Xenos Hunters Session 44

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  7.         Balmung stomps over to Navarre ++Are you open to suggestions?++
  8.         Omniel  quickly surveys the scene to ensure there are no remaining enemies before he gets to work, quietly patching up the Dreadnought's damaged armour and weapons as best he can.
  9.         Anselm  kneels before the Apothecary, awaiting his mendings.
  10.         Navarre works on Anselm. ++Suggestions for what?++
  11.         Balmung ++If we send the bushmen and Gonmar's pack to take out any AAA batteries in the area, we could get air support.++
  12.         Anselm  twitches as his neck tenses up. ++That would be of great assistance.++
  13.         Navarre ++Hmmm. An astute observation, yes.++
  14.         antoine The battle rages on, the clangor of distant guns rumbling in your ears as the bushmen push through the muddy, body strewn slop that the nearby ground has become to take the trench proper. The Kriegers on either flank have cleared their trenches as well, bayoneting the last of the defenders.
  15.         Navarre ++Alright. Get the bushman captain and Gonmar's pack... we have a mission for them.++
  16.         antoine over a 400m stretch of ground the next line of defenses sit, bunkers and multistory redoubts built upon strong earthworks, giving the enemy behind them a strong defilade position, you also spot some crumbling/ruined bunkers behind the main occupied bunker line. There are however some trenches that intersperse the 400m but tank traps and barbed wire cover this area also.
  17.         antoine T'lon joins you, stomping through the churned ground, "Vox reports state four of the ten sectors have stalled at the first line of defences, they have fallen back to Navarre's reinforced bunkers and are holding the line while reinforcements are moved up.
  18.         antoine "
  19.         Balmung grunts ++I hate trenches
  20.         antoine The statement is punctuated by the battlehorn of the Ferox Imperator Titan, the blaring sound a mournful dirge that covers the battlefield.
  21.         Navarre ++Trench Warfare isn't that terrible. But we need to crack this line open... and we need to take out the Anti-air.++ He switches to external vox. ++Captain... Bruce... can you and your bushmen take out the AA? Gonmar! We will need you to assist the guardsmen.++
  22.         antoine The humans reply++You want us to get behind the enemy bunkers and hit their anti-aircraft artillery? We will need some kind of cover from those guns if we are slipping in between them.++
  23.         Navarre would think about that, before looking towards the kriegers. ++Will you be able to give them the cover fire they need?++
  24.         Balmung looks at Gonmar ++Want to blow up some big guns?++
  25.         antoine ++Aye, I wouldn't mind it.++ replies Gonmar. The Kriegers do not respond but you do see three heavy bolters and two squads on either flank move up into covering positions.
  26.         Navarre ++And we'll provide extra cover.++
  27.         Balmung ++I'm sure anyone here wouldn't mind watching a few thunderbolts drop some naplam into a few trenches++
  28.         Navarre ++It'd certainly make this easier!"
  29.         Anselm  stands. ++The results will be mixed. Dropping incendiaries into a slit in the ground will not be easy. Perhaps there is some other way into the trenches?++
  30.         Navarre ++It would certainly burn the bastards out.++
  31.         Balmung ++Omniel how long until our ancient friend is ready to walk again?++
  32.         Anselm  grumbles to himself, folding his arms across his chest. ++But not the whole of them. Say that most of the bombs hit their mark - they will set fire to their portions of the trench-line before the flames die out. The enemy will bunch up for run out from those sections specifically, and this assumes a very large portion hit the target. Would it not be a good time to use the siege
  33.         Anselm  breakers?++
  34.         Omniel  ++Never, I am sorry to say. The Dreadnought encasing him, however, has been repaired to the best of my abilities given the circumstances.++
  35.         Balmung grunts
  36.         Navarre ++We use the Napalm to gather them up, then use the siege breakers to break through.++
  37.         Anselm  "The accuracy on those Thunderhawks is the problem," Anselm points out. "Perhaps I should try to rouse the foe from his hole before we strafe them?"
  38.         Balmung "The aircraft can go in low and slow for maximum accuracy"
  39.         Anselm  "But if we could bring them out and then rain holy promethium on them, we would be able to save the siege breakers for a later necessity."
