The Concrete Cult Info

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  1. <b> <color=#FF0000>[UK]</color><color=#5772FF>[PLUGINS]</color><color=#FCFAFA>[EVENTS]</color> <color=#00FF55> The Concrete Cult Facility </color> </b> <color=#00CDFF></color>
  3. <color=#01FF1B><i><b><u>About Us:</color></i></b></u>
  5. We are a streamer/streaming based community! Extremely friendly to streamers and content creators of all types! We aim to be the server that makes streamers or other content creators feel the most welcome by letting them come onto a server that is enforced solely based around streaming/content practices while still being able to fully immerse themselves with their viewers and enjoy a clean fun game! This server has  A LOT of plugins for variety including Serpents Hand and many different events that are hosted every single day!
  6. This community is owned by a content creator who wanted a safe haven for anyone who wished to get started into streaming or if they want somewhere, where toxicity is heavily filtered out!
  8. Our Community is as strong as concrete and we hope you love your stay with us!
  10. (If you are a streamer and wish to get a streaming badge to have permissions to get content and immerse yourself, talk to Callum/Concrete on the Discord!)
  12. <color=#01FF1B><i><b><u>Rules List:</color></i></b></u>
  14. <color=#E6FF00><b>1.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Just because there is friendly fire does not mean you can teamkill! (D-class can still murder each other)</color>
  15. <color=#E6FF00><b>2.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Getting your teammates killed in any form will result in you being warned for TK, even if you did not fire the gun.</color>
  16. <color=#E6FF00><b>3.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Teaming is allowed as long as it is for mutual advantage (Serpents Hand MAY NOT team with any human class, YOU MUST team with SCPS)</color>
  17. <color=#E6FF00><b>4.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Hacking is not permitted on this server or any verified SCP server, you will be banned globally if caught.</color>
  18. <color=#E6FF00><b>5.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Disarmed players MAY NOT be killed by the opposing faction UNLESS the disarmed player's friendly faction has spawned.</color>
  19. <color=#E6FF00><b>6.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Staff have the final say on everything, if they tell you to stop doing so, you should stop immediately.</color>
  20. <color=#E6FF00><b>7.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> This is a streamer server and will be banned permanently if any racist comments are made.</color>
  21. <color=#E6FF00><b>8.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Ghosting is not permitted on this server, do not ghost.</color>
  22. <color=#E6FF00><b>9.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> No advertising of any kind UNLESS you have the streamer badge OR a staff member of Moderator+ has given you permission.</color>
  23. <color=#E6FF00><b>10.</color></b> <color=#5FFFEB> Playing music and using a soundboard in spectator, over the intercom, in SCP chat (Unless there is a unanimous agreement) or on the radio is not allowed.</color>
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