and Velden feat Isa Bell-One Embrace Always-AEP063-WEB-2012... (Trance)
  72. Tee-Ex-Cabriolet EP-UNERSUB022-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  73. Tee-Ex-Reborn Ariosa-UNERSUB032-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  74. Terrafusion vs Facade-Beyond-UNER093-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  75. The Foundation feat Natalie Rossi-All Out Of Love-82876513292-CDM-2003... (Trance)
  76. Thomas G-Shoreline-UNER075-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  77. Timur Shafiev-Be Aware EP-UNERSUB019-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  78. Timur Shafiev-Hold Your Breath EP-UNERSUB023-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  79. VA-Faces of Trance Vol One- 014320 12 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  80. VA-Global Trance Sessions Vol 1- LWGTS01 -WEB-2012-wAx (Trance)
  81. VA-Subliminal Sampler 001-UNERSUB008-WEB-2010-TraX (Trance)
  82. VA-Tunnel Records Unreleased Series 2005-WEB-2006-DWM (Trance)
  83. Victor-Active-UNER076-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  84. 13 Sep 2012
  85. Aleksey Sladkov and Matthew Preffekt feat Sasha August-Bounty-WEB-2012... (Trance)
  86. Araya and Wach-Tunland-SSW027-WEB-2012-TraX iNT (Trance)
  87. Astuni and Shamano-The Brotherhood-UNERED067-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  88. Billy Gillies-Remember Good Day-FRA133-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  89. Bushi-Titan Seismic-UNERED062-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  90. C-Systems feat Hanna Finsen-Pieces-UNERED050-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  91. Captured Sun-Lost Souls-UNERED039-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  92. Chris Turner vs Running Man-The Persian Twist-UNERED069-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  93. DJ Dani and Luke Terry-Ghosts Behind You-UNERED066-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  94. Dreamy-Fusion-DIVM041-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  95. Fady and Mina-Kepler 22-FSOE054-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  96. First Mike-Close To You-GEA005-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  97. First Mike-Red Sky-GEA003-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  98. Frank Cherryman-Resurrection-GEA002-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  99. Frank Cherryman-Sapena-GEA006-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  100. Gary Proud-Apollos We Are-DISCOVER95-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  101. Geck-E - Suck The Speakers- TBYTE040 -WEB-2012-SRG (Trance)
  102. Grains Of Sound-Eager Fingers Paradigm Bag-PHARMACY023-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  103. GTR-Mistral-FAM017-WEB-2002-TraX iNT (Trance)
  104. Jo Micali feat Hanna Finsen-Fade Away-UNERED040-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  105. Jo Micali-Beautiful Sunset Peak Experience-UNERED064-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  106. Mac and Taylor-The Shed-FRA132-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  107. Mainspring feat Trance Arts-Inspirations-UNERED046-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  108. Malu-Change-UNERED045-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  109. Manuel Rocca-Majestic Sublime-UNERED071-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  110. Marks White-NL-GEA001-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  111. Michael Scott-Re-Awakening-DISCDIG49-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  112. Morvan-Anima-UNERED074-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  113. Mystery Islands-Last Decade Long Way Back Home-UNERED043-WEB-2011-TraX (Trance)
  114. Ocean 9 and Nordic-Asgard-GEA007-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  115. Onova-Shamanic-NCORE002-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  116. Physical Dreams-Trance Europe Express- MOH032 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  117. Running Man Pres Inca-Freefall Tree Of Life-UNERED063-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  118. Second Way-Great Tartaria Mountain Climbing-UNERED073-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  119. Sergey Shabanov-Lowland-SSR119-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  120. Tee-Ex-Luminosity-UNERED065-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  121. Thomas Blunden-Caffeine-FDELUX52-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  122. VA--Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol. 56-3CD-2012-WUS (Trance)
  123. VA-100 Percent Trance Volume Five- SUPERC082 -WEB-2012-EiTheLMP3 (Trance)
  124. Yaven-Zeal-SIT38-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  125. 12 Sep 2012
  126. Allan Morrow-Down Under- NUDEPTH029 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  127. Allen Watts-Split Second- ITWT5580 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  128. Bryan Kearney and Indecent Noise-Uncommon World- MA003 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  129. Facade-Melancholia- ITWT5560 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  130. Mike Van Fabio-Otherworld- RDX101 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  131. Nitrous Oxide Ft Jess Morgan-Two Sides- ADRAZ015 -WEB-2012-wAx (Trance)
  132. VA-Enhanced Progressive 100 EP1- ENPROG100A -WEB-2012-wAx (Trance)
  133. 11 Sep 2012
  134. Armin Van Buuren Feat Ana Criado-Ill Listen-WEB-2012-TSP (Trance)
  135. Cosmic Gate And Cary Brothers-Wake Your Mind- BH4830 -WEB-2012-UKHx (Trance)
  136. Genix-Destinations Moments- ANJ257D -WEB-2012-UKHx (Trance)
  137. Koishii And Hush Feat B-Movie-Nowhere Girl- GTR001 -WEB-2012-eMF (Trance)
  138. Markus Schulz Feat. Seri-Love Rain Down- CLHR147 -WEB-2012-UKHx (Trance)
  139. Sequentia And Jaco-Crossfire- ENHANCED135 -WEB-2012-UKHx (Trance)
  140. Solarstone And Giuseppe Ottaviani-Falcons- BH4870 -WEB-2012-UKHx (Trance)
  141. Tom Cloud Feat Antonia Lucas-4 OClock In The Morning Promise Me-WEB-2... (Trance)
  142. VA-Electrolysis Exclusives- EECD058 -WEB-2011-Homely (Trance)
  143. 10 Sep 2012
  144. Infite-Deep Identity- DEF065 -WEB-2012-VOiCE (Trance)
  145. Rater-Rising-NBR005-WEB-2012-TraX (Trance)
  146. Soyana Project Vs. Wemms Project-Hot Summer Night-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (Trance)
  147. Tritonal-Piercing The Quiet Remixed-2CD-2012-wAx (Trance)
  148. VA - A State of Trance Mixed Versions-2012-UNiCORN INT (Trance)
  149. VA - Trance World Vol16-4CD-2012-UNiCORN INT (Trance)
  150. VA-Trance The Ultimate Collection 2012 Vol 3-2CD-2012-wAx (Trance)
  151. Wrong Plane-Primera Linea-WEB-2012-ALPMP3 (Trance)
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