  40.         Anselm  bows his head. "That is all."
  41.         Navarre ++Do you know anything about siege warfare, Anselm?++
  42.         Anselm  "My Chapter has no patience for siege, Brother-Apothecary. It is a costly endeavor that wastes time and resources. We focus on breaking them. For normal foes, it suffices to break the enemy's will with executions, threats and savagery, but a foe like we are facing is like to simply sit amidst fire and flame before they leave their post."
  43.         Anselm  looks to the Death Korps. "They do not break, Navarre. It is better that we kill as many as we can, and as it is they are spread out. Frankly, I'm not certain at all of the validity of bombing right now."
  44.         Navarre ++That's a rather astute observation, Brother. But the fact of the matter is, we need to silence the AA guns.++
  45.         Anselm  "Indeed. This I agree to fully."
  46.         antoine Gonmar disembarks the land raider, mug in hand. "Well young pups I will see you on the other side the bunkers." the pale blue marine beside him grinning.
  47.         Balmung ++You should go on foot, the landraider isn't as sneaky as one would think++
  48.         Balmung laughs
  49.         antoine He looks over at the techmarine, "Omniel, do you know why the 1st Legions Primarch did not make it to Terra in time?"
  50.         Omniel  turns to look at Gonmar. "Why is that?"
  51.         antoine "He was Lion around! Haha" he chuckles heartily. "Good luck brothers, if you survive techmarine I will tell you a quip about Space Wolves."
  52.         Omniel  nods. "I look forward to that."
  53.         antoine The ten space wolves tromp off to the front lines.
  54.         antoine The Krieger that arrived with Balmung returns to his masters side, the ritual site burned away with promethium.
  55.         Anselm  shouts for his serfs.
  56.         Balmung nods at Kant
  57.         antoine Joffery and Elona soon are at Anselm's side, trudging through the soupy dirt that tires to suck off a boot every time a step is taken.
  58.         Balmung ++We should probably join in the next assault++
  59.         Anselm  "You did well, you two," the Knight-Brother says. "Keep it up. We've go another two lines to go, but we're this much closer now to our goals."
  60.         antoine T'lon turns, "The next bombardment will soon commence on the second line."
  61.         Anselm  turns to face the next line, and lowers his brow, covering his face behind his gorget. ++Yes. Let us go, Brother.++
  62.         Omniel  ++Acknowledged.++
  63.         Omniel  checks his weaponry over once more.
  64.         Navarre gets himself ready.
  65.         Balmung looks at Kant "Ready your shotgun, there will be too many friendlies to use your flamer"
  66.         antoine The man pulls his trench shotgun from a leg holster and racks the slide.
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  68.         antoine The dull crump of artillery behind you begins once more as the shells are thrown into the dirty air. As you look up to see them you spot the twin purple orbs in the sky, one large and one small. The pair of warp rifts that sit near the planet refereed to by the guardsmen as the "eyes". They do in a way look like a pair of mis-matched baleful eyes looking down upon you.
  69.         Navarre ++An Ill omen.++
  70.         Anselm  snorts. ++Not what I'd call an omen. We have a certain party to thank for that.++
  71.         antoine Patriclus and the sisters pace through the mud to the enemy lines as the bush rifles and Space Wolves leap from the trenches. The enemy bunker system is hit hard by friendly artillery, the heavy booms throwing dirt and chunks of rockcrete into the air while crumbling earthworks.
  72.         Anselm  draws his blades.
  73.         Balmung climbs out of the trench with his wolf and Kant by his side
  74.         Sinbad  stands on the doop's saddle to take a look out over the trenchline, Patriclus suspended under his arm at the same height
  75.         Navarre is over the top, bolter ready!
  76.         antoine As the bombardment dies down the Krigers open up, the six heavy bolters and supporting lasgun fire heavily suppressing the enemy. The return fire is almost nil from the bunkers.
  77.         antoine The rifles sneak through the enemy lines fairly easily but the space wolves in their blue armour lack camouflage of any kind and are slowed by trench fighting, carving their way to the gap.
  78.         antoine You advance quickly at first, little to no resistance at first.
