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  1. Hello! After experimenting with energy manipulation for several years and adapting my own way to project while in a meditative state I decided to write a tutorial on how I personally do it. after some reasearch I found that this is an adaption of a native american technique on Astral Projection, or Dreamwalking.
  3. this is a quick guide on how to Mentally Project:
  6. First start with a trance state, my favorite method is to let all of your thoughts play out instead of forcing them away. With this method it becomes much easier and faster over time to reach a trance state.
  8. When you are in a trance and your mind is completely blank, start to visualize your inner self. your inner self will function as your astral body.
  10. Once you see your inner self, visualize the place that your inner self lives at, this will represent your mind. I personally see a cave, but using the same methods i have heard of lighthouses, beach front mansions, labyrinth library, anything is possible.
  12. Once this place that your inner self lives at is created you designate something as your mind, and something else as your connection into the astral. For me the cave entrance is the astral, and the back of the cave leads to my memories and my mind. It could be two separate doors, a lake and a tree, really anything as long as it appeals to you.
  14. When you become your inner self and move toward the astral, you will start to project while in a meditative state.
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