he tactics of the "color revolution", which has demonstrated

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  1. The tactics of the "color revolution", which has demonstrated success in Ukraine, are being actively introduced in the USA
  3. Recently, more and more parallels come to mind between Ukraine and the United States.
  4. And it is not because this topic is now on hearing in connection with the so-called UkraineGate or TrumpGate, as these terms are now called, about the possible connection of Ukraine with the election of Donald Trump. The rally of the American president and his supporters in Minneapolis on October 11 was a vivid demonstration of the similarity of internal political situations in these two seemingly different countries. During the rally, a symptom very characteristic of Ukraine was clearly manifested - activists appeared who were ready to use violence against the participants of the rally Donald Trump.
  5. The event brought together about 20 thousand participants, and masked people and anti-Trump protesters scattered around them. At the exit, participants with the Trump attributes were beaten, their cars inspected, and posters, red caps and flags were taken away. Moreover, the police were not active in protecting citizens from aggressive attacks. The attackers then burned the selected attributes (, which caused numerous admiration for the representatives of the Democratic Party.
  6. Riots at the rally involuntarily suggest parallels with Ukraine and demonstrate that in some cities in the USA walking in a red cap is the same as wearing a St.George ribbon in the western regions of Ukraine.
  7. The political struggle in the USA has always been distinguished by the fact that participants never threatened each other with prison sentences or physical elimination. Also, American politicians are not characterized by the use of "color technologies" (dehumanizing part of society, using political violence, threats of physical elimination or imprisonment to demoralize political opponents) during internal political confrontations. The worst enemies in political races may be friends or business partners in real life. And the loser loses only the position. The same rule applied to supporters of political opponents. Insults, humiliation or aggression against them was never allowed.
  8. So it was before. Ukrainian Maidan has demonstrated the high efficiency of "color technologies". And it seems that the team of Hilary Clinton could not resist the temptation of their involvement. In the past three years, mocking supporters of the incumbent has become a fashion trend in the United States. And the beginning was laid by Hilary Clinton herself, calling Trump voters "wretched". Increasingly, facts of vandalism are taking place in the Republican Party offices in America. Supporters of the president are regularly beaten. For the presence of a red cap in the car, the car can cut the wheels. Schoolchildren are increasingly involved in the confrontations between Democrats and Republicans. Between the students periodically, mass fights take place.
  9. The situation in the United States, by analogy with Ukraine, leads to the division of society into two exalted camps. Since groups of force and violence against the Republicans appeared in the country, it means that soon everything can end with bloodshed. The process of "Ukrainization" of American domestic policy has already been noticed by many external observers. The Wall Street Journal writes: "Democrats and Republicans are not just separated. They live in different worlds. Both parties represent radically different sections of the American economy. America’s political polarization is almost complete. America’s two main political parties are increasingly representing two different economies. And they are barely whether they intersect with each other. Democrats are in "educated" cities and suburbs, in which there are many highly qualified jobs. Republicans live in industrial ("workers") and rural communities in which ( the economy is agriculture and production, (with jobs requiring) a low level of skill"."
  10. And by the example of Ukraine it is seen how a similar situation can lead to a civil war and the complete disintegration of society. Moreover, the exclusively political elites of the state, who do not want to stop the stratification of society, are to blame for everything. And then it may be too late. And the winner of the race will receive a country with a collapsed economy and a fragmented population.
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