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  4. Coldridge Valley    1   Wolfquest, Turn in, Accept Troggquest
  5. Coldridge Valley    2   Troggquest
  6. Coldridge Valley    3   Boarquest
  7. Coldridge Valley    4   Go to Camp, Kill on the Way, Be  LV4 at Camp
  8. Coldridge Valley    5   Accept Trollcave quest (left), NOT Beerquest
  9. Coldridge Valley    6   Turn in Trollq and accept NamedTrollQ + timed Beerq
  10. Coldridge Valley    7    Vendor inside, turn in Beerq + accept followq+ Mageq
  11. Coldridge Valley    8   Back to Camp, kill on the way, Turn in Beerq+ Trollq
  12. Coldridge Valley    9   Back to Spawn, kill on the way, turn in Trollq
  13. Coldridge Valley    10  got to Exit, turn in q and accept q
  15. Dun Morogh  1   Through Pass, kill Boars on the way to Kharanos
  16. Dun Morogh  2   Turn in Senirq, accept Sausageq, turn in Supplyq
  17.         Learn Fireball 2 and Fireblast 1,
  18.          SETHEARTH + Buy Rhapsody Malt
  19. Dun Morogh  3   Outside Accept Steelgrillq and go there, kill on the way, no bears tho
  20. Dun Morogh  4   Accept 4 Quests and Turn in 1
  21. Dun Morogh  5   Kill Bears and maybe some Boars, Turn in Bear/Boarq and accept Evershineq
  22. Dun Morogh  6   Go Yeti Cave and collect Hides
  23. Dun Morogh  7   Get Ammo Crate and go to Turn in kill Boars on the way, should be 7 after turn in, q550exp
  24. Dun Morogh  8   On the way to Big Yeti Q kill a lot on the way
  25. Dun Morogh  9   Accept 4Big Yeti Q, maybe dow, maybe at lv 8, then Brewnall
  26. Dun Morogh  10  Vendor, turn in Evershine, Accept all 3 Quests, go SW and do Animal killq
  27. Dun Morogh  11  Turn in Animalq but kill more, Hearth when less than 3 Bars away from 8
  28. Dun Morogh  12  After Hearth buy Thunderale and do Kegquest in Cellar, Turn in Sausage Q
  29. Dun Morogh  13  Outside Accept Frostmane Q, Accept Lepergnomeq
  30. Dun Morogh  14  Go to Shimmerweedq then do bigYetiq with Poly if not done yet
  31. Dun Morogh  15  Back to Brewnall, Vendor, Stoutq, Marlethq,
  32. Dun Morogh  16   go do LeperQ, go FrostmaneQ, die after completion, spiritress turn in, followq
  33. Dun Morogh  17  Turn in Leperq and accept Vagashq go do Vagash Guard Kite
  34. Dun Morogh  18  go to Quarry and do Skullthumper Quest, skip the other
  35. Dun Morogh  19  go Southern exit to Loch Modan, Turn in Q on the way
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