  79.         Balmung "MINES!"
  80.         Anselm  halts immediately. ++Halt all advances!++ He shouts.
  81.         Sinbad  ++So many of them. They may be hoppers.++
  82.         Anselm  "Mines," he shouts. "Anti-personnel mines!"
  83.         antoine The bush rifles seem to have made it almost to the bunkers when your call halts them, they lie down in the dirt looking around dismayed at being in the open.
  84.         Navarre ++Is there still a pilot in the helios?++
  85.         antoine ++This is T'lon I have taken control of the helios to boost my vox quality and stay in contact with the fleet. Where do you require the vehicle to be displaced to?++
  86.         -->|    Bastianus ( has joined #XenosHunters
  87.         Navarre ++We may need to use the missiles to disarm a minefield.++
  88.         |<--    Anselm has left (Ping timeout)
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  90.         antoine The Kriegers maintain their rate of fire as the advance stalls in place.
  91.         antoine ++Provide me with target locations and I will attempt to clear them.++
  92.         Navarre ++Omniel, can you collect targetting data on the mine field?++
  93.         antoine As you discuss your plan the mountainside in the distance errupts into chaos as blossoms of fire and smoke appear along its side and shells rise high in the air before plunging down towards you.
  94.         Anselm  ++Down!++ Anselm shouts.
  95.         Sinbad  recoils as a sharp rock knocked up from the blasts rams straight into his oft-targeted and abused nose, and drops down into the trench again
  96.         antoine Your ears ring and the serfs dive for cover as the shockwaves pass through you and shrapnel ricochets off your armour. The Wolf stands there unperturbed and merely growls in response.
  97.         antoine The Kriegers try to maintain their fire but the shells cause one flanks fire to become sporadic and the enemy bunker to the front left opens up on your lines.
  98.         Anselm  ++This damned mine-field has left us impotent!++ the Champion snaps. ++We must move or we will die for nothing!++
  99.         Navarre ++Agreed! We need to cross this field quickly! IT's a killing ground!++
  100.         Balmung grunts
  101.         Anselm  snarls.
  102.         Omniel  beeps.
  103.         Sinbad  drinks from his sippy straw
  104.         antoine A pair of lascannons fire at the Landraider while arcing Heavy Bolter fire tries to suppress your position. Joffery runs for the nearest trench in surprise.
  105.         Anselm  ++Damn it all. Someone coax Joffery back from the trench. I'm going ahead.++
  106.         antoine The Storm Crusaders aim five missile launchers at the bunker
  107.         Anselm  growls to himself. ++Let flame bathe my foe!++ he snaps, changing the load of his storm pistol and aiming his arm towards the minefield.
  108.         antoine Two krak missiles strike true, Smashing into the bunker and throwing rockcrete tumbling down from the base of the bunker, a hole now takes up the middle third of the bunker but weapons fire still pours out of it
  109.         Anselm  ++I have had enough!++ Anselm shouts, and sheathes his swords, charging forwards into the minefield.
  110.         Sinbad  "FORWAAAAAAAAAAARDS"
  111.         Omniel  ++That took longer than I had initially calculated.++
  112.         Omniel  stomps down the field after Anselm.
  113.         Balmung stomps forward keeping Kant and his wolf behind him
  114.         antoine ++This is Captain Bruce, why are we halting? we are going to be discovered and chewed to pieces.++
  115.         Navarre ++We're working on it!++
  116.         Sinbad  shouts in his native language to his brothers, leading at Patriclus' order a doop rush
  117.         antoine As you charge forward Faisals doop hits an anti-tank mine which throws him and the doop forward and topples them, he slaps his doop awake and mounts it once more while Savid is hit by a hopper mine which throws him around in his saddle but he stays on.
  118.         antoine The Knights charge forwards, setting off mines left and right but managing to stubbornly ignore the hits.
  119.         antoine The serfs set off more mines but shrug off most of the hurt while the Wolf takes to hopping from one mine to the next, wagging his tail while he shrugs off the petty human devices' blasts.
  120.         Anselm  barrels through, blasts knocking up dirt all around him, shrugging off explosions as he stubbornly persists through.
  121.         Sinbad  ++...That creature is an Astartes wearing furs, I swear it.++
  122.         antoine You make it 200m, halfway across the breach in short order.
