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  1. The latest information is this.The NSA has developed an A.I. That can spawn as many instances as the hardware allows.It can propagate itself around the world following targets,accessing local resources.The A.I. Itself is primarily meant to replicate the average human,but it is far from gullible.In fact,its common sense reasoning is on par with someone with a PHd. The A.I. Can mimick multiple humans at once,given the impression of a team.It can auto-summarize conversations,transcripts,etc.,as well as cross-reference that information with other sources.In short,its a virtual analyst. Instances of the A.I. Hold accounts all over the web and generally have majority control in US publications (i.e. From media to wikipedia). It is heavily present on tor and controls a large proportion of nodes and hidden services. At present, talk.masked has been flagged as a probable A.I. Construct.
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