  123.         Navarre ++His wolf is certainly capable of doing much.++ Navarre would hop in the land raider as soon as it went by.
  124.         Navarre would draw his sword with a flourish. ++Drive me closer, T'loth! I wish to hit them with my sword!++
  125.         antoine The mad charge might actually work, but then the Kriegers shots go wide and the enemy get their sights in.
  126.         antoine Kant goes down hard, twin Heavy Bolter tracers slamming into him as he falls face first onto some barbed wire, his body jerking in the wire as he is hit. A lascannon hits the Landraider, shaking it and taking out its left lascannon sponson.
  127.         Balmung shouts at his wolf to pick up Kant and keep moving
  128.         antoine The massive beast turns and goes after Kant.
  129.         Anselm  sprints forward through yet more mines, buffeted by constant explosions. He angrily clenches his teeth throughout the ordeal, drawing his relic blade and screaming with an boundless rage.
  130.         antoine The marines continue to charge at breakneck speed, setting off more mines as they charge forth, Joffery finally finding his courage charges forward, only to be thrown into the air by a mine. He recovers and continue forward.
  131.         Anselm  "Kill me!" the Knight-Brother roars. "Kill me, you disgusting vermin!"
  132.         antoine Inside the Bunkers you see traitor guardsmen manning the heavy weapons while a single Iron Warrior in each building raise their weapons to fire.
  133.         Sinbad  "<في المخابئ! هناك الحمقى من القفص الحديد!>"
  134.         Sinbad  "<اقتل، اقتل، اقتل! القتل باسم الملك، إلهنا!>"
  135.         Sinbad  charges the left-most bunker, the holy relic of his Chapter flashing in rage
  136.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Balmung, Storm, Anselm, Knights, Omniel, Navarre, Serfs, big bad, little bad”
  137.         Sinbad  ++SHATTER THE RUSTED CAGE!++
  138.         antoine The Landraider charges forward, shaken heavily by the blasts as anti-tank mines go off under it but the damage is minor as it finally comes to a halt.
  139.         Navarre ++Save one of Perterabo's ilk for me!++
  140.         Balmung charges into the room and attacks the Iron Warrior ++Don't worry I will++
  141.         Anselm  , now visibly overcome by anger, leaps for the farther bunker, swinging into the Traitor-Marine therein.
  142.         Anselm  bursts through the wall entirely, and in one fell swoop rips the Iron Warrior in half, fully separating his upper-right body from the rest of his corpse with a single swing of his enormous blade.
  143.         antoine The Knights charge the left bunker, slaying two of the heavy gunners.
  144.         Anselm  "Kill me!" Anselm screams at the mortal occupants, fresh blood dripping down into his face from the segmenting of the Iron Warrior. "Kill me, you worms!"
  145.         Omniel  lowers his torch to the fiting slit of the right bunker, sending in two quick controlled jets of prometheum to clear it of its inhabitants.
  146.         antoine As you you fight a Predator charges over a set of earthworks to the left, its heavy tracks dragging the heavily armoured Iron Warrior vehicle around to face you all from the artificial hill..
  147.         antoine They autocannon turret swings around while the lascannons re-orientate to pick targets.
  148.         Navarre charges the predator, practically jumping from the land raider and wrenches open the hatch. ++With regards from Dorn!++ He'd shout at the occupants, before tossing a krak grenade in and slamming the door shut.
  149.         Navarre *hatch, not door*
  150.         antoine The grenade goes off with a bang and the vehicle stops traversing with its tracks but the turret still moves to acquire a new target.
  151.         Sinbad  points to the heretic Predator, covered in its hated heraldry
  152.         Sinbad  "<Brothers, destroy their flimsy iron box!>"
  153.         Navarre would hop off the metal box. This was good. Yes... this was very good!
  154.         antoine The Doop riders scurry over to the rear of the vehicle before firing close ranged krak missiles into it. The vehicle is throw around by the blast, one hit setting off the autocannon shells in the turret and blowing the entire roof clean off, the Iron warriors stumble out of the wreck, the main gunner and commander dead but the sponson gunners and the driver makes it out. Only one of them...
  155.         antoine ...seems to be fit to fight.
  156.         antoine Battle sister Elona rushes forward while drawing a power sword. In one swift motion she lops off the head of a struggling Iron Warrior. Pat attempts to do the same but it takes him several hatchet-like swings to defeat the marine.
  157.         Sinbad  flies into the path of the sworn-enemy of his gene-father as the wretch attempts to harm the Daughter of the Throne
  158.         antoine The other battle sisters fire at the lone remaining marine while the canoness charges him. He lives though and is about to strike her down before Sinbad manages to take the blow.
  159.         antoine The traitors with the heavy weapons flee out the back of the bunker, the burnt ones die screaming the rest run for their lives.
  160.         Navarre would find one of the still living Iron Warriors, and flip him over, placing a foot on his chest. ++Pathetic.++ His voice is dripping with contempt as he fires a vengence round into the helm of the spawn of Perterabo.
  161.         Sinbad  scrambles with his allies back to his doop and prepares for the next push
  162.         Balmung ++Navarre see to Kant++
  163.         Omniel  ++The next push will likely be the hardest. Prepare yourselves.++
  164.         Anselm  storms out of the ruined bunker, wiping congealing blood from his eyes. He immediately moves onwards, glaring up at the mountain.
  165.         antoine The Wolf has Kant strew across his back as he come padding up to the group. Gonmar and his men, having cleared the trenches behind you also approach.
  166.         antoine "You live techmarine."
  167.         Navarre would get to work on Kant as soon as he's brought up. ++You promised us a quip about Leman Russ? It's not the one about why the tank is named after him, is it?++
  168.         Omniel  looks up from his work, patching up the Land Raider with his tools. ++It would seem so.++
  169.         antoine "No, not at all." He grins, "How many kegs of Fenrisian Ale does it take to knock out a Space Wolf?"
  170.         Balmung laughs
  171.         Balmung "That is a good one
  172.         Sinbad  and his Brothers hunch over the bodies of the Iron Warriors discussing and cheering
  173.         Omniel  thinks for a moment. "I do not know."
  174.         Navarre ++Only one, but you have to make sure you swing it with enough force.++
  175.         antoine Gonmar laughs, "The son of Dorn has the right of it."
  176.         Balmung laughs loudly
  177.         Navarre "I have heard them all before."
  178.         Omniel  nods. "Thank you. I shall keep that in mind."
  179.         antoine The Storm crusaders banadge their wounds as Joffery comes running up panting and trying to not be noticed.
  180.         Anselm  broods beyond the bunkers, his sword stabbed into earth and his hand resting on its pommel.
  181.         Sinbad  completes their revenge ritual over the fallen Iron Warriors and prepare to pray over them with their allies as an offering of hatred complete to the Emperor
  182.         antoine The Kriegers dead are strewn across the field but they take the redoubt to your left and the bunkers to your right but the costs were high as they diverted covering fire from their own areas of responsibility to help you.
  183.         Sinbad  takes off his helmet and cries to the guardsmen as they recover
  184.         Sinbad  "Gather, gather, we must lay praise to the Throne!"
  185.         antoine Past the line of bunkers are more sets of structures, crumbling bunkers and destroyed vehicles behind the defilade. In the distance a little under a kilometer away is the last line of defence, at the base of the mountain the fortified bunkers poke out from the base of the mountain, Each triangular in shape like the points on a start so they provide overlapping fields of fire. Between them...
  186.         antoine ...are heavy walls or massive doors that allow vehicular access to the mountain.
  187.         Navarre ++I have seen many defensive lines in my days. This will be a tough nut to crack.++
  188.         Balmung ++We could just flatten it with a lance strike++
  189.         Navarre ++Now where is the fun in that?++
  190.         Balmung shrugs ++Just a suggestion++
  191.         Anselm  stares off at the mountain. ++Are you familiar with the Calixian world of Belacane?++
  192.         antoine The bush rifles recover, the enemy hydras and other armour are retreating now that the line has been broken.
  193.         Balmung ++We could also level the next like of bunkers with high altitude bombing++
  194.         Sinbad  prepares an impromptu viewing of the downed heretics in a pile, and the Iron Warriors in a macabre gallery and begins gathering any nearby for Patriclus' morale and hatred speech
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